J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 June Cattle Fair - 10th June 2021


The fortnightly sale of rearing calves sold to one of the dearest trades seen for several months, with an abundance of buyers in attendance, keen to buy replacement stock. Bull calves sold to a top price of £600 for an 8-week-old British Blue x from JW & TW Sharp, Lyth closely followed by J R Handley, Heversham who sold British Blue x at £570 and 560. Other bull claves to break the £500 barrier included a Simmental x from B & JM Crowe, Witherslack and British Blue x from A Pickthall, New Hutton. Strong shapely bull calves regularly sold between £350 to £420. Younger bull calves sold to a top price of £420 from a Charolais x from Bambers Farm, Cockerham with Limousin x selling to £370 from B & MJ Nelson & Son, Heversham. Native sire bull calves continue to sell to a keen audience of buyers, with a top price of £400 achieved for a Hereford x from Bambers Farm, Cockerham who sold others at £400 and Aberdeen Angus to £370. Other Herefords sold to £370 from J S & I M Wilson, Millom. With a Belted Galloway x calves from T W Handley, Sedbergh reaching a final bid of £310. Dairy bulls sold to a top price of £310 for a Montbeliarde from J S & I M Wilson, Millom who sold others at £300. Shorthorn calves sold to £290 from R G & JA Clark, Endmoor with strongest Friesian selling to £210 from B & J M Crowe, Witherslack and T W Handley, Sedbergh. Medium dairy bulls regularly achieving £140 to £180, with the smallest sorts achieving £60-£90.
A run of British Blue x heifer calves from JW & TE Sharp, Lyth sold at £560, £520 and £510 with other British Blue x heifers achieving £440 from A Pickthall, New Hutton. Limousin x heifers sold to £420 from B & J M Crowe, Witherslack with £390 achieved for both Charolais and Simmental x heifers from Bambers Farm, Cockerham. Young continentals regularly selling at £270-£360, with farmers keen to secure replacement breeding stock. Native sired heifers sold to £380 for Hereford x from J S & IM Wilson, Millom and Bambers Farm, Cockerham. With others regularly selling at £280-£330. Aberdeen Angus x heifer calves sold to £290 from J R Handley, Milnthorpe with younger sorts selling to £230 from R Dick, Freckleton.
Another large entry of weaned calves and stirks saw steers sell to a top price £720 for a 5-month-old Limousin x from KD & L Armer, Newbiggin-On-Lune with 4-month-old British Blue x steers from A Prickett selling at £580. Aberdeen Angus steers from Messr Young, Lindale sold at £560 and others to £500. Dairy bred steers sold to £640 for a Fleckvieh from P D & P J Mason, Burton in Kendal whom also sold Montbeliardes to £590. Heifer stirks sold a top price of £780 for a Charolais x from MW & MR Black, Staveley who also sold Limousins to £730. British Blue x heifers from P D & P J Mason, Burton in Kendal sold at £740 with other yearling heifers selling between £500-£600 to include Aberdeen Angus heifers from F & TE Park, Crook achieving £620.
Bull stirks saw £700 achieved for both British Blue x and Limousin x from RI Dixon, Low Newton with younger weaned British Blue x selling £540 from D Wightman, Heversham, who also sold Aberdeen Angus x at £480. Dairy bulls sold to £400 for Holstein Friesians from Quality Calves, Ecclefechan.

