J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Rural Auction Centre Sale of Pigs, Sheep with Lambs, Spring Lambs, Prime Hoggs and Cast Sheep, Tuesday 23rd May 2023.


A sale made up of entirely prime pigs today, saw a top price of £222 for a pen of four Large White x pigs from JM Navesey, Darwen who sold others at £182. Prime gilts sold to £205 for heavy weight Large White x from W Stamper, Chipping with other heavy weight pigs selling to £182 from D Lord, Preesall and £180 from T Hornsby, Silloth. Light weight pigs sold to £175 for Pietrain x gilts from W Stamper. Top pence for kilo this week was 206p/kg achieved by JM Navesey, Darwen for Large White x hoggs and gilts, with other well finished Large White x pigs generally 165p/kg-185p/kg.
A small entry of cull sows sold to £100 and 45p/kg from JM Navesey, Darwen.
A large crowd of buyers in attendance with many leaving empty handed and keen to return at the next pig sale on Tuesday 13th June.


Trade improves week on week in the spring lamb section with more needed to satisfy our strong ringside of buyers at Junction 36. The sale topped at £188 for a pair of Beltex x lambs from D&K Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe with Texel lambs selling to £183 from S Wilson & Son, Scotforth. Heavy lambs were keenly sort after and regularly selling at £165-£170. An improved trade for meated lighter lambs, with these types regularly selling at 345-360p/kg. Top pence per kilogram was 385p/kg attained by D&K Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe. Butch type lambs were frequently selling at 370p/kg-380p/kg.


Once again a two tier trade was seen with meat keenly bid for and leaner grassy type hoggs meeting less demand. Texel hoggs sold to a top of £167 from E Dodgson, Kendal with others to £158 from WH Kitchen & Son, Helsington with heavy meated hoggs regularly selling at the £140-£150 mark. Mule saw a top of £147 from J&J Huck, Burneside with Cheviots selling to £140 from TE JS SA Carruthers, Underbarrow. A tremendous run of well finished hoggs from GM&A Jackson, Little Eccleston saw a ring full of Scotch hoggs at 42kg sell to £130.50. Meated hoggs are needed for the upcoming weeks, please advise Bradley Thompson with numbers.


Breeding sheep would be the dearest seen all season, a cracking run of Mule hoggs from Messrs Hayton, Colby saw a pen of twelve with Texel lambs sell to £260, with other pens of ten from the same good home selling to £240. RC Wharton & Son, Drybeck continue to bring smart bred hoggs which saw their best sell to £220.
The on-going flock reduction from P Mason, Burton in Kendal saw aged Texel ewes with Beltex twins sell to £300. Texel ewes from JM&NJ Strickland, Whinfell sold to £275. A pen of ten Mule ewes sucking Texel twin lambs form P Mason, Burton in Kendal sold to £240. Ewes sucking single lambs were in keen demand with the best seeing aged Texel ewes from JM&NJ Stickland, Whinfell sell to £205.
With the continued good weather and the grass growing, there is still plenty of demand for sheep with lambs at foot. Next week’s sale includes the second show for hoggs with lambs at foot, please contact the office with entries by Wednesday 23rd May.


The weekly sale of cull ewes continue to sell at a fast trade, with all classes and types required to satisfy buyers demand. Heavy pure bred ewes sold to £172 for a Texel from E Dodgson, Kendal with Dutch spotted selling to £168 from AJ&EJ Platt, Barrow in Furness. Other Texels at £166 from Messrs Wightman & Mason, Burton and Beltexs achieving £158 from K Kenyon, Slaidburn. First x ewes sold to £146 for Suffolk x from JG&BJ Escolme, Killington and Texel x £146 from E Dodgson, Kendal. Cheviot Mules sold to £138 from TH&D Cornthwaite & Son, Cartmel Fell and North Country Mule to £114 from TH Garnett & Son, Stank. Hill bred ewes sold to £128 for Rough Fells from BJ Bainbridge, Shap, Cheviots to £112 from M Allen, Carnforth and Swaledales £104 from D Sharp, Lyth. Scotch Black Face £100 from G&ID Postlethwaite, Howgill and Herdwicks £96 from AT Threlkeld, Ulverston. All classes and types of ewes are good to sell, with mediums regularly £85-£100 and the leanest £60£-70, depending on breed and quality.
Cull rams sold to £166 for a Charolais from R&EM Gardner, Briggsteer with Beltex x selling to £156 from AE Atkinson & Son, Endmoor and Texels £150 from A Wilson, Tebay. Hill bred rams sold to £112 for Rough Fells from S&W Dickinson, Tebay with Cheviots £106, Swaledales £90 and Herdwicks £80.
The cull ewe trade is forecast to remain strong, with sellers encouraged to take advantage of the strong trade.

