J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Fortnightly Sale of Calves, Stirks, Store and OTM Cattle. 31st March 2022


The calf trade saw a rise up on previous weeks with many more buyers forward looking to purchase all types of calves, with the best quality calves meeting high demand. Blue bulls sold toa top of £430 from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick with other blue bulls selling to £410 twice from JW&TE Sharp, Lyth and B Mallinson & Son, Levens. 15 blue bulls averaging an impressive £350. More interest in native bull calves today with Angus’s selling to a top of £400 from AK&BM Robinson & Son, Arkholme. Heifer calves saw a top of £405 for a blue from RW&SA Nicholson, Lupton, with Limousin Heifers selling to £350 from CI Briggs, High Wray. With continental heifers regularly selling to £250-£300. Dairy bred bulls saw a top of £300 for a Fleckvieh from RW&SA Nicholson, Lupton with others selling to £205 from JS&IM Wilson, Whitbeck who sold Montbeliard’s to £190. Black & Whites saw a top of £155 twice from AK&BM Robinson & Son, Arkholme with others selling to £120 from RG&JA Clark, Endmoor.


A good entry of 70 Stirks forward today with well reared and grown selling to a massive premium with buyers showing caution over smaller stirks especially native heifers. Limousin bulls lead the way selling to £1110 from Sam Whitehead, Middleton who sold others to £1055, with other Limousin bulls selling to £965 from NJ Strickland & Sons, Whinfell. Limousin Bullocks saw a top of £970 from SW Atkinson & Son, Crook who sold others to £950. Suckler bred bullocks 6–10-month-old were regularly selling £800-£900 mark. Limousin Heifers sold to a top of £815 from M Forbes, Grahamsfield with 6-month-old Limousin heifer selling to a top of £700 from JM Bewerly, Dent. Buyers are keen to purchase all types of stirks in the up coming months with turn out time jus around the corner.

Store Cattle

300 store cattle sold under the hammer at J36, with the best end selling to another strong trade. Hereford bullocks sold to a top of £1285 from JL Bird with others from the same home selling to £1205. Yearling bullocks were the trade of the day, Limousins peaked at £1270 from A&P Hodkinson, British Blues sold to £1140 from MJ Whitworth and Parthenaise sold to £1130 from MA Barnes. Many of the best end 10-12 month old bullocks were selling between £1100-£1270 with good quality grazing types £920-£1050. A run of 6-8 month old Montbeliarde bullocks from Low Burrowbridge Farm topped at £790 for a pen of four with others full pens selling to £780.
All Heifers sold to their full value, Limousins lead the way selling to £1250 from MJ Waller with others from the same good home to £1180. Native heifers were well bid for with Herefords selling to £1200 from JL Bird and Aberdeen Angus's to £1180 from AE&PC Capstick. The best end heifers were in short supply. A wonderful run of Blondes from MJ Whitworth sold to £1100. JR Corlett sold his best 8 month old Charolais heifers to £1030 with the same price achieved for British Blue heifers from A Winder & Son. Best end yearling grazing heifers were £920-£1000 with the next level down £800-£880.
Please enter store cattle for the upcoming sales at J36 with confidence. The grass fever is coming!

OTM & Cast Cattle

OTM & cast cattle continue to sell to a fast trade at Junction 36. There were 68 cattle forward selling to a market average of £1104 a head or 176.85 pence per kilogram.
Top grossing cow was a Limousin achieving £1579 from Jack Turnball, Meathop. Thor Atkinson, Ulverston consignment of cast Limousin and Blonde cows sold to a top of 229.5p/kg with others to 214.5p/kg and 211.5p/kg. Aberdeen Angus cows achieved 224.5p/kg from J Scott & Co, Cark in Cartmel. Limousin heifers achieved 234.5p/kg from A P & R L Crowe, Rusland. In the dairy department Black and Whites cows sold to a top of 184.5p/kg from Messrs Sowerby, Drybeck, whom sold others to 181.5p/kg. Also, achieving this price was JW Hargreaves, Woodland. Dairy heifer sold to 209.5p/kg from R&A Galbraith, Crooklands. A smaller entry of cast steers forward saw Limousin sell to 244.5p/kg from R Keith, Brigsteer.

Top Prices

Bull Calves:

British Blue: £430 Elm Tree Farm, £410 Flodder Hall, £410 Ravens Lodge, £405 Cinder Barrow, £400 Wall End Farm, £395 Borrans Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £400 Kitchlow Farm, £270 Craketrees. Fleckvieh: £300 Green Lane End, £205 Monks Farm. Shorthorn: £265 Flodder Hall. Montbeliarde: £190 Monks Farm, £175 Monks Farm, £125 Monks Farm. Hereford: £185 Monk Foss Farm. Friesian: £155 Kitchlow Farm, £155 Kitchlow Farm, £120 Far Audlands. Dairy Shorthorn: £40 Craketrees.

