J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Primestock - Tuesday 22nd January

Prime Pigs

Prime Pigs Sell to £122 and 144p/kg at J36. The fortnightly sale of Prime Pigs saw an improved trade with all sold averaging 126p/kg or £113 a head. The sale peaked at £122 (144p/kg) for Pietrain x gilts from D Nicholson who sold other gilts at £118 (139p/kg). Gloucester Old Spot gilts from W Stamper achieved £115 (121p/kg) who sold Landrace x gilts at £110 (116p/kg). Several hogs were forward selling to £120 (133p/kg) for Large White x, and boars £100 (116/kg) for Gloucester Old Spots.

More Prime pigs could have easily been sold with 6 buyers present today keen to make purchases.

The next sale of pigs is Tuesday 12 February to include the Anniversary Show for Pairs of Prime Pigs. Please contact Matthew Probert on 07540446667 with entries.

Prime Hoggs

The prime hogg sale at J36 had a much increased entry of 1251 forward selling to a much improved trade in which more could have easily been sold to the advantage of the vendor. There was an overall market average of 195p/kg with an SQQ average of 201p/kg. Handy weight Continental hoggs were in strongest demand with 32kg to 39kg hoggs averaging 204p/kg. Topping the trade today £113 was heavy weight Beltexs from K Little & D McClure, Cartmel. Texels sold to a top of £110 from J & L Tyson, Cartmel. This was closely followed by other Texels to £109 from JB Airey, Kendal. It was great to have numerous pens of sheep selling in excess of the £100 mark. Top pence per kilo went to Beltex hoggs from JG & PH Thompson, Selside selling to 239p/kg. This was closely followed by 238p/kg from JA & KJ Allen, Ings with Beltexs and Texels sold to 237p/kg from EM Standing of Grange over Sands. There was numerous pens of good conformation hoggs selling in excess of the 220p/kg mark. There was plenty of pens of early 40kg hoggs, selling in region of 200p/kg with heavy weight hoggs a sharper trade this week, especially the better conformation hoggs.

Hill bred hoggs saw Cheviot Mules selling to £86 and £85 from Low Moor Howe, Windermere with Mules topping at £85 from NJ Strickland & Son, Whinfell, closely followed by £84 from JS & S Atkinson, Scorton. Plenty of pens of Mule sold in the early eighties. Horned hoggs topped at £79.50 for Rough Fells from AEA Harrison, Kentmere. Dalesbreds sold to £77 from BD Gill, Ingleton. Light weigh horned lambs sold to another sharp trade this week.

Cast Sheep

The was, once again, in excess of 600 cast sheep forward at J36 meeting plenty of demand from a busy ringside of buyers. There was plenty of Continental ewes selling excess of the £100 mark this week, topping at £108 for Charollais ewes from Bargh Contractors, Heaton-with-Oxcliffe with Texel ewes to £106 from JA Chapman, Kendal and £105 from W Stamper, Chipping who also sold Beltex tups to £105. Mule ewes sold to a top of £70 from Bargh Contractors with plenty of heavy weight Mule ewes selling in the late sixties. Horned ewes topped at £55 for Rough Fells from Kieran Milburn, Sedbergh with other Rough Fells to £54 from RJ & OB Simpson, Longsleddale and Swaledale ewes topped at £51 from the Inman Family, Witherslack. There was plenty of pens of fit horned ewes selling in the late forties this week. A couple of goats on offer today sold to £52 from B Heaps, Charnock Richard.

Top Prices

Prime Hogg:

Beltex - £113 Wood Broughton Barn, £110 Gaitbarrow Farm, £107 Gilsmere Farm, £106 Benson Hall, £103 Poppy Farm. Texel - £109 Mint Close, £105 Marsh House Farm, £102 Ashtree Cottage, £99 Gaitbarrow Farm. Charollais - £95 Low Mill House, £89 Low Foulshaw Farm, £86 Yealand Manor, £82 Smithy Green Farm, £75.5 Beech House. Suffolk - £94 Ashbank, £86 Smithy Green Farm, £86 Sella Farm, £81.5 Lane Ends Farm, £81 Crabtree Farm. Cheviot Mule - £86, £85 High House Farm, £83 Brow Head. Lleyn - £85.5 Low Foulshaw Farm. Mule - £85 The Borrans, £84 Sykes Farm, £83.5 Holmelands, £81 Poplar Grove Farm. Leicester - £80 Low Mansriggs, £76 High Borrowbridge. Rough Fell - £79.5 Millriggs, £75.5Boundary Beck, £75.5 High Borrowbridge, £71 Seedhowe Cottages, £70 Boundary Beck. Masham - £79 Cobble Hey Farm. Dales Bred - £77, £70 Yarlsber. Cheviot - £75 Hartrigg, £73 Low Mill House, £71 Hartrigg, £69 Seedhowe Cottages, £66 Well Foot. Herdwick - £75 Wood Broughton Barn. Swaledale - £71 Fell End Farm, £69 High Borrowbridge, £68 Hillcroft, £63 Well Foot, £61.5 Kit Cragg. Zwartble - £70 Benson Hall.

Cast Ewe:

Charollais - £108 Old Woodhouse, £104 Kingsland, £97 Low Foulshaw Farm, £87 Gibraltar Farm. Texel - £106 North Lodge, £105, £102 Coldcotes Farm, £101 Wood Broughton Barn. Suffolk - £94 Fleetwood Road, £93 Hill Park, £85 Coldcotes Farm, £81, £71 Wall End Farm. Cheviot - £81 High House Farm, £64 Stock A Bank, £62 Carlingwha, £55 Poppy Farm. Cheviot Mule - £77 Gibraltar Farm, £77 North Lodge, £67 Stock A Bank. Lleyn - £72 Poppy Farm, £70 Low Foulshaw Farm. Leicester - £71 Highfield Farm, £70 Ashstead, £67 Hillcroft, £65 Strickland Hill. Mule - £70 Old Woodhouse, £68 Strickland Hill, £68 Hill Park, £65 North Lodge, £64 Ashtree Cottage. Masham - £60 High Swinklebank Farm. Goat - £56 Four Lane Ends Farm. Zwartble - £58 Lambrigg Head Farm, £51 Four Lane Ends Farm. Rough Fell - £55 High Rowans, £54, £47 High Swinklebank Farm. Continental - £52 Gilpin Farm. Swaledale - £51 Strickland Hill, £50 Highfield Farm, £48 Whicham Hall. Dales Bred - £42 Fell End Farm. Dorset – £40 Marsh House Farm.

Cast Ram:

Beltex - £105 Coldcotes Farm, £84 Claife Avenue. Suffolk - £96 High Swinklebank Farm, £80 Lambrigg Head Farm. Charollais - £94 Ashtree Cottage. Texel - £90 Old Woodhouse, £84, £62 Lambrigg Head Farm. Dorset - £90 Marsh House Farm. Leicester - £78 Whicham Hall, £75 High Borrans Farm, £70 Hoses Farm, £60 Strickland Hill. Cheviot - £76, £71 Forest Hall. Lleyn - £76 Low Foulshaw Farm. Rough Fell - £62 High Swinklebank Farm. Swaledale - £54 Ashstead. Teeswater - £50 High Swinklebank Farm.

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