J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Christmas Show and Sale of Prime Pigs, Cattle, Lambs and Cast Sheep, 7th December 2021


The Christmas Prize Show and Sale of Prime Pigs at North West Auctions Junction 36 saw and entry of both quality and quantity forward with 18 pairs forward in the two show classes, with the judging expertly undertaken this year by loyal sale attendee Mr John Twigge, Lindale who we thank for his time.
The championship rosette for 2021 was awarded to the first prize winning pair if heavy pigs which were presented by C Dean & LJ Brennand, Clapham. This pair of Pietrain x hogs later sold after a furry of bids (much like the short snow shower outside) for a star sparking price of £185 purchased by Mr Stephen Taylor, Bamber Bridge. The reserve rosette was won by the first prize pair of light weight pigs being Duroc x gilts from JM Navesey, Darwen.
All vendors must be complimented on the quality of the pigs presented not only at todays show and sale but throughout the year which has seen this popular sale continue to attract new customers from throughout the northern counties and further afield.
The sale today saw well finished pigs continue to sell to a premium with buyers keen to secure pigs to fulfil Christmas orders of hams, sausages and pigs in blankets. Following the champions which sold at £185, the next top price was £148 achieved by E Spedding & Son, Egremont and £130 from E Brannen, Penrith. Other heavy weighted pigs generally sold between £100 and £120, with lighter weights £85 - £100.
The top p/kg today was also achieved by the sale champions being 168p/kg. Others nicely selling at 115p/kg – 140p/kg and a special mention must go to a marvellous pen of Saddleback x Duroc hogs from JM Navesey being 75kg and achieving 160p/kg and £120.
Another large entry of young stores and weaners once again saw quality presented throughout with an eye catching pen of pure Pietrain weaners from D Thackery sell to £52, with other at £40 for a pen of modern Hydrid White gilts and boars from J Critchley.


The prime cattle show was judged by Mr Chris Bell, Appleby, a well-known and renowned Beef & Sheep farmer who we thank him very much for his time.
A Small but wonderful show of 15 prime cattle were forward, all eyes were in awe of the quality put before are judge and all vendors leaving the ring smiling with joy after their trade.
The Championship was awarded to Lot 14 a Limousin heifer shown by Alister Thompson, Selside weighing 585kg which went on to make 450p/kg and grossing at £2630 purchased by Chris Bell on behalf of Kitson Butchers.
Reserve honours was awarded to lot 2 a Limousin heifer shown by JA Barnett, Shap which went on to sell for 349.5p/kg weighing 600kg and grossing £2097. Other noted prices for the consignment from JA Barnett was lot 1 a Limousin heifer weighing 540kg which went on to sell for 400p/kg and grossing at £2158, purchased by Browns Quality Meats, Ulverston. The run of well finished and turned out heifers from JA Barnett, Shap sold to an impressive average of £2078.
Light weight heifers were a dream to sell today with most selling over the 300p/kg mark.
Our next show and sale of prime cattle will be the Easter show and sale.


A bouncing ‘Butchers Bonaza’ for the largest show of Christmas Prime lambs seen for some time at J36. There was an impressive entry of 55 show pens forward for our judge Chris Bell to cast his eye over. Taking the 2021 Christmas Show Championship was Linda Beck, Endmoor with her impressive pen of five lowland sired lambs by the Texel. This much-admired pen of lambs weighing 52kg went onto sell for £280 or 538p/kg purchased by James Blenkhorn on behalf of Yorkshire Halal. The reserve champion rosette was awarded to the first prize pair of Beltex lambs from Richard Batty, Selside weighed 48kg selling at £160. In class three, pen of five Mule/Masham lambs, the first prized rosette was awarded to AW & AM Clarke, Windermere selling 50kg Mule lambs to £136. The Horned and Herdwick class was won by TA & JA Dixon, Selside selling 46kg Swaledale lambs to £120. The Cheviot class was won by AR & BJ Thompson, Selside selling 47kg lambs to £136. The Rough Fell class kindly sponsored by the Rough Fell Sheep Breeders association had an increased entry of seven pens forward with the first-place rosette awarded to AJ & CM Harrison, Kentmere 42kg selling to £110.
A special mention goes to all our show sponsors, Carrs Billington J36 Rural Auction Centre, Rural Law, RA Thompson Haulage and The Rough Fell Sheep Breeders.
An increased entry of 1761 prime lambs were forward and sold to an overall market average of 281p/kg and SQQ of 284p/kg. The busy ring of twelve buyers forward today ensures all lambs forward where well bid for with heavy weight lambs at J36 continuing to bring a premium. Heavy weight Texel lambs sold to £173 weighing 63kg from F &SA Edmondson, Ulverston. Heavy Suffolk lambs sold to £163 from John Twigge, Lindale followed by others to £159 from F &SA Edmondson, Ulverston and £158.50 from G Riley, Bolton Le Sands. Heavy weight Masham lambs sold to £157.50 from JE Read, Hutton Roof followed by Mules to £153 from F &SA Edmondson, Ulverston. Plenty of pens of better bred Continental handy weighted lambs sold in excess of the 300p/kg market. Light weight lambs continue to be a strong trade for the Christmas export trade with there a strong trade for these in the liveweight ring at J36.


