Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Cattle - Friday 28th June

Store Cattle

The weekly sale of Store Cattle had a smaller entry forward this week with many busy silaging and clipping. The drop in deadweight price this week saw us achieve a far better trade than expected with vendors leaving satisfied. Topping the market today was Angus bullocks selling to £1270 from J & H Davis, Cabus with other noted prices for Angus bullocks being £1260 from J Tattersall, Leyland and £1200 from L Parsons & Sons, Levens. Continental bullocks saw Limousins sell to £1210, £1190 and £1180 from R & E Beck, Barrow-in-Furness with Charollais and Simmentals from the same home selling to £1180. R Collinge & Son, Kirkham sold Limousin bullocks to £1190. Heifers sold to a top for Limousins from R Collinge & Son, Kirkham with Angus heifers from the same home selling to £1100. British Blue heifers also achieved £1100 from JD & GM Bracken, Catterall with others from the same home selling to £1080. Black and white bullocks sold a top of £980 for British Friesians from L Parsons & Sons. All bullocks forward this week sold to a market average of £1005.

OTM Cattle

More Cast Cows could have been sold today with a sharper trade for leaner cows. OTM Angus heifers topped the market today selling to 167.5p/kg or £1117 from JD, EM & JA Atkinson, Kendal. Cast Cows sold to a top of 161.5p/kg or £1098 from G & P Middleton, Sedbergh. There were plenty of beef cows forward today selling either side of the 150p/kg mark. Dairy cows topped at 129.5p/kg twice for Friesians and Norwegian Reds from EW & RM Towers, Hornby. Best dairy cows sold 120p/kg plus. Cows sold to a top price of £1176 for Herefords from GJT & V Parkinson, Preesall. Dairy cows sold to a top of £973 for Black and whites from P & M Crackles Carnforth with others to £969 from AW & AM Park & Sons, Ellel. Plenty of the best dairy cows sold in excess of £900.

There was an overall market of 124p/kg.

Calves and Stirks

The weekly sale of calves which included the monthly sale of Stirks had a slightly smaller entry than anticipated of 120 forward, with a few vendors missing as many take advantage of this good weather. This, however, did have an effect on the stirk trade that saw them sell to a satisfactory trade. Leading the way this month was a consignment of yearling British Blue heifers from J & A Sheerin, Quernmore selling to £770, £750 and £740. Bullocks topped at £665 for 6 month old British Blues from MG & WD Burton, Barnard Castle with Herefords to £635 from J & A Jolleys, Cabus with Angus’ to the same price from Kirkby & Longworth, Broughton-in-Furness. Bulls sold to a top of £570 for Limousins from NJ Strickland & Son, Kendal with plenty of 6/7 month old Stirks easily selling into the £500 region. Black and white stirks sold to a top of £390 for 8 month old steers from R & A Jolleys.

The weekly sale of calves was met with plenty of demand especially for beef calves of which more could have easily been sold. Topping the trade today was a consignment of Limousin bull calves from GCL Stephenson Ltd, Kirkby Lonsdale selling to £388 and £382 with others from the consignment easily selling around the £350 mark at 6 weeks old. British blue calves topped at £330 from DW Cottam, Kendal. Heifer calves sold to a top of £300 from DJ Clarke Farming, with Limousins. Black and white calves sold to a top of £110 from CG Birkett, Carnforth.

Top Prices

Store Bullocks

ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1270 Weavers Farm, £1260 Snub Snape Farm, £1200 Low Levens, £1110 Intack Farm, £960 Wyre Farm. LIMOUSIN: £1210, £1190 Abbey Manor, £1190 The Dingle, £1180, £1170 Abbey Manor. SIMMENTAL: £1180 Abbey Manor, £1080 Intack Farm. CHAROLAIS: £1180 Abbey Manor. HEREFORD: £1150 Snub Snape Farm, £1020 Corney Hill Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £1140 Windy Hill Farm, £1090 Scotch Green Farm, £1070 Hawkrigg End, £1040 Windy Hill Farm, £1030 Cornfield House. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £980 Low Levens, £700 Eskew Beck, Waterscales Farm. SHORTHORN: £940, £830 Market Street. SOUTH DEVEN: £930, £860, £850, £820 Adlington Hall Farm. WELSH BLACK: £870 Booth Street. BLONDE D’AQUITAINE: £850 Booth Street.