An increased attendance of buyers at the fortnightly sale saw a rise in trade with all vendors leaving pleased with prices achieved. Steers today sold to a top price of £1120 for a 14-month-old Limousin x from D & A Nicholson, Ulverston with other steers selling to £1080 from TW Nelson & Son, Stainton and yearling and 12-month-old steers to £1040 from R C & SC Cleasby, Foxfield. Other yearling steers regularly selling at £900 to £1000. Younger steers sold to £920 for 8-month-old Limousin x from Thrimby Farms, Penrith and Limousin x from GC & GW Taylor, Crook selling at £880. Native sire steers sold to a top of £800 for yearling Luings from JW & TE Sharp, Lyth. Aberdeen Angus x steers sold to £870 from PD & P Mason, Burton-in-Kendal. With Blue Grey steers from M Gibson, Sedbergh selling at £800. Dairy bred steers sold to £830 for Holstein Friesians from CS & SE Wood, Penrith with Fleckvieh selling to £790 and P D & P J Mason, Burton in Kendal who also sold Norwegian Red x at £740.
Heifers sold to a top price of £1140 for a Limousin x from A & RA Middleton, Cowan Bridge with British Blue x selling to £1110 and £1090 from M J Shepherd, Newbiggan. Younger suckler bred heifers sold to £1030 for a Limousin x from D & A Nicholson, Ulverston with others at £1020 from A & L Birkett, Ambleside. Native sire heifers sold to a top price £1140 for a beef Shorthorn from A Wilson & Son, Skipton who sold to £1100. Hereford x cross heifers from RJ & J Gardner, Kendal sold to £900 with others achieving £890. Yearling suckler bred heifer saw a top price of £830 for a Charolais cross from RC & SC Cleasby, Foxfield with British Blue x selling to £820 from Thrimby Farms, Penrith.

North West Auctions J36 saw another fast traded for all cull cows, with an active ring side of buyers competing for all types and classes of cattle. The sale peaked at 199.5p/kg for a young Blond D'aquitaine x from SJ & NS Wood, Windermere with heavy weight beef cows selling to for Aberdeen Angus x from J T Proctor, Flookburgh and 177.5p/kg for a Limousin from DP Escolme, Endmoor. A large entry of dairy bred cows today sold to a top price of 169.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from J M Barton & Son, Lupton with other heavy, well fleshed dairy cows selling to 159.5p/kg from A and B Pickthall, Hincaster. Medium dairy cows regularly selling between 128-140p/kg. Top grossing cow today was a heavy weight Aberdeen Angus from JT Proctor achieving £1479 closely followed by the top from dairy cow at £1342 from J M Barton, Lupton. Well fleshed heavy cows regularly achieving £1000-£1200. OTM heifers sold to a top price of 174.5p/kg and £839 for a Fleckvieh from RG & J A Clark, Endmoor. A single OTM steer sold at 134.5p/kg and £847 for Simmental x from J E Stables & Sons, Grange Over Sands. All cull cows today averaged 141p/kg, with more needed at every sale to fulfil buyer requirements.

North West Auctions held its popular June cattle fair which included the annual prize show and sale of beef breeding cattle which saw buyers in attendance from throughout the northern counties, Midlands and Wales. Today’s sale was kindly sponsored by Paxton’s, Lloyds Animal Feeds, Thornton Breakers, with the pre-sale show kindly judged by Aaron Bindloss, Shap Abbey. The first prize and championship rosette was awarded to a Limousin x heifer and Limousin x bull calve from NL & CJ Brown, Claughton, who also received the reserve champion rosette with a Limousin x heifer with heifer calf. The first prize cow and calf was award AT Rogerson, Chipping for a British Blue x cow with British Blue x bull calf at foot.
All vendors must be complemented for the standard at stock on offer with the popularity of the North West Auctions breeding sales continuing to attract keen interest, Vendors are encouraged to pre enter cattle for the next sale on the 8th July. Bulling heifers saw a top of £1220 achieved for a Limousin x from T & D Wright, Wray who sold others at £1180 and £1140. British Blue x bulling heifers sold to £1180 from TW Nelson & Son, Stainton. Breeding bulls saw a top price of £3800 achieved for a Limousin from RS & BA Harker, Holme who sold another at £3700. A four-year old Limousin bull from J Kitchen & Son, Cartmel Fell sold at £2500. J E Gaunt sold a 19-month-old Charolais bull at £2400 with a Simmental from Barlow Bros achieving £2200.
Beef Breeding heifers and calves saw a top £2800 for a Limousin x heifer and Limousin x heifer calf NL & CJ Brown, Claughton who sold other at £2600 with bull calf at foot. This was closely followed by J T & J Kellsall, Clapham selling a Limousin x heifer and Limousin x bull calf at £2550 which was also achieved for the third prize Limousin heifer and Limousin x heifer calf from DE & SM Moorhouse, Natland. The annual consignment of Limousin x heifers from E J Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg sold to £2500, with a Limousin heifer calf at foot, with others from the same home achieving £2250. J Woodburn and Partners, Ulverston saw a top price of £2300 achieved for a Limousin x heifer with Limousin x bull calf at foot. E Rossall, Preesall sold a Limousin x heifer and heifer calf at foot at £2250. British Blue x heifer with Limousin x steer calf sold to £2200 from PT & J Inman, Lockerbie with others achieving £2100. W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe sold Limousin x heifers and heifer Calves at £2100. All heifers and calves today sold to a market average of £1842.
Cows and calves saw a top price of £2500 for Limousin cow with Limousin heifer calf and PD back in calf from T, L & BJ Knowles whom sold others at £2100. The first price cow and calf from AT Rogerson, Chipping sold at £2300 for a British Blue cow and British Blue x calf, The annual consignment of beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus x cows from T M & D Dobson, Crosthwaite saw a top price of £1900 for a Shorthorn cow with Charolais bull calf and another Shorthorn cow with Charolais heifer calf. Other cows in this consignment regularly selling at £1300-£1500. A second calved Limousin x cow with heifer calf from J Woodburn & Partners achieved £1800. An entry of Pure Hereford cows with calves at foot from PJ Holt & Son, Blackpool sold to £1700 with others at £1500. Hereford x cows from J Woodburn & Partners with Charolais x bull calves sold to £1650. Other pure bred Hereford cows with Hereford calves sold to £1450 from SE Coar, Hoghton. Stabiliser x cows with Aberdeen Angus calves from AE & PC Capstick, Heversham sold to £1400. All cows with calves sold an average of £1410.