Heifer Calves:
Fleckvieh: £405 Green Lane End, £110 Far Audlands. British Blue: £305 Cinder Barrow, £300 Flodder Hall, £300 Flodder Hall, £270 Borrans Farm, £265 Flodder Hall, £255 Cinder Barrow. Limousin: £350 High Wray Farm. Continental: £275 Flodder Hall. Aberdeen Angus: £270 Kitchinlow Farm.

Bull Stirks:
Limousin: £1110 Low Waterside, £965 The Borrans, £500 Low Fell Gate Farm. Stabiliser: £650 Re Braida Garth. Aberdeen Angus: £540 Moss End Farm. Friesian: £295 Kitchinlow Farm. Norwegian Red: £120 Low Fell Gate Farm.

Heifer Stirks:
Limousin: £815 Grahamfield, £700 Scotchergill, £695 Causeway Farm, £610 Scotchergill, £410 Crow Wood, £410 Farleton House. Aberdeen Angus: £705 Moss House Farm, £610 Sella Farm, £565 Grace Mire Farm, £540 Grahamsfield, £350 Moss End Farm. British Blue: £665 Grahamsfield, £620 Grace Mire Farm, £570 Moss Side Farm, £565 Farleton House., £550 Farleton House, £510 Ellers Farm. Hereford: £530 Sella Farm.

Steer Stirks:
Friesian: £260 Moss Side Farm. Limousin: £970 Capplerigg Farm, £950 Capplerigg Farm, £890 Capplerigg Farm, £875 Capplerigg Farm, £730 Scotchergill, £525 Crow Wood. Blonde: £790 Causeway Farm, £745 Causeway Farm. Hereford: £740 Sella Farm, £580 Moss End Farm. British Blue: £700 Grahamsfield, £620 Grahamsfield, £540 Grace Mire Farm, £525 Moss Side Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £600 Moss End Farm, £540 Moss End Farm. Montbeliarde: £595 Moss Side Farm.

OTM Cow:

Limousin – 229.5, 214.5 Newland Farm, 211.5 Meathop Park Farm Lodge, 197.5 Scroggs Farm, 184.5 Swallowmire. Aberdeen Angus – 224.5, 194.5 Middle Birkby Farm, 191.5 Mislet Farm, 177.5 Natland Mill Beck Farm, 157.5 Milton Mill. Blonde – 211.5, 197.5, 184.5 Newland View. Hereford – 209.5 Natland Mill Beck Farm, 207.5 Gowan Bank Farm, 199.5 Meathop Park Farm Lodge, 197.5 Gowan Bank Farm, 191.5 High Borrowbridge. British Blue – 191.5 Low Fell End, 187.5 Woodside Farm, 187.5 Low Fell End, 169.5 Scroggs Farm. Fleckvieh – 187.5 Wall End Farm, 164.5 Green Lane End Farm. Friesian – 184.5 Townhead Farm, 181.5 Bridge End Farm, 181.5 Townhead Farm, 177.5 Bridge End Farm. Montbeliard – 179.5 Wall End Farm. Bazadaise – 171.5 Woodside Farm. Continental – 164.5 Bradley Farm. Dairy Bred – 164.5 Craketrees. Simmental – 164.5 High Wray Farm.

OTM Heifer:

Hereford – 244.5 Gowan Bank Farm. Limousin – 234.5 Hall Farm, 167.5 Skiddaw View, 144.5 Station Hotel Farm. Friesian – 209.5 Carter House, 179.5, 134.5 Tarnside Farm. Aberdeen Angus – 154.5, 151.5 Skiddaw View.

Cast Steer:

Limousin – 244.5 Crow Wood.

Store Bullock:

Hereford - £1285, £1265, £1185 West Plain Farm. Limousin - £1270 Bank Field Farm, £1140 Cockrigg Farm, £1065 Woodside Farm, £1045 Chapel House, £1010 Swallowmire. Aberdeen Angus - £1190, £1115 Moorside, £995 Heaves Farm, £965 Crispin Cottage, £925 Crabtree Farm. British Blue - £1180, £1110, £1080 Greenside Farm, £995 Heaves Farm. Blonde - £1140, £1100, £1080, £1025 Mount Pleasant Farm. Parthenaise - £1130, £1075 Top Thorn Farm. Saler - £900 Fairbank Farm. Charolais - £865 Bank Farm, £845Skiddaw View, £830 Lower Hawthwaite, £810 High Wray, £810 Riddings. Friesian - £805 Heaves Farm, £800 Park House Farm. Continental - £800 Mouse Syke.

Store Heifer:

Limousin - £1250, £1180 Carlingwha, £1140 Park House Farm, £1105 Cockrigg Farm, £1080 Tarnside Farm. Hereford - £1200, £900 West Plain Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £1140 Park House Farm, £1075 Tarnside Farm. Blonde - £1110 Mount Pleasant Farm. Shorthorn - £1110 Beck House. British Blue - £1030, £990 Greenside Farm, £950 Riddings, £920 Heaves Farm. Charolais - £1030 Skiddaw View, £1010, £920 Crabtree Farm. Saler - £870, £845 Fairbank Farm.

Store Bull:

Charolais - £1050 Thrimby Hall. Limousin - £875 Thrimby Hall. Aberdeen Angus - £850 Kingsland.

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