J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Sale of Calves, Stirks, OTM and Store Cattle, Thursday 21st July

Calf and Stirk Report

Bull calves sold to a top price of £510 for a Blonde from AK & BM Robinson & Son, Carnforth. Limousin bull calves achieved £410 from A Clark & Johnson, Windermere with British Blues reaching £400 from W H Kitching & Sons, Milnthorpe. Angus bull calves sold to £380 from HJ Robinson & Son, Milnthorpe.

British Blue heifer calves sold to a top price of £430 from H J Robinson & Son, Milnthorpe with others from the same home selling to £400 and £390. From the same home Angus heifer calves achieved £300. Limousin heifer calves sold to £300 from M&S Blease, Carnforth.

Bull Stirks sold to a top of £700 for a British Blue from JW & J Collin, Barnard Castle and a Limouin to £600 from the same home. Heifer stirks sold to £575 for a Hereford from W Stamper, Chipping. Limousin heifer stirks achieved £530 from JW & J Collin, Barnard Castle. Steer stirks sold to a top of £740 for Limousins from M Forbes, Grahamsfield, with others selling to £720 and £680 from the same home. Angus steers stirks sold to £730 from M Forbes, Grahamsfield.

OTM and Cast Cattle Report

OTM Cows sold to a top of 214.50p/kg or £1662 for a Stabilsier from A Dixon & Son. Limousin cows reached 207.50p/kg from TMW & H Hodgson, Ulverston. Dairy cows sold to 191.50p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from J M Barton & Son, Kirby Lonsdale.

OTM Heifers achieved 207.50p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from R W & S Nicholson, Lupton.

Store Cattle Report

Strength and quality sell to a premium at J36 Fortnightly Cattle Sale.

Yearling bullocks sell to £1480 for a Limousin from A&P Hodgkinson, Stalmine with a pair of Charolais from J&C Walling & Son selling for £1310. Allan G Riley Ltd, Nether Kellett sold a Limousin bullock to £1290. Hereford bullocks sold to £1260 from J Twigge, Lindale. Angus bullocks achieved £1190 from J Twigge, Lindale and British Blue bullocks sell to £1150 from RJ & R Holden, Millom who also had a Blonde bullock at £1190. Limousin heifers sold to £1270 from Allan G Riley Ltd, Nether Kellett followed by Hereford heifers to £1200 from J Twigge, Lindale. British Blue heifers sold to £1100 RJ & R Holden, Millom.

Please enter cattle with confidence for the next sale with a ringside of buyers with orders for all classes and types of cattle. Next sale is on Thursday 4th August which will include the Monthly Beef Breeding sale, please advise the office on entries by the 27th July.

Top Prices

Calf Top Prices:

Bull Calf: Blonde: £510 Kitchlow Farm. Limousin: £410 Far Orrest, £365 Harbarrow Farm, £315 The Barn, £300 Harbarrow Farm, £295, £260 Halforth Farm. British Blue: £400 Broomfield, £380 Borrans Farm, £360 Hawes Farm, £360 Monk Foss Farm, £350 Flodder Hall, £310 Greaves Farm. Angus: £380 Elmtree Farm, £325 The Barn, £210 Grace Mire Farm. Continental: £240 Flodder Hall. Friesian: £200, £115, £88 Kitchlow Farm. Hereford: £150, £125 Wyke Farm. Montbeliarde: £150, £120 Monk Foss Farm.

Heifer Calf: British Blue: £430, £400, £390, £380 Elm Tree Farm, £320, £310 Broomfield. Angus: £300 Elm Tree Farm, £290 Moss House Farm, £250 Kitchlow Farm, £205 Grace Mire Farm. Hereford: £300 Kitchlow Farm, £175 Monk Foss Farm. Limousin: £300 The Barn, £240, £200 Monk Foss Farm, £200 Harbarrow Farm.

Steer Calf: Hereford: £205 Sleetburn Farm.

Stirk Top Prices:

Bull Stirk: British Blue: £700 Intake Farm, £390 Holme Head. Limousin: £600 Intake Farm. Montbeliarde: £215, £200, £160, £155 Bridge End Farm. Fleckvieh: £205 Holme Head, £160, £100 Bridge End Farm. Continental: £200 Bridge End Farm.

Heifer Stirk: Hereford: £575, £420 Coldcotes Farm. Limousin: £530 Intake Farm. Angus: £440 Coldcotes Farm. British Blue: £410 Gillfoot Farm, £410 Holme Head.

Steer Stirk: Limousin: £740, £720, £680 Grahamsfield. Angus: £730 Grahamsfield, £610 Coldcotes Farm, £465, £435 Moss End Farm, £390 Holme Head. Hereford: £680 Coldcotes Farm. British Blue: £635 Grahamsfield, £400, £380 Holme Head. Fleckvieh: £265, £215 Holme Head. Friesian: £230, £165 Moss End Farm.

OTM and Cast Cattle Top Prices (p/kg):

OTM Cow: Stabiliser: 214.50, 199.50, 197.50, 194.50 Kit Cragg. Limousin: 207.50, 191.50 Arklid Farm, 191.50 Scroggs Farm, 179.50 Low Fell End, 159.50 Far Orrest. Friesian: 191.50 Lupton Hall, 189.50 Arklid Farm, 189.50 Capplerigg, 187.50, 181.50 Arklid Farm, 177.50 Shorthorn Farm. Simmental: 189.50 Low Fell End. Angus: 184.50 Capplerigg. Shorthorn: 179.50 Biggings Lodge Farm. Hereford: 177.50, 167.50 Lane Ends Farm. Fleckvieh: 167.50, 137.50 Tottlebank. Longhorn: 167.50 Hunda. Saler: 164.50 New Hall. Continental: 139.50 Howe Farm. Belted Galloway: 129.50 Sleetburn Farm.

OTM Heifer: Friesian: 207.50 Green Lane End Farm, 139.50 Far Audlands.

Store Cattle Top Prices:

Steer: Limousin: £1480 Bank Field Farm, £1290, £1225 Westfield Farm, £1190 Coat Green Farm, £1150 Newcross House Farm, £840 Broughton House Farm. Charolais: £1310, £1240, £1125, £1100 Dawson Fold. Hereford: £1260 Holmelands. Angus: £1190 Holmelands, £1090, £1050, £1020, £840 Howes Farm, £825 Newton Farm. Blonde: £1190 Newcross House Farm. Fleckvieh: £1180 Holmelands. British Blue: £1150 Newcross House Farm, £920 Grace Mire Farm, £910 Swallowmire, £840 Broughton House Far, £815 Grace Mire Farm. Continental: £890 Coat Green Farm. Galloway: £860, £660 Craketrees.

Heifer: Limousin: £1270 Westfield Farm, £1170 Poppy Farm, £970 Old Croft, £800 Tullithwaite Hall Farm, £780 Old Croft. Hereford: £1200 Holmelands, £650 Kingsland. British Blue: £1100 Newcross House Farm, £860 Tullithwaite Hall Farm. Angus: £670, £650 Newton Farm, £650 Midtown Farm, £650 Grace Mire Farm.

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