J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Fortnightly Sale of Calves, Stirks, OTM and Store Cattle, Thursday 25th May 2023.


Another fast trade for all classes of calves, with more required to fulfil the ever increasing ring side of buyers. The strongest bull calves sold to £595 for a Limousin x from MH&AR Robinson, Old Hutton with British Blue x achieving £525 from JW&TE Sharp Ltd, Lyth. Other stronger bull calves included Charolais x achieving £520 from MH&AR Robinson, Old Hutton. Rearing calves sold to £390 for a British Blue x from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick with others generally £320-£360. Native sired bull calves sold to £330 on three occasions from Whitestone Farm, Penrith. Nice rearing Beef Shorthorn x bull calves sold to £265 from RG&J Clarke, Endmoor. Dairy bull calves sold to £145 for a Holstein Friesian with Dairy Shorthorns to £130. A keen interest in heifer calves, especially those suitable for suckler replacement with MH&AR Robinson, Old Hutton selling British Blue x at £555, Charolais x at £500 and Limousin x at £480. Rearing heifer calves sold to £400 for a British Blue x from A Pickthall, New Hutton with others at £355 from FB Dunning & Son, Orton. Native sired heifers sold to £290 for an Aberdeen Angus x from Whitestone Farm, Penrith with Hereford x achieving £255.
Bull Stirks sold to £710 for a pair of Aberdeen Angus x from RF&CE Hodgson, Ulverston with British Blue x selling to £630 from W Stamper, Chipping. Steers sold to £730 for a Simmental x from MW&PA Rollason, Meathop who sold Aberdeen Angus x at £710. Others at £670 from Messrs Young, Lindale. Heifers sold to £660 for Aberdeen Angus x from JJ&J Towers, Lowick who sold others at £600. Younger sorts achieved £555 from Messrs Young, Lindale.


A large entry of store cattle was forward at the late May sale, with a busy ring side of buyers in attendance keen to secure additional stock and take advantage of the high beef trade. Steers sold to a top price of £1540 for a Beef Shorthorn from JW&TE Sharp Ltd, Lyth. An Aberdeen Angus sold to £1510 from GM Metcalfe, Underbarrow who sold other Limousins and Angus’s at £1475 and £1470. A run of well farmed steers from Lowther Park, Penrith sold to £1470 for Aberdeen Angus’s with others at £1440. British Blue steers sold to £1440 from TW Nelson & Son, Stainton. Hereford x sold to £1350 from MJ Waller, Lupton with Charolais from JC Walling & Son, Lyth achieving £1270. Yearling steers sold to £1230 for a Limousin x from HR&KA Hodgson, Barbon closely followed by Blonde x achieving £1220 from SJ&NS Wood, Windermere. Charolais heifers sold to £1180 from J Turnbull, Meathop. Younger suckler bred steers sold to £1160 for Limousin x from GM Jones, Ambleside with others at £1100 from F&JM Mason, Kirkby Lonsdale. Dairy bred steers sold to £1200 for Fleckviehs and Montbeliardes from JE Wightman, Lupton who sold other at £1125. Holstein Friesian sold to £900 from RJ&R Holden, Millom. Younger Holsteins achieved £800 with £705 achieved for eight month old Montbeliarde from Low Borrowbridge, Tebay.
Suckler bred bulls sold to £1405 for a pure Limousin from P Cummings, Burton in Kendal with others at £1370 from JM Airey, New Hutton and an Aberdeen Angus to £1135 from MW&PA Rollason, Meathorp.
Heifer sold to £1390 for a Charolais x from MJ Waller, Lupton with Limousin x selling to £1340 from JM&NJ Strickland, Whinfell and JA&J Harper, Sedbergh also achieving this price for a Blonde x. Aberdeen Angus x heifers sold to £1290 from GM Metcalfe, Underbarrow with British Blue to £1280 from TW Nelson & Son. Yearling heifers sold to £1200 for a Limousin x from HR&KA Hodgson, Barbon with Blondes to £1180 from JA&J Harper, Sedbergh. Younger heifers sold to £1070 for Charolais x from RC&SC Cleasby, Broughton in Furness with others at £1050 from AW&AM Clarke, Windermere. Other heifers (8-10 months) generally £800-£900.


All cull cows today averaged 196p/kg with an entry of predominately dairy bred cows. No real strength in the beef cow section today, with feeding types selling to 231.5p/kg for a Limousin x from JM&NJ Strickland, Whinfell with other feeding cows generally 215p/kg to 230p/kg. Top grossing beef cow today was a heavy weight Aberdeen Angus from BJ Bowness, Kendal closely followed by a Saler from M&M Carr, Carnforth achieving £1920. Dairy cows sold to 189.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from C Preston, Millom with others selling to £1383 from JG&BJ Escolme, Killington. Other dairy cows were generally achieving 180p/kg-190p/kg.
Cull bulls sold to 214.5p/kg or £1981 for Limousin from JA&J Harper, Killington with others selling to 199.5p/kg from K Wrathall, Broughton in Furness or £1935 from J Turnball, Meathorp.

