J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Primestock - Tuesday 10th September


The monthly sale for all classes of pigs at NWA J36 saw another good entry forward, with new buyers and sellers in attendance.

The sale commenced with prime pigs which sold to a top price of £140 for Large White x gilts from D & E Monk, Bispham who sold others at £132 and boars at £115. HMP Wymott had a consignment of Saddleback x prime pigs forward selling to a £138 for gilts and £120 for boars. A pair of White gilts from A Blaylock, Carlisle sold at £115. Top grossing was a 143p/kg for a white gilt from D & E Monk with other well finished gilts and hoggs 130p/kg – 140p/kg. Boars generally 105p/kg – 120p/kg depending upon breed and weight.

Lightweight pigs sold to 100p/kg from KW Farms, Dumfries and £65 from M Trotter, Wigton.

Several cull sows and boars were forward selling to £100 from PK & R Woof who sold others at 40p/kg. Leaner sows were harder to place selling at 25p/kg.

Store pigs sold to £74 for well grown Berkshire boars from B Capstick, Sedbergh, with other younger stores to £36 for Pietrain x from KW Farms. Weaners sold to £30 for Large White x from AJ & EJ Platt, Barrow, who sold others at £28. Smaller and younger weaners generally selling at £12 - £22.

Vendors are encouraged to pre-enter pigs with the office in good time ahead of the sales to assist North West Auctions in contacting buyers to ensure attendance at the sales.

Prime Lambs

There was an increased entry of Prime Lambs forward this week with over 1200. There was an overall market average of 155p/kg. Leading the way this week at £89.50 was Texel lambs from ST Birkett & Son, Carnforth with other Texel lambs selling to £84 from CB Heald & Son, Ingleton. Other Texel lambs sold to £83 from JM Sedgwick, Serdbergh and from J Twigge, Lindale. Charollais lambs sold to a top of £80.50 from CB Heald & Son. Suffolk lambs sold to £79 from Messrs Edmondson, Langdale and £78 from AR & BJ Thompson, Selside. Hill bred lambs saw Mules sell to £70.50 WH Kitching & Son, Helsington and £69 from ST & SE Allen, Tebay. Mashams sold to £68 from BD Gill, Ingleton.

Cast Sheep

There was an increased entry of 607 cast ewes forward this week selling to a continued firm trade. Texel ewes sold to a top of £98 from JM Sanderson, Halton. Charollais ewes sold to a top of £97 and £95 from JA & R Geldard & Sons, Levens. Suffolk ewes topped at £94 from MB Flatman & Son, Over Wyresdale with plenty of Continental ewes selling in the late eighties this week. Big Mule ewes were a sharper trade this week selling to £74 from J & O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor and £73 from A Pickthall, New Hutton. Plenty other big powerful Mule ewes sold around the £70 mark. Horned sheep sold to a top of £56 with Swaledale ewes selling to £46 from WJ & L Barker, Arkholme. Other hill bred ewes saw Cheviots sell to £72 from GC & G Taylor, Crook.

Top Prices

Prime Lamb:

Texel - £89.5 Hall Croft Barn, £84 Broats Farm, £83 Holmelands, £83 Ashbank, £80 Crabtree Farm. Charollais - £80.5, £76 Broats Farm, £72 Hill Croft, £72 Bradlow Farm, £69.5 Crabtree Farm. Suffolk - £79 Wall End Farm, £78 Poppy Farm, £75 Low Stanger Twaite, £75 Hall Croft Barn, £74.5 Hill Park. Continental - £76.5 Low Woodedge Farm, £70 Swallowmire, £65.5 Hawes Farm, £63 Ancliffe Hall Farm. Hampshire - £76.5 Lowcroft, £69 The Borrans, £50 Winterscales Farm. Beltex - £71.5 Hall Croft Barn, £68 Hazel Head Farm, £67 Low Hall Farm, £60 Low Woodhouse. Mule - £70.5 Hawes Farm, £69 Hill Croft, £68 Hill Park, £68 Yoad Pot. Masham - £68 Yarlsber. Dorset - £60 Great House Farm, £52 Hazel Head Farm. Cheviot - £57 Seedhowe Cottages, £54 Greenbank Farm.

Cast Ewe:

Charollais - £97, £95, £70 Low Foulshaw Farm, £66 Applegarth, £42 Winterscales Farm. Suffolk - £94 Swainshead Hall Farm, £77 Cooilingel Farm, £76 Steel Croft, £75, £73 Cooilingel Farm. Texel - £91 Lower Highfield, £89 Endmoor Farm, £86 Capplerigg Farm, £82 Lower Highfield. Beltex - £85 Hazel Head Farm. Mule - £74 Endmoor Farm, £73 Borrans Farm, £72 Hawkrigg Farm, £72 Cockrigg Farm, £69 Borrans Farm. Cheviot - £72 High Farm, £53, £44 Seedhowe Cottages. Leicester - £72 Hill Park, £61 Boundary Beck, £40 Woodside. Dorset - £68 Great House Farm. Zwartble - £66, £41 Applegarth. Lleyn - £62, £52 Low Foulshaw Farm. Horned - £44 Cooilingel Farm. Continental - £48, £39 Cooilingel Farm. Swaledale - £46 Brown Edge, £44 Hill Park, £40 Brown Edge. Scotch - £44 Cooilingel Farm. Rough Fell - £42 High Sparrowmire, £37 Woodside.

Cast Ram:

Texel - £98 Lower Highfield, £73 Eskew Beck, £65 Low Hundhowe, £55 Eskew Beck. Lleyn - £62 Low Foulshaw Farm.

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