J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Pigs, Breeding Sheep & Primestock - Tuesday 28th April


The sale of prime pigs saw 48 forward selling to a top price of £120 for a Pietrain x hog from J Stott Jnr which also topped at 114p/kg. Large White x boars from AP Smith sold to £100 who also sold gilts at £85. Heavy weight boars sold to £92 from W Stamper who also sold others at £90. Lighter weights sold to £78 for Pietrain x Saddlebacks from WE Gregson with gilts £65 from M Bennett.

Cull sows sold to £98 from J & J Shorrock who sold a cull boar at the same price.

All pigs sold to full value with buyers cautious towards under finished pigs.

Breeding Sheep

The re-opening sale of sheep with lambs at foot following the extension of the rules was met by a strong. Leading the way this week was strong Texel ewes with Texel twin lambs at Foot selling to £210 from GA Rawsthorne, Cartmel. This was closely followed by the consignment from NJ Strickland & Son, Whinfell selling Continental ewes with twin Beltex lambs to £200 and others from the same home to £195. Two and three crop Continental ewes with Suffolk lambs at foot sold to £195 from S & W Dickinson, Tebay. Suffolk sheep with single Texel lambs sold to £170 from GA Rawsthorne with Texel ewes with single Texel lambs selling to £160 from the same home.

Spring Lambs

There was the largest entry of Spring Lambs to date this season with 184 forward, selling to an overall market average of 230p/kg and an SQQ 234p/kg. Leading the way this week was JE Wightman, Lupton selling to £121 or 269p/kg. This was closely followed by Texels to £120 from W Garnett & Sons, Milnthorpe with the consignment from WW & D Boow, Bootle selling to £120 three times and others to £117. Charollais from J Stott Jnr, Crosscrake sold to £118 and £116. Better conformation spring lambs still sold in excess of the 260p/kg. Suffolk spring lambs twice topped at £110 from A & B Fell, Millom and HB & KA Hodgson, Barbon.

Prime Hoggs

There was an entry of 664 hoggs forward this week which consisted of a very mixed entry in terms of quality, as to be expected this time of year. Well-meated handy weight hoggs still in strong demand and regularly selling in excess of 200p/kg. Heavy weight hoggs would be a very similar trade with hill and horned hoggs being dependant on quality and finish. The trade topped at £94.50 for Continental hoggs from TW Brown, Ulverston who sold Suffolks to £94. Top pence per kilo today was 233p/kg for Betlex hoggs from A Brown, Carnforth with other Beltex from AR & BJ Thompson, Selside also achieving this price. There was an overall market average of 180p/kg with an SQQ of 187p/kg.

Cast Ewes

There was an entry of 390 Cast Sheep forward this week selling to a slightly easier trade. Leading the way this week was Beltex ewes from A Brown, Carnforth selling to £118 closely followed by PJ & H Onions, Arkholme selling to £116. Texel ewes peaked at £104 from A Brown with Texel ewes from SJ & NS Wood, Windermere achieving the same price. Plenty of Continental ewes sold in the eighties and nineties. Mule ewes topped at £73 from RR & J Knowles, Docker with best selling type of Mule ewes regularly selling in the late sixties. Horned ewes saw Rough Fells sell to £64 from S & A Bland, Tebay with Swaledale ewes to £62 from Messrs Hodgson, Windermere.

Top Prices

Spring Lambs

Texel: £120 Corney Hall Farm, Ackenthwaite Farm, £117 Corney Hall Farm, £114 Ackenthwaite Farm. Charollais: £121 Crabtree Farm, £118, £116, £114 Crabtree Farm, £113, £112 Kingsland. Suffolk: £110 Hodgson Green Farm, Howriggs, £105 Hodgsons Green Farm, £105, £104 Carlingwha, £96 The Old Parsonage. Continental: £109, £105 Ackenthwaite Farm, £105 Howriggs, £96 Brown Edge, £95, £94 Preston Patrick Hall. Dorset: £98 High Biggarsbank, £95, £94.50, £94, £91 Warth Sutton Farm. Hampshire: £94 Brown Edge.

