J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Store Cattle and Suckler Calf Sale - Thursday 29th October

NWA J36 held its fortnightly sale of cattle which saw 684 head of cattle forward with both new buyers and sellers in attendance from the Northern Counties, Wales and the North East. A feature of today’s sale was the second prize show and sale of suckler calves which saw a catalogued entry of 453 sell to a fast and competitive trade with buyers keen to secure stock from this noted sale and from this renowned stock rearing area.

The pre-sale show was kindly judged by Mr J Little, Penrith who had 23 calves presented before him in three show classes and he awarded the Championship rosette to a 7 month old British Blue x steer from TW Gorst, Crook with the Reserve Champion being a 6 month old British Blue x steer from NA & J Temple, Ulpha. Exhibitors must be complemented on the quality of cattle presented at today’s show and sale.

Beef Breeding
There was just a single outfit forward at today’s sale being a Hereford x heifer with an Aberdeen Angus x bull calf selling at £1040 from WT Whitaker & Son, Nether Kellet.

Cull & OTM Cattle
An entry of 53 cows were forward at today’s sale with well finished and heavy cows selling to a premium, topping at 144.5p/kg for a Limousin x from R Keith, Grange over Sands with British Blues selling to 134.5p/kg from JM Harrison, Broughton in Furness and Shorthorns to 129.5p/kg from K Wrathall Ltd, Seathwaite. The top grossing beef cow today was £988 for a Beef Shorthorn from K Wrathall Ltd.

A larger entry of dairy cows were forward today selling to 134.5p/kg for a Friesian from R & A Galbraith, Crooklands with Holsteins selling to 124.5p/kg from JM Barton & Son, Lupton and crossbreds to 111.5p/kg from RG & AJ Clarke, Endmoor. The top grossing dairy cow was £968 from R & A Galbraith, Crooklands.

OTM heifers sold to a top price of 199.5p/kg for a Limousin x from L & M Preece, Kirkby Lonsdale with Herefords selling to 179.5p/kg from GM Redmayne, Ings. Top grossing OTM beef heifer achieved £1035 from GM Redmayne. OTM diary heifers sold to 154.4p/kg for a Fleckvieh from R & J Dodgson, Natland and a Montbeliarde from Lawkland Hall Farm Partnership, Austwick. Top grossing OTM dairy heifer achieved £922 from R & J Dodgson, Natland.

Cull bulls sold to 117.5p/kg and £925 for a Belted Galloway from R Gibson & Son, Kendal with 18 month old Holstein Friesian bulls selling to 119.5p/kg from W Beck and Son.

Store Cattle
Today’s top priced steer was a Simmental x from MJ Shepherd, Newbiggin which achieved £1020 with a Limousin x from RJ & J Holden, Silecroft selling at £1000. Native sired steers sold to £950 for Aberdeen Angus x from MJ Shepherd, Newbiggin with other Aberdeen Angus x achieving £940 from J Walling & Son, Windermere. Dairy bred steers sold to £700 for Holstein Friesian from RL & J Crowe, Rusland. Store heifers sold to a top price of £960 for a Limousin x from MJ Sheperd, Newbiggin who sold Aberdeen Angus x at £940. Charolais x heifers from JE Hadwin, Mansergh sold at £930 with Limousin x from the same home at £890. Younger store heifers sold to £840 for Limousin x from TW Nelson & Son with British Blue x selling to £800 from PW Clarke, Crosthwaite.

Suckler Calves
Suckled calves experienced fast bidding from start to finish with a top price of £990 achieved for a Charolais x steer from H Morgan, Stalmine, closely followed by N A & J Temple, Ulpha selling a British Blue x at £960 and TW Gorst, Crook selling at British Blue x at £950. Other strong well-bred steers generally selling at £850 - £920 with a smart 6 month old black Limousin x steer from MW and M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell achieving £900 which was also achieved by CI Briggs, High Wray also selling a Limousin x. Charolais x steers sold to £890 with the pick of the annual consignment from Messrs Procter and Waring, Colton with other Charolais achieving £870 from AG & ME Clarke, £860 from R & BJ Cleasby, Broughton in Furness and £850 from TM & D Dobson, Crosthwaite.

Native sired steers sold to £890 for a trio of Aberdeen Angus x from M Allen, Yealand Conyers with other Aberdeen Angus x £830 from TM & D Dobson, Crosthwaite. An entry of 40 Saler x steers from NP & CE Buckley, Staveley sold to £810 with others regularly £770 - £800. Hereford x steers sold to £710 from JE Higgs, Howgill with others £690 from J Scott and Co, Cartmel. All suckled steers today averaged £788.

