J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Lads Night Out

Thursday 30th August


North West Auctions J36 annual Lads Night Out show and sale of Terminal Sire Breeding Rams and ram producing females had a catalogued entry of 760. There was a buoyant trade for good conformation and powerful rams although there was a quieter ringside with many taking advantage of the catchy weather and silaging.

There was a strong line up of rams forward for the judges to cast their eyes over, who we think for their time and expertise. There was some fantastic rams out for show, with the Championship Rosette awarded to TA Blair, Poulton le Fylde, with a powerful and stylish Suffolk Shearling. A close call for the Reserve Champion, which went to the Beltex x Texel from AR & BJ Thompson, Selside, narrowly beating the Texel Shearling from JT & J Kelsall, Clapham.

With two rings in operation, Ring 2 sold MV Accredited Rams, Charollais, Individual Females and Suffolks. The Suffolks enjoyed a buoyant trade with buyers keen for rams to produce fast finishing prime lambs. Shearlings sold to £1200 for the overall show champion from TA Blair, with the same price also achieved for the pick of the pen from JH Towers & Sons, Tunstall. Other well grown Suffolk shearlings were nicely selling between £500 and £800, with all sold averaging £435.

Suffolk lambs sold to £1000 for the 1st prize lamb again from TA Blair, with strong lambs sellingfrom £280 to £400,all sold averaged £335. Several aged rams topped at £380 from G & E Beddie, Swaffham and NW Hornby, Stank and others at £250 to £320.

The Charollais rams were a more selective trade with the top price of £480 achieved for a shearling ram from IM Jaeban, Cockermouth. Charollais shearlings were often bid between £300 and £420, averaging £290. The lambs topped at £300 from J Stott Jnr, Crosscrake.

The sale of Individual Females always creates plenty of interest with this section continuing to expand within the sale. Topping the female trade at £420 was a Suffolk shearling being part of the dispersal on behalf of PJ & EA Wharton, Little Strickland who sold others to £380. Pure Texel twice sold to £280with ewes from IM Jaebanand Shearlings from DH Lucas & FA Nairey, Blackburn. Charollais shearlings sold to £220 from J Fell, Bootle who sold gimmer lambs to £180.A pedigree Zwartble ewe from E Kitching, Carnforth sold at £200. Cross bred ewes sold to a top price of £240 for a Texel x Beltex from A Williams, St Helens.

The sale of Texel rams in Ring 1 saw just short of 300 forward selling to a competitive trade for powerful, good conformation shearlings. Topping the trade was the first prize Texel from JT & J Kelsall, Clapham selling to £1180 and others from the same good home sold to £980. The second prize Texel from H Garth, Keasden sold to £950. The annual consignment of powerful Texel Sheralings from Sue Cunliffe, Field Broughton sold to £920 and £750 with others met by a lot of interest and eagerly bid for. Texel shearling rams averaged £413. There was plenty of interest for strong ram lambs which twice sold to a top of £400 from Thomas Wilson, Selside and W & A Holden, Oswaldwistle.

The Beltex and Beltex x section saw plenty of trade right through for powerful, shapely rams, with the second to last ram into the ring from SW Boow, Bootle selling to £820. The trade was topped at £950 for CS & V Whitfield of Consett, who also sold Beltex x Texel rams to £850. The first prize Beltex Shearing sold to a top of £850 from P McCune, Aspatria. Plenty of Beltex and Beltex x rams sold in excess of the £600 mark.

The next sale of breeding rams and individual females at J36 will be the ‘Boys are Back in Town’ sale at Monday 17th September with entries for the catalogue closing on Monday 3rd September.

Top Prices


Ram Lamb
Suffolk £337
Berrichon £250
Charollais £216
Texel £312
Beltex £150

Shearling Ram
Suffolk £435
Charollais £289
Texel £413
Beltex £395

Aged Ram
Texel £368
Beltex £300
Suffolk £320

Gimmer Lamb
Charollais £153

Breeding Ewes
Charollais £175
Zwawrtbale £140

Gimmer Shearling
Suffolk £247
Charollais £172
Texel £212

Top Price

Ram Lamb
Suffolk £1000, £700 Thornfleet, £400 Wolferton Drive, £300 Gowan Bank, £280 Reeds Garden. Texel £400 Ashstead, £400, £350 Higher Boldventure Farm, £300 Far Mont Barrow, Greenwood Farm, £220 Daub Hall Farm, Greenwood Farm. Charollais £300 Kingsland, £200, £150 Midtown Farm. Berrichon £250 Manor Cottage. Beltex £150 Raisgill Farm.

