J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Prime Lambs and Cast Sheep - Tuesday 27th October

North West Auctions had a slightly smaller entry of 1511 lambs forward selling to an overall market average of 199p/kg with an SQQ average of 202p/kg. All specifications of lambs today were met with more demand. All heavy weight lambs were between £5 and £10 dearer on the week.

Texel lambs sold to a top of £113.50 and £113 from JD Airey, Kendal.

Heavyweight Suffolk lambs topped at £103.50 from DE and SM Moorhouse, Natland, with plenty of pens of heavyweight lambs selling in excess of the £100 mark. Better confirmation lambs this week met a better demand selling to £104 or 248p/kg from JJ & S Raine, Appleby who also sold others to 240p/kg or £100.50. CM Jennings, Selside sold Beltex lambs to £244p/kg. Plenty of pens of better confirmation lambs selling in the 230p/kg region.

Once again there was a good number of upland lambs in the market with Mule lambs topping at £89.50 from JS & S Atkinson, Scorton with others selling to £89 from J & J Huck, Burneside and plenty of pens of Mule lambs selling in the mid 80s.

Horned lambs sold to a top of £85 for Dalesbreds from R Capstick & Son, Ingleton.

Sufflolk lambs sold to £103.50 and averaged £90.52 or 195p/kg
Masham lambs sold to £87 and averaged £82.82 or 189p/kg
Mule lambs sold to £89.50 and averaged £85.67 or 195p/kg
Texel lambs sold to £113 and averaged £88.12 or 201p/kg
Beltex lambs sold to £104 and averaged £95.18 or 229p/kg
Horned lambs sold to £85 and averaged £74.38 or 184p/kg

Cast Sheep
There were less ewes in the market today with 470 going under the hammer. Strong fit ewes continue to sell to a competitive trade with leaner ewes harder to place on today’s trade. Texel ewes led the way at £105 from TH & DM Cornthwaite & Son, Cartmel Fell with others £101 from R Wilson & Son, Appleby with many of the best Texel ewes selling in the £95 mark.

Suffolk ewes from R Wilson & Son, Appleby topped at £98 with Charollais ewes selling to the same price from GW Robinson & Son, Crooklands. Strong Mule ewes were selling into the £70 mark with a top of £76 from S Kellet & Sons, Pilling. Medium type Mules were selling between £62 - £67.

A bigger show of hill ewes were forward today and selling to a stronger trade than in previous weeks. Cheviot ewes led the way once again topping at £85 from TH & DM Cornthwaite & Son who sold others to £77. Rough Fells peaked at £56 twice from TLB & J Knowles, Selside and K B Milburn, Sedbergh. A large show of Swaledales were forward with stronger types being £5 up on the week, topping at £53 from W Caley & Son, Windermere with others to £49 from J & J Burrow, Grayrigg.

Herdwicks sold to £53 from S Whitehead, Middleton.

Cast Rams continue to sell to a fast trade at J36 with many outlets for these. Charollais rams sold to £102 from CC & HM Roberts, Tebay, with Leicester rams to £84 from JA & CA Gibson, Selside.

Top Prices

PRIME LAMBS: TEXEL: £113.50, £113 5 Mint Close, 106 Garnett House Farm, £104 High House Faarm, £102 Hawkriggs End. BELTEX: £104, £110.50, £98.50 Westlea, £100 Poppy Farm, £98 Hill Park. SUFFOLK: £103.50, £100 High House Farm, £95.50 Hawrigg End, £95 Hill Park, £94.50 Mire House Farm. LEICESTER: £ 103, 386 Thursgill. CHEVIOT: £103, £78 Howriggs, £81 Croziers Croft. ZWARTBLE: £97.50 Birks Farm. CONTINENTAL: £96.50 Head Hose, £93.50 Swarbrick, £90.50 Yew Tree House,£90 Gilpin Bank Farm, £85.50 Howriggs. MULE: £89.50 Sykes Farm, £89 Garnett House Farm, £88.50 Middale Farm, £86.50 Yoad Pot, £86 Tullithwaite Hall Office. CHEVIOT – MULE: £88 Sinkfall. CHAROLLAIS: £86, £82.59, £77 Redbank Farm, £73 Mire House Farm. MASHAM: £87 MIDDALE Farm, £77.50 Crooksbeck. DALESBRED: £85, £74 Fell End Farm. TEESWATER: £83 Crooksbeck. JACOB: £80, £73.50, £60 Crook Hall Farm. GRITSTONES: £77 Low Waterside. HORNED: £75.50 Deep Clough, £45 Low Waterside. ROUGHFELL: £74.50 High Borrowbridge, £73.50 Crooksbeck, £67 Steps Farm. HAMPSHIRE: £70 Swarbrick. HERDWICK: £55 Mireside Farm.

CAST EWES: TEXEL: £105 Low Tarn Green, £101 1 Lowfields Cottage, £99 Birks Farm, £98 Storth End Farm, £96 Kate Farm. SUFFOLK: £98 1 Lowfields Cottage, £84 Head House, £82 Storth End Farm, £81, £65 Yew Tree House. CONTINENTALS: £98 Moss End, £72 Far Orrest, £61 Low Waterside, £45 Kate Farm, £39 Croft Foot Farm. BELTEX: £88 Crake Hall. CHEVIOT: £85, £77 Low Tarn Green, £76 Low Mill House, £74 High Borrowbridge, £66 Howriggs. HORNED: £84, £83, £56 Yew Tree House, £64 Moss End, £50 Low Deepslack. CHAROLLAIS: £82 Redbank Farm. LEICESTER: £80Kate Farm, £43 Holme House Farm. MULE: £76, £67 Pilling hall, £67 Broats Farm, £67 Garnett’s House Farm, £65 Head House Newton. GRITSTONE: £59 Low Waterside, £46 Moss End. ROUGHFELL: £56 High Borrowbridge, £56 High Roans, £55 Millbeck, 352 Crooksbeck, £34 Boundary Beck. HERDWICK: £53 Low Waterside, £45 Gilpin Farm, £40 High Borrans, £36 Moors Farm. SWALEDALE: £53 High Skelghyl, £49 Thursgill, £48Holme House Farm, £46 Gilpin Farm, £46 Far Orrest. SCOTTISH BLACKFACE: £50 Moss End. DALESBRED: £43, £23 Holme House Farm. MASHAM: £36 Lane End.

CAST RAMS: CONTINENTAL: £60 Bybeck. ROUGHFELL: £31 Low Deepslack. CHAROLLAIS: £102 Bybeck. LEICESTER: £84, £40 Longwell, 360, £40 Roundthwaite,

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