Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Cattle & Breeding Sheep - Friday 7th September

Store Cattle

The weekly sale of Store Cattle had an entry just short of400 forward, with short keep and well-fleshed cattle continuing to be in strong demand and easily sold. Topping the trade today was British Blue Bullocks from DW & NM Alderson, Sedbergh selling to £1430, who also sold Angus bullocks to £1280 and Blondes to £1280 as well. Limousin Bullocks sold to a top of £1290 from A & E Clarkson, Thurnham. Plenty of short term bullocks were easily selling in excess of the £1200 mark. Heifers sold to a top of £1210 for Charolais from R & C Parkinson, Hambleton. This was closely followed by Simmental Heifers selling to £1190 from KG & LM Park, Witherslack. Dairy Bullocks saw Fleckvieh bullocks sell to a top of £1090 from DJ & MC Platts, Caton with Norwegian Reds selling to £1070 from JW & E Woof & Son, Sedbergh. Friesian bullocks topped at £980 from J Lamb of Old Glasson. A few bulls forward today saw British Blue and Blonde Bulls sell to £1040 from DC Miller, Claughton on Brock.

OTM Cattle

A larger entry of over 100 OTMS today sold to an overall market average of 120p/kg. Topping the cast ring today was a Limousin Heifer from A & B Hodgkinson, Stalmire selling 290.5p/kg or £1299. OTM Steers sold to a top of 179.5p/kg for a South Devon from RH Dodgson, Burton-in-Lonsdale. Beef Cast cows topped at 167.5p/kg for a Simmental cow from EJ Ward & Sons, Nether Kellet. Limousin cows sold to £1286 from JE & AC Clarke & Son, Melling, with Charolais cows selling to £1234. Beef cast bulls sold to a top of £1326 from M & C Booth, Kentmere. Plenty of good beef cows were selling between 145p/kg and 165p/kg. Black and white cows sold to a top of 137.5p/kg from H Halhead & Son, Nether Kellet with plenty of well-fleshed dairy cows selling in the late 120s. Dairy cows topped at £1117 from JB & JB Lawson, Cockerham with plenty of well-fleshed dairy cows selling in excess of £1000.

Calves and Stirks

There was a larger entry of calves forward today with well over 60 in the market. Topping the trade was Limousin heifer calves from JE & AC Clarke & Son, Melling selling to £380 and £370. British Blue bull calves sold to £300 from J & M Sanderson, Kirkham who also sold British Blue Heifers to £275. Plenty of beef calves sold in the mid two hundreds. Dairy bull calves saw Fleckviehs sell to £125 from JS & KM Wilson & Son, Kendal and Friesian to £165 from Drinkall Bros of Over Wyresdale. Good sorts of Black and White rearing calves were regularly selling in between £60 and £100. A few stirks on offer today saw Hereford Heifers sell to £440 and bulls to £425 from E & T Richardson, Goosnargh.

Breeding Sheep

Lancasters second sale of Breeding Sheep had a catalogued entry of 400, there was plenty of interest ringside but buyers were remaining cautious. Topping the trade was a pen of Mule Gimmer Shearlings from JS & KM Wilson & Son, Kendal selling to £140 for £135. Texel Shearlings sold to a top of £135 from S & SE Capstick, Wharton, with others to £130 from EI, EA, & TW Wilson, Flookburgh. Mule ewes topped at £118 from RG & H Preece, Roeburndale.

Top Prices

Store Bullocks

BRITISH BLUE: £1430 21 Sycamore Avenue, £1250 Old Glasson Farm, £1220 Greenlands Farm, £1200 Pasture House Farm, £1180 Bensons Farm.LIMOUSIN: £1290 Cock Hall Farm, £1230 Daniel Fold Farm, £1170 Old Glasson Farm, Cornall Bank Farm, £1160 Cock Hall Farm.BLONDE D’AQUITAINE: £1280 21 Sycamore Avenue, £710 Ballacutchel Farms. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1280 21 Sycamore Avenue, £1210 Ellers Farm, £1180 Adamsons Farm, Yew Tree Farm, £1170 184 Kirkham Road.SIMMENTAL: £1260 West Lynn, £1220 Daniel Fold Farm, £1170 Low Fell End, £1160 Yew Tree Farm, £1070 Ellers Farm. CHAROLAIS: £1210 West Lynn, £1160 Cock Hall Farm, £1090 Toulbrick Farm, £780 Sunnyside Farm. HEREFORD: £1200 Old Glasson Farm, £1190 Old Woodhouse, £1100, £1090 Daniel Fold Farm, £1080 Intack Farm. SOUTH DEVEN: £1190 21 Sycamore Avenue.FLEKVIEH:£1090 Greenbank Farm.NORWEGIAN RED: £1070 Ghyll Farm.MONTBELIARDE: £1020 Squires Gate Farm, £1000, £800, Holmes Farm, £760, £720 Sunnyside Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN:£980 Old Glasson Farm, £890 Ellers Farm, £860 Old Glasson Farm, Squires Gate Farm.SWEDISH RED AND WHITE: £890 Ellers Farm. SHORTHORN: £860 21 Sycamore Avenue.DEVON: £840 Ballacutchel Farms. AYRSHIRE:£630 Ballacutchel Farms.

