J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Store Cattle - Thursday 10th January


The opening fortnightly sale of calves had a larger entry of over 70 forward. A younger show of calves this week, with the trade matching other local markets. The trade topped at £255 for a British Blue bull from B Mallinson & Son, Levens. Younger beef bred bulls sold between £210 and £240. Native bred calves were good to sell topping at £250 for Aberdeen Angus Bulls & Heifers from R Morris Eyton & Son, Whicham and JW & TE Sharp, Lyth.

Dairy bred calves topped at £105 for Flekvichs from Messrs Wilson, Allithwaite, with Holstein bulls selling to a top of £82 from DR & C Galbraith, Grayrigg. Younger Black and white bulls sold between £35 and £60.

The next sale of calves and stirks at J36 will be held on Thursday 24th January. Please advise Bradley Thompson 07867000244 with entries.

Cast Cows/OTM Cattle

Cull cows sold to 119.5p/kg for a Limousin x from J & J Postlethwaite with others to 117.5p/kg from CI Briggs. Other heavy, meaty beef cows were 105p/kg to 115p/kg with feeding types 85p/kg to 95p/kg dependent on quality. Dairy cows sold to 99.5p/kg from I & ME Askew with other heavy, well-fleshed cows 90p/kg to 95p/kg. Medium dairy cows 75p/kg to 85p/kg with the leanest sorts less.

Several OTM heifers forward selling to 119.5p/kg for Aberdeen Angus x from MJ & DJ Edwards with dairy heifers to 114.5p/kg from R & J Dodgson.

Top grossing beef cull cow today being a Limousin x from J & J Postlethwaite selling for £880 and the dairy selling at £725 from R & J Dodgson.

Store Cattle

Store cattle saw a top price of £860 for 7 month old Aberdeen Angus x steers from JJ & J Towers with 8 month old Limousin x steers £840 from GM Strong who also sold Montbeliarde x steers to £660.

Heifers topped at £870 for Hereford x heifers from TE & J Wadsworth with British Blue x £830. Young heifers were £750 for British Blue x from GM Strong and Limousin x £740 from CD Slinger.

The next sale of store cattle is Thursday 24 January to include the New Year show competing for the Janet Gorst Perpetual Challenge Trophy. Please advise the office of entries by Wednesday 16 January for inclusion in the catalogue.

Beef Breeding Cattle

The monthly sale of beef breeding cattle had an entry of 44 forward with buyers in attendance from the Northern Counties, attracted by the dispersal sale of in-calf cows from MJ & DJ Edwards, Ormskirk.

In-calf Angus cows due April to the Angus bull sold to £1260, £1100, £950, Limousin x cows to £830, British Blue cows sold to £780 and Belted Galloway x cows to £660. The Angus bulls from the dispersal achieved £1900 and £1720.

Cows and calves sold to £1350 for a Simental x 2nd calver with a Limousin heifer calf followed by a British Blue x 2nd calver with a Limousin bull calf at £1320 from E Parker.

Top Prices

Bull Calf:

British Blue - £255 Ravens Lodge, £245, £235 Beck Side, £225 Craketrees, £210 Ravens Lodge. Aberdeen Angus - £250, £242 Beck Side, £190 Sunny Bank, £170, £145 High Barnes. Limousin - £175, £115, £100, £95 Halforth Farm. Hereford - £135 Far Audlands. Flekvieh - £105 Wyke Farm, £75 Far Audlands. Friesian - £82 Sunny Bank, £80 High Roosebeck Farm.

Heifer Calf:

Aberdeen Angus - £250, £210 Flodder Hall, £110 Hagg Farm, £110, £100 Sunny Bank. British Blue - £200 High Barnes, £195 Beck Side, £170 Sunny Bank, £150 Bank View, £140 Far Audlands. Limousin - £200 Elm Tree Farm, £175, £165, £115 Halforth Farm. Hereford - £80 Hagg Farm. Flekvieh - £65 Wyke Farm.

OTM Cow:

Aberdeen Angus – 119.5 Worrall House Farm. Limousin – 119.5 Bramaskew, 117.5 High Wray Farm, 111.5 Bramaskew, 109.5 Crabtree Farm. Friesian – 114.5 Cracalt Farm, 99.5 Raw Head, 94.5, 91.5 Cracalt Farm. Swedish Red & White – 91.5 Far Audlands, 71.5 Green Lane End Farm. Hereford – 84.5 Gowan Bank Farm. Montbeliard – 84.5, 71.5 Green Lane End Farm. British Blue – 79.5 Worrall House Farm. Continental – 69.5 Poole Bank Farm.

Store Bullock:

Aberdeen Angus - £860 Low Stennerley, £590 Holme Farm. Limousin - £840 School Hill. Hereford - £660 Holme Farm. Montbeliard - £660 School Hill. British Blue - £440 Windmill Farm.

Store Heifer:

Hereford - £870 Raines Hall, £640, £610 High Leck Farm. British Blue - £830 Raines Hall, £750 School Hill, £540 Hope Stead. Limousin - £740 Windmill Farm, £540 School Hill, £520 Hope Stead. Aberdeen Angus - £620 Hope Stead.

Store Bull:

Shorthorn - £450 Windmill Farm. Hereford - £440 Windmill Farm.

Breeding Bull:

Aberdeen Angus - £1900, £1720 Worrall House Farm.

In Calf Cow:

Aberdeen Angus - £1260, £1100, £950, £930, £860 Worrall House Farm. Limousin - £830, £820, £780 Worrall House Farm. British Blue - £780, £750, £690 Worrall House Farm. Other - £660, £610 Worrall House Farm.

Cow & Calf:

Simmental - £1350 Marsh House Farm. British Blue - £1320 Marsh House Farm.

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