J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Fortnightly Sale of Calves, Stirks, Store and OTM Cattle - 25th November 2021


A smaller entry of calves were forward, with some vendors holding off for the annual Christmas Show in a fortnights time. A sharper trade was seen today with more buyers a round the ring, once again a wonderful run of British Blue calves from JW&TE Sharp, Lyth topped the market at £425, with others from the same good home selling to £415. British Blue bulls were regularly selling away at the £350-£380 mark, with an overall averaged achieved of £358. Native bred bull calves sold to a fast trade with Aberdeen Angus bulls selling to £390 from JAH Walton & Son, Kirkby Stephen. A run of strong Hereford bulls from J Hornby & Sons, Stank sold to £270 and £250. A keen interest was shown for heifer calves suitable for further breeding with a top of £380 twice, firstly for a Limousin heifer from RJ&KR Wilkinson, Levens followed by a British Blue from FB Dunning & Son, Orton. Other British Blue heifers sold to £345 from JW&TE Sharp, Lyth and £340 from A Pickthall, New Hutton.


A small entry of weaned calves were forward with 5 month old British Blue bullocks selling to £480 from Messrs Young, Lindale who also sold Aberdeen Angus bullocks to £480. A run of weaned Black and White bulls from Messrs Dennison, Ulverston sold to £370.


There was no chill in the store ring, as young store cattle sold to red hot prices. Topping at £1300 for a Blonde bullock from RJ&R Holden, Silecroft, who also sold Simmental bullocks to £1230. British Blue bullocks sold to a top of £1230 from R&J Dodgson, Natland who also sold Limousin Bullocks to £1145. Many of the Continental bullocks between 16-20 month old were regularly selling well over the £1100 mark. A run of thirty 6-8 month old Limousin suckler bred calves from B Heys, Merseyside sold to £900, with many of his run of Limousin bullocks selling to the high eight hundreds. A keen interest was shown for all native bullocks with Herefords selling to £1160 from DJ Dickinson, Haverthwaite with Aberdeen Angus selling to £1145 from M Allen, Carnforth.
Heifers sold to another solid trade at J36 with Charolais’s topping at £1230 from RJ&R Holden, Silecroft. A consignment of Limousin heifers from B Heys, Merseyside topped at £1090. With Aberdeen Angus’s selling to £1080 from JE Wightman, Carnforth.


Cull cows saw a top price of 159.5p/kg achieved for a Limousin x from RH Thexton, Sedbergh. Charolais x cows sold to 157p/kg from M Allen, Carnforth, who also sold Aberdeen Angus x cows at 154p/kg. Today a keen interest was shown for beef cows suitable for further finishing, with them regularly selling at 130-145p/kg depending on age and quality. Dairy cows sold to a top price of 141p/kg for a British Friesian from G Cuthbertson, New Hutton, with Holstein Friesian selling to 137p/kg from Jenkin Cragg Farms, Kendal. Medium dairy cows generally sold between 122-135p/kg, with parlour types 110-120p/kg and the leaner cows 95-108p/kg.
Top grossing cow today was a Holstein Friesian achieving £1156 from Jenkin Cragg Farms, Kendal, with beef cows selling to £1054 for an Aberdeen Angus from J Scott & Co, Clark in Cartmel. All cull cows today averaged 128p/kg.
OTM heifers saw a top price of 179p/kg and £1211 for a Holstein Friesian from R Morris-Eyton & Son, Millom, with others from the same home achieving 174p/kg and £1119.
OTM steers sold to 217p/kg and £1294 for a British Blue x from JW Robinson & Son, Farlton.
A single cull bull today achieved 139p/kg and £1442 for a Hereford from RJ&J Gardner, Kendal.
The next sale of cull cows is on Thursday 9th December, which includes the Christmas competition for highest price and grossing cattle, please advise entries to the office.

Top Prices

Bull Calf:

British Blue - £425, £415 Flodder Hall, £405 Low Audlands, £380, £375 Sunny Bank. Aberdeen Angus - £390 Bank View, £270 Old Hall Farm, £200 Raisgill Hall. Hereford - £275, £255, £215 Bousfield Farm.

Heifer Calf:

British Blue - £380 Raisgill Hall, £345, £340 Flodder Hall, £340 Borrans Farm, £210 Bousfield Farm. Limousin - £380 High Foulshaw Farm, £240 Halforth Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £205 Bank View, £140 Old Hall Farm, £125 Hagg Farm, £100 Far Audlands. Hereford - £165, £130 Bousfield Farm.

Bull Stirk:

Friesian - £370 Scales Park Farm.

Heifer Stirk:

Aberdeen Angus - £365 Moss End Farm.

Steer Stirk:

British Blue - £480 Moss End Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £450, £435 Moss End Farm. Hereford - £450 Bowston Hall.

OTM Cow:

Limousin – 159.5 Luneside, 144.5 Fr Orrest, 141.5 Middle Birkby Farm, 129.5 High Farm,127.5 Mossboroug Bungalow. Charolais – 157.5 Yealand Manor, 137.5 Whinfield Farm. Aberdeen Angus – 154.5, 147.5, 144.5 Yealand Manor, 141.5, 137.5 Middle Birkby Farm. Friesian – 141.5 Capplerigg, 137.5,131.5, 127.5 Jenkin Crag, 131.5 Halforth Farm. Belted Galloway – 137.5 Greenwood Haw. Hereford – 131.5 Whinfield Farm, 131.5 Bank Farm, 129.5 Lane Ends Farm,124.5 Luneside. Fleckvieh – 124.5 Far Audlands.

OTM Heifer:

Friesian – 179.5, 174.5 Beck Side, 164.5 Burnt House Farm, 159.5 Beck Side. Dairy Shorthorn – 134.5, 119.5 Strickley.

Cast Steer:

British Blue – 217.5, 207.5, 199.5 Green Close.

Cast Bull:

Hereford – 139.5 Natland Mill Beck Farm.

Cow & Calf:

Aberdeen Angus - £1050, £1040 Park House Farm.

Store Bullock:

Blonde - £1300, £1220 Newcross House Farm. Simmental - £1230 Newcross House Farm. British Blue - £1220 Cracalt Farm, £1035 Cockrigg Farm, £820 Park House Farm. Charolais - £1190 Hall Croft Barn, £1160, £1005 Bank Farm. Limousin - £1155 Cracalt Farm, £1140 Hall Croft Barn, £1095 Cockrigg Farm, £1090 Cracalt Farm, £960 Bank Farm. Hereford - £1150, £1085, £1045 Lane Ends Farm, £1045 Bank Farm, £1015 Houlker Hall Barn. Aberdeen Angus - £1145 Yealand Manor, £1090 Cockrigg Farm, £1080 Crabtree Farm, £1060 Cockrigg Farm, £1020 Beck Side. Saler - £1110 Yealand Manor, £980 Clawthorpe Lodge. Montbeliard - £940, £860 Bradley Farm. Swedish Red & White - £940 Bradley Farm.

Store Heifer:

Charolais - £1230 Newcross House Farm. Limousin - £1090,3960 Mossboroug Bungalow. Aberdeen Angus - £1080, £1035, £1015 Crabtree Farm. British Blue - £960 Greenwood Haw, £730 Park House Farm, £690, £660 Crossgates Farm. Saler - £770 Clawthorpe Lodge. Shorthorn - £760 Greenwood Haw. White Shorthorn - £670 Stockber.

Store Bull:

Hereford - £870 Houlker Hall Barn.

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