J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: In-Lamb Females - Saturday 26th January

North West Auctions held their annual Show and Sale of In-Lamb Females and Gimmer Hoggs at J36 on Saturday 26th January. There was a catalogued entry of 206 sheep.

The Annual ‘Rough Diamonds’ sale of Rough Fell individual females on behalf of the Rough Fell Sheep Breeders Association saw a busy ringside of buyers attracting interest from throughout the country. The pre-sale judging was in the capable hands of Duncan Burton, Rutland who had an impressive line up of sheep to cast his eye over. The Championship rosette was awarded to lot 41, a gimmer shearling from TLB & J Knowles, Selside which was sired by the 10,000gns High Cark Yankie and was carrying twins. This gimmer shearling won at the Great Yorkshire Show as a lamb and went on to sell for 600gns. The Reserve Champion was awarded to lot 44 from JA Law, Newbiggin-on-Lune with a gimmer hogg sired by Barugh Zebedee, selling for 200gns. The Rough Fell trade topped at 650gns for a 3 crop ewe, which was 3rd prize in class one, from SL Hoggarth, Birkhaw. This was sired by Raisgill Hall Underestimated and carrying twins. This was closely followed by 600gns for lot 50 from MP & A Capstick, Newbiggin-on-Lune. There was a strong sale average for in-lamb Rough Fells with ewes averaging £430.50, shearlings averaging £478.80 and gimmer hoggs averaging £157.50.

The inaugural show and sale of Individual Swaledales had an entry of 24. This attracted a large amount of interest from renowned breeders, both vendors and purchasers travelling from throughout the North to attend. The pre-sale judging was in the capable hands of Andrew Bainbridge, Richmond, awarding the Champion to lot 58 from W Richardson & Son, Dufton with a Swaledale ewe sired by a Clarkson ram. This went on to sell for 1500gns, purchased by the Judge. Also achieving 1500gns was lot 57 a ewe from the same good home. The Reserve Championship was awarded to lot 17 from PE & KA Sowerby, Barras, sired by a Bull & Cave ram, this went on to sell for 750gns. Leading the way in the gimmer hoggs was P Hallam, Horton in Ribblesdale, sired by a home bred ram, this Hogg won its class and went on to sell for 500gns. The opening sale was classed as a success and we look forward to this sale growing.

The Annual show and sale of Bluefaced Leicester females saw a much larger entry this year, attracting many fresh consignments. Thanks go to our pre-sale judge Gillian Sedgley, Kirkby Lonsdale for her time and expertise. She had strong classes to judge especially the Gimmer Hogg class with 20 out for show. The Championship was awarded to lot 119 Carry House L075 from RD Archer & Son, Hexham with a stylish modern gimmer hogg. This was sired by G1 Highberries Highlander, out of the full sister to Carry House Jackpot J2. This went on to sell for 1400gns. Reserve Champion was awarded to J Wight & Son, Biggar with lot 101 Midlock K96 sired by Hewgill J6, carrying triplets to Midlock L27. This gimmer shearling had many influential bloodlines in her breeding and went on to sell for 900gns. The trade topped at 1600gns for a stylish gimmer hogg, lot 104 Midlock L121 from J Wight & Son sired by K1 Highberries. This was closely followed by J & W Bell, Auchengray selling lot 136 Cottage L48 to 1500gns. This gimmer hogg created a lot of pre-sale interest, sired by Blarnavaid J012 with the dam’s breeding going back to C024 Highberries. Debutante, S Allan & Sons, Dufton has had great success recently selling gimmer hoggs and sold lot 143 Greenhow L040 to 1500gns, this was sired by K1 Riddings, which is doing very well for the flock. There was plenty of interest for the in-lamb females with these topping at 1000gns for the second prize gimmer shearling from G & AJ Rawsthorne, Nether Kellet for lot 93 Lunesdale K074. This gimmer shearling was sired by Hundith F3 and is a sister to many breeding rams which are proving successful. There was strong market averages especially considering the year, and the large increase in numbers forward for the sale, saw ewes average £371, shearlings averaged £640 and gimmer hoggs averaged £588.

A large number of multi-breed females were entered this year which saw a buoyant trade for all classes of sheep forward. A larger number of Texel in-lamb sheep were forward this year. Leading the way at 300gns was a 1 crop Texel carrying twins from DH Lucas & FA Nairey, Blackburn. This was closely followed by gimmer shearlings carrying twins from GR & A Surtess, Lancaster selling to 280gns. There was plenty of in-lamb Texel females selling in the mid two hundreds.

Zwartbles saw a large amount of interest ringside and a buoyant trade with in-lamb sheep from DH Hogg, Murton selling to 360gns for ewes with gimmer shearlings selling to 310gns and 240gns, with L Hodgson, Crook achieving 240gns and 220gns. All in-lamb Zwartbles forward sold to a market average of £218.

A consignment of Mule gimmer shearlings scanned in-lamb to the Beltex ram from BJ Bowness, Kendal sold to a top of £170 and £160; more could have easily been sold with many potential buyers leaving empty handed. The next sale of in-lamb sheep will take place on Thursday 14th February entries are now being taken for advertising.


