J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Sale of Calves Stirks, Dairy, Store Beef Breeding and OTM Cattle, 9th December 2021

Calves & Weanlings

The Christmas Show of calves was in the hands of judge, Mr John Allonby, Grayrigg. All show classes were full with a top show on offer. For the second year running, A Pickthall, New Hutton took the top spot with his British Blue bull at 1 month old, selling for an impressive £475. Reserve Champion went to the first prize heifer, a British Blue from JW & TE Sharp, Lyth making £445.

Outside the show calves, all sold to a sharper trade with a full ringside of buyers forward looking for all types of calves.

British Blue bulls averaged £350 for all sold with many of the best selling over the £400 mark. A wonderful run from JW & TE Sharpe, Lyth sold to a top of £435 with others to £420. HJ Robinson & Son, Crooklands sold their best British Blue bull calf to £435.

The heifer trade saw the most lift with British Blue heifers selling to £445 from JW & TE Sharp and Limousin heifers to £410 from CM & CS Chapplehow, Penrith.

The next sale of calves is Thursday 16th December. This is the last sale before Christmas.

Dairy Cattle
North West Auctions held it Christmas prize Show & Sale of Dairy Cattle on Thursday 9th December which was a wonderful entry of cattle forward, which were greeted by a ringside of keen purchasers keen to secure additional and replacement stock. The show this year was judged by Mr Joe Sutcliffe, Cockerham who had a great sample of cattle presented before him in the four show classes.
The championship rosette was awarded to a pedigree heifer shown by W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe, who has now won the Christmas Dairy show at NWA J36 for three consecutive years. This Heifer attracted much ringside interest being 2 weeks calved and giving 26lts and after a flurry of bids she was secured by the judge for £2150. The reserve rosette was awarded to pedigree heifer from PD & BS Lawrence which was 4 weeks calved and giving 28lts achieving a final bid of £2100. The first prize cow from W Garnett & Son was fresh into her 3rd Lactation giving 40lts and was again secured by the judge for £2050. The first prize Friesian heifer was shown by RF & CE Hodgson, Pennington being 4 weeks calved and giving 35lts she achieved a final bid of £2000.

Store Cattle
The concluding sale of store cattle for 2021 saw all cattle sell to a competitive trade with buyers keen to fill orders and sheds. Steers sold to £1210 for Limousin x’s from S & M Geldart, with British Blues at £1140 from R & J Dodgson, aswell as Hereford x from A Riley Ltd. Younger steers sold to £1025 for Limousins from T W Nelson & Son with a run of 8month old Simmentals x Luing steers from Low Moor Howe Ltd selling to £945.
Heifers sold to £1050 for Limousins from S & M Geldart with Hereford x to £1015 from JE Wightman and Limousin x’s to £1010 MW & M Hodgson. Younger heifers sold to £900 for British Shorthorns from J Black & Son with 6 month old Limousins to £770 from JR Corlett.

OTM / Cast Cattle
A large entry of cull cows for the final sale of 2021 saw another strong trade for all classes and types. The sale peaked at 194p/kg for a Limousin x from RG & l Holmes, Lyth with other heavy and well fleshed beef cows selling to 179p/kg from BJ Bowness, Kendal and GH Jones, Windermere who both sold Limousin x cows. Other beef cows generally 135p/kg – 150p/kg depending on breed and quality. Dairy cows sold to 174p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from Strickland Hill Farming, Witherslack with other heavy dairy cows 125p/kg – 140p/kg, mediums 110p/kg – 122p/kg with the leanest parlour types either side of 100p/kg.
Top grossing beef cow was a Limousin x from GH Jones, Windermere selling at £1306 with dairy cows selling to £1263 from Strickland Hill Farming, Witherslack.
Several OTM heifers forward selling to a top price of 161p/kg & £1027 for a Limousin x from PW Clarke, Crosthwaite.
A single cull bull from Messers Ellwood sold at 119p/kg and £977.

Top Prices

Bull Calf:
British Blue - £475 Borrans Farm, £435 Flodder Hall, £430 Elm Tree Farm, £425 Borrans Farm, £420 Flodder Hall. Limousin - £400 Halforth Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £270 Colby Laithes, £155 Wall End Farm, £230 Wyke Farm. Simmental - £260 Wyke Farm. Hereford - £230, £190, £185 Bousfield Farm. Friesian - £180, £175 Middle Birkby Farm, £180 Bank View. Dairy Shorthorn - £170 Arklid Farm.

Heifer Calf:
Aberdeen Angus - £450 Colby Laithes, £255 Flodder Hall, £255 Rowe End Farm, £195 Hagg Farm. British Blue - £445 Flodder Hall, £350 Elm Tree Farm, £340 Borrans Farm, £335 High Grounds Farm, £325 Flodder Hall. Limousin - £410 High Grounds Farm, £210 Rowe End Farm. Hereford - £210, £200, £195 Bousfield Farm. Shorthorn - £185, £180 Strickley. Belted Galloway - £130 Craketrees.

Bull Stirk:
Longhorn - £760 Norbreck Farm. Limousin - £660 Burnhead Farm, £560 Beckside Farm, £500 Woodside Farm, £400 The Lodge. Belgium Blue - £605 Swallowmire. British Blue - £540 Burnhead Farm. Hereford - £485 Burnhead Farm. Fleckvieh - £450 Beckside Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £420, £350 The Lodge.

