Lancaster Livestock Auction: Store Cattle Friday 10th November

Store Cattle

The smallest entry for some while at Lancaster with 251 cattle forward, selling to a continued brisk trade. Well grown cattle, carrying meat were also in keen demand with a bit more trade today for black and white bullocks as numbers of store cattle now become tighter at markets and the autumn glut now gone buyers becoming keener again to purchase.

Topping the day’s trade was DE & SM Moorhouse, High House Farm selling a Simmental Bullock to £1330 followed by Mason & Gardner of Stoneybank Philpin Farm selling a Limousin Bullock to £1290. Other notable prices from the bullock section saw three Limousin, again from DE & SM Moorhouse, sell to £1270 and British Blue to £1240 from M Shepherd & Sons, Pasture House Farm. Heifers sold to a top of £1180 for a Limousin from M & RW Stirzaker, Station Hotel with a British Blue heifer selling to £1150 from J, BL & I Ellis, Hawkrigg End.

Another strong entry of Native Cattle in the market today saw Angus Bullocks sell to a top of £1180 from D & N Davis, Cragg Farm, £1170 from DR Preston, Ellers Farm and £1160, twice, firstly from DW & NM Alderson, High Green and secondly by JS Clark & Sons, Godson House Farm. A couple of Hereford Bullocks from DR Preston sold to £1120. All Angus Bullocks forward sold to an average of £1048. Angus Heifers sold to £1140 from AT Burrow & Son, High Snab.
Over 20% of the cattle forward today sold over £1100.

OTM Cattle

A bumper entry of 163 OTM Cattle today, selling to a continued strong trade at Lancaster with a buys ringside of buyers looking to purchase all specifications of cows on offer. An Angus Cast Bullock topped the trade selling to 195.5p/kg from B, L & D Banks, Squires Gate Farm. Top price per head was achieved by AK & PA Threlfall, Lambrigg Farm, with an Angus Cow, selling to £1165.

Black and white OTM’s sold to 154.5p/kg for a cow from AT Burrow & Son. Black and white Heifers sold to 149.5p/kg from ME Wannop & Son, Heaton Hall, with all Friesian Heifers averaging 117.63p/kg

An overall market average of 104.75p/kg was achieved for all OTM cattle forward.

Calves and Stirk

There was a smaller number of calves forward today following some big entries of calves as seen over the previous weeks, with all types of required for next Friday to meet demands of returning buyers in the market for black and whites as well as beef calves. The trade was in keeping with younger beef calves especially, heifer calves were slightly harder to place this week and black and whites are sought after and keenly bid for at Lancaster.

The trade topped at £335 for a British Blue Bull from W & G Cornthwaite, Matshead Farm, British Blue Heifer calves sold to £320, again from W & G Cornthwaite. Limousin Bull Calves sold to £305 from JM & MH France & Son, Newhouse Farm.

Black and white calves sold to £170 and £120 from Drinkall Bros of Catshaw Hall Farm. Wallbank Farms sold a black and white bull calf to £100.

Top Prices


BRITISH BLUE: £320 Matshead Farm, £305 Derby Lodge Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £200 Tills Farm, £160 Derby Lodge Farm. HEREFORD: £140 Derby Lodge Farm. SIMMENTAL: £135 Sellerley Farm.


BRITISH BLUE: £335 Matshead Farm. LIMOUSIN: £305 Newhouse Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £290 Forton Hall Farm. SIMMENTAL: £220 Sellerley Farm. FRIESIAN: £170 Catshaw Hall Farm, £100 Tills Farm.


ABERDEEN ANGUS: £285 Birkland Barrow. FRIESIAN: £220 Dolphinholme house.


HEREFORD: £445 56 Farmdale Road. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £150 Birkland Barrow.


SIMMENTAL: £1330 High House Farm, £920 Moss Croft. LIMOUSIN: £1290 Ghyll Beck Farm, Stoneybank Philpin Farm, £1270 High House Farm, £1240 North Farm, £1220 Endmoor Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £1240 Pasture House Farm, £1210 Bensons Farm, £1170 Hawkrigg End, £1110 Endmoor Farm, £1100 Hall Bank. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1180 Cragg Farm, £1170 Ellers Farm, Throstle Grove Farm, £1160 High Green, Godson House Farm. MONTBELIARDE: £1170 Moss House Farm, £1020 Heaton Hall Farm, £970 Squires Gate Farm, £950 North Farm. CHAROLAIS: £1140 Gunnerthwaite, £1100 Barrowfield, £1060 Greenbank Farm, £920 Corney Hill Farm. HEREFORD: £1120 Ellers Farm. SHORTHORN: £1110 Cross House Farm, £1090 Gyhll Beck Farm. FRIESIAN: £1070 Moss House Farm, £990 Hoskingshire Farm, £960 Bensons Farm, £890 Ellers Farm, £880 North Farm. BAZADAISE: £980 North Farm. WELSH BLACK: £810 Barrowfield. BROWN SWISS: £700 High House Farm.


LIMOUSIN: £1180 Station Hall, £1100 Cragg Farm, £1070 Abbotson Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £1150 Hawkrigg End, £1120 Pasture House Farm, £1110 Bugle Horn Farm, £1030 Windy Hill Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1140 High Snab, £1040 Abbotson Farm, £1000 Pasture House Farm, Cragg Farm, Brow Foot Farm. CHAROLAIS: £1010 Friars Moss. HEREFORD: £960 Greenways Farm, £670 Lundholme Farm. FRIESIAN: £810 Old Hall Farm. SIMMENTAL: £680 Wyre Farm.


LIMOUSIN: £1060 High House Farm.


ABERDEEN ANGUS: 189.5 Lambrigg Farm, 124.5 Ellers Farm, 109.5 Intack Farm. LIMOUSIN: 179.5 Fell End Farm, 111.5 High Underbrow Farm, 104.5 Middle Lee Farm, Fellgate Farm. FRIESIAN: 154.5 High Snab, 129.5 Green Dragon Farm, Liscoe Farm. BRITISH BLUE: 144.5 Intack Farm, 134.5 Red Scar, Springfield, 77.5 High Underbrow Farm. SIMMENTAL: 144.5 High Underbrow Farm, 141.5 New House Farm, 124.5 Hartrigg. HEREFORD: 139.5 Bouthwaite Farm. FLEKVIEH: 137.5 Friars Moss, 127.5 Holme Head. BELGIAN BLUE: 134.5 Red Scar, 127.5 Fellgate Farm, 114.5 Hill Top Farm, 111.5 Little Fell Farm, 99.5 Brantbeck Farm. BLONDE D’AQUITAINE: 127.5 Springfield. SWEDISH RED AND WHITE CROSS: 121.5 Holme Head. NORWEGIAN RED: 117.5 Holme Head. SHORTHORN: 114.5 Fellgate Farm. MONTBELIARDE: 114.5 Lane House. BROWN SWISS: 104.5 I’th Fields, 71.5 Myersough House Farm. CONTERNENTAL: 99.5 Poole Bank Farm.


FRIESIAN: 149.5 Heaton Hall Farm, 139.5 Holmes Farm, 114.5 Hole of Ellel.


ABERDEEN ANGUS: 194.5 Squires Gate Farm. FRIESIAN: 139.5 Sunderland Brows Farm.


FRIESIAN: 139.5 Low Levens. CHAROLAIS: 107.5 Low Hall Beck. MONTBELIARDE: 100.00 Lane House.

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