J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Weekly sale of Spring Lambs, Prime Hoggs, Cast Sheep and Sheep with Lambs at Foot

Prime lambs sell to £176 and 376p/kg, Cull sheep sell to £210.


The weekly sale of prime lambs at North West Auctions J36 saw 11 buyers in attendance, all keen to secure lambs for various order with the keenest competition seen for heavy and well finished lambs. Today’s sale peaked at £176 for Suffolk x lambs from H Newton, Low Levens who sold others to £169 and £168. Also breaking the £170 barrier was a pen of Charollais x lambs from T A Teasdsale, Newton in Cartmel selling at £171 and Texel lambs from E Dodgson, Kendal selling at £170. Prime lambs in the 45-52kg weight range saw an overall market average of 335p/kg. ¾ and pure-bred lambs continue to attract a premium selling to £156 from JB & BJ Escolme, Killington and £149 for Charollais lambs from DJ Clarke, Broughton-in-Furness. Other heavy weight lambs sold to £163 for Texels for A & B Pickthall, Hincaster. A large proportion of todays sale comprised of 35-38kg lambs which sold to a top price of £124 for Texels from J & O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor and £122 for Texel x lambs from J J & M Metcalfe, Casterton and A E Atkinson & Son, Endmoor. Light weight lambs sold to £110 for Beltexs from M Allen, Yealand Conyers with other Texels selling to £108 from D & J Woof, Sedbergh. Buyers were keen to purchase well finished lambs and showing caution towards lambs being short of the final coat of paint.


Seasonal entry of prime hoggs saw a top price of £150 paid for Texel from J A Airey, New Hutton with other heavy weight hoggs generally selling between £130-£135. Hill bred hoggs topped at £109 for Swaledales from GJ Ibbetson, Roeburndale West, with Cheviots selling to £106 from G M & A Jackson, Little Eccleston whom also sold Herdwicks to £100 and Scottish Blackfaces to £99.


Cull sheep maintained the high prices of recent sales with an overall market average of £106 for ewes and £126 for rams. Heavy and pure-bred ewes sold to a top of £154 for Zwartbles from S Crawford,Kirkby Lonsdale, Suffolks sold to £152 from H Wilson, Selside and Texels to £150 from both M Allen, Yealand Conyers and E Dodgson, Kendal. Blue Faced Leicester ewes sold to £147 from B & H M Wilson, Selside. Ewes regularly sold between £130-£135 with Mules selling to £125 from J & O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor and £123 from J T & A Armistead, Selside. Medium fleshed ewes generally sold between the £110-£125 mark. Hill bred ewes sold to £117 for Rough Fells from A E A Harrison, Kentmere, Swaledales to £116 from R H M & S Boyren, Colton and Cheviots to £109 from T Ellis, New Hutton. Herdwicks sold to £105 K J Knight, Kirkby-in-Furness. Cull rams sold to a fast trade with a Texel from Thrimby Farms Ltd, Penrith selling at £210 with others from the same home achieving £180. Hill bred rams sold to £158 for Cheviots from P D & P Mason, Burton-in-Kendal and Herdwicks to £105 from K J Knight from Kirkby-in-Furness.


The weekly sale of breeding sheep saw another competitive ring side of buyers, all keen to secure additional stock to take advantage of the seasonal abundance of grass. Young sheep attracted the keenest interest with a pen of home bred Mule hoggs with Texel lambs selling at £235 from JS & S Atkinson, Scorton with other Mule hoggs sucking single lambs selling at £220 from RG &H Preece, Roeburndale and £205 for JC Hodgson, Dent. Texel x hoggs with single Texel x lambs sold to a top price of £220 from RG & H Preece. Today’s sale comprised mainly of hill bred ewes which saw a top price of £225 achieved for Cheviot ewes with Texel cross lambs from G Malpass, Dent who sold others to £220, £195 with Cheviot ewes with single Texel lambs selling to £170. Rough Fell ewes with single Rough Fell lambs sold to £115 from A & M Skidmore, Tebay. Aged Swaledale ewes with Charollais x twins from JJ & J Towers, Lowick Green sold to £168 with other broken mouthed Swaledale ewes sucking Mule twins selling to £162 from NJ Strickland & Son, Whinfell. The final consignment of broken mouth Herdwick ewes with Texel x lambs from Messrs Kirkby and Longworth, Dunnerdale saw a ring full of 27 sucking single lambs sell at £95. North West Auctions will continue the sale of breeding sheep on a Tuesday, with an entry of 50 sheep with lambs at foot already in hand for next week.