Top Prices


Mule: £260, £240 Penny Hill, £220, £215 High Field. Continental: £135, £100 Harbarrow Farm. Texel: £120 Harbarrow Farm.


Texel: £275 The Borrans. Continental: £252 Ghyll Farm, £140 Old School House. Charolais: £245 The Borrans. Mule: £245 Riddings, £205 Old Hutton Farm, £170 The Borrans.


Continental: £300 Coat Green Farm, £255 Bowers Farm, £235 Herschell Terrace, £230 Bowers Farm, £182 Old Hutton Farm, £178 High Greenside. Suffolk: £230 Townend, £180 High Woodend. Mule: £260 Penny Hill, £240 Coat Green Farm, £222, £220 Bowers Farm, £215 Dunkenshaw Farm. Texel: £205 The Borrans, £202 Coat Green Farm, £140 Harbarrow Farm. Herdwick: £115 Sella Farm, £108 Middle Fell. Swaledale: £110 Townend, £102 High Greenside.


Texel: £188 Bensons Farm, £183 Burrow Heights, £179 Bensons Farm, £173 Bensons Farm, £170 Bensons Farm, £165 Bensons Farm. Dutch Spotted: £173 Small Holding. Suffolk: £170 Station Hotel Farm, £169 Candy Slack, £169 Station Hotel Farm, £161 Old Byre Barn, £149 Lane Ends Farm, £149 Lane Ends Farm. Zwartbel: £165 Small Holding. Continental: £162 Redbank Farm, £159 Woodside, £156 Woodside, £153 Howriggs, £151 Bensons Farm, £149 Howriggs. Hampshire: £160 Endmoor Farm. Cheviot: £158 Swallowmire. Dorset: £155 High Biggarsbank. Charollais: £139 Oak Avenue, £135 Burrow Heights, £133 Redbank Farm. Ryeland: £116 Old Byre Barn.


Texel: £167 Spital Farm, £158 Hawes Farm, £158 Hawes Farm, £150 Guards Farm, £150 Moss House Farm, £142 Ashstead, £141 Park House Farm. Continental: £151 Red Scar Farm, £137 Red Scar Farm, £115 Hawes Farm, £113 Red Scar Farm. Cheviot: £149 Nibthwaite Grange Farm, £140 Harbarrow Farm, £140 Red Scar Farm, £139 Harbarrow Farm, £135 Little Eccleston Hall, £134 Harbarrow Farm. Suffolk: £148 Yew Tree House, £145 Poppy Farm, £138 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £134 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £130 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Mule: £147 Oak Fold, £141 Old Hutton Farm, £140 Old Hutton Farm, £128 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £127 Red Scar Farm, £124 Grayrigg Hall. Swaledale: £130 Grayrigg Hall, £124 Grayrigg Hall, £112 Grayrigg Hall, £105 Little Eccleston Hall. Scottish Black Face: £130.50 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £109 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Rough Fell: £117 Borrow Bridge House, £94 Steps Farm. Herdwick: £114 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Horned: £110 Marsh Grange Farm.


Texel: £172 Spital Farm, £166 West Lodge, £148 Flass Lane, £146, £144 Spital Farm, £138 Flooder Hall. Dutch Spotted: £168, £136 Flass Lane Blue Texel: £158 Townend. Zwartble: £150 Flass Lane. Suffolk: £146 Low Stangerthwaite, £140 New Close, £138 Ackenthwaite Farm, £138 Low Longmire Farm, £136 Oak Aveune, £128 West Lodge. Cheviot Mule: £138, £126 Low Tarn Green, £98 Swallowmire Farm. Charollais: £134, £128, £112 Oak Aveune. Beltex: £128, £100 Poppy Farm. Rough Fell: £128 Steps Farm, £102 Marsh Grange Farm, £100 Borrow Bridge House, £98, £92 Steps Farm. Mule: £114 New Close, £112 Low Tarn Green, £112, £110 Moss Side, £108 Riddings, £108 Barrowfield. Cheviot: £112 Park House Farm, £112 Yealand Manor, £102 Borrow Bridge House, £90 Poppy Farm. Swaledale: £104 Flodder Hall, £102 Barrowfield, £100 Low Newton Farm, £98 Swallowmire Farm, £96 Grayrigg Hall. Scotch Blackface: £100 Riddings. Leicester: £100 Well Foot. Herdwick: £96 Bowkerstead Farm.


Charollais: £166 Barrowfield. Texel: £156 Stubb Farm, £150 Castle Garth, £140 Low Stangerthwaite, £134 The Borrans, £108 Castle Garth, £106 Cantsfield Hall. Suffolk: £134 New Close. Leicester: £124 Ashstead, £100 High Row. Rough Fell: £112 High Woodend. Cheviot: £106 Nibthwaite Grange Farm. Swaledale: £90 Grayrigg Hall.

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