Heifer Stirk:
British Blue - £655 Moss Side Farm, £585 Sella Farm, £500 Moss Side Farm. Limousin - £560 High Grounds Farm, £495 Beckside Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £495 Sella Farm, £430 Shuttleworth Hall. Simmental - £495 Sella Farm.

Steer Stirk:
Aberdeen Angus - £795 Sella Farm. Simmental - £540 Shuttleworth Hall.

OTM Cow:
Limousin – 179.5 Blea Tarn Road, 179.5 Fold Farm, 171.5 Bridge Stone, 159.5 Gowan Bank Farm, 147.5 Hill Top Farm. Friesian – 174.5 Strickland Hill, 171.5 Far Audlands, 134.5 Low Bracken Hall, 131.5 Hutton Roof, 131.5 Natland Park Farm. British Blue – 157.5 The Borrans, 134.5 Tock How Farm, 117.5 Gowan Bank Farm. Hereford – 151.5 Gowan Bank Farm. Simmental - £149.5 Burnhead Farm, £129.5 Luneside, £119.5 Tock How Farm, £109.5 Burnhead Farm. Aberdeen Angus – 139.5, 137.5 Mislet Farm. Belgium Blue – 134.5 Mislet Farm. Belted Galloway – 131.5, 121.5 Forest Hall. Shorthorn – 121.5 Tarnside Farm, 121.5 Craketrees, 119.5 Moss House Farm. Stabilizer – 119.5 Tock How Farm. Dairy Shorthorn – 117.5 Craketrees. Swedish Red & White – 99.5 Low Sizergh Farm.

OTM Heifer:
Limousin – 194.5 Croftlands, 161.5 Woodside Farm. Hereford – 149.5 Westfield House Farm. Aberdeen Angus – 144.5, 129.5 Sandham Farm. British Blue – 119.5 Croftlands.

Cast Bull:
Aberdeen Angus – 119.5 Heathwaite Farm.

Cow & Calf:
Stabilizer - £1400 Kit Cragg, £1290 High Foulshaw Farm.

In Calf Heifer:
British Blue - £1420, £1060 Kingsland. Hereford - £1280 Low Stangerthwaite. Shorthorn - £980 Low Stangerthwaite.

Dairy Cow:
Friesian - £2050 Ackenthwaite Farm.

Dairy Heifer:
Friesian - £2150 Ackenthwaite Farm, £2100 Holme Farm, £2000 Rowe End Farm, £1900 Natland Park Farm, £1900 Thursgill, £1450, £1150 Hall Farm.

Store Bullock:
Limousin - £1210, £1140, £1095 High Rosthwaite, £1025 Cockrigg Farm, £880 Handlesteads Farm. British Blue - £1140, £1055 Cracalt Farm, £950 Crabtree Farm, £800 Low Borrowbridge. Hereford - £1140 Westfield Farm, £920, £885 Beck House. Simmental - £945, £850, £835 High House Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £930 School Hill. Belgium Blue - £920 Crosscrake Farm. Continental - £835, £700 High House Farm.

Store Heifer:
Limousin - £1050 High Rosthwaite, £1010 Swallowmire, £960 Crabtree Farm. Hereford - £1015 Crabtree Farm, £800 School Hill. Shorthorn - £995, £900 Bridge Stone. Aberdeen Angus - £950 Cockrigg Farm, £925 Handlesteads Farm, £900 Mansergh Hall Farm, £890 Crabtree Farm. British Blue - £950 Cracalt Farm.

Store Bull:
Limousin - £1095 High Foulshaw Farm.

More Info

Dairy Cattle Show Results
Class 1 – Holstein Heifer
1st W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe £2150
2nd PD & BS Lawrence, Grange over Sands £2100
3rd J & JA Burrow, Grayrigg £1900

Class 2 – Friesian Heifer
1st RF & CE Hodgson, Pennington £2000
2nd AP & R Crowe, Rusland £1450

Class 3 – New Calved Cow
W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe £2050

Class 4 – Youngstock
JT & U Garth, Ellel £680

Champion: W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe £2150 (Holstein Heifer)
Reserve Champion: PD & BS Lawrence, Grange over Sands £2100 (Holstein Heifer)

Calf Show Results
Judge: Mr Allonby
Sponsor: Semex

Class 1: Beef Bred Bull Calf
1st – lot 620 A Pickthall, Borrans Farm
2nd – lot 613 HJ Robinson & Son, Elm Tree Farm
3rd – lot 621 A Pickthall, Borrans Farm

Class 2: Native Heifer
1st – lot 649 RF&CE Hodgson, Rowe End
2nd – lot 618 Messrs Robinson, Strickley
3rd – lot 615 Messrs Robinson, Strickley

Class 3: Beef Bred Heifer Calf
1st – lot 667 JW&TE Sharp LTD, Flodder Hall
2nd – lot 628 A Pickthall, Borrans Farm
3rd – lot 627 A Pickthall, Borrans Farm

Champion – lot 620 A Pickthall, Borrans Farm
Reserve Champion – lot 667 JW&TE Sharp LTD, Flodder Hall

Cast Cattle

Highest Price Continetal Cow Per Kilo - RG Holmes

Highest Priced Black & White Per Kilo - Strickland Hill Farming

Overall Highest Priced Per Head - GH Jones

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