Store Heifers

LIMOUSIN: £1110 The Dingle, £1030 Cornfield House, £900 Intack Farm, £780 Thornfield Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £1100, £1080 Greenlands Farm, £1020 Stubb Hall Farm, £920 Summerlands, £900 Hall Bank. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1100 The Dingle, £1000 Stubb Hall Farm, £970 Market Street, £920 Kimberley Avenue, £900 Intack Farm. HEREFORD: £620 Mearsbeck Farm, £570 The Bungalow, £540 Mearsbeck Farm. SIMMENTAL: £620, £540 Mearsbeck Farm.

OTM Cows

ABERDEEN ANGUS: 161.5 Low House, 114.5 Keer Falls. BRITISH BLUE: 154.5 Farleton House, 139.5 Parkside Farm, Sowermire, 129.5 Low Groves Farm. LIMOUSIN: 154.5 Low House, 151.5 River View, 147.5 Spital Farm, 144.5 Elm Bank Farm, 141.5 Low House. CHAROLAIS: 141.5 Cobble Hey Farm. HEREFORD: 134.5, 131.5, 129.5 Moss View. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 129.5 Holme Head, 124.5 Mill Farm, Walkers I’th Fields, 121.5 Netherbeck Barn, 119.5 Raw Head. NORWEGIAN RED: 129.5 Holme Head. MONTBELIARDE: 127.5 Waterscales Farm. SWEDISH RED AND WHITE: 124.5, 109.5 Walkers I’th Fields, 109.5, 107.5, 104.5 Holme Head.

OTM Heifers

ABERDEEN ANGUS: 167.5 Low Groves Farm, 149.5 Cobble Hey Farm, 147.5 Elm Bank Farm, 129.5 Midge Hall Farm. BRITISH BLUE: 139.5 Midge Hall Farm.

Cast Steers

SHORTHORN: 159.5, 149.5 Elm Bank Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 129.5 Midge Hall Farm.

Heifer Calves

BRITISH BLUE: £420 White Lund Farm, £275 Kellbrick Farm, £210 Hatters Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £395, £380, £350 White Lund Farm, £120 Sweetings Farm. LIMOUSIN: £300 Kellbrick Farm, £275 Hollinhead Farm, £220 Kellbrick Farm, £212 Hatters Farm.

Bull Calves

LIMOUSIN: £388, £382, £355, £350, £335 Deansbiggin. BRITISH BLUE: £330 Hagg Farm, £300 Kellbrick Farm, £270 Sweetings Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £200 Sweetings Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £110, £95 Netherbeck Barn, £88 Rose Farm, £30 Sweetings Farm, Liscoe Farm.

Bull Stirks

LIMOUSIN: £570 The Borrens, £530 Mearsbeck Farm, £485, £370 Whinney Carr Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £540 Mearsbeck Farm, £500 Bowfield Farm, £495 White Lund Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £405 White Lund Farm, £280 Raw Head.

Heifer Stirks

BRITISH BLUE: £770, £750, £740 Knotts Farm. LIMOUSIN: £560 Kellbrick Farm, £480 Sella Farm, £400 Mearsbeck Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £500 Kellbrick Farm, £430 Redfields, £400 Higher Hollinhead Farm. SIMMENTAL: £480 Bowfield Farm, £400 Whinney Carr Farm, £340 Mearsbeck Farm. HEREFORD: £410 Upper Greenbank, £400 Redfields, £335 Higher Hollinhead Farm.

Steer Stirk

BRITISH BLUE: £655 Bowfield Farm, £585 Sella Farm, £490 Bowfield Farm. HEREFORD: £635 Marlholes Farm, £555 Redfields, £460 Bowfield Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £635 Sella Farm, £490 Bowfield Farm. LIMOUSIN: £570 Bowfield Farm, £560 Sella Farm, £550 Bowfield Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £390, £370 Marlholes Farm.

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