Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, Dairy Cattle, OTM and Store Cattle, Friday 22nd March 2024.

NWA Lancaster saw another fast and competitive trade for all classes of stock at its popularly weekly sale. Stores cattle sold to a top price of £1860, OTM’s to 269.5p/kg and £1781, new calved dairy to £2000, weaned calves to £680 and rearing calves to £465.


Store steers sold to an overall market average of £1410, peaking at £1860 for an Aberdeen Angus cross. British Blue cross sold to £1790, Limousin cross to £1760, Charolais cross £1710 and Hereford cross £1700. Stronger end steers were regularly £1550 to £1700. Buyers were looking for cattle ahead of turnout, with these type steers regularly £1280 to £1450. Dairy bred steers sold to £1450 for British Friesians.
All heifers forward averaged £1360, peaking at £1660 for a British Blue cross with Aberdeen Angus cross selling to £1600, Hereford cross £1550. Other stronger heifers were regularly £1350 to £1480, with heifers suitable for turnout £1120 to £1300.


78 rearing and weaned calves saw a weaned Aberdeen Angus bull sell to £580 with weaned British Blues £545, Limousin cross £525 and others regularly £480 to £520. Stronger rearing calves sold to £465 for a British Blue cross with other strong native and continental bulls £360 to £420. The best young rearers were regularly £280 to £340, with younger bulls £220 to £280. Dairy bulls sold to £130 with other medium rearers generally £70 to £100.
Weaned heifers sold to £680 for a British Blue cross, with others at £660. Other pens were regularly £520 to £570. Stronger rearing heifers sold to £435 for a British Blue cross, with other native and continental heifers £300 to £350. Best young rearers sold to £290 for a Charolais cross, with others £250 to £285 and the younger end £160 to £210.


A single new calves heifer sold to £2000.


Cull cows achieved an overall market averaged of 169p/kg, beef cows sold to 229.5p/kg and £1503 for a Limousin cross. Other well bred beef cows were regularly 205p/kg to 220p/kg and £1300 to £1450, medium beef cows were finding a keen buyer interest for further finishing. Heavy well fleshed dairy cows sold to 199.5p/kg and £1605, with others regularly 178p/kg to 190p/kg and £1200 to £1400. Parlour type cows were generally 150p/kg to 165p/kg, depending on quality and type, with leaner light weights 120p/kg to 140p/kg.
OTM heifer averaged 225p/kg with beef heifer to 269.5p/kg and £1735. Diary bred heifers sold to 259.5p/kg and £1760.
OTM steers averaged 232p/kg for an entry of entirely black and whites, peaking at 239.5p/kg and £1520.
Mature stock bulls sold to 209p/kg and £1791.

Next Friday is business as usual at Lancaster, to include the monthly sale of stirks and young feeding bulls. Please contact the office with catalogue entries.

Top Prices


Limousin: 229.50 Fell End Farm, 214.50 (x2) Little Fell Farm, 194.50 Potts Yeats, 187.50 Low House, 174.50 Potts Yeats. Shorthorn: 207.50 Parkside Farm, 189.50 Little Fell Farm, 124.50 Biggins Lodge Farm. Friesian: 199.50 Batty Hill, 189.50 Cocker House Farm, 184.50 Spital Farm, 184.50 Kitchen Ground Farm, 184.50 Walkers I’th Fields, 184.50 Holme House Farm. Stabiliser: 197.50, 179.50 Low Moor Head Farm. Hereford: 194.50 Biggins Lodge Farm, 149.50 Birkland Barrow. Swedish Red: 191.50 Walkers I’th Fields. Ayrshire: 189.50 Spital Farm. British Blue: 184.50 Mount Pleasant Farm. Montbeliarde: 184.50 Yeat House, 149.50 Walkers I’th Fields. Angus: 174.50 Low House, 169.50 Biggins Lodge Farm. Jersey: 154.50 Birkland Barrow. Continental: 139.50 Moss House Farm.


