Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, OTM and Store Cattle, Friday 19th January 2024.


A lighter show of calves forward, as farmers take advantage of the cold weather for field work. The stronger end sold to £450 for a British Blue cross from MH&AR Robinson, Old Hutton with Aberdeen Angus cross to £445 from CR&A Baxter & Son, Middleton. Others were generally £380 to £420, with medium rearers £260 to £340. Dairy bulls sold to £120 for Montbeliardes from J&S Brakewell, Kirkby in Furness.
Heifers sold to £375 for a British Blue cross from MH&AR Robinson, Old Hutton with younger Limousin cross selling to £250 from the same home, with other heifers generally £180 to £220.


The store cattle trade went up another gear, with all bullocks today averaging £1496 and all heifers £1302. The sale topped at £2080 for a Limousin cross steer from PM&ST Entwistle, Abbeystead. Other strong steers sold to £1880 from M&RW Stirzaker, Milnthorpe, £1860 from AG Stafford, Out Rawcliffe, £1810 from ERJ&P Burrow, Milnthorpe and £1800 from H Chapman & Son, Middleton. Other were regularly £1600 to £1800. Native sired steers sold to £1800 for Aberdeen Angus cross from PM&ST Entwistle, Abbeystead with others at £1770 from KH&D Holden & Son, Pilling and £1760 from AG Stafford, Out Rawcliffe. Dairy bred steers sold to £1480 for Fleckviehs from A&E Clarkson, Thurnham and Montbeliardes from C&B Cummings & Son, Preesall with others at £1440 from A&T Smith, Longridge and British Friesians £1340 from EE Thornton & Sons, Heaton. Younger steers saw fifteen month old Beef Shorthorns sell to £1360 from JA&ME Mawson, Orton and Aberdeen Angus to £1290 from GJT&V Parkinson, Preesall.
Heifers peaked at £1680 for Aberdeen Angus cross from MJ Shepherd, New Biggin with other stronger end heifers selling to £1650 from SH&LE Birkett, Nether Kellet, £1640 from Pilling Hall, Pilling and £1610 from J&J Huck, Burneside. Other stronger end heifers were regularly £1450 to £1600. Younger heifers sold to £1270 for sixteen month old Beef Shorthorns from JA&MA Mawson, Orton with Aberdeen Angus cross selling to £1260 from C Butler, Hambleton.
Feeding bulls sold to £770 for eight month old Hereford cross from T Folley, Garstang.


Another large entry of 121 cull cows and OTM cattle were forward which sold to an overall average of 176p/kg, with cows averaging 165p/kg, well ahead of other local centres. Beef cows sold to a top price of 269p/kg for a Limousin from B Heys, Mossborough, Bazadaise to 224p/kg from BD&PM Gill, Ingleton and Hereford to 194.5p/kg from A Rigby, Wigan. Other beef cows were regularly 180p/kg to 195p/kg. Top grossing this week achieved £1561 for a Limousin from B Heys, Mossborough. Dairy cows sold to a top price of 239.5p/kg for a young Friesian from D Fox & Co, Bay Horse with Holstein Friesian selling to 189.5p/kg from JT&B Fox, Quernmore and Montbeliardes 187.5p/kg from A&FM Bolland & Sons, Ellel. Other heavy well fleshed dairy cows were regularly 170p/kg to 180p/kg, mediums types 150p/kg to 165p/kg and cows direct out of the parlour 140p/kg to 150p/kg, with only the leanest and light weights less. Top grossing achieved £1520 from D Fox & Co, Bay Horse with others at £1518 from A&FM Bolland & Son, Ellel. Other heavy dairy cows were regularly £1250 to £1300.
OTM beef heifers sold to 269.5p/kg for a Limousin from B Heys, Mossborough with British Blue cross to 259.5p/kg from AT Burrow & Son, Hornby with others regularly 220p/kg to 245p/kg. Top grossing being £1684 for a British Blue cross from AT Burrow & Son, Hornby. Dairy heifers sold to 229.5p/kg and £1652 for a Holstein Friesian again from AT Burrow & Son, Hornby with others regularly 185p/kg to 210p/kg.
Steers sold to 284.5p/kg and £2222 for Aberdeen Angus cross from O Butler, Kirkham with others regularly 275p/kg to 280p/kg and £1900 to £2000.

