Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Calves, OTM and Store Cattle - Friday 26th November 2021

A few less calves forward today, a consignment of British Blue weanlings from H&C Pickervance, Roseacre sold bulls to £555 and heifers to £475 and £465. British Blue Bull calves peaked at £440 from JT&B Fox, Quernmore, with other British Blue bull calves to £430 from JM&MH France & Son, Littledale. The heifer calf section peaked at £370 for a Charolais from TM Townley, Over Wyresdale with British Blue heifers selling to £340 from JT&B Fox, Quernmore.

There may have been a shortage in stirk numbers but certainly no shortage in trade with the strongest seen for some time, in which more easily could have been sold to the advantage of the vendor, as many good buyers left empty handed.
A run of sixteen month old bullocks from JE&J Pye & Son, Quernmore saw Limousins sell to £950, Aberdeen Angus’s to £920 and £900 and British Blues to £895. A pen of four eight – ten month old Aberdeen Angus bullocks from JW Thwaites, Tebay sold to £850 with heifers from the same home to £650. Yearling British Blue bullocks sold to £835 from MD Close & Son, Arkholme, with nine month old British Blue bullocks to £815. The consignment from R&A Jolleys, Cabus sold six - seven month old Hereford bullocks to £790 and Aberdeen Angus bullocks to £750. Simmental bullocks sold to £740 for eight month old from J&CW Metcalfe & Son, Quernmore. The heifer trade peaked at £705 for a yearling Aberdeen Angus from MD Close & Son, Arkholme. British Friesian bullocks at nine months old sold to £690 for a pen of five from R&J Parkinson, Preesall, followed by a pen of four six – seven month old Holstein Friesian bullocks selling to £460 from R&J Jolleys, Cabus.

The store cattle trade remains buoyant with the consignment from J Prest & Son, Bay Horse leading the way selling British Blue steers to £1470 and £1440 and Aberdeen Angus steers to £1420. This was closely followed by the consignment from J Hesketh, Hutton selling Aberdeen Angus bullocks to £1410 and Hereford bullocks to £1400. GH Speak, Eccleston sold British Blue bullocks to £1400. Also achieving £1400 with British Blue bullocks was K&DE Woodhouse, Ellel who sold others to £1380 and £1340, with British Blue heifer from the same good home selling to £1340 and £1300. Simmental bullocks peaked at £1300 for a pen of five from H Birkett & Son, Overton. Aberdeen Angus heifers peaked at £1290 from JT&PV Dobson, Clitheroe. Dairy bullocks saw Black and Whites peak at £1180 from K&DE Woodhouse, Ellel with others from the same home achieving £1150, closely followed by a pen of four Black and Whites to £1140 from WR Clark, Pilling.

A few less on the market today, with fewer dairy and more beef cows, leading to a sharper trade with an overall market average of 126p/kg for 94 sold. Hereford OTM heifers led the way selling to 214.5p/kg or £1291 from GJT&V Parkinson, Preesall. OTM Black and White heifers sold to a top of 187.5p/kg and 184.5p/kg from J&G Thornley, Kirkham, with Black and White OTM heifers peaking at £1196 a head from R&A Jolleys, Cabus. Plenty of dairy heifers sold around the 180p/kg mark. Beef cows saw Limousins selling to 174.5p/kg from Ballacutchel Farms, Isle of Man and £1322 a head from KM&KJ Curwen, Abbeystead. Best dairy cows today sold around the 140p/kg mark with Black and Whites selling to 149.5p/kg or £1158 from Lawsons Farms, Cockerham. Fleckvieh cows sold to 147.5p/kg or £1237 from Barlow Bros, Croston.

Top Prices


Heifer Calves-
British Blue: £475(2), £465(2) Roseacre Hall, £340 Blackwood End, £330 Gibsons Farm, £280 Newhouse Farm, £265, £230 Blackwood End, £195 North Farm. Charolais: £370, £300 Knowsley Farm. Angus: £195 Church Farm, £150 Knowsley Farm, £115, £95 Forton Hall, £80 Bailey Hey Farm.

Bull Calves-
British Blue: £550 Roseacre Hall, £440 Blackwood End, £430 Newhouse Farm, £380 Berryholme, £270 Manor House Farm, £245 North Farm, £235 Manor House Farm. Angus: £290, £245 Gibsons Farm, £195, £185 Forton Hall, £165 Manor House. Limousin: £225 Rose Farm. Friesian: £80 (2) Church Farm, £68 Gibsons Farm, £60 Wyre Farm, £50 Little Town Farm.