Angus: 269.50 Parkside Farm. Limousin: 259.50 Wilmer Farm. Montbeliarde: 259.50 Yeat House. Friesian: 251.50 Boldens Farm, 249.50 High Snab, 247.50 North Farm, 244.50 Rose Farm, 244.50 Boldens Farm, 244.50 Roseacre Hall. Shorthorn: 244.50 Parkside Farm. Norwegian Red: 169.50 Moss House Farm. Jersey: 159.50 Benson Hall.


Friesian: 239.50 Greenside Farm, 239.50 Benson Hall, 219.50 Greenside Farm, 209.50 Benson Hall.


Charolais: 209.50 Laverock Bridge. Shorthorn: 169.50 Low Dubbs Farm.


British Blue: £680, £660 (x2), £570 Walkers I’th Fields, £560 (x2) Friars Moss. Limousin: £520 Birch House Cottage, £100 Holmescales Farm. Angus: £400 Walkers I’th Fields, £375 (x2) Coldcotes Farm, £360, £345 Head Dyke Lane, £340 Friars Moss. Charolais: £290 Norbreck Farm.


Angus: £580 Friars Moss, £580 Newhouse Farm, £545 Derby Lodge Farm, £525 Coldcotes Farm, £490 Walkers I’th Fields, £450 Derby Lodge Farm. British Blue: £545, £515 Friars Moss, £500 Birkland Barrow, £465 Friars Moss, £410 Roe Farm, £400 Friars Moss. Limousin: £525 Coldcotes Farm, £500 Birch House Cottage, £345, £315, £300, £295 Holmescales Farm. Charolais: £285 Bolton Fold Farm. Longhorn: £155, £140 Bolton Fold Farm. Friesian: £130 Catshaw Hall Farm, £115 Tills Farm.


British Blue: £670 Moss Gate Farm, £510, £475 Head Dyke Lane. Limousin: £520 Birch House Cottage. Ayrshire: £275 Bolton Fold Farm.

Angus: £1860 Pasture House Farm, £1780 £1660 Yew Tree Farm, £1650 Ivy Barn, £1550 Downlands Farm, £1500 Plumpton Hall Farm. British Blue: £1790 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1780 Low Fell End, £1640 Holmes Farm, £1640 Windy Hill Farm, £1470 Wilmer Farms. Limousin: £1760 Downlands Farm, £1680 Scale House Farm, £1680 Fell End Farm, £1620 Wilmer Farms, £1600 Rowell Farm. Charolais: £1710 £1500 Wilmer Farms, £1510 The Old Stable, £1470 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1280 Middle Ridge Farm. Hereford: £1700 £1660 Pasture House Farm, £1660 Wilmer Farms, £1360 Middlebarrow Plain, £1360 Edenmount Well Lane, £1360 Savick Brook Farm. Blonde: £1680 Scale House Farm. Shorthorn: £1640 Yew Tree Farm. Simental: £1600 Rylstone Barn, £1450 The Old Stable, £1410 Benson Hall, £1380 Wilmer Farms. Stabiliser: £1460 Outerthwaite Farm. Friesian: £1450 £1370 Downlands Farm, £1410 Benson Hall. Fleck: £1400 Holmes Farm. Mont: £1380 Wilmer Farms.

British Blue: £1660 Low Fell End, £1590 Park Lane Farm, £1520 Windy Hill Farm, £1520 High Snab, £1350 Park Lane Farm, £1300 Plumpton Hall Farm. Angus: £1600 £1560 Kirkbeck, £1570 £1500 Rowell Farm, £1260 Mill House Farm. Hereford: £1550 £1500 Savick Brook Farm. Friesian: £1540 £1460 Roseacre Hall. Limousin: £1410 Holmes Farm. Charolais: £1340 £1190 Moss Edge Farm. Simental: £1170 Park House Farm.

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