J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Fortnightly Sale of Calves, Stirks, Store and OTM Cattle, 30th September 2021


Today saw a massive entry of 152 calves forward, with quality and strength selling to a huge premium. British Blue bulls sold twice to £440 from JW&T Sharp, Lyth and GCL Stephenson, Kirby Lonsdale who also sold Limousin bulls to £420. Continental bred bulls were regularly selling in the mid to late £300 mark. Bambers Farm, Cockerham sold a run of Simmental bull calves to a top of £385. Native bred bull calves were once again keenly bid for at Junction 36. Hereford bulls led the way selling to £410 from J&SA Barton, Barnacre. A young show of Angus bulls were forward with a lovely run from RF&CE Hodgson, Pennington selling to £320 and £300 twice.
Heifer calves sold to a top of £385 for a British Blue from JW&TE Sharp, Lyth. Other British Blue heifers sold to £380 from GCL Stephenson, Kirkby Lonsdale. All British Blue heifers forward today averaged £320. A selective trade for all native heifers, with buyers looking for well reared calves. Aberdeen Angus’s sold to a top of £280 from CM&CS Chapplehow, Penrith. A mixture of dairy bred bulls were forward, with a wonderful run of Montbeliardes bulls from JS&IM Wilson, Whitbeck selling to £260 and £235. Fleckviehs sold to a top of £170 from RG&JL Clark, Endmoor. A young show of Black and Whites were forward at junction 36 with the top price being £140 form RF&CE Hodgson, Pennington, medium types regularly sold between the £70-85 mark, with an overall average of £52.

One hundred stirks were forward for our regular buyers, strong well done stirks sold to a sharp trade, with weathered stirks harder to place. Loyal consigner D Wightman & A Mason, Burton in Kendal topped the trade selling British Blue steers to £775. Other British Blue bullocks sold to £750 from DR&C Galbraith, Grayrigg. A run of Montbeliarde bullocks from PD&PJ Mason, Burton in Kendal sold to £660. British Blue heifer stirks were once again keenly bid for again at Junction 36 selling to a top of £695 from DR&C Galbraith, Grayrigg. Others sold to £670 from PD&PJ Mason, Burton in Kendal. Limousin heifers sold to £670 from J&S Brakewell, Ulverston. Please will stirk vendors entre there cattle for the catalogue, to ensure they are well advertised.

A seasonal show of store cattle were forward, with once again quality selling well. The consignment from S&M Cooper, Ulverston sold to £1335 for a pair of Limousin bullocks with Aberdeen Angus bullocks from the same good home selling to £1145. Yearling bullocks were regularly selling either side of the £1000 mark. Store heifers would sell to the trade of the day, Charolais sold to £1130 from RJ&R Holden, Millom. British Blues heifers sold to £1120 from A Cottam, Crossthwaite. Aberdeen Angus heifers topped twice at £1100 from S&M Cooper, Ulverston and J Twigg, Grange over Sands. A nice run of Hereford heifers from JK&A Bowness & Son, Milnthorpe sold to £1080 and £1030. Our next show and sale of cattle at J36 with be the great autumn show and sale of Suckler calves on Thursday 14th October.

Today saw an entry of sixty cast cows forward, with a large quantity of parlour cows. Continental cows still added up to a nice price, an Aberdeen Angus cow from RJ Holden, Broughton in Furness sold to £1422. Jenkin Cragg Farms saw a good run of fed Friesian cowssell to a top of £1120, with fed Friesian cows regularly selling at 128-130p/kg, parlour cows were either side of the 100p/kg mark.

