J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Sale of Calves, Stirks, Store and OTM Cattle - 3rd February 2022

115 calves went under the gavel today with strong types continuing to be a sharp trade but younger calves seeing a varied trade with many buyers still cautious about the climbing feed prices. Today saw the anniversary show and sale of calves which was kindly sponsored by Café Ambio, RE Buildings, Cornthwaite Group and Dugdale Nutrition. Judging was in the capable hands of our very own John Longworth, who awarded the champion and reserve to WB Winder & Co, Broughton in Furness. The calf trade peaked at £520 today for a British Blue Bull from JC&E Mason, Levens with Limousin bulls selling to £410 from RF&CE Hodgson, Pennington. Many Continental bred bull calves were regularly selling at the £280 to £320 mark. Heifers saw a keen interest for calves suitable for further finishing with British Blue heifers selling to £410 from WB Winder & Co, Broughton in Furness with other to £370 from R Morris-Eyton & Son, Whicham. A wonderful Fleckvieh bull from SJ&J Hodgson & Son, Calton sold to £310. Black and White bulls would be the trade of the day, topping at £150 from JB Morley, Great Asby with others from the same home selling to £135. Many rearing Black and White bulls were hitting the £100 mark today.
A wide variety of stirks were forward today, ranging from recently weaned Aberdeen Angus x heifers to well bred suckler Limousin steers. Todays sale peaked at £900 for the fore mentioned Limousin x steer from MW&PA Rollinson, Methorpe which was the stand out stirk of the day. Other suckler bred stirks sold to £795 from Limousin x Bulls (6 month old) from S Whitehead, Middleton with 4 month old Limousin x bulls selling to £495 from Shuttleworth & Brown, Sedbergh. Nicely reared Aberdeen Angus x bulls from R Wallace, Scotland sold to £550, with a pen full of British Blue x heifers from Messrs Young, Lindale selling at £535.

It was an honour for North West Auction to sell the part reduction of in-calf cow on behalf of SJ&M Richardson & Son, Lupton which created much interest from local and travelled buyers. 2nd calved Blonde cows in calf to the Bazadaise bull sold twice to £1750, with others selling to £1720 twice, with an overall average for all sold being £1550. The annual consignment of Luing in-calf cows from Lowe Moor Howe sold to another strong trade topping at £1000 but the real stars of the show where their Sim-Luing bulling heifers which created much interest selling to £1330 on three occasions with others to £1320. A mixed show of cows with calves at foot were forward with all selling to full value. A first cross British Blue heifer with a Limousin calf sold to £1520 from AA&IM Smith, Ingleton.

The catalogue entry of 425 store cattle created much interest from a packed ringside of buyers at J36, ensuring all cattle were well bid for and vendors left pleased with their days trading. Todays sale included the anniversary show expertly judged by Mr James Crichton, after much time and deliberation he awarded the champion rosette to the first prize Limousin heifer from D&A Nicholson, Ulverston with the reserve champion going to the second prize heifer from SJ&NS Wood, Windermere. The sale saw a sharp trade from start to finish peaking at £1480 for the champion heifer, with other Limousin heifers selling to £1320 from SJ&NS Wood, Causway. The best meated Continental heifers were regularly selling at £1250-£1300 mark. The best bred yearling heifers regularly selling at the £1050-£1100 mark, with good rearing types either side of £900. Bullocks saw fierce bidding from start to finish with £1370 being the top price for a British Blue bullock from J Twigge, Lindale with other bullocks selling to £1340 firstly for a Hereford from S&SM Robinson, Lowgill and secondly for a Limousin from T Ayrton & Sons, Over Wyresdale. Smart yearling bullocks were a flying trade and many more could have been sold to the vendors advantage. Topping at £1290 from RH&C Ayrton, Abbeystead with plenty selling well into the £1200 mark. There is always a strong trade for native bred bullocks at J36 with 16 month old Aberdeen Angus bullocks from RM&JL Whitton, Cartmel selling to £1260. A run of 20 young bulls were forward with all of them meeting their full value, with Limousins leading the way at £1130 from WA Atkinson, Colton.