Suckler heifers sold to a top of £920 for British Blue x from HR & KA Hodgson, Barbon with others achieving £910 from TW Gorst, Crook. Limousin x heifers sold to £870 from Messrs Hodgson, Windermere with Charolais x selling to £860 from TM & D Dobson, Crosthwaite. All suckled heifers today averaged £683.

41 suckler bred bulls sold to a top price of £940 for a Limousin x from Messrs Hodgson, Windermere who sold others at £900. British Blue x bulls sold to £850 from J & T Hunter, Dent with Charolais x from MJ Waller, Lupton selling to £810. An entry of predominantly younger bulls sold to £700 for Limousin x from HM Hodgson, New Hutton with Blonde selling to £680 from CR Alderson & Son, Kirkby Stephen and Charolais x to £650 from GJ Ibbetson, Roeburndale West. Hereford x bulls sold to £580 from R J & J Gardner, Kendal. All suckler bulls forward today averaged £657.

136 calves and stirks were forward at today’s sale which saw a top price of £420 achieved for a British Blue x bull calf from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick who sold others at £380 with younger British Blue bull calves selling to £375 from A Pickthall, New Hutton and £370 from DR & C Galbraith, Grayrigg. 19 British Blue bull calves today averaged £300. Limousin x bulls from G C L Stephenson Ltd, Kirkby Lonsdale sold at £310. Native sired bull calves sold to £320 from AK & BM Robinson & Son, Arkholme with others at £300 from Lawkland Hall Partnership and £295 from A Pickthall, New Hutton. Hereford x bull calves sold to £245 from J Hornby & Son, Stank. Heifer calves saw British Blue x sell to £310 from Lawkland Hall Farm Partnership with others at £305 from HJ Robinson & Son. Limousin x heifers sold to £290 from TW & CA Long, Ulverston. Native sired heifers saw a top price of £295 achieved for Aberdeen Angus x from CM & CS Chapplehow, Appleby with others at £290 from JAH Walton & son, Kirkby Stephen. Hereford x heifers sold to £180 from J Hornby & Sons, Stank.

Dairy bull calves sold to a top price of £178 for a Friesian bull calf from CM & CS Chapplhow, Penrith with other stronger rearing calves regularly £120 - £150 with all sold today averaging £96.

The popular stirk sale saw 40 forward and continuing to sell to the recent high rates with a top price of £790 achieved for a pen of 5 Aberdeen Angus x steers from JM Jackson, Carnforth with Limousin x steers selling to £680 from R Townley & Sons, Lancaster and younger British Blue x steers to £525 from Messrs Young, Lindale. Heifer stirks sold to £630 for a British Blue x from R Morris-Eyton & Son, Whicham with Simmental x selling to £580 from AR & BJ Thompson, Selside and Limousin x to £540 from R Townley & Son, Lancaster and Aberdeen Angus x to £530 from the same home.

Bull stirks sold to £420 for a young British Blue x with Holstein Friesian bulls selling to £385.

Top Prices

Bull Calf:
British Blue - £420, £380 Elm Tree Farm, £375 Borrans Farm, £370 Sunny Bank, £365 Borrans Farm. Friesian - £325, £300 Kitchlow Farm, £178 High Grounds Farm, £150 Bank View, Scotchergill Farm. Aberdeen Angus £320 Kitchlow Farm, £300 Lawkland Hall Farm, £295 Borrans Farm, £290 Lawkland Hall Farm, £115 Kitchlow Farm. Limousin - £310 Deansbiggin. Hereford - £245, £220, £210, £170 Bousfield Farm

Heifer Calf:
British Blue - £310 Lawkland Hall Farm, £305 Elm Tree Farm, £290 Borrans Farm, £280 Lawkland Hall Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £295 High Grounds Farm, £290 Bank View, £270 Borrans Farm, £170 Kitchlow Farm, £165 Raisgill Hall. Limousin - £290 Old Hall Farm. Hereford - £180, £170, £160 Bousfield Farm, £150 Far Audlands.

Bull Stirk:
British Blue - £420 Poppy Farm. Friesian - £385 Beckside.

Heifer Stirk:
British Blue - £630 Beckside, £560, £400 Moss End Farm. Simmental - £580 Poppy Farm. Limousin - £540, £530 Whinney Carr Farm, £525 Poppy Farm, £415 Marsh House Farm, £385 Poppy Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £530 Whinney Carr Farm, £450 High Carlingill, £400, £390 Moss End Farm, £385 Poppy Farm.

Steer Stirk:
Aberdeen Angus - £790 Langdale, £590 Beckside Farm, £550 Moss End Farm, £515 Newton Farm, £400 High Carlingill. Limousin - £680 Whinney Carr Farm, £620 Old Hall Farm, £600, £590 Whinney Carr Farm. British Blue - £525 Moss End Farm, £400 Cautley Farm.