Top Prices


Limousin: £595 Holmescales Farm, £490 Flodder Hall, £440, £345 Holmescales Farm, £190, £175 Halforth Farm. British Blue: £525 Flodder Hall, £495, £455, £395 Holmescales Farm, £390 Elm Tree Farm, £360 Holmescales Farm. Charolais: £520, £435, £420 Holmescales Farm. Angus: £330, £290 Whitestone Farm, £230 Far Audlands, £230 Whitestone Farm. Shorthorn: £265, £220, £185 Far Audlands. Hereford: £200, £185, £175, £150 Wraysholme Tower. Friesian: £145 Whitestone Farm. Dairy Shorthorn: £130 Craketrees.


British Blue: £555 Holmescales Farm, £400 Borrans Farm, £355 Raisgill Hall, £350 Holmescales Farm, £300 Raisgill Hall, £300 Elm Tree Farm. Charolais: £500 Holmescales Farm. Limousin: £480, £465, £330, £310 Holmescales Farm, £295 Cockley Beck Farm, £215 Holmescales Farm. Angus: £290, £200 Whitestone Farm. Hereford: £255 Stirzaker House Farm, £200, £120 Wraysholme Tower.


Angus: £710 Rowe End Farm. British Blue: £630, £560 Coldcotes Farm.


Angus: £660, £600 Low Stennerley, £555 Moss End Farm, £460 Kendal House Farm.


Simmental: £730 Kendal House Farm. Angus: £710 Kendal House Farm, £670 Low Stennerley, £670 Moss End Farm.


Limousin: 231.50 The Borrans, 209.50 Crow Wood, 207.50 Blea Tarn Road, 199.50 Hopestead. Angus: 229.50 Park House Farm, 219.50, 211.50 Ellers Farm, 209.50 Blea Tarn Road, 191.50 Ellers Farm. Saler: 229.50 Alby Wood, 224.50, 214.50 Millbeck. Hereford: 221.50 Riddings. Simmental: 219.50 Alby Wood. British Blue: 209.50 High Borrowbridge, 209.50 Greenside Farm, 204.50 Lane End, 200. Alby Wood, 199.50 Swallowmire, 199.50 Alby Wood. Shorthorn: 209.50, 199.50 Sayles Farm, 194.50 Cockley Beck Farm. Friesian: 189.50, 184.50 Mire House Farm, 184.50 Low Stangerthwaite, 184.50 High House Farm, 177.50 Low Sizergh Farm, 169.50 Scales Park Farm. Belted Galloway: 174.50, 169.50 Scar Sykes Farm. Norwegian Red: 164.50 Low Sizergh Farm. Continental: 154.50 Millbeck.


Angus: 179.50 Park House Farm.


Charolais: 224.50 Tricket Drive.


Limousin: 214.50 Capplethwaite, 199.50 Cockley Beck Farm. Shorthorn: 194.50 Meathop Park Farm Lodge.


Shorthorn: £1540 Flodder Hall, £1195 Lowther Park Farm, £1170, £1100 Meathop Park Farm Lodge, £1090 Lowther Park Farm, £970 Meathop Park Farm Lodge. Angus: £1510, £1470 Low Gregg Hall, £1470 Lowther Park Farm, £1460 Low Gregg Hall, £1440, £1340 Lowther Park Farm. Limousin: £1475, £1410 Low Gregg Hall, £1340 Barbon Fell House, £1270 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1230 Howriggs, £1160 Fold Farm. British Blue: £1440, £1390 Cockrigg Farm, £1380 Carlingwha, £1170 Coat Green Farm, £1070, £1050 Lowther Park Farm. Hereford: £1350 Carlingwha, £970 Bradlow Farm. Charolais: £1270, £1230 Dawson Fold, £1180 Meathop Park Farm Lodge, £1090 Angerton Farm, £980 Newcross House Farm. Blonde: £1220, £1040 Causeway Farm. Fleckvieh: £1200, £1125 Crabtree Farm. Montbeliarde: £1200 Crabtree Farm. Simmental: £1160 Crabtree Farm, £985 Lowther Park Farm, £970 Bradlow Farm. Saler: £1005 Bank Farm.


Charolais: £1390 Carlingwha, £1170 Dawson Fold, £1070 Angerton Farm, £1050 Low Longmire, £1050 Angerton Farm, £990 Meathop Park Farm Lodge. Blonde: £1340, £1180 Capplethwaite Hall, £960 Causeway Farm. Limousin: £1340 The Borrans, £1290 Capplethwaite Hall, £1290 Low Gregg, £1200 Howriggs, £1200 Fold Farm, £1160 Barbon Fell House. Angus: £1290 Low Gregg Hall, £1200 Barbon Fell House, £1110 Mireside Farm, £1100 Crabtree Farm. British Blue: £1280 Cockrigg Farm, £1190 Carlingwha, £980 Newcross House Farm. Hereford: £1190 Bleaswood Road, £985 Templand Farm. Shorthorn: £1180 Meathop Park Farm Lodge, £920 Flodder Hall.


Limousin: £1405 Peall House, £1370, £1160, £1090 Old Croft, £940 Peall House, £920 Tricket Drive. Angus: £1135 Kendal House Farm, £1050 Mireside Farm.

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