Store Heifers

CHAROLAIS: £1210, £1180 Toulbrick Farm, £1120 High House, £1050 Toulbrick, £940 Tottlebank. SIMMENTAL: £1190 Low Fell End, £1150 Yew Tree Farm, £740 Tottlebank, £690 Mearsbeck Farm. ABERDEENANGUS: £1180 Ghyll Farm, £1160 Walkers I’th Fields, £1140 Snub Snape Farm, Low Levens, £1070 Intack Farm.BRITISH BLUE: £1140 High House, £1110 Greenlands Farm, £1100 Walkers I’th Field, £1060 Pastures House Farm, £1030 Walkers I’th Fields. LIMOUSIN: £1140 High House, Red Scar, £1090 Marshaw Farm, £1060 Brow Foot Farm, £1040 Ballacutchel Farms.HEREFORD: £1080 Thorns Farms, £1030 Mearsbeck Farm, £920 Brow Foot Farm, £810 Chilsea Green Farm, £780 Tottlebank. HOLSTEINFRIESIAN: £800 Tottlebank. DEVON: £790, £760 Ballacutchel Farms. SHORTHORN: £790 Tottlebank, £570 Ballacutchel Farms. Stabiliser: £640 Ballacutchel Farms. NORWEGIAN RED: £570 Ghyll Farm.

Store Bulls

BRITISH BLUE: £1040 Cobble Hey Farm. BLONDE D’AQUITAINE:£1040 Cobble Hey Farm.

OTM Cows

SIMMENTAL: 167.5 Intack Farm, 127.5 Hartrigg.LIMOUSIN: 164.5 Cringleber, 157.5 Spital Farm, 151.5 Marshaw Farm, 149.5 Brookside, 144.5 Cringleber.CHAROLAIS: 149.5, 134.5 Beckside, 134.5, 119.5 Market Street. BRITISH BLUE: 144.5, 131.5 Botton Hall Farm. HOLSTEINFRIESIAN: 137.5 Lawsons Farm, 134.5 Bank End Farm, 129.5 Hallbeck, Walkers I’th Fields. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 131.5 Bellart Howe.MONTBELIARDE: 131.5 Trapp Farm. SWEDISH RED AND WHITE: 129.5 Hillam Lane Farm, Walkers I’th Fields. AYRSHIRE: 124.5 Laithwaith Farm. CONTINENTAL: 124.5 Cringlerber.

OTM Heifers

LIMOUSIN: 219.5 Bank Field Farm, 154.5 Spital Farm. ABERDEENANGUS: 137.5 Midge Hall Farm. HOLSTEINFRIESIAN: 117.5 Midge Hall Farm.

CAST Steers

SOUTHDEVEN: 179.5 Kilburn House. LIMOUSIN: 154.5 Ballacutchel Farms.

CAST Bulls

SIMMENTAL: 159.5 Littlewood Hall Farm. LIMOUSIN: 139.5 Ballacutchel Farms. CHAROLAIS: 119.5 Hartrigg. HEREFORD: 109.5 North Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 91.5 Tunstall Hall.

Heifer Calves

LIMOUSIN: £380, £370 Cringleber. BRITISH BLUE: £275 Pasture Barn Farm, £255 Tills Farm, £240 Pasture Barn Farm, £155 Stanley Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £230 Pasture Barn Farm, £145 Tills Farm, £140, £130 Pasture Barn Farm.

Bull Calves

BRITISH BLUE: £300, £275 Pasture Barn Farm, £210, £205 Stanley Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £270, £230, £195, £180 Pastures Barn Farm, £60 Cliftons Farm. SIMMENTAL: £245 Billinge Hall Farm. HEREFORD: £235 Knowsley Farm, £230 High House, Knowsley Farm, £220 High House. FLEKVIEH: £195, £150, £140, £130, £125 High House. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN:£165 Catshaw Hall Farm, £90 Cocker House Farm, £85 Tills Farm, £80 Castshaw Hall Farm.

Bull Stirks

HEREFORD: £425 28 Northgate. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £310 Ridge Farm.

Heifer Stirks

HEREFORD: £440, £280 28 Northgate. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £350 28 Northgate, £260, £230 Ridge Farm.

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