Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, OTM and Store Cattle, Friday 26th May 2023.


Trade remains very strong for an entry of predominately younger calves this week. Bull calves sold to £375 for month old British Blue x from J Bargh & Son, Morecambe who sold others at £370, as did Wallbank Farms Ltd, Over Wyresdale.
A run of month old Charolais x from WG Farms Ltd, Cockerham sold to £345, £340 and £335. Reared bull calves sold to £555, from a wonderful run of Hereford x from TE&M Kidd, Ellel who sold others at £540. Reared Aberdeen Angus bulls sold to £455 from J&M Coar & Son, Clitheroe who sold others at £425.
Heifer calves sold to £325 for British Blue x from J Bargh & Son, Morecambe with other British Blue x from WG Farms Ltd also achieved £325. Charolais x from the same home sold at £310. Reared heifers sold to £550 and £520 for Aberdeen Angus’s from IT Richardson, Catforth with Hereford x to £455 from TE&M Kidd, Ellel.
Dairy bulls sold to £300 for a weaned Swedish Red & White with Brown Swiss selling to £195.


A high quality entry of store cattle was forward at the popular weekly sale at Lancaster, with a red hot trade seen just like the weather outside. Steers sold to a top price of £1940 on two occasions for British Blue x and Limousin x from GT&C Blezard, Conder Green. Other heavy well finished steers sold to £1900 for Simmental x from TJ Lloyd, Settle with others regularly £1580 to £1700. Native sired steers peaked at £1920 for an Aberdeen Angus x from J&JM Walmsley, Pilling with other Aberdeen Angus £1780 from L Parsons & Sons, Levens. A ring full of Hereford x achieved £1490 from J Lamb, Lancaster. Dairy bred steers sold to £1640 for British Friesians from GR Park & Sons, Whinfell with others at £1260 from TJ Lloyd Settle. A keen interest in steers suitable for turn out saw British Blue x sell to £1390 from V&S Fitzell, Much Hoole with British Blue x to £1300 from JA&ME Mawson, Penrith with others regularly £1100-£1250.
Heifers sold to £1840 for a trio of Charolais x from R&EA Gardner, Brigsteer with Limousin x selling to £1600 from L Parsons & Sons, Levens and British Blue x to £1410 from AJ&D Knowles, New Hutton. Native sired heifers sold to a top price of £1660 for a Hereford x from J&JM Walmsley, Pilling with Aberdeen Angus x selling to £1410 from M Huck, Burneside. Heifers suitable for summer grazing sold to £1210 for Aberdeen Angus x from C Butler, Hambleton with British Blue x selling to £1200 from J&A Sheerin, Quernmore with others £1000-£1100.


The popular sale of young stores and stirks attracted a large crowd of buyers keen to secure replacement stock. Bulls sold to a top price of £1480 for a British Blue x from J Burrow & Son, Barton who sold others at £1380. Yearling suckler bred bulls sold to £1300 for Limousins from P Cummings, Burton in Kendal. Dairy bulls sold to £880 for Fleckviehs from P&ME Higginson, Pilling with younger six month old bulls selling to £660 from JR Newsham & Sons, Conder Green.
Steer stirks sold to £1240 for an Aberdeen Angus from R&D Kellet, Cockerham closely followed by a Simmental x from AJ Metcalfe, Out Rawcliffe achieving £1210. A large entry of predominately eight -ten month old steers sold to £1020 for a ring full of Aberdeen Angus x from JW Thwaites, Tebay with others at £980 from G&D Ball & Son, Little Eccleston. British Blue x sold to £940 from FW Rhodes & Son, Ellel who also sold Hereford x at £880. Younger steers (6 months) sold to £680 for Hereford x and Aberdeen Angus x from J&M Coar & Son, Clitheroe.
Heifer stirks sold to £1240 for a Simmental x from AJ Metcalfe, Out Rawcliffe. Well reared heifer stirks (seven- ten months) sold to £890 for British Blue x from FW Rhodes & Son, Ellel with Aberdeen Angus x from JW Thwaites, Tebay at £80 and British Blue to £770 from ST Pye, Great Eccleston.
The next catalogued sale of stirks, young stores and feeding bulls is on Friday 30th June.
Vendors are encouraged to enter all classes of stock with confidence for the next weekly sale.


Once again Lancaster Action Mart leads the way, with an overall market average of 205p/kg.
Beef cows sold to 269p/kg and £2075 for a Limousin from Z Ward, Carnforth with others selling to 254p/kg for British Blue from AE&PC Capstick, Heversham and £1820 for an Aberdeen Angus from G Mayor, Tarleton.
Dairy cows peaked at 229p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from WG Farms, Cockerham and £1797 from Lawsons Dairy Ltd. Medium sorts were 195p/kg to 210p/kg, with leaner parlour sorts 150p/kg to 170p/kg.
OTM heifers sold to 264p/kg for an Aberdeen Angus x from JE Catterall & Family with other selling to £1683 from W&A Cardwell, Stalmine. Other well fleshed heifers were 230p/kg to 250p/kg with dairies selling to 254p/kg for Holstein Friesians from G&ME Woodhouse & Son, Ellel and others £1608.
Steers sold to 294p/kg and £1702 for a Limousin and 229p/kg and £1374 for a Holstein Friesian.
Nine stock bulls sold today with a top price of 214p/kg for Limousin from EJ Ward & Son, Nether Kellet with others regularly 180p/kg to 195p/kg. Top grossing being an Aberdeen Angus x from JF&J Hewitt &Family, Nateby totalling £2157.