Top Prices

Bull Calf:
British Blue - £600 Flodder Hall, £570, £560, £500 College Green. Simmental - £500 Birks Farm, £460, £400 Holmescales Farm. Charolais - £420 Bambers Farm. Hereford - £420, £400 Bambers Farm, £370 Monk Foss Farm, £330 Bambers Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £370, £360, £310 Bambers Farm, £370 College Green, £240 Cooper House Farm. Limousin - £370, £300 Halforth Farm, £260 Audlands Park, £240 Halforth Farm. Friesian - £330 Holmescales Farm, £210 Pedgecroft, £210 Birks Farm. Belgium Blue - £310 Pedgecroft. Montbeliard - £310, £300 Monk Foss Farm. Shorthorn - £290 Far Audlands, £260 Audlands Park. Dairy Shorthorn - £200 Strickley.

Heifer Calf:
British Blue - £560, £520, £510 Flodder Hall, £440 Borrans Farm, £380 College Green. Limousin - £420 Birks Farm, £300, £280 Halforth Farm. Charolais - £390 Bambers Farm, £300 Wyke Farm. Simmental - £390 Bambers Farm, £340 Holmescales Farm, £250 Bambers Farm. Hereford - £380 Bambers Farm, £380 Monk Foss Farm, £370 Scotchergill Farm, £360 Monk Foss Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £290, £280 College Green, £280 Bambers Farm, £230 Cooper House Farm.

Bull Stirk:
British Blue - £700 Low Newton Farm. Limousin - £700 Low Newton Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £480 Moss Side Farm. Friesian - £400 Quality Calves, £330 Moss Side Farm.

Heifer Stirk:
Charolais - £780 Scroggs Farm. British Blue - £740 Coat Green Farm, £640 Sella Farm. Limousin - £730 Scroggs Farm, £720 Scar Sykes Farm, £630 Scroggs Farm, £610 Coat Green Farm. Simmental - £660 Coat Green Farm, £550 Fair View. Aberdeen Angus - £620 Cragg House Farm, £550 Sella Farm, £490 Moss End Farm. Blonde - £610 Coat Green Farm.
Steer Stirk:
Flekvieh - £640 Coat Green Farm, £500 Farleton House. Montbeliard - £590 Coat Green Farm. British Blue - £580 Farleton House, £570 Cragg House Farm, £530 Moss End Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £560 Moss End Farm, £500 Farleton House. Simmental - £500 Farleton House. Friesian - £490 Coat Green Farm.

