J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Weekly Sale of Prime Lambs, Cast Sheep and Pigs. Tuesday 14th November 2023


A pleasing entry of 1815 lambs forward, with once again selling to a strong trade with all in achieving an average of 263p/kg. Heavy Texel lambs saw a top of £164 from J Woodburn & Partners, Ulverston with other Texels selling to £156 from M&YS Barker, Halton. Suffolks selling to £151 from MW&M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell. Heavy lambs regularly selling £135-£145. Lambs 44-46kg were in strong demand with these regularly selling 275-285p/kg, with the best end selling to £131 for Beltex from R&E Ladds, Kendal with others selling to £130 for Texels from AG Butler, Hambleton. More hill bred lambs on offer with pens of Cheviots selling to £126 from HR&KA Hodgson, Barbon, with others to £125 from NP&CE Buckley, Staveley. Mules saw a top of £121 from MJ&JD Handley, Sedbergh with others selling to £120 from Strickland Hill, Witherslack.
Please note all lambs have to be belly clipped now, with a service available on site if needed.


Another large entry of pigs across all selections, saw new customers in attendance from as fair a field as the Midlands, East Yorkshire and Scotland, as well as strong local support. The sale peaked at £278 for a large heavy wight cross gilt from M Allen, Yealand with a pen full of five Large White cross Pietrain hogs from JM Navesey, Darwen selling at £230 with gilts from the same home achieving £220. Other gilts at £215 from J Barkley, Whitehaven and £205 from TS Wilson, Cockermouth with saddleback cross to £195 from H Kent, Cockerham. Other well finished prime pigs were generally £160 to £180, with a top price of 232p/kg achieving by JM Navesey, Darwen.
A full row of store and weaner pigs saw store gilt selling to £40 form S Crowe, Dalton in Furness with others at £38 from R Carr, Newton Stewart. Weaners sold to £36 for Gloucester Old Spot from MK&LK Whitley & Son, Summerbridge.
A special note the next sale on Tuesday 28th November with be a sale for all classes of prime, cast, store and weaner pigs. The ‘Butchers Bonanza’ Christmas prime show and sale for prime pigs will take place on Tuesday 5th December (with pre entered prime pigs only at the is sale.) For more information contact Matthew Probert on 0754044667.


491 cull ewes sold to another increased trade, for an entry of predominantly medium ewes this week. A shortage of the best heavy and bred ewes saw those forward all to £168 for a Beltex from R Allen, Staveley. Heavy weight first cross ewes sold to £138 for Texel cross from J Woodburn & Partners, Ulverston with others at £118 from T Sharp, Oxenholme. An entry of predominantly first cross bred ewes sold at £88 to £105. The best heavy Mules sold to £116 for Cheviot Mules from P Whitton & Son, Burneside with others at £109 from R&J Moorhouse, Lindal. North Country Mules sold to £109 from TW Nelson & Son, Stainton with others at £100 from P Whitton & Son, Burneside. Medium Mules were £82 to £95, with lighter weight Mules £72 to £84. Pure hill bred ewes sold to £104 for Cheviots from W&J Penny, Kirkeby in Furness with others at £101 from NP& CE Buckley, Staveley, Swaledales to £81 from JW Hargreaves, Broughton in Furness and Herdwicks selling to £53 from S Procter, Selside. The smallest and leanest hill ewes saw an increase in trade, generally £35 to £4, with only the very smallest and leanest less.
An entry of goats sold to £82 from GA Guy, Tebay with N Strickland, Selside selling to best of his at £70 and £68.

Top Prices


Texel: £164 Mansrigg Hall, £156 Halton Park Farm, £150 High House Farm, £150 Seedhowe Cottages, £149 Smithy Green Farm, £149 Arklid Farm. Suffolk: £151 Swallowmire, £144 Lane Ends Farm, £144 Strickland Hill, £140 Bowers Farm, £138 Yoad Pot, £137 Lane Ends Farm. Beltex: £147 Crake Hall, £141 Cragg House Farm, £131 Benson Hall, £130 Park Farm Barn, £126 Holmelands, £126 Gibraltar Farm. Blue Texel: £135.50, £132 Cragg House Farm. Cheviot: £126 Howriggs, £125 Fairbank Farm, £114.50 Howriggs. Dorset: £125, £102, £93 Saltcoats Farm. Cheviot Mule: £122 Bowers Farm, £120, £112, £113 Seeedhowe Cottages, £113 Fairbank Farm. Mule: £121 Archers Hall, £120, £119.50 Strickland Hill, £119 Yoad Pot, £118.50 Archers Hall, £118 Low Longmire. Dutch Spotted: £120 Coldcotes Farm, £114 High Low Wood Zwartble: £116, £109 Benson Hall. Continental: £114 Millriggs, £103 Underhelm Farm. Swaledale: £111 Low Longmire. Horned: £107 Adamthwaite, £100 Millbeck, £80 Bleaswood Road. Charolais: £105, £100 Beech House. Teeswater: £96 Foulstone Farm.


Beltex: £168 Corner Cottage, £78 Moss End Farm. Texel: £138 Mansrigg Hall, £118 Bleaswood Road, £114 Moss End Farm, £112 Highfield, £111 High Tenement, £104 Dalton Old Hall. Leicester: £126 Yoad Pot, £112 Longwell. Cheviot Mule: £116 High Tenement Farm, £109 Owlnook, £104 High Tenement Farm, £98 Fairbank Farm, £87 Owlnook. Mule: £109 Cockrigg Farm, £100 High Tenement Farm, £97 Bowness Farm, £93 High Tenement Farm, £93 Wyke Farm, £92 Moss Side. Suffolk: £104 Moss Side, £76 Sunny Brow. Cheviot: £104 Marsh Grange Farm, £101 Fairbank Farm, £96 Bowness Farm, £58 Re Braida Garth. Swaledale: £81 Bridge End Farm, £61 Strickland Hill Farming, £60 Briar Fern, £59 Bridge End Farm, £57 Longwell, £50 Yoad Pot. Continental: £78 Hawes Farm, £65 Crabtree Farm, £59 Brow Head. Masham: £78 Marsh Grange Farm, £54 Low Audlands, £53 Low Audlands. Rough Fell: £61 Woodside, £49 High Low Wood. Herdwick: £53 High Biggarsbank, £53 High Biggarsbank, £50 Becknook.


Texel: £144 Hall Croft Barn, £95 Southmire Farm. Rough Fell: £88 St Annes Farm. Charolais: £70 Coldcotes.
Goat: £82 Lunesdale House, £70 The Borrans, £68 The Borrans, £63 The Borrans, £50 The Borrans.

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