J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Prime Lambs and Cast Sheep - Tuesday 17th November 2020

Tuesday 17th November 2020

Prime Lambs

Prime lambs saw an increase in price since the beginning of the week with many Auction Marts having a lot less numbers forward so the shortage in supply helping to raise the trade.

J36 had a slightly smaller show of lambs forward with 1317 in the Mart selling to an overall market average of 209p/kg, with an overall SQQ of 210p/kg. All specifications of lambs saw a steep increase. All lambs forward averaged £91.08.

Leading the way with 60kg Suffolks was TA Teasdale, Newton in Cartmel selling to £117, with Texel lambs from the same home weighing 55kg selling to £115.50. 53kg Texel lambs from PM & ST Entwhistle, Abbeystead sold to £112. This was followed by 56kg Mules to £111 from TE JS & SA Carruthers, Underbarrow. Plenty of them heavyweight lambs selling in the early 100s. Beltex lambs sold to a top of 260p/kg or £112 from AR & BJ Thompson, Selside. Plenty of pens of better confirmation lambs regularly selling to 225 – 245p/kg.

Continental lambs weighing between 39kg and 45kg continue to be the most desirable weights, regularly selling between 210p/kg and 220p/kg.

Well fleshed Mule lambs regularly sold in excess of 200p/kg. Other pens of heavyweight Mules sold to £98 from MW & M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell followed by £96 achieved by TE JS & SA Carruthers. With plenty of pens of Mules regularly selling in the early 90s.

Horned lambs saw Swaledale lambs sell to £85 from AW & AM Clarke, Windermere with Dalesbreds to £83 from R Capstick & Son, Ingleton.

Suffolk lambs sold to £117, averaging £95.39 or 207p/kg
Mule lambs sold to £111, averaging £88.14 or 200p/kg
Swaledale lambs sold to £85, averaging £75.05 or 193p/kg
Cheviot lambs sold to £103, averaging £87.29 or 210p/kg
Texel lambs sold to £115.50, averaging £94.57 or 213p/kg
Beltex lambs sold to £112, averaging £96.71 or 230p/kg

Cast Ewes

There was a reduced entry of cast sheep with 350 forward today. All strong, heavy type ewes were selling to a faster trade with lighter ewes selling similar on the week. Beltex ewes led the way at £133 from CM Jennings, Selside. Suffolks from DM & D Cook, Ulverston sold to £119 with Texel ewes to £116 from AW Crowe and other Texel ewes to £112 from Kate Wilson, Ulverston. Strong Continental bred ewes were selling well over the £100 mark.

Mule ewes showed the biggest lift on the week with a top of £95 from DM & D Cook, Ulverston with others to £89 from JW & TE Sharp, Lyth. The best Mule ewes selling well over £80.

A bigger show of hill ewes were forward with all types eagerly bid for with a wonderful Cheviot ewe topping the hill section at £118 from RW & SA Nicholson, Carnforth with other Cheviots selling to £85. A run of Rough Fell ewes from Alison O’Neil, Firbank peaked at £75 with others selling to £73 from the same home.

Meaty Swaledale ewes were keenly bid for with a top of £58 from RF & CE Hodgson, Pennington with others to £54 from JS & S Atkinson, Scorton.


There were 40 tups forward today with all being well bid for and topping with Beltexs from P & SA Edmondson, Barrows Green at £137. Charollais sold to £126 from FE & CM Robinson, Crooklands with Texels to £121 from RE Ladds. More tups could easily have been sold today.

Top Prices

Prime Lamb:
Suffolk - £117 Head House, £110 Lentworth Farm, £108 Flodder Hall, £104 Mill House Farm, £104 Smithy Green Farm. Continental - £115.5 Head House, £105 Mint Close, £100 The Borrans, £97.5 Mint Close, £94 The Howes. Beltex - £112 Poppy Farm, £102 Holmelands, £100, £99, £95.5 Poppy Farm. Texel - £112 Lentworth Farm, £111 Steel Croft, £108 Poppy Farm, £107 Holmelands, £107 Gibraltar Farm. Mule - £111 Red Scar Farm, £98 Swallowmire, £96 Red Scar Farm, £93 Low Longmire, £91.5 Sykes Farm. Cheviot - £103 High House Farm, £96.5 Seedhowe Cottages, £86.5 Hartrigg, £85 Howriggs, £82.5 Re Braida Garth. Charollais - £100.5 The Old Vicarage, £91.5, £88 Redbank Farm, £85 Moss Side. Cheviot Mule - £88 Well Foot, £83 Poppy Farm. Swaledale - £85 Low Longmire, £75 Middale Farm, £75, £73 Middle Sadghyll, £72 Rowe End Farm. Horned - £83, £80.5 Fell End Farm. Dales Bred - £76 Re Braida Garth.

Cast Ewe:
Beltex - £133 Crake Hall. Suffolk - £119 Smithy Green Farm, £107 Green Lane End Farm, £106 Smithy Green Farm. Cheviot - £118 Green Lane End Farm, £85 Gilthwaiterigg, £84 Green Lane End Farm, £82, £70 Gilthwaiterigg. Texel - £116 Ashtree Cottage, £112 Windhill Cottage, £105 Town House, £100 Flodder Hall, £99 Town House. Charollais - £108, £73 Redbank Farm. Mule - £95 Smithy Green farm, £89 Flodder Hall, £89 Smithy Green Farm, £84 Top Thorn Farm, £78 Town House. Cheviot Mule - £88 Gilthwaiterigg, £77 Sunny Bank. Lleyn - £85 Cragg Farm. Leicester - £82 Low Fold. Scotch - £77 Gilthwaiterigg. Rough Fell - £75, £73 Shackla Bank Farm, £67 Howes Lodge, £66 Shackla Bank Farm, £65 Marsh Grange Farm. Swaledale - £58 Rowe end Farm, £54 Sykes Farm, £53 Brow Head, £52 Well Foot. Masham - £50 Killington Drive. Teeswater - £45 Killington Drive. Herdwick - £45 Windhill Cottage.

Cast Ram:
Beltex - £137 Low Barrows Green. Charollais - £126 Warth Sutton Farm. Suffolk - £121 Low barrows Green, £104, £102 Hopestead. Texel - £121 Benson Hall, £109 Close Foot, £102 Hopestead, £98 Nook Farm, £84 Red Scar Farm. Leicester - £117, £109 Forest Hall, £84 High Green Farm, £80 Whelpside Farm. Dorset - £98 Warth Sutton Farm. Cheviot - £86, £79, £64 High House Farm. Lleyn - £76 Cragg Farm. Ryedale - £71 Sykes Farm. Rough Fell - £69 Shackla Bank Farm. Herdwick - £54 Greenbank Farm, £50 Moser Hill.

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