J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Store Cattle - Thursday 30th April


The was a larger show of Calves forward this week selling to a stronger trade than previous weeks, with many more required to fulfil buyers’ requirements. Bull calves met a flying trade, with strong Limousins from CM & CS Chappelhow, Clifton selling to £455 and £435. British Blue bulls were keenly bid for topping at £395 from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick with others from the same home selling to £370 and £365. A young show of native bred bulls sold to a fast trade, with three week old Angus bulls selling to £240 from DW Cottam, New Hutton. Heifers suitable for breeding were highly sort after with British Blues to £370 from Messrs Sowerby, Drybeck with others from the same home to £360. Strong Angus heifers sold to a top of £330 from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick.

Dairy bulls were the strong trade seen for many months at J36 with Friesians to £165 from J Scott & Co, Cark in Cartmel with other Friesians to £135 from RG & JA Clark, Endmoor. Fleckviehs sold to £165 from Messrs Wilson, Allithwaite and Montbeliardes to £135 from Colby Farms, Appleby. Medium type black and white calves sold between £50 and £80 with smaller types £20 to £45. A run of weaned Norwegian Red calves sold to £260 from R & J Dodgson, Natland.

There was the fastest trade for stirks seen for sometime at J36 with Hereford bullocks to £800 from Mason Birkland Barrow, Over Kellet. Angus steers sold to £745 from AC & BM Robinson, Arkholme. Five-month-old British Blue bullocks from GG & MA Long, Ulverston sold to £660. Strong heifers from J Stott Jnr, Kingsland sold to £710 for Angus’ with Blues to £620 from GG & MA Long. A run of Fleckvieh bullocks topped at £440 from AC & BM Robinson & Son, Arkholme with Friesian to £280 from A Talbot, Hambleton.

Cast Cows

Cull cows saw a top price of 151.5p/kg for a BRB x cow from TA & DH Knipe, Oxen Park with a Limousin x from SW Atkinson & Son, Crook selling at 149.5p/kg. Well fleshed beef bred cows generally 125p/kg – 135p/kg with keen interest in cows for further feeding. Dairy cows sold to 117.5p/kg on several occasions for Holstein Friesians from CM & CS Chapplehow, Penrith, JM Barton & Son, Lupton and Shorthorns from JR Handley, Whinfell. Parlour type cows 95p/kg – 105p/kg. Top grossing beef cow was £1120 for an Aberdeen Angus x from JE Read, Hutton Roof and Holstein Friesian £1005 from JM Barton & Son, Lupton.

Several cull bulls were forwards selling to a top price of 144.5p/kg for a Limousin from JA Airey, New Hutton and £1386 for a Limousin from B Heyes, Mossborough. HMP Wymott sold Aberdeen Angus bulls at 177p/kg and £1088.

OTM heifers sold to 139.5p/kg and £809 for a Holstein Friesian from R & J Dodgson, Natland.

A Hereford x steer from TA & DH Knipe, Oxen Park sold at 161.5p/kg and £1083.

More cows can easily be sold at each sale to our competitive ring of bidders.

Store Cattle

The Annual Grass Day sale of store cattle saw buyers in attendance from throughout the Northern Counties and Midland with several new faces in attendance attracted by the quality and quantity of cattle entered for this sale for which all vendors must be complimented. Buyers were highly delighted with the cattle presented before them and are keen to attend the next sale on Thursday 14th May; vendors are encouraged to enter cattle early for this sale with the catalogue being printed on Thursday 7th.

The sale saw a strong trade for all classes and types of cattle with buyers looking for cattle to turn out with the change in weather and a promise of grass.

Steers sold to a top price of £1250 for Limousin x steers (22 month old) from AE Atkinson & Son, Endmoor who sold others at £1170. Other strong steers sold at £1240 for Limousin x (20 month old) from DE & SM Moorhouse, Natland. Plenty of steers were selling £1000 - £1150 to include the annual consignment from JA & KJ Allen, Ings selling to £1170, TW & C Shepherd, Underbarrow £1150, A & P Hodgkinson, Stalmine £1130 and S Procter, Selside £1070. Yearlings sold to £1100 for a Limousin x from JG & PH Thompson, Selside and BRBx £1070 from S Procter, Selside. Younger suckler bred steers sold to £1020 for Limousin x from H Morgan, Stalmine and a run of BRB x from R Airey & Son, Kirkby Stephen selling to £1000.

Native bred steers sold to £1060 for AA x from H Morgan, Stalmine with others £1030 from J & JA Burrow, Grayrigg. Shorthorns sold to £990 from MA Barnes, Whinfell, Longhorns sold to £990 from GH Jones, Ambleside, South Devons sold to £900 from AT Threlkeld, Satterthwaite and Salers £890 from NP & CE Buckley.

Dairy bred stores sold to £1030 for BRBx from MJ Waller, Lupton with others at £990 for BRBx from M Bateman & Son, Sedbergh and Limousin x £980 from S & M Cooper, Leece. All steers forward averaged £890.

Heifers sold to £1330 and £1290 for super black Limousin x heifers for bulling from M & L Preece, Kirkby Lonsdale with others selling at £1210 from A & P Hodgkinson, Stalmine and £1110 for Limousin x from TW Gorst, Crook. Other pens of strong heifers nicely selling at £980 - £1100. Yearlings sold to £1100 for an eye catching BRBx from S Procter, Selside with Limousin x selling to £1030 from JA & KJ Allen, Ings and TR Prickett, Hutton Roof with others £980 for Limousin x from F & JM Mason, Kirkby Lonsdale. Younger heifers sold to £940 for BRBx from JA & J Harper, Sedbergh with others £930, RH & C Ayrton Ltd, Abbeystead and Charolais x £930 P & TL Edmondson Ltd, Kirkby in Furness.

