Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, OTM, Dairy Cattle and Store Cattle, Friday 19th May 2023.


Another high-quality entry of calves saw all types sell to a fast trade, with British Blue x bulls selling to £590 from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale. Others achieved £555 from JP&C Robson, Garstang who also sold to £490. Younger rearing bull calves sold to £445 for British Blue x from H&C Pickervance, Kirkham and £335 from Lawson Farm Ltd, Cockerham, others were generally £270 to £310. Native sired bull calves sold to £505 for an Aberdeen Angus x from CJ&HM Parry, Cockerham with others at £465 from W&G Cornthwaite & Son, Claughton on Brock. Nicer rearing bull calves sold to £380 from Lawson Farm Ltd, Cockerham. Well reared Holstein Friesian bull calves sold to £270 from Drinkall Bros, with younger sorts from the same good home achieving £180 and £170.
Heifer calves sold to £460 for a beautiful Aberdeen Angus x heifer from Lawsons Farm Ltd, Cockerham. British Blue x sold to £425 from H&C Pickervance, Kirkham with other at £400 from JP&C Robson, Garstang. Younger heifer sold to £310 for a British Blue x from Lawsons Farm Ltd, Cockerham with a Limousin x selling to £300 from TL Baldwin & Son, Forton and an Aberdeen Angus x to £280 from JP&C Robson, Garstang. Hereford x sold to £245 from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale.


Lancaster Auction Mart continues to produce headline prices at its weekly store cattle sale, with 22 month old steers sold to £2080 for a Charolais x and Limousin x from PM&ST Entwistle, Abbeystead. Closely followed by a ring full of Charolais x from R&EA Gardner, Brigsteer achieving £2020. British Blue x steers sold to £1840 from KG&LM Park, Witherslack with other well fleshed and well grown Continental steers to £1840 from TR Prickett, Hutton Roof, £1820 EJ Ward & Son, Nether Kellet and £1800 GT&C Blezard, Conder Green. Native sired steers saw Hereford x sell to £1760 from KG&LM Park, Witherslack with Aberdeen Angus x achieving £1660 from EE Thornton & Sons, Heaton. An increased number of yearling steers sold to keen grazing interest, selling to £1290 from V&S Fitzell, Much Hoole with others at £1240 from JA&ME Mawson, Orton. Dairy bred steers peaked at £1430 for British Friesians from EJ Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg.
Heifers achieved a top price of £1720 for a British Blue x from EJ Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg. Closely followed by a Charolais x from JA&F Nuttall, Clitheroe achieving £1710. Other well grown heavy Continental heifers were regularly £1400-£1550. Native sired heifers sold to £1660 for an Aberdeen Angus x from W&D Bradley, Preston with others at £1510 from J Tattersall, Leyland and Hereford x to £1460 from GJT&V Parkinson, Preesall. Yearling heifers sold to £1260 for British Blue x from JA&ME Mawson, Orton with an Aberdeen Angus’s selling to £900 from V&S Fitzell, Much Hoole.
A nice entry of feeding bulls saw Limousin x from TW Nelson & Son, Stainton sell to £1900 with others at £1850 and £1760. 14 month old Holstein Friesian sold to £1080 from RE&P Miller, Barnacre.


The cull cow trade at NWA Lancaster can only be described as red hot, with all cows today averaging 210p/kg. Beef cows sold to 269.5p/kg on two occasions for Limousin x from RG Woodhouse, Scorton and KM&KJ Curwen, Abbeystead. Other Continental beef cows regularly sold at 245p/kg to 260p/kg. Medium beef cows suitable for finishing generally achieving 220p/kg to 240p/kg. Dairy cows sold to 249.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from TL Baldwin & Son, Forton with an entry of predominately parlour type cows selling to 207.5p/kg on several occasions from B Butterfield & Son, Burton in Kendal and RG&B Lewis, Kirkby Lonsdale. Others were generally 190p/kg to 205p/kg, with the leanest types 165p/kg to 190p/kg, depending on quality and type. Top grossing cow today was a Limousin from KM&KJ Curwen, Abbeystead achieving a mouth watering £2420, with others from the same home at £2281 and endless well finished cows between £1500 and £1900. Dairy cows topped at £1601 for a heavy weight Holstein Friesian from B Butterfield & Son, Burton in Kendal.
OTM heifers sold to 259.5p/kg and £1624 or a Charolais x from JA&F Nutter, Clitheroe with dairy heifers selling to 244.5p/kg and £1393 for a Holstein Friesian from J&R Waller, Killington.
An outstanding show of both overaged and clean steers saw a top price of 289.5p/kg achieved for a British Blue x from MA&JA Winn, Burneside with Charolais x selling to 279.5p/kg from PM&ST Entwistle, Abbeystead and British Blue to 274.5p/kg from T&B Burrow, Slyne. Top grossing being a Beef Shorthorn from J Bargh, Morecambe achieving £2008.