A tremendous entre of 84 cull cows and OTM cattle were greeted by an active ring side of buyers, keen to secure all classes and types with vendors leaving well suited with prices achieved. An overall marked average of 146p/kg achieved. Beef cows sold to a top price of 189/kg for a Limousin from M Cooper & Son, Woodland who sold others at 184.5p/kg, as did RHS&M Boyren who sold a pair of Limousin x cows at 184.5p/kg. Heavy well fleshed beef cows regularly sold at 155-175p/kg with medium type cows suitable for future finishing 135-150p/kg. Dairy cows sold to a top price of 141p/kg achieved on two occasions, firstly for a Fleckvieh from SJ&J Hodgson & Son, Colton and a Holstein Friesian from JR Robinson & Son, Nook. Medium dairy cows regularly sold at 120-130p/kg, with leaner parlour types 110-120p/kg. Top grossing cow today was a heavy weight Aberdeen Angus from JM Simpson, Underbarrow achieving £1406, with a future two cows over £1200 being a Limousin x from RHM&S Boyren, Colton achieving £1359 and an Aberdeen Angus from RJ Walling, Lyth at £1237. Dairy cows sold to £1167 for a Montbeliade from WB Winder & Co, Broughton in Furness.
Todays sale saw 16 OTM heifers forward selling to 211p/kg on two occasions for Stabiliser x heifers from A Dixon, Selside with other beef bred heifers selling to 197p/kg from GM Redmayne, Ings and 194p/kg for a British Blue x from RHM&S Boyren, Colton. OTM dairy heifers sold to 189p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from R Morris-Eyton, Millom with others from 174-185p/kg. Top grossing OTM heifer with week was a Holstein Friesian from R Morris-Eyton, Millom achieving £1305 with others at £1274 from Jenkin Cragg Farms, Kendal and £1264 for a British Blue x from RHM&S Boyren, Colton.

Top Prices

Bull Calf:
British Blue - £520 Lawrence House, £385 Wall End Farm, £375 Elm Tree Farm, £350 Flodder Hall,
£325 Beck Side. Limousin - £410 Rowe End Farm. Fleckvieh - £310 Tottlebank, £130Far Audlands.
Aberdeen Angus- £275, £270 Beck Side, £265 Wall End Farm, £170 Old Hall Farm. Stabilizer - £260
Sunny Bank. Shorthorn - £165 Strickley. Friesian - £150, £135 Hadderdale Farm. Hereford - £150
Wraysholme Tower.

Heifer Calf:
British Blue - £410 Wall End Farm, £370 Beck Side, £300 Wall End Farm, £300 Elm Tree Farm, £285
Flodder Hall. Shorthorn - £245 Flodder Hall, £145 Strickley. Aberdeen Angus - £210 Rowe End Farm,
£155 Elm Tree Farm, £150 Ravens Lodge. Stabilizer - £195, £175 Sunny Bank.

Bull Stirk:
Limousin - £900 Kendal House Farm, £795, £700, £665 Low Waterside. British Blue - £595 Moss Side
Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £550, £445, £425 Macherquuhat Farm.

Heifer Stirk:
Limousin - £535 Moss End Farm, £405 Shaw Paddock. Hereford - £540, £400 Coat Green Farm.
British Blue - £535 Moss End Farm, £530 Coat Green Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £375 Moss Side Farm.

OTM Cow:
Limousin – 189.5,184.5, 181.5 Troughton Hall, 184.5 Hill Park. Aberdeen Angus – 174.5 Mislet Farm,
164.5 The Lodge, 159.5 Summer Hill, 144.5 Dawson Fold. Blonde – 174.5 Causeway Farm, 144.5
Crow Wood. British Blue – 154.5 Holmelands, 114.5 Aisgill Farm. Friesian – 159.5 Jenkin Crag, 144.5
Far Audlands, 141.5 Hollins Farm, 134.5 Greaves Farm, 134.5 Wraysholme Tower. Shorthorn –
149.5, 114.5 Holmelands. Hereford – 144.5 Lane Ends Farm. Fleckvieh – 141.5 Tottlebank, 124.5
Hawkrigg Farm, 117.5 The Lodge. Belgium Blue – 137.5 Swallowmire. Continental – 134.5
Holmelands. Montbeliard – 134.5 Wall End Farm. Normandie – 119.5 Cracalt Farm. Highland –
114.5 Nibthwaite Grange Farm, 99.5 Troughton Hall.

OTM Heifer:
Stabilizer – 211.5 Kit Cragg. Hereford – 197.5, 174.5 Gowan Bank Farm. British Blue – 194.5 Hill
Park. Friesian – 189.5, 187.5, 184.5 Beck Side, 184.5 Jenkin Crag. Dairy Shorthorn – 174.5, 157.5

In Calf Cow:
Blonde - £1750, £1720, £1600 High Row. Continental - £1000, £860, £780 High House Farm.