Younger suckler bred heifers sold to £900 for Limousin x from AJ & L Birkett, Ambleside and £880 Blonde x from SJ & NS Wood, Windermere. Youngest heifers generally £720 - £850.

Native bred heifers sold to £970 for AAx from MJ Shepherd, Newbiggin with other AAx £930 from S & M Cooper, Leece. Hereford x sold to £890 from JL Bird, Flookburgh with Saler x selling to £800 from NP & CE Buckley, Ings. All heifers forward averaged £795 with over half the entry being under 10 months old.

Thank you once again to all customers for your support of the cattle sales at NWA J36, we look forwards to seeing you again at the next sale on Thursday 14th May.

Top Prices

Bull Calves

Limousin: £455, £435 High Grounds Farm. British Blue: £395, £370, £365, £340 Elm Tree Farm, £255 Townhead Farm. Norwegian Red: £260, £150 Cracalt Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £240, £230 Hagg Farm. Shorthorn: £230, £110 Far Audlands. Flekvieh: £165 Wyke Farm, £130 Far Audlands, £120 Wyke Farm, £90 Far Audlands. Holstein Friesian: £165 Middle Birkby Farm, £135 Far Audlands, £95, £62 Middle Birkby Farm. Montbeliarde: £135, £105 Colby Farms.

Heifer Calves

British Blue: £370, £360, £330, £290 Townhead Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £330, £270 Elm Tree, £205 Hagg Farm. Shorthorn: £260, £230 Far Audlands.

Bull Stirks

Aberdeen Angus: £745 Kitchlow Farm, £600, £490 Kingsland. Limousin: £630, £570 The Lodge. Flekvieh: £420 Kitchlow Farm. Holstein friesian: £270 Kitchlow Farm.

Heifer Stirks

Aberdeen Angus: £710, £630, £600 Kingslands. British Blue: £620, £580, £525 Rathvale Farm. Limousin: £540 Rathvale Farm. Charolais: £520 Mount Pleasant.

Steer Stirks

Hereford: £800 Birkland Barrow. British Blue: £660, £600 Rathvale Farm. Charolais: £630, £470 Mount Pleasant. Holstein Friesian: £280 School House.


British Blue: 151.5, Hullater Farm, 134.5 Stribers Farm, 131.5 Tock How Farm. Limousin: 149.5 Capplerigg Farm. Salers: 137.5, 134.5 Fairbank Farm. Shorthorn: 134.5 Millriggs, 127.5, 121.5 Sayles Farm, 117.5 Craketrees. Hereford: 124.5 West Plain Farm. Galloway: 124.5 Forest Hall. HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN: 117.5 Lupton Hall, High Grounds Farm, 114.5 Lupton Hall. Montbeliarde: 114.5 Paddock View, 97.5 Bradley Farm. Aberdeen Angus: 109.5 Mealrigg. Continental: 109.5 Low Fold. Norwegian red: 89.5 Paddock View.

OTM Heifer

Holstein friesian: 139.5, 111.5 Cracalt Farm.

OTM Steer

Hereford: 161.5 Hullater Farm.

Cast Bull

Aberdeen angus: 177.5, 169.5 Wymott. Limousin: 144.5 Old Croft, 129.5 Mossboroug Bungalow.

Store Bullocks

Limousin: £1250 Stubb Farm, £1240, £1180 High House Farm, £1170 St Annes Farm, High House Farm. British Blue: £1070 High Biggarsbank, £1030 Carlingwha, £1000 Low Greenside, High Biggarsbank, £990 Moors Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £1060 West Lynn, £1030 Thursgill, £980 Capplerigg, £970 Adamthwaite, £940 Carlingwha: £1000 Nook Farm, £960, £870, £800 Causeway Farm. Shorthorn: £990 Topthorn Farm, £930, £870 Kendal House Farm, £700 High Farm, £320 Sayles Farm. Longhorn: £990 Fold Farm. Charolais: £960 Low Moor Head Farm, £950 Hartrigg, £930 Dawson Fold, Low Hall Farm, New Hall. South Devon: £900, £860 Bowkerstead Farm. Salers: £890, £860, £800 Fairbank Farm. Simmental: £860, £840, £820, £760, £730 Old School House. Hereford: £830, £690 Mireside Farm. Continental: £730 Old School House, £720 Fell House, £640, £580 Old School House.

Store Heifer

Limousin £1330, £1290 high House Farm, £1210 Bank Field Farm, £1110 Gilpin Farm, £1090 Castle Syke Farm. British Blue £1100, £1090, £1050, £1040 High Biggarsbank, £950 Capplethwaite Hall. Aberdeen Angus £970 Gaskell House, £930 Tarnside Farm, £870 Carlingwha, £850 Salwick Hall Farm, £680 High Rosthwaite. Blonde £950 Nook Farm, £880, £860 Causeway Farm, £750 Kendal House Farm, £720 Causeway Farm. Charolais £910 Dawson Fold, Low Hall Farm, £890 Low Moor Head Farm, £830 New Hall, Low Moor Head Farm. Hereford £890, £860 West Plain Farm. Saler £800, £760, £730, £670 Fairbank Farm. Bazadaise £820 Capplethwaite Hall. Simmental £650 Old School House.

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