Top Prices

Leading prices per head
British Blue: £440 Deansbiggin, Flodder Hall, £430 Monk Foss Farm, £425 Deansbiggin, £405 Townhead Farm, Deansgiggin, Borrans, £400 Elm Tree Farm. Limousin: £420 Deansbiggin, £315 Monk Foss Farm, £180 Moss House Farm. Hereford: £410 Stirzaker, £200, £180 Lupton Hall. Simmental: £385 Bambers Farm, £340, £305 Rowe End Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £320 Rowe End Farm, £300 Bambers Farm, Rowe End Farm, £250 High Grounds Farm, £240 Moss House Farm. Charolais: £345, £305 Bambers Farm. Montbeliard: £260, £235 Monk Foss Farm, £190 Townhead Farm. Shorthorn: £175 Stirzaker House Farm. Fleckvieh: £170, £125 Far Audlands, £120 Monk Foss Farm. Friesian: £140 Rowe End Farm, £95 Whitestone Farm, £75 Ackenthwaite Farm. Dairy Shorthorn: £120 Craketrees, £90, £85 Strickley.
British Blue: £385 Flodder Hall, £380 Deansbiggin, £370 Borrans Farm, Deansbiggin, Flodder Hall, £360 Deansbiggin, £340 Borrans, Elm Tree Farm. Limousin: £335, £315 Deansbiggin, £300 Moss House Farm, £270 Flodder Hall. Simmental: £330 Rowe End Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £280 High Grounds Farm, £200 Moss House Farm, £170 Wall End Farm. Charolais: £280 Bambers Farm. Friesian: £150 Bambers Farm. Shorthorn: £140 Strickley. Hereford: £100 Lupton Hall, £95 Wraysholme Tower, Wall End Farm.
British Blue: £750 Sunny Bank, £630 Moss Side Farm, £590, £550 Coat Green Farm, £500 Beckside Farm. Montbeliard: £660 Coat Green Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £620, £560 Kitchlow Farm. Limousin: £590 Moss House Farm, £565 Beckside Farm. Hereford: £570 Sella Farm. Fleckvieh: £535 Beckside Farm. Shorthorn: £520 Coat Green Farm. Norwegian Red: £495 Coat Green Farm. Friesian: £300 Kitchlow Farm, Coat Green Farm, £200 Kitchlow Farm.
British Blue: £675 Sunny Bank, £670 Coat Green Farm, £620 Kitchlow Farm, £560, £495 Coat Green Farm, £440 Coat Green Farm, Sella Farm, Moss House Farm. Limousin: £670 Moss House Farm, £540 Sella Farm, £530 Moss House Farm, £500, £475 Beckside Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £670 Moss House Farm, £600, £540 Sella Farm, £530 Moss House Farm, £510 Newton Farm, £470 Moss House Farm. Simmental: £610 Coat Green Farm. Friesian: £590 Bambers Farm. Hereford: £400 Coat Green Farm.
British Blue: £775 Moss Side Farm, £500 Farleton House. Aberdeen Angus: £655 Newton Farm, £540 Moss End Farm. Friesian: £270 Farleton House.

Store Cattle
Limousin: £1335 Tarnside Farm, £970 Holmelands, £950 Low Deepslack, £890 Bradley Farm, £860 Little Guards, £810 Tarnside Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £1145 Tarnside Farm, £990 Crabtree Farm, £965 Bank Ground, £960 Bradley Farm, £950, £940 Bank Ground, £820, £810 Hawkrigg Farm. British Blue: £1060 Tarnside Farm, £1050 Cautley Farm, £1000 Newcross House Farm, £730 Low Deepslack. Hereford: £1090 Cautley Farm, £1080, £1050 Holmelands. Continental: £725 Thrang. Shorthorn: £700 Thrang. Friesian: £940 Tarnside Farm, £860 Bambers Farm, £735 Newcross House Farm, £690 Bambers Farm. Dairy Shorthorn: £880 Tarnside Farm. Simmental: £770, £730 Thrang.
Charolais: £1130 Newcross House Farm, £980 Castle Syke Farm. British Blue: £1120 Yew Tree Farm, £1040 Tarnside Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £1100 Tarnside Farm, Holmelands, £1020 Holmelands, £950 Tarnside, £930 Crabtree Farm. Herford: £1080, £1030 Cautley Farm, £750, £730 Natland Mill Beck Farm. Limousin: £980 Holmelands, £840, £770 Little Guards, £730 Thrang. Shorthorn: £760 Strickley, £620 Thrang. Fleckvieh: £730 Cautley Farm.
Shorthorn: £670 Strickley.

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