J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Sale of Calves, Stirks, OTM and Store Cattle, Thursday 27th August 2022.

Calves & Stirks
90 calves forward today with strong well grown calves continuing to sell to a fast and competitive trade. Younger calves sold to less demand with the ever increasing cost of milk powder and feed. British Blue bulls sold to a top of £455 from J&S Brakewell, Ulverston with other British Blue bulls to £435 twice from J Hornby & Son, Ulverston and W&S Airey, Carnforth. 21 British Blue bulls forward averaged £345. Limousin bulls sold to £430 from J Hornby & Son, Ulverston with others from the same good home selling to £420. Continental bulls were regularly selling between the £300-£350 mark, heifers peaked at £375 for British Blues from J Hornby & Son, Ulverston other sold to £355 from JS&IM Wilson, Whitbeck. Many purchases were looking to purchase heifers for breeding.
A small show of stirks forward saw Aberdeen Angus bullocks selling to £600 from JM Simpson, Underbarrow with a pen of five month old bullocks from Messrs Young, Lindale selling to £540.

Store Cattle
A seasonal entry of store cattle were forward at todays sale with many now starting to show the effect of the recent weather changes. Well grown cattle having been fed at the trough continue to sell to a premium. The top price today was £1380 achieved for an 18 month old Limousin x steer from Messrs Parker, Mewith. Other Continental steers sold to £1290 from A Handley, Heversham with Limousin x achieving £1245 from JE&WB Wearing, Millom with another British Blue x at £1200 from S&M Cooper, Leece. Younger steers sold to £1100 for a 13 month old Charolais x from AW Irvine, Windermere with others achieving £1025 from JC Walling & Son, Lyth. Native sired steers sold to £1290 for a Hereford x from JE Wightman, Lupton who also sold Aberdeen Angus at £1265. Younger native sired steers sold to £1125 for an Aberdeen Angus x from PW&D Swindlehurst, Underbarrow with Hereford x achieving £965 from DJ&S Stainton, Howgill.
Store heifers sold to £1280 for a Limousin from T Metcalfe, Sedbergh with British Blues and Limousins selling to £1195 from JE&WB Wearing, Millom. Other Limousins sold to £1150 from Messrs Caley & Mitchinson, Windermere. Younger store heifers sold to £985 for a British Blue x from JE Hadwin, Kirkby Lonsdale with Simmental x achieving £940 from S&M Cooper, Leece. Limousins selling to £930 from JM&KE Ellis, New Hutton. Native sired heifers sold to £1145 for Aberdeen Angus’s from JE Wightman, Lupton who sold Hereford x at £1115. Other native heifers sold to £935 from R Cowin & Sons, Kirkby Lonsdale.

OTM / Cast Cattle
82 cull cows were forward achieving an overall market average of 161p/kg with over half the entry being dairy cows. Beef cows sold to a top of 209.5p/kg for a Limousin from S Whitehead, Middleton with others at 201.5p/kg from TW Gorst, Crook and £194.5p/kg from M Gibson, Sedbergh. Heavy Aberdeen Angus cows from RG Robinson, Farleton sold to 197.5p/kg with other heavy weight cows to 184.5p/kg from RJ&J Gardner, Natland. Dairy cows sold to a top price of 171.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from Jenkin Cragg Farms, Kendal and a British Friesian from JW Hargreaves, Broughton in Furness. Heavy well fleshed dairy cows generally around 145-165p/kg with medium types 125-145p/kg, depending on quality and type. Top grossing today was an Aberdeen Angus from RG Robinson, Farleton achieving £1645 closely followed by a Limousin x from S Whitehead, Sedbergh achieving £1627 and a Charolais x from AW Irvine, Windermere at £1599. Top price dairy was a Holstein Friesian from Jenkin Cragg, Kendal at £1466.
OTM heifers sold to 191.5p/kg and £1237 for a Holstein Friesian from Jenkin Cragg Farms, Kendal.
OTM steers saw an Aberdeen Angus x from JW Robinson & Son, Farleton to 209.5p/kg and £1248.
A single cull bull today being a heavy weight Aberdeen Angus from JF Batty & Son, Coniston sold at 167.5p/kg and £1835.
A special section for cull cows from TB1 holdings saw dairy cows selling to 159.5p/kg and £1253 from R&J Dodgson, Natland with others at 149.5p/kg and £1036 from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick.

The second sale of suckled calves takes place on Thursday 10th November, there is a keen interest from buyers for all specifications. Please enter cattle with confidence, catalogue entries close on Wednesday 2nd November.
Following on from ministry inspections, vendors must ensure that all animals are corrected tagged, otherwise may face ministry on farms inspections. All paperwork must be fully completed (including TB status and test dates), cattle with incomplete paperwork will be sold at the end of the sale.