Shearling Ram
Suffolk £1200 Tunstall Hall, Thornfleet, £1000, £800 Tunstall Hall, £700 Hawkswell Farm, £620 Tunstall Hall. Texel £1180, £980 Summerlands, £950 Birk Knott, £920, £780 Seatle Hall, Birk Knott. Beltex £950, £850 The Barn, Farewell Cottage, £820 Corney Hall Farm, £800 The Barn, £750 Ling Cottage. Charollais £480, £450 Forth House Farm, £350 Cinder Hill Farm, £320 Forth House Farm, Thackwood, Midtown Farm, £300 Thackwood.

Aged Ram
Texel £480 Tranthwaite Hall, Lynwood Villas, The Coach House, £280 Tranthwaite Hall. Suffolk £380 Wolferton Drive, Bousfield Farm, £320 Ashstead, £200 Bousfield Farm. Beltex £300 Hall Croft Barn.

Gimmer Lamb
Charollais £140 Midtown Farm.

Gimmer Shearling
Suffolk £420, £380 High Hall, £380 Yew Tree Farmhouse, £300, £280, £240 High Hall. Texel £280 Forth House Farm, Bank Hey Farm, £260 Forth House Farm, Bank Hey Farm, Highgate Farm, £250 Forth House Farm, £240 Elton Head Farm, Holly Farm, £220 Forth House Farm. Charollais £220, £180, £140 Mid Town Farm.

Breeding Ewe
Charollais £200, £150 Midtown Farm. Zwartble £200 Waterside.

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Show Results

Mr J Lamb (Suffolks), Mr S Boyren (Texels), Mr T Stoney (Beltex), George Harryman (Charollais & Any Other Breed MV)

Class one – Charollais Shearling
1st Lot 587, MP & A Lee, Cinder Hill Farm
2nd Lot 543, Galtres Farming, Manor Cottage
3rd Lot 512, Messrs Wales, Thackwood

Class two – Charollais Ram Lamb
1st Lot 538, J Stott, Kingsland
2nd Lot 674, M Williams & Son, Criccin
3rd Lot 540 J Stott, Kingsland

Charollais Champion – Lot 587, MP & A Lee, Cinder Hill Farm

Class three – Any Other Breed Shearlings
1st Lot 502, BA Crane, Holden Fold Farm – Beltex x Charollais
2nd Lot 520, DH Lucas & FA Nairey, Bank Hey Farm
3rd Lot 511 Davies &Wareing, Holly Farm Bungalow

Class four – Any Other Breed Ram Lamb
1st Lot 567 G &E Beddle, Woferton Drive - Suffolk
2nd Lot 510 Davies &Wareing, Holly Farm Bungalow – Suffolk
3rd Lot 525, S Walker, Brook House – Suffolk

Any Other Breed Champion - Lot 502, BA Crane, Holden Fold Farm – Beltex x Charollais

Class five – Texel Shearling Ram
1st Lot 203 JT & J Kelsall, Summerlands
2nd Lot 89 J Garth & Son, Birk Knott
3rd Lot 213 J & C Airey, Reeds Garden

Class Six – Texel Ram Lamb
1st Lot 24 IE Shuttleworth, Far Montbarrow Farm
2nd Lot 25 IE Shuttleworth, Farm Montbarrow Farm
3rd Lot 11 S Mason, Cairn Cottage

Champion Texel - Lot 203 JT & J Kelsall, Summerlands

Class Seven – Beltex Shearling Ram
1st Lot 417 P McCune, Coat Green
2nd Lot 338 I Wilson & C Wood, Low Flan Farm
3rd Lot 438 LM & C Whitaker, Moorland Cottage

Class Eight - Beltex x Shearling Ram
1st Lot 383 AR & BJ Thompson, Poppy Farm
2nd Lot 261 CS & V Whitfield, The Barn
3rd Lot 444 SW Boow, Corney Hall Farm

Beltex Champion – AR & BJ Thompson, Poppy Farm

Class Nine – Suffolk Shearling Ram
1st Lot 749 TA Blair, Thornfleet
2nd Lot 752 B Teasdale, Ling Cottage
3rd Lot 724 JH Towers & Son, Tunstall Hall

Class Ten – Suffolk Ram Lamb
1st Lot 751 TA Blair, Thornfleet
2nd Lot 750 TA Blair, Thornfleet
3rd Lot 747 Messrs Hewson, Burgh Head Farm

Suffolk Champion - Lot 749 TA Blair, Thornfleet

Overall Champion Ram
Lot 749 TA Blair, Thornfleet

Overall Reserve Champion Ram
Lot 383 AR & BJ Thompson, Poppy Farm

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