J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Anniversary Show & Sale of Store Cattle

Calves & Stirks

The Anniversary Show and Sale of Calves was held this week at Junction 36 and ably judged by regular supporter of NWA calf sales, Danny Coates of Barnacre. The Champion calf was the 1st prize Beef Bred Heifer Calf, a 2 month old Limousin forward from B Mallinson & Son of Levens, with Reserve from JW & D Robinson & Son of Nook for their 2 month old British Blue Bull Calf.
The Champion went on to sell for £400 for rearing for breeding purposes at its next home, with the Reserve at £340. The top price of £440 was achieved in the Calf section for a 3 month old Simmental Heifer forward from C Preston of Whicham.
All classes of calves sold well, with British Blue bulls regularly achieving over the £300 mark, with heifers of the same breed selling between £235-£235 regularly.
Black and White calves selling to £210 from C Preston of Whicham, followed by £165 from CG Birkett of Carnforth with the section achieving an average of £45.50.
A strong trade was seen for what was a show of young calves, with a good ringside of prospective purchasers.
A small show of Stirks forward in the market, selling to a top of £525 for Angus bull stirks 5-7 months old from RJ&J Gardner of Kendal, with others from the same home at £495 and £465.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle

A smaller entry of Cull Cows forward in the market this week, selling to a firm trade topping at 169.5p/kg for a British Blue cow from RHM&S Boyren of Colton, followed by two others, both from N Cooper & Sons of Woodland at 157.5p/kg and 149.5p/kg for Limousins. Dairy bred cattle topping at 144.5p/kg for Montbeliardes and 134.5p/kg for Flekviehs both from RJ&P Nicholson & Son of Carnforth. Holstein bred cattle selling to 124.5p/kg from JG&BJ Escolme of Killington, with the breed averaging 106.10p/kg overall. All Cast Cows in the market selling to an overall average of 119.63p/kg.

Breeding Cattle

The Breeding Cattle section saw an entry of mostly in calf cattle forward for sale. The trade was topped by a British Blue Heifer in calf to the Limousin due in March forward from TLB&J Knowles of Selside at £1380, with others from MJ Waller of Lupton selling to £1200.

Store Cattle

The Anniversary Show & Sale of Store Cattle saw a fantastic entry of quality cattle placed in front of the judge, David Moorhouse of Natland who awarded the Championship honours to his 1st prize Store Bullock, a 10 month old British Blue sired Steer, with the Reserve being awarded to a British Blue sired Heifer from the same good home.
Trade once again at Junction 36 was buoyant for the standard of cattle forward, with the numbers entered attracting purchasers from across all parts of the UK with good cattle still a strong trade, with plainer types a more realistic trade but, still dearer than other local competitors.
The days trade was topped by a fantastic 21 month old Limousin Steer from TA Chapman & Son of Helsington selling to £1440, who also sold another for £1360. Messrs Chapman also topped the heifer section at £1180 also for a Limousin.
All of the show cattle forward for sale sold above expectations with the Champion selling for £1160 to the judge, with the Reserve at £1060.
Other notable consignments forward included entries from MJ Whitworth of Bolton-le-Sands selling Blonde 15 month old steers to £1340, to average £1118. J&ME Bateman of Lowgill selling to a top of £1290 for Limousin Steers, with his consignment averaging £1228.
Excellent sale averages were achieved with Limousin steers averaging £952.27; Charolais Steers to £904 and Blondes to £873.33, with all Steers in the market selling to an average of £852.53. Heifers selling to an overall average of £778.37, with Blondes to £972.50; Charolais to £846.32 and Limousin to £803.50.

Top Prices

Bull Calf

British Blue - £340 Hollins Farm, £325 2 Netherbeck Barn, £320 Mire House Farm, £310, £300 Hollins Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £310 Cinder Barrow, £230 School House. Limousin - £220 Halforth Farm. Friesian - £210 Mire House Farm, £165 2 Netherbeck Barn, £85 Cotestone Farm.

Heifer Calf

Simmental - £440 Mire House Farm. Limousin - £400 Ravens Lodge, £290 Lupton Hall. British Blue - £250 Lupton Hall, £250 Ravens Lodge, £250 Hollins Farm, £235, £225 Townhead Farm. Hereford - £200 School House.

Bull Stirk:

Aberdeen Angus - £525, £495, £465 Natland Mill Beck Farm. Limousin - £460 Ashstead. Hereford - £400, £310 Rakesmoor Farm. Friesian - £200 Mire House Farm, £140, £110, £100 Rakesmoor Farm.

