Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Calves, OTM and Store Cattle - Friday 11th June 2021


A cracking day in the calf ring today at Lancaster saw an entry of 108 forward, with as many as any other auction market in the area and more than most! A Simmental steer from J R Newsham & Son, Conder Green topped the trade selling to £530. British Blue heifers peaked at £375 from C R & A Baxter who sold others to £360 and £320. I Atkinson & Son, Warton also sold British Blue heifers to £360 and £355. J E & S M Seedall, Mellor sold a 6 week old Charolais heifers to £300 and a 5 week old Limousin from W Crook, Out Rawcliffe also reached the £300 mark. Bull calves sold to a top price of £460 from I Atkinson & Son, Warton who sold others to £450. Black and White bulls sold to a top price of £275 from Barber Farms, Claughton on Brock, all 15 Friesian bulls today averaged £181.33.


Topping the Lancaster store ring this week was a pen of two 25 month old Aberdeen Angus bullocks from J & H Davis, Cabus. This was followed by a pen of two South Devon bullocks from J Prest & Son, Bay Horse selling to £1370 and Angus bullocks from the same good home to £1330. Also breaking the £1300 pound barrier this week for bullocks was J S Clark & Sons, Catforth, J H Woof, Oxenholme whom sold Angus’s to £1350, R & K Jenkinson, Pilling selling British Blues to £1340, J & JM Walmsley, Pilling who sold Simmentals to £1320 and British Blues to the same price. Dairy bred steers topped at £1360 from J.S Clark & son Catforth for Flekvieh steers, I D Bailey, Catforth made £1190 for a pair of friesian steers. All steers today averaged £1088 which included a portion of younger grazing cattle.

Hitting the trade headlines with store heifer’s today was Ballacutchel Farms I.O.M, with Hereford at £1280. British Blue heifers topped at £1200 from a regular Lancaster supporter R & D Kellet, Cockerham who also had others at £1170, a good run of cattle from M J Waller, Kirby Lonsdale saw Limousin heifers at £1170 and £1120 all heifers today averaged £1004 for a younger entry of cattle.


The weekly sale of OTM cattle saw numbers reach 123 which pleased our large ringside of regular and new buyers, topping the trade today per head was a Friesian cow from J.F & J.C Hewitt, Nateby reaching £1274, followed by C.R & A Baxter, Middleton at £1264, Continental Cows topped at £1237 for a Limousin from Ballacutchel Farms, with others at £1161 From E.J Ward & Son, Intack Farm. Topping the price per kilo chart today was Limousin Cows at 239.5ppk from Ballacutchel Farms I O M with others from the same home at 209.5ppk Continental cows today averaged 172ppk, Freisian cows saw a good run of cows from Bambers Farm, Thurnham topping at 189.5ppk x 3 with others at 187.5ppk, Freisian cows today averaged 150ppk.

OTM Heifers saw friesians at £1180 from R & M Mason, Levens, with others at £1104 from W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe, Heifer average today was 183ppk.

A good entry of cast steers forward today with Limousins to 199.5p or £1179 from Ballacutchel Farms Freisians top at 179.5p from T Taylor, Woodplumton, with other friesians at 169.5p fron DH & M Kellet, Thurnahm,

More OTM bulls forward today topping at £1509 or 149.5p for a Charolais from J Drinkall, Chorley, followed by a Limousin at £1390 or 159.5p from B Heyes, St Helens, Friesan cast bulls saw £1110 from A J Stavley, Tatham.

More OTM cattle required next week to satisfy buyer demand.

Top Prices


Heifer Calves:

British Blue: £375, £360 New Brows Farm, £360, £355 Boon Town Farm, £320 New Brows Farm, £300 Cooper House Farm. Charolais: £300 Bolton Fold Farm. Limousin: £300 Dockensall Farm. Hereford: £270 Catshaw Hall Farm, £200, £180, £160, £155 Arnside Tower Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £265, £220 Ambrose Hall Farm, £220 Gibsons Farm, £215 Bolton Fold Farm, £215 Ambrose Hall Farm, £200 Forton Hall Farm.

Bull Calves:

British Blue: £460, £450 Boon Town Farm, £425 Manor House Farm, £420 Richmond Hall Farm, £350 North Farm. Hereford: £400, £375, £265, £220, £200 Arnside Tower Farm. Simmental: £400 Lane Head Farm, £290, £280, £270, £265 Sellerley Farm. Limousin: £385, £305 Dockensall. Aberdeen Angus: £380 New Brows Farm, £300 Forton Hall Farm, £290 Ambrose Hall Farm, £290 Gibsons Farm. Frisian: £275 Manor House Farm, £255 Tunstall Hall, £225 Catshaw Hall Farm, £225 Boon Town Farm, £220 Catshaw Hall Farm. Montbeliarde: £170 Forton Hall. Ayrshire: £92, £80 Bolton Fold Farm.

Steer Calves:

Hereford: £530 Sellerley Farm.


Hereford: £660, £650 Rose Hill Farm.


Aberdeen Angus: £1390 Weavers Farm, £1350 Underhelm, £1330, £1300 Upper Foxholes, £1300 Staffords Farm. South Devon: £1370 Upper Foxholes. Flekvieh: £1360 Godson House Farm. Hereford: £1300 Godson House Farm, £1280, £1190 Upper Foxholes. British Blue: £1340 Holmes Farm, £1320 Staffords Farm, £1280 Carlingwha. Montbeliarde: £1290 Ballacutchel Farms. Limousin: £1190 x2, £1170 Ballacuthel Farm. Belgian Blue: £1020 Ballacutchel Farm. Friesian: £1190 Betts Farm, £1100, £1010 Glasson Farm.


Hereford: £1280, £1145 Ballactchel Farms, £1160 Holmes Farm, £1050 Windy Hill Farm, Limousin: £1170, £1120 Carlinwha, £1170 Home Field. Aberdeen Angus: £1140 Holmes Farm, £1120 Carlingwha, £1100 Kays Farm. British Blue: £1200, £1170 Mill House Farm. Belted Galloway: £1145 Ballacutchel Farms.


Limousin: 239.5p, 209.5p, 199.5p Ballacutchel Farms, 199.5 Greenways Farm. Friesain: 189.5p x3, 187.5p x2, Bambers Farm Ltd. Charolais: 144.5p Ballacutchel Farms. Hereford: 179.5p Boundary House. Simmentals: 169.5p Throstle Nest. British Blue: St Annes Farm, 157.5p Ballactchel Farm.

OTM Heifers:
Hereford: 197.5p Heald Farm. Friesian: 189.5p Cotestone Farm, 189.5p Walkers l’th Fields, 184.5p Tunstead Farm.

Limousin: 199.5p x2, 189.5p x2, 184.5p Ballacutchel Farms. Friesian: 179.5p Midge Hall, 169.5p Boundary House. South Devon: 139.5p Ballactchel Farms.

Limousin: 154.5p St Annes Farm. Charolais: 149.5p Manor House Farm. Flekvieh: 134.5p The Hill.

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