Lancaster Livestock Auction: Christmas Show & Sale of Calves & Store Cattle

Friday 8th December

Store Cattle

The Annual Christmas Show and Sale of Store Cattle at Lancaster had a catalogued entry of 274 for the sale. The judging was in the capable hands of Dan Nightingale of Great Eccleston, who awarded the Championship Rosette to a pair of Limousin Bullocks from DE & SM Moorhouse of Natland, winning the Tom Owen Memorial Trophy for the third year in succession. Thanks must go to our vendors and buyers for their continued support throughout the year.

The day’s trade topped at £1,560 for the Champion Bullocks with a pair of Charolais bullocks from the same home selling to £1520. There was a number of top quality continental bullocks selling in excess of £1400.

Limousin Heifers sold to £1320 from CD & HL Mason of Caton.

There is always plenty of interest in native bred cattle, topping today at £1310 for a pair of Aberdeen Angus Bullocks from DW & NM Alderson of Middleton.

All classes of cattle today sold to a sharper trade.

Please could vendors make sure they have completed the correct paperwork before attending the sale. Which are available from our office or downloaded from the website.

OTM Cattle

There was a slightly smaller entry of just under 100 cows forward today, selling to a better trade than expected. The trade was far ahead of many local centres with vendors strongly urged to take advantage of the full ringside of buyers at Lancaster.
There was an overall market average of 107p/kg achieved.

Topping the day’s trade was a Limousin Cow selling to 167.5p/kg from JA & J Harper of Killington. It was great to have a number of cows selling in excess of £1000 with Limousin Cows selling to £1269 from Jim Clark of Preston.

Black and White Heifers sold to 161.5p/kg or £1004 from H Wright & Son of Helsington. Black and White cows sold to 119.5p/kg from JR & A Thornton of Coventry Farm.

Following ministry inspections vendors are reminded to ensure that cattle are fit to travel to the auction market, lame, cows with over grown feet and cows in shackles will be turned away


The Annual Christmas Show and Sale of Calves had a larger entry forward with some excellent conformation calves on offer.

The pre-sale judging was in the hands of Mark Burton of County Durham who had a great entry of calves put before him. The championship rosette was awarded to David and Eileen Wallbank of Tills Farm with their Champion British Blue bull selling to £440 and the reserve champion from the same good home sold to £400.

Aberdeen Angus Bull Calves sold to a top of £370 from JK & B Birkett & Son of White Lund Farm. The was an abundance of calves selling in the three hundreds.

There was more interest in Dairy Bull Calves today with a Montbeliarde from JK & B Birkett & Son of White Lund Farm selling to £260 and black and whites topping at £140 from G & ME Woodhouse & Son of Boldens Farm, other best black and white rearing calves sold around the £120 mark. All Friesian Bull Calves sold to a market average of £74.

A small number of stirks on offer today from Kirkby & Longworth of Dunnerdale saw Aberdeen Angus Bullocks at 4 months old top at £455 and British Blue and Simmental Bullocks of the same age sold to £440.

Top Prices


LIMOUSIN: £1560 High House Farm; £1490 Cockrigg Farm; £1400 Millbeck. CHAROLAIS: £1520 High House Farm; £1400 Millbeck; £1360 Mealsgate Avenue. SIMMENTAL: £1400 Millbeck; £1180 Old Woodhouse; £1090 Low House Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £1340 Carr House Farm; £1230 Mealsgate Avenue; £1230 Cock Hall Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1310 High Green; £1200 Intack Farm; £1160 High Green. SALER: £1230 Mealsgate Avenue. BLONDE D’AQUITAINE: £1200 Mealsgate Avenue. SHORTHORN: £1200 Elm Bank Farm; £970 Low House Farm. HEREFORD: £1120 Squires Gate Farm; £1050 Proctors Row; £1050 Billinge Hall Farm. MONTBELLIARDE: £1160 Walmsley Fold; £1050 Squires Gate Farm. FLECKVIEH: £1060 Mearsbeck Farm. FRIESIAN: £1040 Lodge Farm; £1010 Billinge Hall Farm; £980 Lodge Farm.


