J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Christmas Primestock Show - Tuesday 3rd December

Prime Lambs

North West Auctions J36 held its annual Christmas Show with an impressive entry of 42 pens of show lambs. Thanks goes to our Judge Mr Ian Lancaster, Wiswell for giving up his time and expertise. The Championship rosette was awarded to JG & PH Thompson, Selside with a cracking pair of Beltex Lambs weighing 37kg selling to £210 or 567p/kg purchased by the Judge on behalf of George Cropper of Sandersons Butchers Ltd, Baxendon. The Reserve Championship was awarded to Alistair & Bradley Thompson, Selside with their first prize pen of lowland sired Texel lambs selling to £98 purchased by the Judge on behalf of George Cropper of Sandersons Butchers Ltd. The second prize pen of Beltex lambs consigned by JG & PH Thompson, weighing 39kg sold to £120 or 307p/kg purchased by Ulverston Meat Company, Ulverston. Mule lambs sold to a top of £100 for 57kg lambs for the first prize pen from P & TL Edmondson Ltd, Kirkby in Furness. A big thank you goes to all our vendors and buyers for their support throughout the year.

There were an increased entry of 1765 prime lambs averaging 187p/kg with an SQQ average of 189p/kg. Heavy weight Texel lambs sold to a top of £120 from the Ayrton Family, Bambers Farm purchased by Ulverston Meat Company, who sold other lambs to £108, twice and £102.50. 54kg Beltex lambs sold to £109 from MA & JA Winn, Burneside. Heavy weight Suffolk lambs sold to £108.50 from MW & M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell with others Suffolks selling to £100 from JN & DJ Bowes, Crook and £104 from JG & BJ Escolme. Heavy weight Cheviots peaked at £105 from Low Moor Howe Farm, Winster.

Cast Ewes

There was a larger entry of 735 Cast Sheep forward selling to a sharper trade this week. Cast Rams topped at £154 for Bluefaced Leicesters from PE & M Capstick, Millom. Cheviot rams sold to £145 from S Crawford, Staveley. Cast Ewes peaked at £121 for Suffolk from TA Blair, Thornton in Cleveleys with Beltex ewes to £116 from KD Harryman, Keswick. There was plenty of Continental ewes easily selling either side of the £100 mark. Mule ewes sold to a top of £90 from M PG Gibson, Crossthwaite and £88 from JB Airey, Kendal with plenty more pens of strong Mule ewes selling in the mid to late eighties. Horned sheep peaked at £99 for Rough Fell rams from I & J Mallinson, Selside with Rough Fell ewes selling to £87 from W & F Lawler, Greenholme and £80 from JF Cook, Witherslack with plenty more pens of strong Rough Fell ewes selling into the seventies. Dalesbred ewes sold to a top of £73 from JA Bennett, Longsleddale with Swaledale cast ewes topping £66 from DE & J Waine, Longsleddale. A pen of 20 Herdwick ewes from SW & A Hoggarth, Seathwatie sold to £61.

Suffolk cast ewes to £121 average £84.43
Mule cast ewes to £90 averaged £73.69
Swaledale ewes to £66 averaged £42.06
Rough Fell ewes to £87 averaged £65.05
Texel ewes to £105 averaged £72.95
Leicester ewes to £97 averaged £90.83
Herdwick ewes to £61 averaged £48.74
Beltex ewes to £116 averaged £85.67

Suffolk rams to £116 averaged £98.67
Swaledale rams to £73 averaged £66
Rough Fell rams to £99 averaged £94.67
Continental rams to £105 averaged £89.50
Leicester rams to £154 averaged £98.50

Top Prices

Prime Lamb:

Beltex - £210, £120 Poppy Farm, £109 High Underbarrow Farm, £108 Bambers Farm, £98.5 Poppy Farm. Texel - £120, £108, £102.5 Bambers Farm, £100 Blea Tarn Road, £98 Poppy Farm. Suffolk - £108.5 Swallowmire, £107 Low Brundrigg, £104 Low Stanger Thwaite, £98 Steel Croft, £96.5 Milestones Cottage. Cheviot - £105 High House Farm, £92 Green Lane End Farm, £91 High House Farm, £86, £84 Green Lane End Farm. Mule - £105 Broats Farm, £100 Low Hall Farm, £93 High Sparrowmire, £90.5 Milestones Cottage, £90 High Sparrowmire. Leicester - £97 High Borrowbridge, £90 Higher Core, £83 High Borrowbridge. Charollais - £90 Kirket Nook, £90 Broats Farm, £84.5 Low Gregg Hall, £76 Broats Farm, £75 Shorthorn Farm. Cheviot Mule - £87 Poppy Farm. Hampshire - £87 Lower Highfield. Masham - £81.5 Middale Farm. Rough Fell - £80 Millriggs, £75 Boundary Beck, £74.5 Millriggs, £74 Poppy Farm, £69.5 Boundary Beck. Continental - £77 Low House, £70 Main Street, £63 High Greenside. Swaledale - £73, £69, £67.5 Ashstead, £66.5 Low Longmire, £64.5 Green Cottages. Zwartble - £71 Birks Farm. Herdwick - £70 Low Waterside. Jacob - £68.5 Crook Hall Farm, £66 Lower Highfield, £57 Crook Hall Farm. Horned - £68 Crook Hall Farm.

