Lancaster Livestock Auction: Primestock - Monday 20th January

Prime Hoggs

There was a slightly smaller entry of Prime Hoggs this week of 437 that saw a better quality hoggs on offer with buyers keen to purchase this week with a new buyer around the ring as well. The market peaked at £118 for Charollais from PD Anderton, Scorton followed by Texels to £116 and £115 from Bargh Contractors, Heaton with Oxcliffe. This was followed by Texels selling to £113 from J Smith, Stanley Fam and RS & IM Kelley, Cockerham other noted Texel prices being £112.50 from BD Wood, Out Rawcliffe. Beltex Hoggs peaked at £110 three times from J Smith and two pens from R & DL Cornthwaite, Nateby. Suffolk hoggs sold to a top of £110 from J Bargh & Sons, Heaton with Oxcliffe and £106 from G Riley, Bolton-le-Sands. 28% of the pens of hoggs forward today sold for £100 or more. Best conformation hoggs saw a large demand at Lancaster and more are required each week to fulfil the requirements of our butcher buyers.

Beltex hoggs sold to 252p/kg and 246p/kg from R Collinge & Son, Newton with others to 245p/kg from Bargh Contractors, Heaton with Oxcliffe and KA Purtill, Wigan. Others sold to 244p/kg from R & DL Cornthwaite and J Smith. Plenty of pens of good conformation hoggs sold between 220p/kg and 240p/kg.

Hill bred sheep saw Cheviots sell to a top of £102 from TR Prickett, Hutton Roof. Mule hoggs sold to a top of £94 from FK & F Woodhouse, Scorton. Mule hoggs regularly sold between 190p/kg and 200p/kg. Horned hoggs twice sold to £78.50 for Scottish Blackfaces from WM Pye, Ashton with Stodday.

Suffolks to £110 av. £95.10 or 200p/kg
Texels to £116 av. £93.77 or 213p/kg
Beltexs to £110 av. £106.40 or 241p/kg
Mules to £94 av. £87.60 or 198p/kg
Cheviots to £102 av. £88.41 or 201p/kg
Horned to £78.50 av. £74.80 or 182p/kg

Cast Sheep

There was a slightly reduced entry of 58 Cast Sheep forward this week selling to a much-improved trade. In which more could have easily of been sold. The market twice peaked at £123 firstly for Suffolk ewes from G Riley, Bolton-le-Sands and for Charollais ewes from PD Anderton, Scorton. Texel ewes sold to £113 and £107 from BR & S Carter, Pilling. Plenty of strong Continental ewes sold around the £100 mark. Mule ewes sold to £96 from D & K Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe, £94 from WM Pye, Ashton with Stodday and £93 from G Riley.

Hill bred ewes saw Cheviots sell to £79 HE & M Henderson, Dent with Scottish Blackface ewes selling to £73 from WM Pye.

Mules ewes to £96 av. £91.38
Horned ewes to £73 av. £56.31
Texel ewes to £113 av. £95.73
Suffolks to £123 av. £123
Charollais to £123 av. £123
Cheviots to £79 av. £62.50

Top Prices

Prime Hoggs

Charollais £118 Wyre Farm, £81 North Farm. Texel £116, £115 Old Woodhouse, £113 Stanley Farm, Mill House Farm, £112.50 Middle Ridge Farm. Beltex £110 Stanley Farm, Humblescough Farm, £100 Stanley Farm, £98 Oak Avenue. Suffolk £110 North Farm, £106 Maddison Avenue, £102 Mill House Farm, £100 Higher Fairsnape, Mill House Farm. Cheviot £102 Hutton Roof Hall, £92 North Farm, £84 Tarnwater Farm, £76.50 Hutton Roof Hall. Continental £98 Wrampool Farm, £97 Middle Ridge Farm, £94.50 North Farm, Humblescough Farm, £92.50 Higher Fairsnape. Mule £94 Fell End Farm, £91.50 Low Kit Brow, £87 Ouzlethorn Farm, £86 High House Farm, £85 Fell End Farm. Scottish Blackface £78.50, £76.50 Tarnwater Farm. Swaledale £76.50 High House Farm, £74, £67.50 Ouzlethorn Farm. Horned £63 Appletree Farm.

Cast Ewe

Suffolk £123 Maddison Avenue. Charollais £123 Wyre Farm. Texel £113 Stanley Farm, £107 Scronkey Farm, £100 Tarnwater Farm, £97 Scronkey Farm, £95 Middle Ridge Farm. Mule £96 Bensons Farm, £94 Tarnwater Farm, £93 Maddison Avenue, £89 Wyre Farm, £77 Burrow Heights Farm. Cheviot £79, £67 Nun House. Continental £74 Higher Fairsnape. Swaledale £59 Ouzlethorn Farm. Scottish Blackface £73 Tarnwater Farm. Herdwick £47 Lee End Farm.

Cast Tup

Texel £83 High House Farm.

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