Aberdeen Angus: £920,£900 Gibsons Farm, £850 Eskew Beck, £750 Marlholes Farm. Limousin: £950, £810 Gibsons Farm. British Blue: £895 Gibsons Farm, £835 Docker Hall Farm, £815 Holme Head, £790, £780 Docker Hall Farm, £760, £725 Roseacre Hall, £725 Springfield House. Hereford: £790 Marlholes Farm. Simmental: £740 Hare Apple Tree. Friesian: £690 Springfield House, £460 Marlholes Farm, £410 Gardners Farm.

Aberdeen Angus: £705 Docker Hall Farm, £650 Eskew Beck. British Blue: £610 Holme Head, £585 Docker Hall Farm, £550 Roseacre Hall. Limousin: £560 Hare Apple Tree. Simmental: £490 Hare Apple Tree.

Aberdeen Angus: £645 Swainhead Farm.


British Blue: £1470, £1440, Upper Foxholes Farm, £1400 Billinge Hall Farm, £1400, £1380, £1340 Kitchen Ground Farm. Angus: £1420 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1410 Middle Grange Farm, £1290 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1290 Scarfoot, £1290, £1280 New Parkside Farm, £1280 Stubb Hall Farm, £1280 Thornton Barn Farm. Hereford: £1400 Middle Grange Farm, £1200 Gulf Farm, £1180 Stubb Hall Farm, £1150 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1070 Thornton Barn Farm, £1040 Windy Hill Farm. Limousin: £1250 North Farm, £1240, £1230 Kilburn House, £1190 North Farm, £1180 High Tenement Farm, £1170 North Farm, £1110 Ballacutchel Farms LTD. Simmental: £1300 North Farm. Friesian: £1180, £1150 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1140 Barn Hill Farm, £1120 Greenside Farm, £1070 Grizdale, £1060 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1040 North Farm. Welsh Black: £1150 Barrowfield. Shorthorn: £1130 Heversham Gardens, £1070 Lundholme Farm. Flekvieh: £950 Hall Bank, £920 Sunderland Brows Farm, £830 Bull Bank Farm. Swedish Red and White: £880 Ballacutchel Farms LTD.
British Blue: £1340, £1300 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1280 Blades Farm, £1280 Lynwood, £1250, £1160 Pinewood. Angus: £1290 Hill House Farm, £1210, £1190 Brow Foot Farm, £1180 Hill House Farm, £1160 Snub Snape Farm, £1090, £1010 Lynwood. Hereford: £1210 Stubb Hall Farm, £960 Toulbrick Farm, £860 Plumpton Hall Farm. Limousin: £1130 Steadbank, £930 Blades Farm, £840 Little Crimbles. Stabiliser: £1070 Banklands. Shorthorn: £1000 Ballacutchel Farm LTD. Montbeliarde: £910 Banklands. Charolias: £840 Little Crimbles.

Fresian: £920 Thornton Bank Farm, Angus: £850 Thornton Bank Farm.


Leading Price Per Head:

Limousin: £1322.10 Marshaw Farm, £987.67 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, £899.75 Mireside Farm. Hereford: £1291.29 Moss View, £1062.67, £874.58 Mireside Farm, £874.25 Holmfields. Fleckvieh: £1237.53 Littlewood Hall Farm. Simmental: £1181.25 Littlewood Hall Farm, £866.59 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. Swedish Red: £1158.75 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. Friesian: £1158.63 Sweetings Farm, £1129.24 Mill Farm, £1107 Derby Lodge Farm, £1068.33 Park House Farm, £1059.38 Derby Lodge Farm, £1053.23 Spital Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £1116 Castle Barn, £998.66, £924.80 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd.

Friesian: £1196.09 Marlholes Farm, £1020.83 Little Town Farm, £888.53 Liscoe Farm.

Limousin: £1156 Pott Yeats. Aberdeen Angus: £935.25 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd.

Leading prices per kilo for OTM Cattle


Hereford: 214.5p Moss View, 164.5p, 149.5p Mireside Farm, 134.5p Holmfields, 127.5p Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. Friesian: 187.5p, 184.5p Derby Lodge Farm, 174.5p Walkers I’th Fields, 154.5p Little Town Farm, 149.5p Sweetings Farm. Limousin: 174.5p Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, 169.5p Marshaw Farm, 147.5p Mireside Farm, 121.5p Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. Simmental: 157.5p Littlewood Hall Farm, 131.5p, 124.5p Mount Murray. Swedish Red: 154.5p Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. Aberdeen Angus: 149.5p, 144.5p Ballacutchel Farms Ltd, 139.5p Castle Barn. Belted Galloway: 149.5p Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. Fleckvieh: 147.5p Littlewood Hall Farm.

Friesian: 181.5p Marlholes Farm, 179.5p Liscoe Farm, 174.5p Little Town Farm.

Limousin: 144.5p Pott Yeats. Aberdeen Angus: 107.5p Ballacutchel Farms Ltd.

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