OTM Cow:
Blonde – 199.5 Causeway Farm. Aberdeen Angus – 181.5 Mireside Farm, 159.5, 154.5 Skiddaw View. Limousin – 177.5 Audlands Park, 169.5 Mireside Farm, 169.5 Causeway Farm. Friesian – 169.5 Lupton Hall, 159.5 Bradley Farm, 149.5 Lupton Hall, 149.5 Low Sizergh Farm. British Blue – 161.5 Meathop Park Farm, 151.5 Scar Sykes Farm, 151.5 Mireside Farm, 137.5, 129.5 High Biggarsbank. Flekvieh – 134.5 Low Sizergh Farm. Hereford – 131.5, 121.5 Sandham Farm. Dairy Shorthorn – 127.5 Strickley.

OTM Heifer:
Flekvieh – 174.5 Far Audlands. Friesian – 114.5 Jenkin Cragg.

Cast Steer:
Simmental – 134.5 Tricket Drive.

Store Bullock:
Limousin - £1120 Birch Bank, £1080 Cockrigg Farm, £1020 High Birk Howe, £970 Cockrigg Farm, £960 Birch Bank. Charolais - £1040, £980 The Bungalow. Continental - £900 Flodder Hall, £800 Mouse Syke, £720 Flodder Hall. British Blue - £890 Coat Green Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £870 Coat Green Farm. Friesian - £830 Coat Green Farm, £830, £770 Longlands. Flekvieh - £790 Coat Green Farm. Hereford - £770, £700 Coat Green Farm.

Store Heifer:
Limousin - £1220, £1180, £1140 Allcocks Farm, £1050 Birch Bank. British Blue - £1180 Cockrigg Farm, £1110, £1090, £1060 Gaskell House. Shorthorn - £1040, £1010, £960 Gordale. Hereford - £900, £890, £860 Natland Mill Beck Farm. Charolais - £830 The Bungalow, £810 Lower Hawthwaite. Aberdeen Angus - £770 Thrimby Hall, £750 School Hill. Simmental - £660 Old School House.

Breeding Bull:
Limousin - £3800, £3700 Overthwaite Farm, £2050 Chapel House. Charolais - £2400 West View. Simmental - £2200 Littlewood Hall Farm.

Cow & Calf:
Limousin - £2500, £2100 High Borrowbridge, £1800, £1650, £1550 Mansrigg Hall. British Blue - £2300 Handlesteads Farm. Shorthorn - £1900, £1400, £1350 Broad Oak. Hereford - £1700 Breedy Butts Farm, £1550 Mansrigg Hall, £1500 Breedy Butts Farm, £1450, £1300 Anderton Fold Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £1550, £1250, £1150 Broad Oak. Simmental - £1500 Breedy Butts Farm, £1200 Mouse Syke. Blonde - £1450 Fairfield Farm. Stabilizer - £1400 Park House Farm. Continental - £1300, £1250 Black Hall Farm.

Heifer & Calf:
Limousin - £2800, £2600 Claughton Hall Farm, £2550 Summerlands, £2550 High House Farm, £2500 Lambrigg Head Farm. British Blue - £2200, £2100 Kilnknowe Farm, £1750 High House Farm, £1700 Sunnyside Farm, £1700 Kilnknowe Farm. Charolais - £1700 Sunnyside Farm. Hereford - £1650 Mansrigg Hall. Aberdeen Angus - £1450 Hartrigg. Stabilizer - £1400 Park House Farm.

More Info

Show Results:
Sponsors: Paxton’s, Lloyds Animal Feeds, Thornton Breakers
Class 1 – Cow with Calf at Foot
1st lot 480 AT Rodgerson, Handlesteads Farm £2300
2nd lot 475 J Woodburn & Partners, Mansrigg Hall £1650
3rd lot 462 TLB&J Knowles, High Borrowbridge £2500
Class 2 – Heifer with Calf at Foot
1st lot 494 NL&CJ Brow, Claughton Hall Farm £2600
2nd lot 495 NL&CJ Brown, Claughton Hall Farm £2800
3rd lot 496 DE&SM Moorhouse, High House Farm £2100
Lot 494 NL&CJ Brow, Claughton Hall Farm £2600
Reserve Champion
Lot 495 NL&CJ Brown, Claughton Hall Farm £2800

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