Prime Hoggs

Continental: £94.50 Whinfield Farm, £93 Hare Tarn Farm, £88 Low Fields, £86 Whinfield Farm, £81 Low Fields. Suffolk: £94 Whinfield Farm, £80 Sowerby Lodge, £78, £70 Moss House Farm, £70 Kilnbeck. Texel: £93 Sowerby Lodge, £91 Poppy Farm, £90 Kilnbeck, Whinfield Farm, £89.50 Scroggs Farm, £87 Broad Head. Beltex: £88 Poppy Farm, £80 Scroggs Farm. Mule: £87 Sowerby Lodge, £80.50 Park Farm Barn, £79 Medlar Hall Farm, New Holme Farm, Millstones, £77 Keskadale. Lleyn: £86, £73, £64 Cragg Farm. Lonk: £86 Sowerby Lodge, £70 High House Farm, £68 Moss House Farm, £59 Low Fields. Charollais: £86 Park Farm Barn, £80 Sowerby Lodge, New Holme Farm, £71 Scroggs Farm. Scottish blackface: £84.50 Park Farm Barn, £75.50 Moss House Farm, £75 Low Fields. Horned: £84.50 Park Farm Barn, £81 High Birk Howe Farm, £75 Scroggs Farm, £66 Higher Salter, £60 Moss House Farm, £55 Higher Salter. Masham: £84, £72 Mealrigg. Cheviot: £82 New Holme Farm, £76 Medlar Hall Farm, £74, £72 Moss House Farm, £70, £68 Red Scar Farm. Herdwick: £80, £77 High Birk Howe Farm, £77 Moss House Farm, £75.50, £75 Stone Croft, £73 High Birk Howe Farm. Dorset: £80 High Biggarsbank. Rough fell: £79 Low Fields, £74 Cotegill Farm, Millstones, £55 Cotegill Farm, £40 Cotegill Cottage. Swaledale: £76 Medlar Hall Farm, £70 Sowerby Lodge, Tailbert, Rydal Farm, £68.50 Medlar Hall Farm, £68 Low Fields. Jacob: £75 Coat Green Farm, £74.50 New Holme Farm, £60 Medlar Hall Farm, Coat Green Farm.

Cast Ewes

Beltex £118 Hare Tarn Farm, £116 Keer Falls, £86 New Holme Farm, £78 Poppy Farm, £63 Blea Tarn Road. Texel £104 Causeway Farm, Hare Tarn Farm, £94 Keer Falls, £91 New Holme Farm, £90 Kilnbeck. Cheviot Mule £90 The Plough Inn. Leicester £77 Cinderbarrow Farm, £73 New Holme Farm, £70 Ellerbeck. Charollais £73 Blea Tarn Road, £65 Warth Sutton Road, £62 Ridding Side Farm. Mule £73 Myers Farm, £70 Singleton Park, £67 Preston Patrick Hall, £65 Hallbeck. Lleyn £68 Cragg Farm. Cheviot £66 Nibthwaite Grange, £63 Howe Farm, £60 Braida Garth, £56 Poppy Farm. Swaledale £62 High Borrans Farm, £60 Barbon Fell House, £59 Main Street, £58 High House Farm, Galloper Park. Rough Fell £64 Cotegill Cottage, £60 Low Deepslack, Galloper Park, £59 Cotegill Cottage, £58 Low Borrowbridge. Swaledale £62 High Borrans, £60 Barbon Fell House, £59 Main Street, £58 High House Farm, Galloper Park. Suffolk £60 Ghyll Farm. Kerry Hill £59 Low Borrowbridge Farm. Herdwick £58 High Birk Howe Farm, £54 Middle Fell, High Birk Howe Farm, £43 Cinderbarrow Farm, £42 High Birk Howe Farm. Dorset £56 Warth Sutton Farm. Ryeland £55 Drovers Way. Masham £45 Mealrigg. Whitefacaed Woodland £40 The Galleon.

Cast Tups

Suffolk £102, £80 Bradlow Farm. Charollais £90 Bradlow Farm. Texel £78 Hallbeck. Beltex £60 The Galleon.

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