J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Prime Lambs and Cast Sheep - Tuesday 6th October

Prime Lambs

The weekly sale of Prime Lambs had an increased entry of 1738 forward selling to a better trade than anticipated, following on from market reports from this morning and the previous day. The overall market average of 196p/kg included a larger percentage of upland bred lambs. There was an SQQ average of 201p/kg. This week saw heavy lambs selling to less money with handy weighted Continental lambs 38-44kg in strong demand, easily selling in excess of 200p/kg.

Leading the way this week was the consignment from J Bargh and Son, Morecambe selling 60kg Texels to £118. This was followed by heavy weight Continental lambs selling to £110.50 from JN & DJ Bowes, Crook. Suffolk lambs sold to a top of £102 three times from J & R Waller, Killington, BH Bainbridge, Holme and MW & M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell, with plenty more heavy weight lambs selling around the one-hundred-pound mark. Better conformation lambs saw Beltex lambs twice sell to 230p/kg from J Bargh and Son, Heaton with Oxcliffe which grossed £101 purchased by Plumgarths Farm Shop. Also achieving 230p/kg was JA Airey, New Hutton selling Beltex lambs to £98.50. There were plenty more better-bred lambs selling in excess of the 220p/kg mark. All handy weighted Texel lambs forward sold to a market average of 206p/kg with handy weight Beltex lambs sold to an average of 227p/kg.

Upland lambs saw Mule lambs sell to a top of £92 for 52kg from JS & S Atkinson, Scorton with Masham lambs selling to £87.50 from JA Bennett, Longsleddale.

Cast sheep

There was another good entry of 582 ewes forward at J36. Heavy ewes continue to sell to another strong trade. Texel ewes sold to a top of a £111 from J Holme & son with many of the best Texel ewes selling in the £100 mark.

Beltex ewes peaked at £95 from JA Chapman. Strong Suffolk ewes were well bid for with a top of £91 from H Newton. Mule ewes with meat were a nice trade, with over fat ewes a little harder to sell. Mule ewes topped at £83 from BW & G Robinson, with other strong mules £75 plus.

A big show of hill ewes were forward, with meaty ewes continuing to sell well. Cheviot ewes topped at £71 from JJ & M Metcalfe with others to £70 from LA & M Lambert. There was a good show of Rough Fell ewes, topping at £66 from M Bland & Son with Swaledale ewes to £53 from J Handley & Son.
There was a good entry of goats today with all bid for topping at £74 from TE & J Wadsworth with others from the same home to £60.

There were less cast tups about with all keenly bid for. The top price was from the good home of E & CA Shuttleworth which sold Texel tups to £135 twice.

Top Prices


TEXEL: £118 North Farm, £103 Swimmers Farm, £101 North Farm, Johnson House Farm, £99 Gibraltar Farm. CONTINENTAL: £110.50 Low Brundrigg, £95.50 Far Orrest, £94 Haveriggs Farm, £90.50 Ninezergh, £89.50 Green Lane End Farm. SUFFOLK: £102 Hallbeck, Yew Tree Cottage, Swallowmire, £99 Low Brundrigg, £98.50 Steel Croft. BELTEX: £99 Gibraltar Farm, £98.50 Old Croft, £97 Keers Fall, £96 Myers Farm, £79 Crabtree Farm. MULE: £92 Sykes Farm, £85 Yew Tree Farmhouse, £84.50 Low Longmire, £83.50 Yoad Pot, Middale Farm. MASHAM: £87.50 Middale Farm, £71, £69 Steps Farm. CHAROLLAIS: £86.50, £79 Myers Farm, £41 Moss End Farm. HAMPSHIRE: £83 The Borrans. CHEVIOT: £83 Orchard House, £82.50 Greenbank Farm, £82 Howriggs, Green Head, £80.50 Seedhowe Cottages. RYELAND: £70 Sykes Farm. ROUGH FELL: £70 Seedhowe Cottages, £55.50 Steps Farm, £50 Intake Farm. SWALEDALE: £68.50 Yew Tree Farmhouse, £60 Lunesdale House. JACOB: £62 Crook Hall Farm, £40 Moss End Farm. HORNED: £59.50 Old Hutton Farm.