LIMOUSIN: £1320 Mearsbeck Farm; £1220 Rowell Farm; £1140 Station Hotel. BRITISH BLUE: £1190 Cracalt Farm; £1120 Low Levens; £1100 Rowell Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1100 Intack Farm; £1100 Kitchen Ground Farm; £1100 Croppers Farm. SHORTHORN: £1060 Elm Bank Farm. HEREFORD: £960 Fern Lea. FRIESIAN: £950 Kitchen Ground Farm.
BULLS – BLONDE D’AQUITAINE: £1190 Mount Pleasant.


LIMOUSIN: 167.5 Capplethwaite Hall; 139.5 Manor House Farm; 137.5 Intack Farm. FRIESIAN: 159.5 New Brows Farm; 149.5 Elm Tree Farm; 124.5 Tunstall Hall. SIMMENTAL: 141.5 Haven Lea. BLONDE D’AQUITAINE: 129.5 Beaumont Grange Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 127.5 High Snab; 124.5 Post Office Farm; 124.5 Low Stennerley. SOUTH DEVON: 124.5 Braida Garth. CHAROLAIS: 124.5 Braida Garth; 121.5 Sunny Bank Farm. SWEDISH RED AND WHITE: 124.5 Walkers I’th Fields. MONTBELLIARDE: 119.5 Coventry Farm. BRITISH BLUE: 101.5 Beaumont Grange Farm.


FRIESIAN: 161.5 Berryholme; 131.5 Croppers Farm.


BRITISH BLUE: 159.5 Stubbin Head Farm. LIMOUSIN: 149.5 Showley Hall Farm.


BRITISH BLUE: £305 Tills Farm; £295 Barrow Greaves Farm; £275 Brown Brook. SIMMENTAL: £255 Sellerley Farm. LIMOUSIN: £140 Hatters Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £100 Moors Farm.


BRITISH BLUE: £440 Tills Farm; £335 Moors Farm; £325 Barrow Barrows Greaves Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £370 White Lund Farm; £340 Bolden Farm; £265 Tills Farm. LIMOUSIN: £300 Newhouse Farm; £275 Moors Farm; £190 Hatters Farm. HEREFORD: £270 Moors Farm. MONTBELLIARDE: £260 White Lund Farm. SIMMENTAL: £260 Sellerley Farm. FRIESIAN: £140 Bolden’s Farm; £125 Catshaw Hall Farm; £120 Cocker House Farm.


ABERDEEN ANGUS: £455 Sella Farm. SIMMENTAL: £440 Sella Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £440 Sella Farm. HEREFORD: £425 Sella Farm.

More Info

Store Cattle Show Results

Best Pair of Store Bullocks
1st DE & SM Moorhouse, High House Farm, Limousin, £1560
2nd TW Nelson & Son, Cockrigg Farm, Limousin, £1490
3rd J Bargh, Old Woodhouse, British Blue & Simmental, £1180

Best Pair of Store Heifers
1st TW Nelson & Son, Cockrigg Farm, Limousin, £1140

Champion Store Cattle
DE & SM Moorhouse, High House Farm, Limousin Bullocks, £1560

Reserve Champion Store Cattle
TW Nelson & Son, Cockrigg Farm, Limousin, £1490

Cast Cow Top Prices

Highest Price Beef Cow (OTM p/kg)
JA & J Harper, Capplethwaite Hall, Limousin, 167.5p/kg

Highest Price Black and White Cow (OTM p/kg)
JR & A Thornton, Coventry Farm, British Friesian, 119.5p/kg

Highest Price Overall (per head)
Jim Clark, New Hall Farm, Limousin, £1269

Calf Show Results

Beef Bred Bull Calf
1st Wallbank Farms, Tills Farm, British Blue, £440
2nd Wallbank Farms, Tills Farm, British Blue, £400
3rd Wallbank Farms, Tills Farm, British Blue, £325

Beef Bred Heifer Calf
1st Wallbank Farms, Tills Farm, British Blue, £305
2nd FW Rhodes & Son, Barrow Greaves, British Blue, £295
3rd Wallbank Farms, Tills Farm, British Blue, £270

Dairy Bred Bull Calf
1st Wallbank Farms, Tills Farm, British Blue, £120
2nd WN & D Smith, Cocker House Farm, British Blue, £120
3rd Wallbank Farms, Tills Farm, British Blue, £60

Champion Calf
Wallbank Farms, Tills Farm, British Blue, £440

Reserve Champion Calf
Wallbank Farms, Tills Farm, British Blue, £400

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