Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, Stirks, OTM and Store Cattle, Friday 28th October 2022.

Calves & Stirks

The weekly sale of calves and the monthly sale of stirks had an entry of just shy of 200, the monthly sale of stirks enjoyed a stronger trade than anticipated, greeted with a busy ring side of buyers. The sale peaked at £970 for a nine month old Limousin steer from A&FM Bolland & Sons, Ellel with Hereford bullocks from the same home to £860 and £740. This same good home also sold British Blues to £760. Beef Shorthorn bullocks peaked at £900 from E Lund & Son, Ingleton. This was followed by nine month old Limousin bullocks from PJ Holt & Sons, Blackpool. Eight month old British Blue bullocks sold to £810 from MD Close & Son, Arkholme followed by ten month old British Blue bullocks to £795 from Barker Farms, Cockerham. Barker Farms topped the heifer trade selling to £650 for British Blues. Native heifers met more demand ring side today.
The calf trade remains very similar, a run of weanlings from EW&R Towers, Hornby sold Fleckviehs to £425 and £400 twice. This was followed by a Beef Shorthorn weanling to £390 from Messrs Jones, Cockerham. Hereford bull calves sold to £340 and £315 from TE&M Kidd, Ellel. Limousin bull calves sold to £300 from AD&R Milner, Claughton on Brock. There was plenty of calves selling between £150 and £200.

Store Cattle
The weekly sale of store cattle at Lancaster Auction saw strong short term store cattle in big demand and a strong trade. The consignment from R Townsend, Freckleton led the way selling Aberdeen Angus bullocks to £1780 and £1760, with Limousin bullocks from the same good home to £1640 and £1620. This was followed by the consignment from J Prest & Son, Bay Horse selling Aberdeen Angus bullocks to £1700, with a pen of four to £1500 and a pen of four British Blues to £1560. Limousins from the same home sold to £1440. A couple of Aberdeen Angus bullocks from L Parsons & Son, Levens sold to £1440. British Blue bullocks sold to £1440 and £1420 from M Shepherd & Son, Pilling. Other leading prices saw a pen of Aberdeen Angus bullocks to £1430 from J Tattersall, Leyland with the consignment form J Hesketh, Hutton peaking at £1430 for an Aberdeen Angus bullock. Also achieving the £1400 mark was a pair of Limousin bullocks from R&EA Gardner, Briggsteer, who sold a couple of Welsh Black heifers to £1360. The heifer trade peaked at £1410 for a Beef Shorthorn from EW&CR Clegg & Sons, Stalmine. Black and White heifers peaked at £1400 from ST Pye, Great Eccleston. Aberdeen Angus heifers sold to £1380 from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale. Plenty of strong cattle sold in excess of the £1300 mark.

OTM Cattle
The trade for OTM cattle and cast cows remains very similar with an overall market average of 163p/kg for 103 head forward. The market topped at £2220 for a quality Limousin bull from P Cummings, Burton in Kendal. This was followed by £1930 for a pure six year old Limousin cow who sold for 229.5p/kg from JM&JA Dawson, Littledale. Two year old Charolais steers sold to 249.5p/kg or £1684 from H Whiteside, Pilling. Aberdeen Angus bullocks from W&A Cardwell, Stalmine sold to 224.5p/kg or £1560 and 214.5p/kg or £1383, with other Aberdeen Angus bullocks from J Prest & Son, Bay Horse selling to 219.5p/kg or £1649. Young Limousin cows sold to 204.5p/kg or £1441 from TS&HJ Park, Cowin Bridge with plenty of good fleshed beef cows between 190-200p/kg. Dairy cattle saw black and white feeding heifers sell to 204.5p/kg or £1247 from R&K Jenkinson, Pilling. Fleckvieh dairy cows sold to 194.5p/kg twice grossing £1497 and £1332 from B&AC Barnes, Kirkby Lonsdale. Friesian cows sold to 191.5p/kg or £1501 from TL Baldwin & Son, Forton with others from the same home to £1442. Well fleshed dairy cows regularly sold at 180-190p/kg. Other leading prices were £1395 from Strickland Hill Farming, Witherslack followed by £1365 from Drinkall bros, Over Wyresdale and £1349 from D&A Blacoe, Lytham. Plenty more good dairy cows sold around the £1300 mark.

Top Prices

Heifer Calf:

Hereford: £220, £200, £180 Booth Hall. British Blue: £175 Ambrose Hall Farm, £160 Holme Head, £150, £145, £100 Ambrose Hall Farm. Angus: £115, £110, £105 Ambrose Hall Farm.

Bull Calf:

Shorthorn: £390 Sandvilla. Hereford: £340, £315, £270, £230, £190 Booth Hall. Limousin: £300 Lane Head Farm. Fleckvieh: £245 Holme Head. British Blue: £225, £200 Bailey Hey Farm, £195 Bailey Hey Farm, £185, £180 Ambrose Hall Farm. Angus: £200 Newhouse Farm, £195 Ambrose Hall Farm, £195 Catshaw Hall Farm, £190 Ambrose Hall Farm, £165 Catshaw Hall Farm.