Next Fridays sale includes the monthly catalogued sale of stirks, with buyer keen to attend and looking for all classes and types of cattle. Catalogued entries are required by Monday 22nd January, please contact the office with entries.

Top Prices


Limousin: £250 Homescales Farm, £215 Tills Farm, £170 Homescales Farm. British Blue: £375 Homescales, £220 New Browns Farm, £170 Moss House Farm. Angus: £230 New Browns Farm.


British Blue: £450 Homescales Farm, £380 Walkers I’th Fields, £370 New Browns Farm, £350 Tills Farm, £340 Walkers I’th Fields.Angus: £445 New Brows Farm, £365 Walkers I’th Fields. Limousin: £350 Tills Farm, £330 Homescales Farm, Montbeliarde: £120 Moss House Farm.


Limousin: 269.50 217.50 Mossboroug Bungalow. Friesian: 239.50 Holly House Farm, 189.50 Blackwood End, 179.50 North Farm, 179.50 Bank End Farm, 179.50 Holly House Farm, 174.50 Friars Moss. Bazadaise: 224.50 Yarlsber. Simmental: 194.50 Aughton Hall Farm, 184.50 Aye Bridge Farm, 174.50 Docker Farm, 169.50 Aye Bridge Farm. Hereford: 194.50 Aye Bridge Farm. Angus: 189.50 Woodstock, 189.50 Brookside, 184.50 Aye Bridge Farm, 171.50 Woodstock. Montbeliarde: 187.50, 184.50, 179.50 Yeat House. Shorthorn: 184.50 Hyninig Home Farm. British Blue: 184.50 Middle Ridge Farm. Norwegian Red: 154.50 Dale Barns.


Limousin: 269.50 259.50 254.50 239.50 234.50 Mossboroug Bungalow. British Blue: 259.50 High Snab. Friesian: 229.50 High Snab, 219.50 North Farm, 214.50 Cotestone Farm, 189.50 Endmoor Farm, 184.50 Dale Barns, 169.50 Lathwaite Farm. Angus: 214.50 Hyning Home Farm. Ayrshire: 174.50 Half Way House.


Angus: 284.50 281.50 279.50 279.50 Bank Farm.


Friesian: 124.50 Ancliffe Hall Farm.


Limousin: £2080 Lentworth Farm, 31880 Station Hotel Farm, £1800 Millbeck, £1750 Downlands Farm, £1710 Carlingwha, £1700 Downlands Farm. Simmental: £1860 Birch Croft, £1780 Cock Hall Farm, £1750 Millbeck, £1570 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £1480 Cock Hall Farm, £1460 Millbeck. British Blue: £1810 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £1730 Windy Hill Farm, £1700 Stubb Hall Farm, £1640 Mill House Farm, £1470 Lyn Croft Farm, £1440 Cock Hall Farm. Angus: £1800 Lentworth Farm, £1770 Chesnut House Farm, £1760 Birch Croft, £1760 Little Town Farm, £1750 Station Hotel Farm, £1650 Holme House Farm. Charolais: £1740 Carlingwha. Hereford: £1635 Chestnut House Farm,£1560 Station Hotel Farm, £1520 Holme House Farm. Montbelliarde: £1480 Parrox Hall Farm, £1440 Carlinghurst, £1280 Carlinghurst. Fleckvieh: £1480 Cock Hall Farm, £1180 Parrox Hall Farm. Shorthorn: £1360 Sproat Ghyll, £1260 Sproat Ghyll. Friesian: £1340 Downlands Farm, £1180 Gaskell House.


Angus: £1680 Gaskell House, £1580 Manor House Farm, £1280 Abbotson Farm, £1260 Parks Farm Barn, £1240 Park House Farm. Simmental: £1650 Stubb Hall Farm, £1470 The Old Stable, £1320 The Grange, £1320 Park House Farm, £1280 The Old Stable. British Blue: £1640 Pilling Hall Farm, £1610 Oak Fold, £1530 Oak Fold, £1520 Windy Hill Farm, £1460 Stubb Hall Farm, £1370 The Grange. Limousin: £1580 Manor House Farm, £1580 High Snab, £1330 Mearsbeck, £1260 Parks Farm Barn, £1220 Carlingwha. Montbelliarde: £1560 Carlinghurst. Charolais: £1550 Carlingwha, £1170 Middle Ridge Farm. Shorthorn: £1270 Sproat Ghyll, £1250 Sproat Ghyll. Blonde: £1180 Half Way House.

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