Top Prices


Angus: £550, £520 West View Farm. Hereford: £455, £320, £310, £300 Booth Hall. British Blue: £325 North Farm, £325 Lathwaite Farm, £315 Tills Farm Charolais: £310, £300, £285 Lathwaite Farm.


Hereford: £560, £555, £540, £450, £395 Booth Hall. Angus: £455, £425, £395 Fields Farm, £250 Lathwaite Farm. British Blue: £375, £370 North Farm, £370 Tills Farm, £325, £300 North Farm. Charolais: £345, £340, £335, £245 Lathwaite Farm. Brown Swiss: £195 Lathwaite Farm.


Swedish Red: £300 West View Farm.


Limousin: 269.50 Intack Farm, 241.50 High House Farm, 234.50 Ouzelthorn Farm, 234.50 Mireside Farm, 204.50 Castle Mill Farm, 199.50 Dubside. British Blue: 254.50 Park House Farm. Angus: 244.50 Toad Hall Farm, 227.50, 219.50 Netholme Farm, 194.50 Braeslacks, 189.50 Well House Farm, 149.50 Mosergh Farm. Charolais: 239.50, 214.50 Kate Farm. Simmental: 239.50 Intack Farm. Friesian: 229.50 Lathwaite Farm, 214.50 Barnfield Farm, 211.50 Bank End Farm, 207.50 North Farm, 207.50 Bank End Farm, 204.50 North Farm. Shorthorn: 204.50 Kate Farm. Fleckvieh: 197.50 High House. Brown Swiss: 159.50 Lathwaite Farm. Jersey: 159.50 Lathwaite Farm.


Angus: 264.50 Toad Hall Farm, 249.50 Low Groves Farm, 231.50 Well House Farm, 229.50 Park House Farm, 224.50 Well House Farm. British Blue: 259.50 Boldens Farm. Friesian: 254.50, 237.50 Boldens Farm, 237.50 Little Town Farm, 229.50 Gibstick Hall, 229.50 Barnfield Farm, 229.50 Boldens Farm. Simmental: 224.50 Hazelslack Tower Farm. Limousin: 199.50 Mosegh Farm.


Limousin: 294.50 Intack Farm, 279.50 Lodge Hall. Friesian: 229.50 Tills Farm.


Hereford: £1820 Holly House Farm, 189.50 Holme House Farm. Limousin: 214.50 Intack Farm, 199.50 Wilson Wood. Friesian: 179.50 Abbey House, 169.50 Lathwaite Farm, 159.50 Knotts Farm, 149.50 Oxenforth Green Farm. Angus: 179.50 Park Farm.


British Blue: £1940 Scale House Farm, £1680 Foredales Farm, £1430, £1390, £1380 Moss House Farm, £1360 Old Glasson Farm. Limousin: £1940, £1840 Scale House Farm, £1400 Holmes Farm, £1310 Middleton Hall. Angus: £1920 Staffords Farm, £1780 Low Levens, £1740 Foredales Farm, £1740 Staffords Farm, £1700 Ivy Barn, £1700 Staffords Farm. Simmental: £1900 Procotors Row, £1680 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £1480 Billinge Hakk, £1210 Moss Gate Farm. Charolais: £1680 Foredales Farm. Friesian: £1640, £1280 Low Deepslack, £1260 Proctors Row, £1180 Steel Croft, £1140 Holmes Farm. Hereford: £1490 Old Glasson Farm, £1380 Lynwood, £1380 Procotors Row, £1370 Windy Hill Farm, £1240 Hoghton Road, £1220 Lynwood. Continental: £1160, £1120 Steel Croft.


Charolais: £1840 Barrowfield, £1440 Mill House Farm. Hereford: £1660 Staffords Farm. Limousin: £1600 Low Levens, £1580 Marshaw Farm, £1410 Oak Fold, £1230, £1040 New House Farm. Angus: £1410 Oak Fold, £1390 Mill House Farm, £1350, £1340, £1290 Raw Head, £1210 Park Farm Barn. British Blue: £1410 Windy Hill Farm, £1380 Moss House Farm, £1300 Ivy House, £1290 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1240 Moss House Farm, £1200 Knotts Farm. Simmental: £1240 Moss Gate Farm. Longhorn: £1150 Park Farm Barn.


British Blue: £1480, £1380 Tunsteads Farm. Limousin: £1300, £1180 Peall House.

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