J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Primestock - Tuesday 31st March

Prime Hoggs

With the World in turmoil and livestock marketing in extremely turbulent water we at North West Auctions decided to stage one prime hogg and cull sheep sale this week at J36. It has to be said producers tentatively put their toe in the water and in doing so completely observed the rules on social distancing. Buyers assembled ringside and again showed complete respect to the rules.

Considering the quality of sheep on there was generally a very fast trade took place with the SQQ average levelling at 205.35p/kg and 203.24p/kg overall. Leading the way today was J Bargh & Son, Morecambe selling Texels to 253p/kg. Andrew Butler, Hambleton sold similar to 251p/kg and AR & BJ Thompson, Selside sold to 247p/kg and 244p/kg. In the pounds per head, J Bargh & Son, sold to £109 and £104, Cardwell Farms sold to £110 and Andrew Butler sold to £103 and £102.

Cheviots were a flying trade with A & HM Singleton & Son selling to 245p/kg, M & C Booth sold to 243p/kg, Cardwell Farms to 226p/kg and J Fryars to 226p/kg. Cardwell Farms and C Hutchings both sold to £99.50. North Country Mules sold very well indeed with M & C Booth selling to 230p/kg, J Drinkall Ltd sold to 208p/kg, SM Watson sold to 203p/kg, TE, JS & SA Carruthers sold to 202p/kg and £102. J Bargh & Son sold Mules to £100 along with J Fryars. Scottish Blackface from A &HM Singleton sold to 224p/kg and to 210p/kg from WM Pye. Swaledales from RS & BA Harker, Overthwaite sold to 239p/kg and J Fryars to 195p/kg. Rough Fells from J Fryars sold to 216p/kg with Messrs A & HM Singleton & Son selling to £93. Suffolks from J Bargh & Son sold to £109 and AR & BJ Thompson sold to £103 and 215p/kg.

124 Texels sold to 250p/kg or £103 av. 211p/kg
97 Cheviots sold to 245p/kg or £99.50 av. 214p/kg
60 Charollais sold to 220p/kg or £109 av. 213p/kg
87 Mules sold to 230p/kg or £102 av. 194p/kg
62 Swaledales to 239p/kg or £86 av. 185p/kg
41 Scottish Blackfaces to 224p/kg or £89 av. 211p/kg
14 Rough Fells sold to 216p/kg or £93 av. 187p/kg
10 Beltex sold to 251p/kg or £103 av. 244p/kg
22 Lonks sold to 208p/kg or £83 av. 182p/kg
23 Suffolks sold to 215p/kg or £109 av. 203p/kg

We look forward to continuing with these sales and your continued support in helping us create a real demand.

Cast Ewes

A light showing of cull ewes with a very respectable trade. Texels from E Lund & Son sold to £119 with Jack Turnbull selling to £107 and £100. JH Atkinson & Partners sold to £85 and HM Hodgson sold to £82 and a Bluefaced Leicester from B & HM Wilson sold to £114.

Beltex rams from OR Hodgson sold to £110.

Top Prices

Prime Hoggs

Charollais £110 Inverbervie, £104 North Farm, £100.50, £93 Park Farm Barn, £84 Inverbervie. Suffolk £109 North Farm, £103 Poppy Farm, £97 Meathop Park Farm, £89 North Farm, Throstle Grove Farm. Continental £109 North Farm, £77 Moss End Farm, £70 Low Borrowbridge Farm. Bluefaced Leicester £108 Hazel Head Farm, £99 Harden Farm, £85 Hazel Head Farm, £83 Harden Farm. Beltex £103 Park Farm Barn, £88, £86.50, £85.50 Poppy Farm. Texel £103 Park Farm Barn, £102 North Farm, Park Farm Barn, £101.50 Red Scar Farm, £101 Park Farm Barn. Mule £102 Red Scar Farm, £100 Medlar Hall Farm, North Farm, £90 Medlar Hall Farm, £85 Hartrigg. Cheviot £99.50 Inverbervie, Hazel Head Farm, £95 Inverbervie, £93 Medlar Hall Farm, £91 Inverbervie. Rough Fell £93, £85, £84 Bradley Hill Farm, £81 Old School House, £80 Medlar Hall Farm. Scottish Blackface £89 Tarnwater Farm, Bradley Hill Farm, £86 Tarnwater Farm, £78.50 Bradley Hill Farm. Swaledale £86 Harden Farm, Overthwaite, £80 Ashstead, £78 Stone Croft, £72 Medlar Hall Farm. Lonk £83 Medlar Hall Farm. Cheviot Mule £81 Poppy Farm. Herdwick £72 Hazel Head Farm.

Cast Ewes

Texel £119 Lundholme Farm, £107, £100 Meathop Park Farm, £89 Aisgill Farm, £86 Lundholme Farm. Bluefaced Leicester £114 Ashstead. Charollais £91 Moss End Farm. Mule £85 Mosergh Farm, £82 Low Garths, £81, £80 Mosergh Farm, £76 Manor House Farm. Cheviot £81 Moss End Farm, £69 Lower Edinboro, £53 Old School House. Suffolk £78 Tarnwater Farm. Lleyn £70 Bondgate Farm. Swaledale £63 Low Garths, £50 Ashstead, £49 Low Garths, Lower Edinboro.

Cast Ram

Continental £110 Low Garths. Beltex £104 Low Garths Farm. Bluefaced Leicester £100 Hazel Head Farm, £100, £92 Ashstead. Texel £92 Aisgill Farm, £81 Stonethwaite Farm. Swaledale £75 Aisgill Farm, £72 Ashstead, £61 Stonethwaite Farm. Charollais £64 Aisgill Farm.

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