Top Prices

Sheep With Lambs at Foot:

Hogg & Lamb:

Texel - £220 Thornbush Farm. Mule - £220 Thornbush Farm, £205, £200, £195 Dillicar.

Shearling & lamb:

Mule - £230 Thornbush Farm. Continental - £120 Flakebridge. Rough Fell - £115 Flakebridge.

Ewe & Lamb:

Mule - £235 Sykes Farm, £138 Scotchergill Farm. Continental - £225 Greenwood Haw. Cheviot - £220, £195, £170 Greenwood Haw. Swaledale - £168 Low Stennerley, £162 The Borrans, £152 Low Stennerley, £120 The Borrans. Rough Fell - £112 Flakebridge.

Prime Lamb:

Suffolk - £176 Low Levens, £160 Cracalt Farm, £160 Hagg Farm, £150 Hill Park, £149 Hazelslack Tower Farm. Charollais - £171 Head House, £149, £147 Thistle House, £129, £113 Low Foulshaw Farm. Texel - £170 Spital Farm, £168 Low Levens, £163 Bradley Farm, £158 Cracalt Farm, £149 Hazelslack Tower Farm. Continental - £169 Low Levens, £156 Low Stangerthwaite, £150 High Biggarsbank, £147 Ackenthwaite Farm, £145 The Borrans. Hampshire - £128 Endmoor Farm. Dorset - £118 Brow Head, £118 High Biggarsbank, £113 Yealand Manor, £107 Brow Head, £107 High Biggarsbank.

Prime Hogg:

Texel - £150 Old Croft, £148 Hawkrigg End, £144 Summer Hill, £141 Old Croft. Suffolk - £138 Summer Hill, £136 The Height. Beltex - £112 Keer Falls. Swaledale - £109 Higher Salter, £97, £82 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Cheviot - £106 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Charollais - £102 Low Stennerley. Herdwick - £100, £99 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £91 Thistle House. Scotch - £99 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Whitefaced Woodland - £90 Keer Falls. Horned - £89 Higher Salter. Continental - £85 Thistle House. Mule - £85 Low Stennerley. Jacob - £84 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage.

Cast Sheep:

Zwartble - £154 Monkey Ghyll, £97 Hazelwood. Suffolk - £152 Ashstead, £142 Hill Park, £140 Endmoor Farm, £138 Crabtree Farm, Lower Stangerthwaite, £136 Ingleborough Park Drive. Texel - £150 Yealand Manor, Spital Farm, £146 Ingleborough Park Drive, £145 Warth Sutton Farm, £144 Hallbeck, Spital Farm. Bluefaced Leicester - £147 Ashstead, £134 Hill Park. Beltex - £136 New Bungalow, £126, £118 Coat Green Farm, £105, £102 New Bungalow. Charollais - £138 Head House. Continental - £130 Burrow Heights Farm, £76 Yealand Manor, £70, £54, £38 Monkey Ghyll. Mule - £125 Endmoor Farm, £123 Bouthwaite Farm, £121 Halton Park Farm, £120 Burrow Heights Farm, Coat Green Farm, £119 Flodder Hall. Rough Fell - £117 Millriggs, £88 Woodside, £76 Millriggs, £60 Wath Farm, £55 Hazelwood, £53 High Swinklebank Farm. Dorset - £116 High Biggarsbank, £53 Warth Sutton Farm. Swaledale - £116 Hill Park, £107 Flodder Hall, £102 Little Guards, £101 Howgill Close, £90 White House, £86 Little Guards. Cheviot - £109 Woodside, £100 Thrimby Hall, £82 Coat Green Farm. Lleyn - £108 Low Foulshaw Farm. Herdwick - £87, £80, £51 Little Guards, £48 High Biggarsbank, Little Guards, £46 Millriggs. Dalesbred - £85 Higher Salter.

Cast Tups:

Texel - £210, £185 Thrimby Hall, £130 The Barn, £110 Thrimby Hall. Cheviot - £158 Coat Green Farm. Bluefaced Leicester - £128 Sykes Farm. Herdwick - £105, £77 Little Guards. Kerryhill - £93 Thrimby Hall. Swaledale - £71 Sykes Farm.

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