Bulling Heifer:
Simmental - £1330 High House Farm.

Cow & Calf:
British Blue - £1280 College Green Farm, £1280 Lower Rowell. Hereford - £1140, £1120 The Gables.

Heifer & Calf:
British Blue - £1520 Pemberton Farm, £1020 Stubbins Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £1100 Tarnside
Farm. Shorthorn - £1080 Tarnside Farm.

Store Bullock:
British Blue - £1370, £1270 Holmelands, £1165 Ouzelthorn Farm, £1145 West Lynn, £1140 Tarnside
Farm. Hereford - £1340 Mountain View, £1290, £1190, £1180, £1160 Holmelands. Limousin - £1340
Yates Farm, £1290 Ouzelthorn Farm, £1240 Rydal Farm, £1190 Ridding Side Farm, £1170 Capplerigg
Farm. Charolais - £1290 Mountain View, £1175 Low Longmire, £105 Ridding Side Farm, £1010
Riddings, £910 Ashstead. Aberdeen Angus - £1260, £1230 Aynsome Manor Farm, £1030 Kendal
House Farm, £900 Cooper House, £870 Lodge Farm. Blonde - £1215 Causeway Farm, £1090 Mount
Pleasant Farm, £1080 Causeway Farm, £910 Ashstead. Shorthorn - £1145 Holmelands, £1100
Sandgate Farm, £1060 Meathop Park Farm Lodge, £980, £945 Bridge Stone. Continental - £1000
Moors Farm. Montbeliard - £1000 Crabtree Farm. Simmental - £890 Cooper House, £850 Sowermire
Farm, £760 Rash Mill Cottage. Friesian - £735 Park House Farm.

Store Heifer:
Limousin - £1480 Birch Bank, £1320 Causeway Farm, £1260 Poppy Farm, £1180 Holmelands, £1175
Poppy Farm. Charolais - £1170 Mountain View, £1130 Holmelands, £1045 Newcross House Farm,
£995 Low Longmire, £900 Newcross House Farm. Blonde - £1170 Causeway Farm. Aberdeen Angus -
£1090 Tarnside Farm, £1070 Holmelands, £1040 Aynsome Manor Farm, £900 Lodge Farm. British
Blue - £1070 Park House Farm, £1035 Tarnside Farm, £1010 Howriggs, £970 Ouzelthorn Farm, £930
Crabtree Farm. Shorthorn - £1035 Tarnside Farm, £1010, £980 Sandgate Farm. Stabilizer - £103-
Poppy Farm. Simmental - £960 Howriggs. Hereford - £900 Southways.

Store Bull:
Limousin - £1130 Ridding Side Farm, £1085, £1070, £990 Hollyovenbeck Farm, £990 Old Croft.
Aberdeen Angus - £850 Aisgill Farm. British Blue - £850 Riddings, £840 Low Newton Farm.

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Sponsors: Café Ambio, RE Buildings, Cornthwaite Group, Dugdale Nutrition


Class 1 – Beef Bull Calf

1. WB Winder, Wall End Farm
2. WB Winder, Wall End Farm
3. DW Cottam, Hogg Farm

Class 2 – Beef Heifer Calf

1. WB Winder, Wall End Farm
2. WB Winder, Wall End Farm
3. B Mallinson, Raven Lodge

Class 3 – Dairy Bull Calf

1. TK Robinson, Greave

Champion: WB Winder, Wall End Farm

Reserve Champion: WB Winder, Wall End Farm


Class 1 – Best Store Bullock

1. J Twigge, Holmelands
2. SJ&NS Wood, Causeway Farm

Class 2 – Best Store Heifer

1. D&A Nicholson, Birch Bank
2. SJ&NS Wood, Causeway Farm
3. JM Harrison, Lane End

Champion: D&A Nicholson, Birch Bank
Reserve Champion: SJ&NS Wood, Causeway Farm


Highest Pence Per Kilo Beef Cast Cow - A Dixon & Son, Kit Cragg

Highest Pence Per Kilo Dairy Cast Cow - R Morris-Eyton & son, Beckside

Top Grossing Overall Animal From The Cast Cow Ring - JM Simpson, The Lodge

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