Top Prices


Limousin: 269.50 Fell End Farm, 269.50 Marshaw Farm, 264.50 Fell End Farm, 261.50 Hill Park, 259.50 Marshaw Farm,, 254.50 Hill Park. Friesian: 249.50, 207.50 Forton Hall Farm, 207.50 Bainsbank Farm, 207.50, 204.50 Moss House Farm, 201.50 Bainsbank Farm. Angus: 199.50 Fell End Farm, 181.50 Brown Edge.


Charolais: 259.50 Manor Farm. Friesian: 244.50 Hallbeck, 239.50 Newhouse Farm, 184.50 Forton Hall Farm, 184.50 Mill Farm.


British Blue: 289.50 High Underbrow Farm, 274.50, 264.50, 259.50, 254.50 Throstle Grove Farm. Charolais: 279.50 Lentworth Farm. Limousin: 249.50 Low Groves Farm, 249.50 Hutton Roof Hall. Angus: 244.50 Low Groves Farm. Hereford: 241.50, 224.50 Edenmount Well Lane. Shorthorn: 229.50 Cottam Farm.


Angus: £460 Sweetings Farm, £290, £280 Roe Farm, £270 Sweetings Farm. British Blue: £425 Roseacre Hall, £400 Roe Farm, £385 Roseacre Hall, £310 Sweetings Farm, £295, £290 Roseacre Hall. Limousin: £300 Forton Hall Farm. Hereford: £245 Catshaw Hall Farm.


British Blue: £590 Catshaw Hall Farm, £555, £490 Roe Farm, £445 Roseacre Hall, £375 Roe Farm, £335 Sweetings Farm. Angus: £505 Hillam Lane Farm, £465 Matshead Farm, £440 Hillam Lane Farm, £380 Sweetings Farm, £240, £205 Hillam Lane Farm. Friesian: £270, £180, £170, £115, £110 Catshaw Hall Farm.


Charolais: £2080 Lentworth Farm, £2020 Barrowfield. Limousin: £2080 Lentworth Farm, £1840 Hutton Roof Hall, £1820 Intack Farm, £1800 Scale House Farm, £1680 Whelpside Farm, £1580 Downlands Farm. British Blue: £1840 Low Fell End, £1780 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1660 Endmoor Farm, £1640, £1500 Low Fell End, £1460 Betts Farm. Simmental: £1800 Scale House Farm, £1480 Kate Farm, £1440 Intack Farm, £1260 Whittingham Lane. Hereford: £1760 Low Fell End, £1470 Lynwood, £1450 Pasture House Farm, £1360 Lynwood, £1360 Windy Hill Farm, £1340 Eskew Beck. Angus: £1660 Downlands Farm, £1650 Snub Snape Farm, £1530 Raw Head, £1450 Wood Nook Farm, £1400 Brown Edge, £1400 Outerthwaite Farm. Friesian: £1430 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1380 Downlands Farm, £1340 Betts Farm, £1290 Downlands Farm, £1160 Endmoor Farm, £1160 Plumpton Hall Farm.


British Blue: £1720 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1440 Whittingham Lane, £1440 Old Parkside Farm, £1300 Eskew Beck, £1300 Outerthwaite Farm. Charolais: £1710, £1560 Manor Farm, £1410 Whelpside Farm, £1350 Mill House Farm. Friesian: £1670 Hallbeck. Angus: £1660 Whittingham Lane, £1510 Snub Snape Farm, £1440 Cheetham House Farm, £1440 Mearsbeck Farm, £1430 Hallbeck, £1400 Kirkbeck. Limousin: £1520 Wood Nook Farm, £1410 Downlands Farm, £1320 Mearsbeck Farm. Simmental: £1520 Intack Farm, £1400 Kate Farm. Hereford: £1460 Moss View, £1380 Holmfields. Saler: £1130 Hazelgrove Lodge.


Limousin: £1900, £1850, £1760 Cockrigg Farm. Friesian: £1080 Lower Lingart Farm.

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