Heifer Stirk

Aberdeen Angus - £370 Natland Mill Beck Farm. Hereford - £280 Rakesmoor Farm.

Store Bullock:

Limousin - £1440, £1360 Lane Head Farm, £1290, £1280, £1230 Lowgill Farm. Blonde - £1340, £1190, £830 Mount Pleasant Farm, £630 Steps Farm. British Blue - £1200 Lowgill Farm, £1160 Troughton Hall, £920 Low Longmire, £900 Black Hall Farm, £830 Troughton Hall. Charolais - £1160 Barker Knott, £1050 Low Longmire, £1040 Barker Knott, £990 Skelwith Fold Farm, £940 Low Longmire. Aberdeen Angus - £1080 Low Stanger Thwaite, £830 Cooper House, £800 Mislet Farm, £770 Hawkrigg Farm, £730 School Hill. Herford - £1080 Gowan Bank Farm, £810 Holme Farm, £760 Low Bendrigg Farm, £760 Mislet Farm. Simmental - £970, £780, £750 Aynsome Croft, £600 Low Garths. Shorthorn - £910 Holme Farm, £890, £840 Bridge Stone, £560, £400 Sayles Farm. Flekvieh - £730 Hawkrigg Farm. Saler - £670, £630, £570 Stonethwaite Farm.

Store Heifer:

Limousin - £1180 Lane Head Farm, £1020 Troughton Hall, £1010 Birch Bank, £970 Rydal Farm, £960 Gilsmere Farm. Charolais - £1150, £1070, £1030 Mountain View, £950 Barker Knott. British Blue - £1120 Gilsmere Farm, £1060 Troughton Hall, £920 West Plain Farm, £870 Knott End Farm. Blonde - £1120, £1110 Mount Pleasant Farm, £930 Gilsmere Farm. Simmental - £870, £800 Low Garths Farm, £700 Aynsome Croft. Aberdeen Angus - £800 Holme Farm, £730 Low Bendrigg Farm. Hereford - £800 Cockrigg Farm, £750 West Plain Farm, £690 Bowston Hall, £650 Low Bendrigg Farm. 


British Blue - £800 Fold Farm. Limousin - £680 Mouse Syke. Shorthorn - £560 Sayles Farm.


Limousin – 157.5, 149.5 Troughton Hall, 149.5 Audlands Park, 147.5 Hill Park, 119.5 Troughton Hall. British Blue – 169.5 Hill Park. Montbeliard – 144.5. 119.5, 81.5 Green Lane End. Flekvieh – 134.5 Green Lane End. Friesian – 124.5 Low Stanger Thwaite, 111.5 2 Netherbeck Barn, 111.5 Mire House Farm, 109.5 Raw Head, 109.5 2 Netherbeck Barn. Other – 119.5 School House. Shorthorn – 79.5 School House.

In Calf Heifer

British Blue - £1380 High Borrowbridge, £1200, £1100, £1080 Carlingwha. Charolais - £900 Nissan Nuts.

More Info

Store Cattle Show Results:
Judge: David Moorhouse
Sponsors: Northern Boiler Grants and Holden’s Solicitors

Class 1: Store Bullock

1st – Lot 249 N Cooper & Sons, Troughton Hall
2nd – Lot 300 TMW & H Hodgson, Arklid Farm
3rd – Lot 71 MJ Whitworth, Mount Pleasant

Class 2: Store Heifer

1st – Lot 250 N Cooper & Sons, Troughton Hall
2nd – Lot 163 TA Chapman & Son, Lane Head Farm
3rd – Lot 242 N Cooper & Sons, Troughton Hall


Lot 249 N Cooper & Son, Troughton Hall
Reserve Champion:

Lot 250 N Cooper & Son, Troughton Hall

Calf Results:
Judge: D Coates
Sponsors: Northern Boiler Grants and Holden’s Solicitors

Class 1: Beef Bred Bull Calf

1st – Lot 613 JW & D Robinson, Hollins Farm
2nd – Lot 617 CG Birkett, 2 Netherbeck Barn
3rd – Lot 615 JW & D Robinson, Hollins Farm

Class 2: Beef Bred Heifer Calf

1st – Lot 625 B Mallinson, Ravens Lodge
2nd – Lot 610 JM Barton, Lupton Hall
3rd – Lot 616 JW & D Robinson, Hollins Farm

Class 3: Black and White Bull Calf

1st – Lot 618 CG Birkett, 2 Netherbeck Barn
2nd – Lot 609 Barkers Farm LTD, Cotestone Farm

Lot 625 B Mallinson, Ravens Lodge

Reserve Champion:
Lot 613 JW & D Robinson, Hollins Farm

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