Steer Calf:

British Blue: £465, £250, £240 Holme Head. Fleckvieh: £425, £400, £350, £320, £300 Holme Head. Norwegian Red: £140 Holme Head.

Bull Stirk:

British Blue: £795 Hilliam House Farm, £515 Little Blindhurst, £505 Walkers I’th Fields. Angus: £370 Little Blindhurst.

Heifer Stirk:

British Blue: £680, £650 Hilliam House Farm, £630 Sunnybank, £600 Sandvilla. Angus: £610 Pennie Way, £575 Kapallon, £560 Sunnybank, £550 Little Blindhurst. Hereford: £590, £470, £370 Marlhouses Farm. Shorthorn: £540 Lundholme Farm. Friesian: £510 Far Lodge. Stabiliser: £250 Sunnybank.

Steer Stirk:

Limousin: £970 Yeat House, £845, £660 Breedy Butts Farm. Shorthorn: £900 Lundholme Farm. Hereford: £860, £740 Yeat House. British Blue: £810 Docker Hall Farm, £760 Yeat House. Angus: £560, £490 Marlholes Farm. Montbeliarde: £550, £510 Nearer Hillock Farm. Friesian: £490 Lane Head Farm.

OTM Cow:

Limousin: 229.50 Field Head, 204.50 Todgill Farm, 194.50 Field Head, 191.50 Hutton Roof Hall, 169.50 Nook Farm, 139.50 Field Head. Bazadaise: 194.50 Nook Farm. Fleckvieh: 194.50 Hawkin Hall, 184.50 Holme Head, 174.50 Holmes Farm, 157.50, 124.50 Holme Head. Simmental: 197.50 Todgill Farm. Friesian: 191.50 Forton Hall Farm, 189.50 Holme Head, 184.50 Catshaw Hall Farm, 184.50 Forton Hall Farm, 184.50 Batty Hill Farm, 184.50 Hilliam Lane Farm. Angus: 187.50 Pilling Hall Farm, 184.50 High Hallbeck, 101.50 Rivers Hill Farm. Hereford: 184.50 Shorrocks Farm, 144.50 Home Barn, 127.50 Rivers Hill Farm. Charolais: 154.50 Rivers Hill Farm. Continental: 149.50, 129.50 Sandvilla.

OTM Heifer:

Friesian: 204.50 Holmes Farm, 181.50 Far Lodge, 174.50 Endmoor Farm, 174.50 West Hall, 169.50 Endmoor Farm, 164.50 Far Lodge. Limousin: 189.50 Cliftons Farm. British Blue: 184.50 Top Greenhill Farm. Ayrshire: 179.50 Rose Farm.

Cast Steer:

Charolais: 249.50 Sandy Dean. Angus: 224.50 Well House Farm, 219.50 Upper Foxholes Farm, 214.50 Well House Farm. Hereford: 189.50 North Farm. Friesian: 169.50, 159.50 Throstle Grove Farm.

Cast Bull:

Limousin: £2220 Peall House. Angus: 159.50 Tills Farm.

Store Bullock:

Angus: £1780, £1760 Kirkham Road, £1700, £1500 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1440 Low Levens, £1430 Snub Snape Farm. Limousin: £1640, £1620 Kirkham Road, £1440 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1400 Barrowfield, £1390 Endmoor Farm, £1300 Fellside Farm. British Blue: £1560 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1440, £1420 Pasture House Farm, £1380 Carlingwha, £1360 North Farm, £1360 Endmoor Farm. Hereford: £1340 Oddlands Farm, £1270 Windy Hill Farm, £1200 Carlingwha, £1120 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1090 Holme House Farm, £1060 Oddlands Farm. Friesian: £1280 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1040 Cock Hall Farm. Dairy Shorthorn: £1210 Scotch Green Farm. Simmental: £1180 Park House Farm, £1090 Cock Hall Farm, £1000 Threlfalls Farm. Montbeliarde: £1160 North Farm.

Store Heifer:

Friesian: £1400, £1100 Suunyside Farm, £1000 Roseacre Hall. Shorthorn: £1410, £1170 Yew Tree Farm. Angus: £1380 Catshaw Hall Farm, £1180 Yew Tree Farm, £1180, £1140 Hare Field House, £1120 Ellers Farm, £1020 Pump House Farm. Welsh Black: £1360 Barrowfield. British Blue: £1340 Pature House Farm, £1300, £1260 Thursgill, £1240 Ellers Farm, £1140 College Farm, £1120 Endmoor Farm. Limousin: £1280 Low Levens, £1270 Endmoor Farm, £1090 Carlingwha, £1000 Bradley Farm. Charolais: £1200 The Grange. Hereford: £1080, £1040 Oddlands Farm. Simmental: £1080 Park House Farm.

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