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    Champion Bluefaced Leicester

    Champion Rough Fell

    Champion Swaledale

Top Prices

Gimmer Hogg:

Bluefaced Leicester £1680 Midlock Farm, £1575 Greenhow, Highfield, £1470 Carry House, £1365 West Dowgill, £1102.50 Carry House, £1050 Midlock Farm, Carry House, £682.50 Greenhow, West Dowgill. Swaledale £525 High Birkwith. Rough Fell £210, £157.50 Raven Cottage, £157.50, £105 Flakebridge. Texel £105 Nissan Huts.

In-Lamb Gimmer Hogg:

Zwartble £325.50, £252, £241.50, £157.50 Melbourne House. Texel £157.50, £126 Nissan Huts.

In-Lamb Shearlings:

Swaledale £1575 Ghyll House, £525 Yoad Pot, £294 Flakebridge, £262.50 Flakebridge, £252, £231, £126, £105 High Birkwith. Bluefaced Leicester £1050 Scargill, £945 Midlock Farm, Otterburn Lodge Farm, £735 Carry House, £577.50 Midlock Farm, £525 Low Newton Farm, Berwick Intake Farm, £231 Yore House, Dunkenshaw Farm. Rough Fell £630 High Lane, High Borrowbridge, £420, £399 High Lane, £315 High Borrowbridge. Zwartble £378 Melborne House, £168 Fellgate, £136.50, £126 Melbournes House. Texel £294 Rowallen House, £262.50 Greenwood Farm, Bank Hey Farm, £231 Rowallen House. Mule £170, £160, £155, £152 Blea Tarn Road.

In-Lamb Ewe:

Swaledale £1575 Ghyll House, £787.50 Oak Bank Farm, £630 High Borrans Farm, £525 Oak Bank Farm. Rough Fell £682.50 Birkhaw, £420 Cotegill Farm, £315 Birkhaw, High Borrowbridge. Bluefaced Leicester £399 Longwell, £367.50 Dunkenshaw Farm, £294 Longwell, £262.50 Park Cottages, Dunkenshaw Farm. Texel £315 Bank Hey Farm. Zwartble £252, £231 Fellgate, £136.50 Melbourne House.

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Show Results

Rough Fell Show Results

Judge – Mr D Burton
Sponsor – Greencoat Farm

Class one – In-Lamb Rough Fell Ewe
1st Lot 43 TLB & J Knowles, High Borrow Bridge, 300gns
2nd Lot 37 E & K Bland, Cotegill Farm, 400gns
3rd Lot 40 SL Hoggarth, Birkhaw, 650gns

Class two – In-Lamb Rough Fell Shearling
1st Lot 41 TLB & J Knowles, High Borrow Bridge, 600gns
2nd Lot 50 MP & A Capstick, High Lane, 600gns
3rd Lot 42 TLB & J Knowles, High Borrow Bridge, 300gns

Class three – Rough Fell Gimmer Hogg
1st Lot 44 JA Law, Raven Cottage, 200gns
2nd Lot 46 A & M Skidmore, Flakebridge, 150gns
3rd Lot 45 JA Law, Raven Cottage, 150gns

Lot 41 TLB & J Knowles, High Borrow Bridge, 600gns

Reserve Champion
Lot 44 JA Law, Raven Cottage, 200gns

Swaledale Show Results

Judge – Mr A Bainbridge
Sponsor – Browns Mitsubishi

Class Four – In-Lamb Swaledale Ewe
1st Lot 58 W Richardson & Son, Ghyll House, 1500gns
2nd Lot 64 PE & KA Sowerby, Oak Bank Farm, 750gns
3rd Lot 57 W Richardson & Son, Ghyll House, 1500gns

Class Five – In-Lamb Swaledale Shearling
1st Lot 52 TA & J Dixon, Yoad Pot, 500gns
2nd Lot 55 A & M Skidmore, Flakebridge, 280gns

Class Six – Swaledale Gimmer Hogg
1st Lot 59 P Hallam, High Birkwith Farm, 500gns
2nd Lot 53 TA & J Dixon, Yoad Pot
3rd Lot 69 Messrs Hodgson, High Borrans

Lot 58 W Richardson & Son, Ghyll House, 1500gns

Reserve Champion
Lot 64 PE & KA Sowerby, Oak Bank Farm, 750gns

Bluefaced Leicester Show Results

Judge – Mrs G Sedgley
Sponsor – Browns Mitsubishi

Class Seven – In-Lamb Bluefaced Leicester Ewe
1st Lot 76 JA & CA Gibson, Longwell, 380gns
2nd Lot 114 A Price, Park Cottages, 250gns
3rd Lot 135 JC Thoup, Berwick Intake Farm

Class Eight – In-Lamb Bluefaced Leicester Shearling
1st Lot 101 J Wight & Sons, Midlock Farm, 900gns
2nd Lot 93 G Rawsthorne, Scargill Farm, 1000gns
3rd Lot 134 JC Thoup, Berwick Intake Farm, 500gns

Class Nine – Bluefaced Leicester Gimmer Hogg
1st Lot 119 RD Archer & Son, Carry House, 1400gns
2nd Lot 117 RD Archer & Son, Carry House, 1050gns
3rd Lot 104 J Wight & Sons, Midlock Farm, 1600gns

Lot 119 RD Archer & Son, Carry House, 1400gns

Reserve Champion
Lot 101 J Wight & Son, Midlock, 900gns

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