Top Prices

Bull Calf:

British Blue- £455 Moss House Farm, £435 Bousfield Farm, £435 West Hall, £430 Elm Tree Farm, £420 Sunny Bank, £400 Elm Tree Farm Limousin- £430 Bousfield farm, £420 Bousfield Farm, £400 Bousfield Farm, £360 Bousfield Farm, £250 Low Stangerthwaite, £120 Moss House Farm Angus- £165 West Hall, £150 Midtown Farm, £135 Midtown Farm Friesian- £115 High Cark Farm Montbelliard- £102 Monk Foss Farm

Heifer Calf:

British Blue- £375 Bousfield Farm, £355 Monk Foss Farm, £350 Borrans Farm, £290 Bousfield farm, £260 Borrans Farm, £220 Bousfield Farm Hereford- £105 Bousfield Farm

Heifer Stirk:

British Blue- £460 Moss End Farm Angus- £450 Newton Farm

Steer Stirk:

Angus- £600 High Gregg Hall Farm, £540 Moss End Farm, £440 High Gregg Hall Farm British Blue- £510 Moss End Farm Limousin- £420 Swinside Farm Friesian- £180 Moss End Farm

OTM Cow:

Limousin- 209.50 Low Waterside, 201.50 Gilpin Farm, 199.50 Low Waterside, 194.50 Mouse Syke, 184.50 Raygill Farm, 171.50 Riddings Angus- 209.50 Green Close, 197.50 Ellers Farm, 194.50 Ellers Farm, 191.50 Ellers Farm, 191.50 Ellers Farm, 189.50 Ellers Farm British Blue- 199.50 Green Close, 177.50 Riddings, 174.50 Jenkin Crag, 171.50 High Hollins, 169.50 Riddings, 159.50 Capplethwaite Hall Friesian- 191.50 Jenkin Crag, 179.50 Strickland Hill, 171.50 Bridge End Farm, 171.50 Jenkin Crag, 164.50 Bridge End Farm, 159.50 Jenkin Crag Charolais- 184.50 Tock How Farm Shorthorn- 181.50 Kendal House Farm, 179.50 Abbots Reading Farm Hereford- 177.50 Tock How Farm, 174.50 Riddings, 157.50 Kendal House Farm, 154.50 Natland Mill Beck Farm, 144.50 Riddings Galloways- 144.50 Bybeck Simmental- 144.50 Low House Business Centre, 144.50 Riddings Montbelliard- 144.50 Low Sizergh Farm Dairy Shorthorn- 131.50 Craketreees Belted Galloway 117.50 Swinside Farm.

OTM Heifer:

Friesian- 179.50 Tranthwaite Hall.

Cast Bull:

Angus- 167.50 Bank Ground

Breeding Bull:

Shorthorn- £900 Low House

Heifer and Calf:

Angus- £1300, £1260, £1250, £1250, £1240 Breedy Butts Farm

Cow and Calf:

British Blue- £1520 Tullithwaite Hall Farm, £1420 Flodder Hall

Store Bullock:

Limousin- £1380 Burnhead Farm, £1245 Low Shaw Farm, £1165, £1090 Burnhead Farm Hereford- £1290 College Green Farm, £1200 Tarnside Farm Angus- £1265 Crabtree Farm, £1165 Burnhead Farm, £1125 Swindlehurst, £1105 College Green Farm, £1070 Bradlow Farm, £1065 Hawkrigg Farm Charolais-£1100, £1025 Tock How Farm, £1025 Dawson Fold, £1020 Tock How Farm Short Horns- £1045, £970 Tarnside Farm Friesian- £930 Tarnside Farm Baz- £930, £915 21 Garburn Road Continental- £925 Nibthwaite Grange Farm.

Store Heifer:

Limousin- £1280 Raygill Farm, £1185 Low Shaw Farm, £1150 Castle Syke Farm, £1065 Tarnside Farm, £1050 Crabtree Farm, £1050 Low Shaw Farm British Blue- £1195 Low Shaw Farm, £985 Mansergh Hall Farm, £910 Tarnside Farm, £900 Tarnside Farm Angus- £1145 Crabtree Farm, £1065 College Green Farm, £935 Hawkrigg Farm, £900 College Green Farm Hereford- £1115 Crabtree Farm, £910 Mansergh Hall Farm, £800 Low Fell Gate Farm Blonde- £1045 Castle Syke Farm Blonde- £1045 Castle Syke Farm Simintel- £940 Tarnside Farm, £740 Black Bull Cottage Charolais- £855 Dawson Fold, £825 Tock How Farm, £800 Dawson Fold.

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