Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Cattle - Friday 17th January

Store Cattle

There was a better-quality Store Cattle on offer today at Lancaster as a larger majority of the cattle were better fleshed. Numbers remain consistent with a catalogue entry of 274 which was, once again, met by a busy ringside of buyers ensuring a strong trade throughout which left vendors well-pleased and going away with smiles on their faces. The consignment of cattle from Mrs H Chapman & Son, Middleton topped the market selling Limousin steers to £1310 and £1260. Other Continental steers saw Charolais sell to £1210 and £1190 from RH Dodgson, Burton-in-Lonsdale. Angus steers sold to a top of £1230 from CF Hoggarth & Son, Burneside and £1200 from J Hesketh, Hutton. British Blue bullocks topped at £1190 from R & DM Rossall & Son, Pilling. 48 Bullocks sold for £1100 or more.

Heifer trade peaked at £1160 for British Blues from JS & KM Wilson & Son, Helsington who sold others to £1140. Dairy bred bullocks saw Meuse Rhine Issel cattle sell to £1070 from Barlow Bros, Croston with Montbeliardes to £1060 from A & T Smith, Longridge. Black and white bullocks peaked at £980 from SH & M Batty & Son, Quernmore. All bullocks forward today averaged £1034 and heifers £970 leading to an overall market average of £1008 a head for all Store Cattle forward.

OTM Cattle

There was a good show of cows this week with 139 forward that were by an equally as good trade for all types of cows in which more are required each week. It was OTM Limousin heifers that topped the market today selling to 199.5p/kg twice from MA & JA Winn, Burneside and P Cummings, Holme. This was closely followed my Limousin heifers from J Mills & Son, Northampton selling to 189.5p/kg and 187.5p/kg. Cast steers sold to a top of 177.5p/kg and 171.5p/kg from JH Woof & Son, Oxenholme. Cast Cows sold to a top of 177p/kg for Limousins from P Cummings, Holme with other Limousin cows to 174p/kg from J Mills & Son, 171.5p/kg from D & DW Prickett, Farleton. Dairy cattle saw dairy OTM Heifers sell to 154.5p/kg numerous times with dairy cows peaking 129.5p/kg from L Parsons & Sons, Levens.

Top price per head in the cast cow ring was £1372 from an OTM Limousin heifer from J Mills & Son whose great consignment of cattle saw South Devon cows sell to £1323 and £1240 with Limousins from the same home selling to £1238, £1230, £1226 twice and £1222. Angus cast steers peaked at £1208 from JH Woof & Son. 18 Cattle in the OTM ring sold in excess of £1100. Dairy cattle saw Ayrshire heifers sell to £1015 from D & K Howarth, Hambleton with black and whites topping at £969 from Lawsons Farm, Cockerham.

There was a very impressive overall market average of 129.89p/kg.

Calves & Stirks

There was an increased entry of 114 calves and weanlings today at Lancaster. There was a very mixed trade that saw strong, well-grown, good quality calves 6 to 8 weeks old and the past the so-called danger age in high demand and a very strong trade. Younger beef calves saw the trade very dependent upon quality, with buyers cautious of purchasing calves that could be affected by this continued damp weather. British Blue bull calves twice sold to a top of £330 from DR & C Galbraith, Grayrigg with other British Blue bulls to £325 from Drinkall Brothers, Over Wyresdale. This was closely followed by British Blue from RJ & KR Wilkinson, Levens at £315. Simmental bull calves topped at £325 from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green with other noted prices being Angus bull calves to £315 from WR Clarke & Partners, Yealand Redmayne and £295 for Hereford bull calves from RE & P Miller, Barnacre. A consignment of British Blue calves from A Pickthall, New Hutton sold to £295 and £285. As can be seen from the report plenty of those good strong beef calves sold between £255 and £330. The younger beef calf trade was very dependent upon size and quality selling between £135 and £230.

Black and whites sold to a top of £115 from RE & P Miller, Barnacre with others to £95 from Drinkall Brothers.

A selection of weanlings on offer today saw Herefords sell to £390 from JS Taylor, Lancaster with a consignment from G & ME Woodhouse & Son, Ellel selling to £370 for British Blue bulls and £365 for Angus bulls.

