J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Prime Lambs and Cast Sheep - Tuesday 15th December 2020

Tuesday 15 December 2020

Prime Lambs

North West Auctions, J36 weekly sale of Prime Lambs saw, as nationally, the trade slightly easier. There was an entry of 1473 forward selling to an overall market average of 202p/kg with an SSQ average of 208p/kg.

Heavy weighted lambs have taken the largest hit and instead of regularly selling easily in excess of the 200p/kg mark often sold around the 190p/kg mark. Handy weighted export lambs continue to be in strongest demand with Texel bred lambs around the 40kg mark and well fleshed regularly selling between 215p/kg and 220p/kg. The light weight trade this week was slightly more selective as the orders become full for the Christmas export trade.

Leading the way this week at £108 were 50kg Texel lambs from EI EA & TW Wilson, Flookburgh and others from the same home selling to £107. Other Texel lambs sold to £107 from AW Crowe, Witherslack, weighing 44kg. Beltex lambs sold to a top of 291p/kg or £102 from EI EA & TW Wilson, this was closely followed by 284p/kg and 264p/kg from JT & PH Thompson, Selside. Better conformation lambs regularly sold between 230p/kg and 250p/kg.
Upland lambs sold to a top of £96.50 for 48kg Mules from EW & JR Parkinson, Clitheroe. Pens of Mules regularly sold around the 200p/kg mark.

Cast Sheep

The weekly sale of cast sheep had 462 forward which saw all specifications of sheep sell to an increased trade. Cast rams led the way topping at £158 for Texels from GM Metcalfe Jnr, Underbarrow. Charollais cast tups sold to £140 from BR Harrison, Staveley with other Texels selling to £129 from JA Bennett, Longsleddale, with plenty other Continental cast tups easily selling beyond the £100 mark.

Cast sheep peaked at £124 for JA & R Geldard & Sons, Levens. Suffolk ewes peaked at £116 from JC Walling & Son, Lyth. Heavy weight Continental ewes easily sold in excess of the £100 mark. Mule ewes peaked at £103 from MJ Waller, Lupton with pens of strong Mule ewes regularly selling around the £90 mark. Horned sheep topped at £88 for a Rough Fell cast tup from BJ Bainbridge, Shap. Rough Fell ewes sold to a top of £76 from RJ & OB Simpson, Longsleddale. Topping at £76 were Swaledale ewes from T & H Drinkall, Oakenclough with best horned ewes regularly selling towards the £70 mark.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs

Texel: £108 Guides Farm, £107 Ashtree Cottage, Guides Farm, £102, £100 Poppy Farm, £100 Brown Edge. Beltex: £102 Guides Farm, £94 Poppy Farm. Blueface Leicester: £98 Hareden Farm, £82 Fell End Farm. Suffolk: £97.50, £97 Smithy Green Farm, £97, £94.50 Longfield Manor, £94, £93 Smithy Green Farm. Continental: £97 Far Orrest, £90 North Farm, £88.50 Cracalt Farm, £86 The Borrans, £83.50 Dawson Fold, £80 Black Bull Farm. Mule: £96.50 Hareden Farm, £92.50 Red Scarr Farm, £90 The Borrans, £89.50 Holme House Farm, £89 Boundary Beck, £88 Barrowfield. Cheviot: £93.50, £92.50 Low Tarn Green, £88.50 Howriggs, £88 The Barn, Howriggs, £83,50 Hazelslack Tower Farm. Charollais: £94 The Borrans, £85.50, £74 The Old Vicarage. Masham: £86 Holme House Farm, £85 Poppy Farm, £78 Middale Farm. Rough Fell: £84.50 Millriggs. Hampshire: £80, £70 Turners Farm. Herdwick: £79, £72 Black Bull Farm, £71.50 Yew Tree Farm. Dalesbred: £78, £69 Fell End Farm. Swaledale: £77 Bramaskew, £75 High Borrans Farm, £72 Ashstead, £71 Nether House Farm, £70 Middle Sadghyll, £68.50 Overthwaite Farm.

Cast Ewes

Charollais: £124 Low Foulshaw Farm. Suffolk: £116 Dawson Fold, £103 Kirket Nook, £90 Dawson Fold, Low Barrow Green, Nether House Farm, £85 North Farm. Texel: £112 Gibraltar Farm, £110 Crosscrake Farm, £108 Low Barrows Green, £101 Warth Sutton Farm, £100 Low Chapel Farm, Ashtree Cottages. Zwartble: £108 Lowfield Cottage. Cheviot: £104 North Farm, £83 Carlingwha, £70 Low Mill House, £65 North Farm, £64 Moss End Farm, £62Gaisgill Row Farm. Mule: £103 Carlingwha, £90 Low Barrows Green, £89 North Farm, Cracalt Farm, £83 North Farm, £80 Holme Farm. Dorset: £101 Lowfields Cottage, £87 Warth Sutton Farm. Continental: £92 Warth Sutton Farm. Beltex: £90 Lowfields Cottage, £70 Stubb Farm. Teeswater: £87 High Swinklebank Farm. Swaledale: £76 Calderside Farm, £67 North Farm, Calderside Farm, £57 Cotegill Cottage, £56 Nether House Farm, North Farm. Rough Fell: £76 High Swinklebank Farm, £72 Moss End Farm, £64, £62 High Swinklebank Farm. Horned: £64 North Farm. Gritstone: £63 Gaisgill Row Farm. Shetland: £62 Moss Howe Farm. Herdwick: £58 Yew Tree Farm, £52 Low Mill House, £50 Yew Tree Farm, £30 Tongue House Farm. Dalesbred: £47 Middale Farm.

Cast Tups

Texel: £158 Low Gregg Hall, £129 Middale Farm, £108 Low Chapel Farm, £104, £94 Guides Farm, £86 Gibraltar Farm. Charollais: £140 The Old Vicarage, £122 Howriggs, £111, £110 The Barn, £80 Low Chapel Farm, £78 Guides Farm. Suffolk: £119 The Old Vicarage, £87 Nether House Farm. Rough Fell: £88 Steps Farm, £60 High Swinklebank Farm. Swaledale: £56 Low Deepslack.

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