OTM Cow:
Limousin - 144.5, 129.5 Granby Road, 119.5, 89.5 High Wray. British Blue - 134.5 Lane End, 111.5 Bowston Hall. Friesian - 134.5 Carter House, 124.5 Lupton Hall, Broomfield, 121.5, 119.5 Carter House. Shorthorn - 129.5 Cockley Beck Farm, 111.5 Wray Farm. Longhorn - 124.5, 111.5 Granby Road. Swedish Red & White - 111.5 Far Audlands. Norwegian Red - 107.5 Hawkrigg Farm. Ayrshire - 89.5 Sunny Bank. Saler - 79.5 Newton Farm.

OTM Heifer:
Limousin - 199.5 High House Farm. Hereford - 179.5 Gowan Bank Farm. Flekveih - 154.5 Cracalt Farm. Montbeliard - 154.5 Lawkland Hall Farm. Friesian - 149.5, 147.5 Natland Park Farm, 144.5 Lupton Hall, 141.5, 131.5 Natland Park Farm. Simmental - 134.5 Common Farm.

Cast Bull:
Friesian - 119.5, 107.5 Barugh House. Belted Galloway - 117.5 Singleton Park. Limousin - 104.5 Common Farm.

Store Bullocks:
Simmental - £1020, £940 Gaskell House, £920 Capplerigg Farm. Limousin - £1000 Newcross House Farm, Charolais - £830, £820 Skiddaw View, £750 Home Farm. British Blue - £960 Newcross House Farm, £950, £900, £890 Gilpin Farm, £880 Hollins Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £950 Gaskell House, £940 Mislet Farm, £810 Black Bull Cottage, £780 Mislet Farm. Hereford - £920 Newcross House Farm, £790 Moss Side Farm, £730 School Hill. Friesian - £700 Hall Farm.
Store Heifers:
Limousin - £960 Gaskell House, £900 Howes Farm, £890, £860 Mansergh Hall Farm, £840 Cockrigg Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £940 Gaskell House, £790 Thrang, £780 Howes Farm, £740, £700 Thrang. Charolais - £930 Mansergh Hall Farm, £890 Newcross House Farm, £860 Mansergh Hall Farm, £720 Swallowmire, £660 Skiddaw View. British Blue - £800 Woodside Farm, £770 Skiddaw View, £720 Moss Head, £700 Thrang. Hereford - £660 Moss Side Farm.
Suckler Bullocks:
British Blue - £960, £920 Black Hall Farm, £930 Moss Head, £900 Swallowmire, £880 Gilpin Farm, £880 Woodside Farm. Charolais - £990 West Llyn, £890 Bandrake Head, £880 Swallowmire, £810 Brunstow, £760 Howriggs, £740 Parkside Farm. Limousin - £900 High Wray Farm, £860, £850 High Borrans, £840 Fairbank Farm, £830 Woodside Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £890 Yealand Manor, £830 Broad Oak, £720 Yealand Manor. Charolais - £870 Ashes, £860 Lower Hawthwaite, £850 Broad Oak. Saler - £810, £800, £780, £770 Fairbank Farm. Simmental - £780 Brunstow, £770 Town End, £770 High Skelghyl, £730 Town End. Hereford - £810 High Cark Farm, £710 Castle Howe, £690 Middle Birkby Farm.
Suckler Heifers:
British Blue - £920, £840, £760 Howriggs, £910 Gilpin Farm, £730 Parkside Farm. Limousin - £870, £860 High Borrans Farm, £840, £830 Middle Sadghyll, £800 Woodside Farm. Charolais - £860, £790 Broad Oak, £790 Sella Farm, £750 Lower Hawthwaite. Saler - £770, £690, £680 Fairbank Farm, Simmental - £690 Gilpin Farm.
Suckler Bull:
Limousin - £940, £900 High Borrans Farm, £850 Moser Hill, £810, £790 Moser Hill, £680 Mouse Syke, £650 Moser Hill, £700 Low Garths Farm, £680 Aisgill Farm. Charolais - £810, £800 Carlingwha, £650 Higher Salter. Blonde - £690 Low Garths Farm, £680, £600 Aisgill Farm. Hereford - £580, £560 Natland Mill Beck Farm.
Heifer & Calf:
Hereford - £1040 Lane Ends Farm.

More Info

Show Results
Class 1 – Suckler Heifer Calf
1st – HR & KA Hodgson, Barbon
2nd – HR & KA Hodgson, Barbon
3rd – TW Gorst, Crook

Class 2 – Suckler Bullock Calf
1st – TW Gorst, Crook
2nd – NA & J Temple, Ulpha
3rd – TW Gorst

Class 3 – Suckler Bull Calf
1st – J & T Hunter
2nd – J & T Hunter

Champion - TW Gorst
Reserve Champion – NA & J Temple

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