There were less ewes forward today, with all types continuing to sell to a fast trade at J36, with heavy ewes being dearer on the week. Texel ewes sold to a top of £172 from H Geldard, Foulshaw with the best pure bred ewes selling between the £160-£170 mark. Texels out of Mules sold to a top of £158 from AW Crowe. Charollais’s sold to £152 from JA & R Geldard & Son, Levens with many of the heavy ewes continuing to selling between the £115-£125 mark. Mule ewes sold to a strong trade with many selling over the £110 mark, topping at £115 from F & SA Edmondson. Medium type Mules were selling between the £90-£100 mark. Mashams sold to a top of £118 from WI & AM Atkinson & Son. Hill ewes sold to another sharp trade with Gritstones selling to £116 from S Crawford, Staveley. Dalesbred ewes sold to £84 twice, firstly from R Capstick & Son and then from WI & AM Atkinson & Son, whom also sold a full pen of Swaledale ewes to £72.
Cast Rams sold to a flying trade with Cheviot rams selling £190 from Forest Hall Farms and Rough fells selling to £140 from A Troughton.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs

Beltex - £280, £220, £160 Dugg Hill, £158 Poppy Farm, £154 St Annes Farm. Texel - £173 Netherhouses Farm, £158 Fell End Farm, £152, £151 Cumbrae, £150.50 Holmelands, £150 Red Scarr Farm. Suffolk - £163 Holmelands, £159 Netherhouses Farm, £158.50 Maddison Avenue, £158 Lane End Farm, £149 Holmelands, Netherhouses Farm. Masham - £157.50, £147 Mealriggs Farm, £123 Holme House Farm, £105.50 Middale Farm, £96 Mealriggs Farm. Blueface Leicester - £154 Fell End Farm, £134 Yoad Pot, £128.50 Poppy Farm, £110 Yoad Pot, £109 Benson Hall. Mule - £153 Netherhouses Farm, £152.50 Lambrigg Head Farm, £147.50 Holme Farm, £145 Yoad Pot, £142.50 Netherhouses Farm, £139.50 Sykes Farm. Continental - £152 Holmelands, £136 Arnside Tower Farm, £125.50 Summer Hill, £124 Newcross House Farm, £123 Oak Avenue, £115 Arnside Tower Farm. Charollais - £140 Low Longmire, Gaitbarrow Farm, £139 Head House, £136 Gaitbarrow Farm, £133 Low Foulshaw Farm, £131 Far Orrest. Ryeland - £139, £129.50 Windy How. Cheviot - £136 Poppy Farm, £134 Low Moor Howe Farm, £131 Seedhowe Cottages, £130, £119 Low Moor Howe Farm. Horned - £133 Low Deepslack. Lleyn - £133, £130.50, £126.50 Low Foulshaw Farm. Dalesbred - £130, £108.50 Fell End Farm. Rough Fell - £123.50, £115.50 High Borrowbridge, £112.50 Millriggs, £111 Birkhaw Farm, £110 Seedhowe Cottages, Birkhaw Farm. Swaledale - £120 Yoad Pot, £118 Sykes Farm, £110 Middale Farm, Yoad Pot, £108 Ashstead, £105 Middle Sadghyll. Scottish Blackface - £110, £99.50 Moss House Farm. Hampshire - £109 Hunda. Herdwick - £100 Bowkerstead Farm, £94 Summer Hill.

Cast Ewes:

Texel: £172 Whitbarrow View, £158, £148 Ashtree Cottage, £129 Howe Stone Barn, £119 Ashtree Cottage, £117 Top Thorn Farm. Charollais: £152 Low Foulshaw Farm, £141, £90 Howe Stone Barn. Suffolk: £139 Gilpin Green Farm, £131 Netherhouses Farm, £76 Kendal House Farm. Lleyn: £124 Top Thorn Farm, £110 Low Foulshaw Farm, £109 Cragg Farm. Zwartble: £119, £109 Guards Farm. Continental: £118 Preston Patrick Hall, £111 Top Thorn Farm, £80 Kendal House Farm, £80 Low Stangerthwaite, £73 Moss End Farm, £73 Preston Patrick Hall. Masham: £118 Holme House Farm, £114 Mealriggs Farm. Horned: £116 Seedhouse Cottages. Mule: £115 Netherhouses Farm, £114 Poppy Farm, £113 High Biggarsbank, £112 Holme House Farm, £111, £110 Pilling Hall Farm. Blue Texel: £113 Low Stangerthwaite. Leicester: £108 Moss End Farm. Cheviot: £106, £79 Craketrees, £74 Moss End Farm, £71 Kendal House Farm. Rough Fell: £91 Mealriggs Farm, £84 High Green Farm, £83, £80 Millriggs. Dalesbred: £84 Holme House Farm, £84, £64 Fell End Farm. Swaledale: £72 Holme House Farm, £69 High Green Farm, £66 Holme House Farm, £66 Yoad Pot, £65 Holme House Farm. Gritstone: £72 Bowkerstead Farm. Herdwick: £58 Bowkerstead Farm, £55 Little Guards, £54 Croftlands, £50 High Biggarsbank, £47 Little Guards, £47 Croftlands.