GOAT: £74.00 Raines Hall, £60.00 Raines Hall, £44.00 Intake Farm, £30.00 Raines Hall, £30.00 Raines hall. RYELAND: £60.00 Keers Falls. SUFFOLK: £91.00 Low Levens , £77.00 HollowmireFarm, £68.00 Low Levens, £55.00 25 Somme Avenue, £55 10 Abbey Drive. CONTINENTAL: £87.00 25 Somme Avenue, £81.00 25 Somme Avenue, £66.00 Somme Avenue, £62.00 25 Somme Avenue, £42.00 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £40.00 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £31.00 10 Abbey Drive. MULE: £83.00Burnt House Farm, £79.00 Far Kiln Bank, £78.00 Ash Tree Cottage, £77.00 Hollowmire Farm, £72.00 Low Fold, £72.00Steel Croft, £69.00 Moss End Farm, £68.00 Barrowfield, £67.00 High Butterbent, £67.00 25 Somme Avenue. SWALEDALE: £53.00 Gunnerfleet Farm, £50.00 Cooper House, £50.00 Eskew Beck, £50.00 Eskew Beck, £49.00 Eskew Beck, £48.00 Yoad Pot, £46.00 Valley View, £44.008 The Park, £44.00 Ivy Cottaage, £41.00 Valley View. ROUGHFELLS: £66.00 Low Fold, £59.00 Boundary Beck, £52.00 Boundary Beck, £46.00 Highborrowbridge, £39.00 Boundary Beck, £35.00 Low Deepslack. SCOTTISH BLACKFACE: £37.00 Ivy Cottage, £20.00 Croziers Croft. HORNED EWES: £80.00 Old Hutton Farm, £30.00 Old Hutton Farm. CHAROLLAIS: £92.00 Ash Tree Cottage , £69.00 Gilpin Green Farm, £60.00 Moss End Farm, £59.00 Yealand Manor. CHEVIOT: £71.00 Orchard House, £70.00 Brow Head, £64.003 Seedhowe Cottages, £60.00 Moss End Farm, £52.00 Brow Head, £50.00 Ivy Cottage, £46.00 3 Seedhowe Cottages, £44.00 3 Seedhowe Cottages, £43.00 Yealand Manor, £38.00 Orchard House. TEXEL: £111.00 Hollowmire Farm, £96.00 North Lodge, £93.00 Gunnerfleet Farm, £92.00 Sunny Bank, £92.00 Sunny Bank, LLEYN: £77.00 Cragg Farm, £74.00 Cragg Farm. LEICESTER: £87.00 Boundary Beck, £76.00 Boundary Beck. DALESBRED: £53.00 Midddale Farm. HERDWICK: £45.00 Springs Cottage, £40.00 Far Kiln Bank, £37.00 Far Kiln Bank. BELTEX: £95.00 North Lodge, £86.00 Parkside Farm, £74.00 Parkside Farm, £68.00 Keers Falls. KERRYHILL: £19.00 Highborrowbridge. CHEVIOT CROSS MULE: £60.00 Yew Tree Farmhouse, £48.00 Orchard House. WHITE FACE WOODLAND: £52.00 Keers Falls, £41.00 Keers Falls, £40.00 Keers Falls, £35.00 Keers Falls


GOAT: £60.00 Stone Hall, £40.00 Stone Hall. HORNED: £49.00 Gilpin Bank Farm, £44.00 Gilpin Bank Farm. CHAROLAIS: £60.00 25 Somme Avenue. TEXEL: £135.00 Far Mount Barrow Farm. ZWARTBLE: £10.00 10 Abbey Drive.

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