Top Prices

Store Bullocks

Limousin £1310, £1260 Millbeck, £1170 Daniel Fold Farm, £1160 Hutton Roof Hall, £1140 Daniel Fold Farm. Aberdeen Angus £1230 Low Hundhowe, £1200 Middle Grange Farm, £1150, £1140 Daniel Fold Farm, £1130 Ellers Farm. Charolais £1210, £1190, £1150, £1100 Kilburn House, £1080 Cringleber. British Blue £1190 Abrahams Farm, £1170 Ivy Barn, £1100 High House Farm, £1100 Foredales Farm, £1080 Moors Farm. Hereford £1150 Middle Grange Farm, £1130 Ivy Barn, £1120 Outerthwaite Farm, £1100 Wyre Farm, £1040 Corney Hill Farm. Blonde £1110 Ivy Barn, £1100, £1090 Birch Croft. Fleckvieh £1100 Cringleber. Meuse Rhine Issel £1070 Littlewood Hall Farm. Montbeliarde £1060 Carlinghurst, £1040 Daniel Fold Farm, £980 Corney Hill Farm, £960 Mill House Farm, £940 Corney Hill Farm. Shorthorn £1060 Ivy Barn, £860, £850, £820 Lathwaite Farm. Friesian £980 Friars Moss, £860 Blackhouse, £840 Masongill Hall. Ayrshire £870 Masongill Hall.

Store Heifer

British Blue £1160, £1140 High House, £1090 Higher Lees Farm, £1060 Endmoor Farm, £1040 Lower Swainhead Farm. Limousin £1140 High House, £1090 High House Farm, £1070 Brown Edge, £1040 Hutton Roof Hall, £1010 Holly House Farm. Charolais £1070 Brown Edge, £920 Corney Hill Fam. Hereford £1070 Middle Grange Farm, £910 Corney Hill Farm. Aberdeen Angus £1060 Snub Snape Farm, £1010 Raw Head, £1000 Higher Lees Farm, £980 New Elmbridge. Montbeliarde £1040 Cumming Carr Farm. Stabiliser £970 Park House Farm. Simmental £910 Herdman House Farm.


Limousin 177.5 Holme Field, 174.5 Winwick Grange, 171.5 Farleton House, 167.5, 164.5 Winwick Grange. Aberdeen Angus 167.5 Ellers Farm, 114.5 Marl House, 111.5 Manchester Road. Charolais 149.5 Winwick Grange. Blonde 144.5 Winwick Grange. British Blue 139.5 Middle Ridge Farm, 134.5 Swallowmire, 131.5 Chapel House, 131.5, 121.5 Cringleber. Belgium Blue 139.5, 127.5 Winwick Grange. South Devon 139.5, 137.5, 134.5 Winwick Grange. Stabiliser 134.5 Park House Farm. Friesian 129.5 Low Lavens, 124.5 Sweetings Farm, Stauvins Farm, Park Farm. Hereford 121.5 Cringleber. Swedish Red & White 107.5 Hillam Lane Farm

OTM Heifer

Limousin 199.5 High Underbrow Farm, Holme Field, 189.5, 187.5 Winwick Grange, 129.5 Fleets Farm. Aberdeen Angus 169.5, 139.5 Winwick Grange. Longhorn 161.5 Station Lane. South Devon 154.5 Winwick Grange. Friesian 154.5 Butler Arms Farm, 149.5 Far Lodge, 144.5 Westfield House Farm. Ayrshire 154.5 Rose Farm. Norwegian Red 154.5 Ninezergh.

Cast Steer

Aberdeen Angus 177.5, 171.5 Underhelm Farm, 169.5 Butler Arms, Underhelm Farm. Friesian 149.5 Higher Knowehill.

Cast Bull

Aberdeen Angus 157.5 Bainsbank Farm. Limousin 149.5 Ninezergh.

Heifer Calf

British Blue £295, £285 Borrans Farm, £280 Sunny Bank, £250, £200 Catshaw Hall Farm. Aberdeen Angus £205 Newhouse Farm, £150 Stanley Farm, £115 Lower Lingart, £110 Sunny Bank, £100 Catshaw Hall Farm. Simmental £170 Sellerley Farm. Limousin £150 Deansbiggin. Hereford £145, £130 Sellerley Farm.

Bull Calf

British Blue £330 Sunny Bank, £325 Catshaw Hall Farm, £315 High Foulshaw, £295 Catshaw Hall Farm. Simmental £325, £205, £200, £150 Sellerley Farm. Aberdeen Angus £315 Cinder Barrow, £280 Great Eccleston Hall, £255 Tills Farm, Hillam Lane Farm. Hereford £295 Lower Lingart, £270 Hillam Lane Farm. Limousin £150 Deansbiggin. Friesian £120 Sellerley Farm, £115 Lower Lingart, £95 Catshaw Hall Farm, £85, £82 Lower Lingart.

Bull Stirk

British Blue £370 Boldens Farm, £310. Aberdeen Angus £365 Boldens Farm. Friesian £145, £125 Boldens Farm.

Steer Stirk

Hereford £390 Farmdale.

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