Cast Tups:

Cheviot: £190, £128 Forest Hall, £95 Nibthwaite Hall. Lleyn: £156 Top Thorn Farm. Leicester: £142 Ashstead, £94 Netherhouses Farm. Rough Fell: £140 Moors Farm. Suffolk: £128 Netherhouses Farm, £100, £76 Lane Ends Farm. Texel: £124, £114 Ashtree Cottage, £65, £40 Broadhead. Charollais: £118, £88 Preston Patrick Hall. Jacob: £76, £74 Wall End Farm.

More Info

Prime Butchers Cattle Show Results

Judge: Chris Bell, Appleby

Class 1 – Prime Heifer 550kgs or Over

1st – A R Thompson, Poppy Farm – 585kg – 449.50 / £2629.58

2nd – J A Barnet, Brinns Farm – 600kg – 349.50 / £2097.00

3rd – F & B Smith, The View – 608kg – 299.50 / £1820.96

Class 2 – Prime Heifer Under 550kg

1st - J A Barnet, Brinns Farm – 540kg – 399.50 / £2157.30

2nd - S T Birkett, Hall Croft Barn – 492kg – 299.50 / £1473.54

3rd – F I & M E Little, Helm Croft – 537kg – 289.50 / £1554.62

Class 3 – Prime Bullock 550kg or Over

1st – N Cooper & Son, Troughton Hall – 598kg – 267.50 / £1599.65

Champion - A R Thompson, Poppy Farm – 585kg – 449.50 / £2629.58

Reserve Champion - J A Barnet, Brinns Farm – 600kg – 349.50 / £2097.00

Prime Pigs Show Results

Judge: John Twigge, Lindale

Class 1 – Pair of Prime Pigs 90kg or Over

1st – J M Navesey, Silk Hall Farm

2nd – Daniel Thackay, Prospect House Farm

3rd – T W Burne, Street House

Class 2 – Pair of Prime Pigs Under 90kg

1st – C Dean & L J Brennand, Lodge Bank Farm

2nd – P & K Brannen, Scartop

3rd – D Lord, Presall Park Farm

Champion - C Dean & L J Brennand, Lodge Bank Farm

Reserve Champion – J M Navesey, Silk Hall Farm

Cull Ewes Show Results

Judge: George Harryman, Ambleside

Class 1 – 5 Lowland Ewes

1st – P Knowles, Cragg Farm - 5 Lleyn – £109

Class 2 – 5 Upland Ewes

1st – A E A Harrison, Boundary Beck – 5 Rough Fell - £83

2nd – A E A Harrison, Boundary Beck – 5 Rough Fell - £80

Prime Butchers Lamb Show Results

Judge: Chris Bell, Appleby

Class 1 – Pair of Beltex / Beltex X Prime Lambs

1st – R A Batty, Dugg Hill – 48kg - £160

2nd – J G & P H Thompson, Poppy Farm – 42kg- £146

3rd – B & A C Barnes, Hawkin Hall -42kg - £144

Class 2 – Pen of 5 Lowland Sired Prime Lambs

1st – L Beck, Dugg Hill – 52kg - £280

2nd – J G & P H Thompson, Poppy Farm – 43kg - £158

3rd – L E & A Ridding, Steel Croft – 44kg - £144

Class 3 – Pen of 5 Mule / Masham Prime Lambs

1st – A W & A M Clarke, Low Longmire – 50kg - £136

2nd – E J Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg – 58kg - £152.50

3rd – E W & J R Parkinson, Hareden Farm – 51kg - £139

Class 4 – Pen of 5 Horned / Herdwick Prime Lambs

1st – T A & J Dixon, Kit Cragg – 5 Swale – 46kg - £120

2nd – T A & J Dixon, Kit Cragg – 5 Swale – 41kg - £110

3rd – B & H M Wilson, Ashstead – 5 Swale – 35kg - £91.50

Class 5 – Pen of 5 Cheviot & Other Hill Bred Prime Lambs

1st – A R & B J Thompson, Poppy Farm – 47kg - £136

2nd – Low Moor Howe, High House Farm – 47kg - £134

3rd – Low Moor Howe, High House Farm – 46kg - £130

Class 6 Rough Fell

1st – A J & C M Harrison, Boundary Beck – 42kgs - £110

2nd – A E A Harrison, Boundary Beck – 43kgs - £112.50

3rd – K Milburn, High Roans – 40kgs - £108

Champion - L Beck, Dugg Hill – 52kg - £280

Reserve Champion - R A Batty, Dugg Hill – 48kg - £160

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