Cast Ewes:

Suffolk £121, £101 Thornfleet, £100 Ashtree Cottage, £77 Close Sartfield, £74 High Street. Beltex £116, £108 Keskadale. Texel £105 Cooilingel Farm, £98 Marsh Grange Farm, Hallbeck, £97, £94 Ashtree Cottage. Bluefaced Leicester £97 Higher Core, £96, £94 Murthwaite. Dorset £96 Hallbeck. Cheviot £92 Sunny Bank. Mule £90 Tarnside Farm, £88 Mint Close, £87 Holme Farm, Hill Top Farm, £86 Broats Farm. Charollais £87 Hazelslack Tower, Close Sartfield, £77 Bishop Court Farm, £65 North Farm, £57 Holme Farm. Rough Fell £87 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £80 Moss Howe Farm, £75 Swallowmire, £74 Holme Farm, Low Fold. Masham £83 Middale Farm, £68 Mosergh Farm, £64 Marsh Grange Farm. Zwartble £78 Holme Farm. Continental £75 Coolingel Farm, £72 West Plain Farm, £60 Close Sartfield, £55, £53 High Street. Cheviot Mule £74 Bishop Court Farm. Dalesbred £73 Middale Farm, £60, £62 Fell End Farm. Swaledale £66 Murthwaite, £65 North Farm, £62 Hartsop Hall, £61 Brown Edge, £60 Well Foot. Horned £63 High Street. Herdwick £61 Far Kiln Bank, £53 Keskadale. Scottish Blackface £57 Cooilingel Farm, 46 Bishop Court Farm.

Cast Ram:

Bluefaced Leicester £154 Whicham Hall, £111 Tongue House Farm, £100 Low Waterside, £87 Green Lane End Farm, £86 Low Waterside. Cheviot £145 Seedhowe Cottages. Suffolk £116 Thornfleet, £99 Crabtree Farm, £81 Raw Head. Charollais £105 Crabtree Farm, £81 Broad Oak. Rough Fell £99 Borrow Bridge House, £86 Seedhowe Cottages. Texel £93 Close Sartfield, £80 Broad Oak, £73 Bradley Farm. Teeswater £80 Murthwaite. Swaledale £73 Keskadale, £71 Middle Sadghyll. Zwartble £68 Keskadale.

More Info

Show Results

Judge Mr I Lancaster

Class one – Five Lowland Sired Lambs
1st AR & BJ Thompson, Poppy Farm, Texel, 40kg, £98
2nd JA & KJ Allen, St Annes Farm, Texel, 41kg, £91
3rd JA & KJ Allen, St Annes Farm, Texel, 43kg, £91

Class two – Pairs of Beltex Sired Lambs
1st JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm, 37kg, £210
2nd JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm, 39kg, £120
3rd AR & BJ Thompson, Poppy Farm, 43kg, £98

Class three – Five Mule & Masham Prime Lambs
1st PT & L Edmondson, Low Hall Farm, Mule, 57kg, £100
2nd DE & J Waine, Murthwaite Farm, Mule, 48kg, £84.50
3rd J Ridding, High Sparrowmire, Rough Fell Mule, 51kg, £90

Class four – Five Horned & Herdwick Prime Lambs
1st B & HM Wilson, Ashstead, Swaledale, 45kg, £73
2nd H Wilson, Ashstead, Swaledale, 37kg, £67.50
3rd B & HM Wilson, Ashstead, Swaledale, 39kg, £69

Class five – Five Rough Fell Prime Lambs
From members of the RFSBA
1st AEA Harrison, Millriggs, 41kg, £74.50
2nd AEA Harrison, Millriggs, 48kg, £80
3rd AJ & CM Harrison, Boundary Beck, 41kg, £75

Class six – Five Cheviot & Other Hill Bred Prime Lambs
1st RW Nicholson, Green Lane End Farm, Cheviot, 45kg, £84
2nd Low Moor Howe, High House Farm, Cheviot, 42kg, £80
3rd RW Nicholson, Green Lane End Farm, Cheviot, 48kg, £86

Champion JG & PH Thomspon, Poppy Farm, 37kg, £210
Reserve Champion AR & BJ Thompson, Poppy Farm, 40kg, £98

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