Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Cattle Friday 24th November

OTM Cattle

The weekly sale of OTM cattle had a reduced entry this week with 114 forward achieving an overall average of 104.6p/kg with there being a plainer entry of cows on offer.

The prices seen nationally this week seem generally easier but Lancaster continues to achieve better prices than other local markets.

Best cast cows sold to 194.5p/kg for Aberdeen Angus from T & M Halhead of Upp Hall with Limousin cows from the same home selling to 189.5p/kg.

Friesian cows sold to a top of 164.5p/kg from the Inman Family of Strickland Hill Farm or £1126. Leaner and plain cows were cheaper this week.

Store Cattle

The weekly sale of Store Cattle had another good entry forward especially for the time of year.

Well fleshed short term bullocks continue to be in strong demand and selling well.

Topping at £1410 for Simmentals was H Chapman & Son of Millbeck who also sold Limousins to £1340.

British Blue bullocks sold to a top of £1370 from R Capstick & Son of Fell End Farm. Native cattle continue to sell well with Aberdeen Angus bullocks selling to £1200 from J Hesketh of Middle Grange Farm.

Heavy weight black and white bullocks sold in excess of £1000 topping at £1090 from J & DE Woodhouse of Kitchen Ground Farm and also to £1060 from J & M Cockett of Foredales Farm.

Heifers sold to a top of £1140 for a British Blue from K & DE Woodhouse of Kitchen Ground Farm.

Plain, smaller cattle were harder to place today especially for non farm assured heifers.


The monthly sale of stirks followed by the weekly sale of calves saw the majority of the stirks forward today being native bred.

Welsh Black bull stirks from Haven Lea Farms of Hindley sold to £620 and £560 with heifers from the same home selling to £500. July born Limousin bull stirks sold to £465 from J & CW Metcalfe and Son of Hare Apple Tree Farm. It was great to see the usual busy crowd forward for this sale.

As Native Breed Schemes are becoming less financially incentive it is recommended that producers look to using continental bulls once again.

There was once again a strong trade for all classes of calves with British Blues selling to a top of £400 from AW & AM Park and Sons of Walkers I’th Fields. Plenty of British Blue bull calves sold in the mid £300 mark. British Blue heifers sold to a top of £355 from R & V Walmsley of Richmond Fold.

Black and white calves topped at £190 with young rearing sorts regularly between £65-£90.

Top Prices


:SIMMENTAL: £1410 Millbeck. BRITISH BLUE: £1370 Fell End Farm, £1290 High Green, £1280 Billinge Hall, £1230 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1170 Cragg Farm. LIMOUSIN: £1340 Millbeck, £1230 North Farm, £1190 High Green, £1180 Ellers Farm, North Farm. CHAROLAIS: £1270, £1180 Valley View, £1160 Ellers Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1200 Middle Grange Farm, £1190 Kilburn House, £1170 Hall Croft Barn, £1160 High Green, £1140 Wyre Farm. MONTBELIARDE: £1180 Middle Grange Farm, £970 121 Pilling Lane, £870 Middle Ridge Farm. HEREFORD: £1160 High Green, £1050 North Farm. CONTINENTAL: £1100 Ellers Farm. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: £1090 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1060 Foredales Farm, £870 Newsham Hall Farm.


BRITISH BLUE: £1140 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1120 Rowell Farm, £1100 Blades Farm, £1080 121 Pilling Lane. LIMOUSIN: £1140 Higher Broadwood Farm, £1110 Cracalt Farm. SIMMENTAL: £1100 Rowell Farm. SHORTHORN: £1040 New House Farm, £960 Bouthwaite Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1040 New House Farm, £1000 Bouthwaite Farm, £960 Brow Foot Farm, Rowell Farm. HEREFORD: £1000 Cragg Farm, £850 Bull Bank Farm, Hall Bank. CONTINENTAL: £960 Bouthwaite Farm.


ABERDEEN ANGUS: 194.5 Upp Hall, 119.5 Lambrigg Farm, 107.5 Croft Foot Farm. LIMOUSIN: 189.5, 144.5 Upp Hall, 137.5, 134.5 Beckside Farm, 124.5 Barbon Fell House. SIMMENTAL: 169.5 Haven Lea, 144.5 Overhouses, Haven Lea, 119.5 Throstle Nest Farm. HOLSTIEN FRIESIAN: 164.5 Strickland Hill, 161.5 Brown Brook, 159.5 Low Audlands, 154.5 Throstle Nest Farm. BRITISH BLUE: 127.5 Beaumont Grange Farm, 117.5 Cringleber, Beaumont Farm, 74.5, 71.5 Beaumont Farm. SWEDISH RED AND WHITE: 114.5, 97.5 Throstle Nest Farm. CONTINENTAL: 107.5, 91.5, 89.5 Croft Foot Farm, 87.5 College Green. BLONDE D’AQUITAINE: 99.5 Beaumont Grange Farm. MONTBELIARDE: 64.5, 44.5 Lane House.


LIMOUSIN: 164.5 1 River View. HOLSTIEN FRIESIAN: 44.5 Beckside.


CHAROLAIS: 189.5 Rooten Brook. HEREFORD: 181.5 Bouthwaite Farm. HOLSTIEN FRIESIAN: 29.5 Kitchlow Farm.


LIMOUSIN: 129.5 Barbon Fell House


BRITISH BLUE: £355 Richmond Hall, £345 Walkers I’th Fields, £295 Brown Brook, £255 School house. HEREFORD: £110 Hillam Lane Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £100 Hillam Lane Farm.


BRITISH BLUE: £400 Walkers I’th Fields, £365 Brown Brook, £355, £350 Walkers I’th Fields, £340 Brown Brook. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £295 Brown Brook, Tills Farm. HOLSTIEN FRIESIAN: £190 Richmond Hall, £90 Catshaw Hall Farm, £75 Whinney Carr Farm. LIMOUSIN: £1100 Hatters Farm. SHORTHORN: £80 Hatters Farm.


WELSH BLACK: £620, £560 Haven Lea. LIMOUSIN: £465 Hare Apple Tree. HOLSTIEN FRIESIAN: £160 Hare Apple Tree.


WELSH BLACK: £500 Heaven Lea. SHORTHORN: £410, £370 Snapewood Farm.


ABERDEEN ANGUS: £455, £240 Snapewood Farm. SHORTHORN: £455, £390, £360 Snapewood Farm.

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