Lancaster Livestock Auction: Primestock - Monday 16th March

Cast Sheep Reach Sensational Highs at Lancaster

Prime Hoggs

Hottest its been for some time for hoggs today at Lancaster with an overall market average of 267p/kg achieved for a large entry of 754 hoggs!!

The sale peaked at £160 for 52kg Texel hoggs from RS & IM Kellet, Cockerham. This was closely followed by £151 achieved three times firstly for 50kg Texel hoggs from GH Sanderson & Family, Catforth with 46kg Texels to the same price from P Lawrenson & Son, Chorley and 67kg Continentals from E Lund & Son, Ingleton. Charollais peaked at £150 weighing 50kg from Cardwell Farms who sold 54kg Cheviots to £143. Other notable prices were £149 from T & L Kirkham, Eccleston, £147 achieved three times from GH Sanderson & Son, £146 from P Lawrenson & Son, £143 from AG Butler, Hambleton and £141 from J Smith, Daisy Bank. Continental hoggs sold to £147 and £146.50 from T Taylor, Woodplumpton.

The consignment of Beltex hoggs from JE Parkinson & Son, Quernmore sold to a top of 346p/kg or £142 followed by 333p/kg or £150 from the same home. This was closely followed by 329p/kg from T & L Kirkham, who had others to 321p/kg and 317p/kg. P Lawrenson & Son’s consignment topped at 328p/kg with others selling to 317p/kg the consignment from AG Butler sold to 321p/kg. There was plenty of pens of good conformation hoggs selling around the 300p/kg mark.

Mule hoggs sold to a top of £121 for 48kg from A & L Huddleston, Wray this was closely followed by £116 weighing 45kg from J Bargh & Son, Morecambe. Masham hoggs also achieved £116 weighing 45kg from DC Miller, Claughton on Brock. Plenty more Mule hoggs sold in excess of the £110 mark. Horned hoggs sold to a top of £122.50 with 42kg Scottish Blackface hoggs selling to a top of £108.50 from WM Pye, Ashton with Stodday. Swaledale hoggs this week peaked at £101 weighing 41kg from KM & KJ Curwen, Abbeystead.

All hoggs forward averaged £112.97.

Suffolks to £133 av. £110.13 or 238p/kg
Continentals to £151 av. £116.13 or 270p/kg
Mashams to £116 av. £116 or 258p/kg
Mules to £121 av. £108.80 or 260p/kg
Swaledales to £101 av. £86.26 or 247p/kg
Charollais to £141 av. £117 or 278p/kg
Cheviots to £150 av. £119 or 271p/kg
Texels to £160 av. £121 or 272p/kg
Beltex to £150 av. £126 311p/kg

Cast Sheep

Cast Sheep Reach Sensational Highs at Lancaster with a trade as strong as this never witnessed before. Smashing all former records at Lancaster was a pure Texel ewe selling to £239 from MP Berry, Stalmine. Texel ewes twice further sold to £206 from S Wilson & Son, Scotforth and RW & FJ Rhodes & Son, Quernmore with other Texel ewes selling to £201 twice from T & L Kirkham and MJ & LC Lund, Quernmore. Charollais x ewes peaked at £205 from T & L Kirkham. Plenty more Texel ewes sold in the late £190. Leicester ewes sold to a top of £194 from AC & K Pye, Abbeystead with Suffolk ewes to £190 from S Wilson & Son and Dorset ewes achieving the same price from MJ & LC Lund. Cast rams sold to a top of £183 for Suffolks from MB Flatman, Over Wryresdale. Mule ewes topped at £168 from GH Sandeson & Family, Catforth with other Mule ewes to £157 from T & L Kirkham, Eccleston and T & ME Longton & Son, Quernmore. Hitting the £150 mark was Mule ewes from B & J Preston, Caton.

Horned tups saw Lonks sell to £150 with Dalesbred ewes selling to £135 from DC Miller, Claughton on Brock who sold Swaledales to £101.

All cast ewes forward sold to a staggering market average of £143.74.

Dorsets to £190 av. £164
Suffolks to £190 av. £148
Mules to £168 av. £136
Swaledales to £101 av. £86
Charollais to £205 av. £205
Texels to £239 av. £172
Leicesters to £194 av. £194

Sheep with Lambs 

The weekly sale of sheep with lambs at foot at Lancaster, once again, attracted a good number forward with 65 families or 179 lives on offer. A good crowd gathered to see all types of sheep well-bid for and a market average of £68.94 a life. The market peaked at £280 for Texel ewes with good shaped Texel lambs at foot from Rob Mason, Out Rawcliffe, who also sold Texel ewes with single lambs to £230 or £115 a life. This was followed by the consignment from David and Karen Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe selling Mule ewes with strong Texel lambs to £255 with Continental ewes and twin Texel lambs to £230 and £215. Mule ewes with strong single lambs sold to £178 from D & K Swarbrick. Other consignments of Mule ewes with Texel twin lambs sold to £218 from J & A Heap & Sons, Barnacre with Mule ewes with singles to £170.

There was a strong trade throughout which saw an overall market average of £68 a life.

Top Prices

Prime Hoggs

Texel £160 Mill House Farm, £151 Walmsley Fold, Blackleach House Farm, £149 Ingrave Farm, £147 Blackleach House Farm. Continental £151 Lundholme Farm, £147, £146.50 Midge Hall Farm, £131.50 Lundholme Farm, £131 Inverbervie. Beltex £150, £142 Castle Mill Farm, £135 Park Farm Barn, £115, £107 Stanley Farm. Cheviot £150, £143 Inverbervie, £134 North Farm, £131, £128 Inverbervie. Charollais £141 Stanley Farm, £123.50, £118.50, £116 Walmsley Fold, £109 Moss House Farm. Suffolk £133 Carr House Farm, £131 Thorstle Grove Farm, £110 Mill House Farm, £109.50 Cobble Hey Farm. Horned £122.50 Deep Clough. Mule £121 Overhouses, £116 North Farm, £114 Dunkenshaw, £110.50 Cobble Hey Farm, Ingrave Farm. Masham £116 Cobble Hey Farm. Scottish Blackface £108.50 Tarnwater Farm. Gritstone £108 Inverbervie. Swaledale £101, £93.50, £83, £81.50 Marshaw Farm, £81.50 Dunkenshaw Farm.

Cast Ewes

Texel £239 Highgate Farm, £206 Burrow Heights Farm, Low Moor Head Farm, £201 Ingrave Farm, Corney Hill Farm. Charollais £205 Ingrave Farm. Bluefaced Leicester £194 Dunkenshaw Farm. Dorset £190, £168, £150 Corney Hill Farm. Suffolk £190 Burrow Heights Farm, £163 Renard Livery Stables. Continental £150 Deep Clough. Mule £168 Blackleach House Farm, £157 Lee End Farm, Ingrave Farm, £150 Ellers Farm. Dalesbred £135 Cobble Hey Farm. Swaledale £101 Cobble Hey Farm, £96 Dunkenshaw Farm. Herdwick £99 Lee End Farm.

Cast Ram

Suffolk £183 Swainshea Hall Farm. Beltex £179 Ingrave Farm. Texel £100 Ingrave Farm.

Ewes with Lambs

Texel £280, £230 Hoskingshire Farm, £215 Swainshead Hall Farm, £212 High House Farm, £205 Hiskingshire Farm. Mule £255 Bensons Farm, £218 Burns Farm, £215 Bensons Farm, £195 Ivy Bank Farm. Continental £230 Bensons Farm, £185 West View Farm.

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