J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Weekly Sale of Sheep with Lambs at Foot, Spring Lambs, Prime Hoggs and Cast Sheep, Tuesday 16th May 2023.


More bite in the spring lamb trade today, with many more needed to fulfil the orders of our ringside of eight active spring lamb buyers. An overall average of 340p/kg was achieved. Lambs sold to £180 for Suffolks from R&J Dodgson, Natland with Charollais selling to £177 from RJ Stott, Stainton and Texels to £175 from J&O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor. Many heavy weight spring lambs were regularly selling at the £165 to £170 mark. No real butcher type lambs were forward today with the best on offer selling to 360p/kg plus, topping at 370p/kg from D&K Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe.


A two-tier trade was seen for all hoggs forward with meat keenly sort after and a strong demand, the leaner types / store hoggs meet realisation. Heavy weight hoggs were once again achieving good returns, selling to £175 for Suffolks from GR Wilson, Natland, Charollais to £172 from TA Teasdale, Cartmel and Texels to £170 from RT Colbear, Appleby. Many meated hoggs were regularly selling at £150 to £160. Hill hoggs saw Cheviots sell to £157 from LA&M Lambert, Lupton with other Cheviots selling to £154 from AA Bentham, Dent. Mules sold to £129 from MW&M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell with Scotch hoggs selling to £112 from M&YS Barker, Halton. All hoggs will be needed in the upcoming weeks, to meet demand for the upcoming festivals.


500 breeding sheep were put before new and returning customers, achieving a flying trade from start to finish. The flock reduction from P Mason, Burton in Kendal achieved plenty of interest which saw aged Texel ewes with twin Texel lambs sell to £310, with others selling to £305 from the same home. A full pen of four crop Mule ewes with Texel lambs sold to £250.
Shearlings saw the best Texels with twins sell to £280 from JL Frith, Shap with others to £268 from L Beck, Heversham. More hill ewes were on offer today with saw Cheviot shearling with single lambs sell to £175 from JE Atkinson, Ulverston with older Cheviot ewes with singles selling to £145 from WG Farms, Cockerham.#


A mixed entry of cull ewes sold to a fast and competitive trade with buyer competing for every sheep from beginning to end. Heavy ewes sold to £163 for a Hampshire from J&O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor with Texels to £160 from JA&KJ Allen, Ings and others at £158 from A&B Fell, Millom. First cross ewes sold to £164 for Suffolk x from JB Airey, Kendal with Texel x to £146 from J Allonby & Son, Grayrigg and others at £145 from J Woodburn & Partners, Ulverston. Hill bred ewes sold to £152 for Cheviots from J Woodburn & Partners, Ulverston with others selling at £140 from G GU&D Swarbrick, Meathorp and J Allonby & Son, Grayrigg. Swaledales sold to £114 from JM&NJ Strickland, Whinfell with Scotch Blackface to £112, Rough Fells £106 and Herdwicks to £102. A large entry of medium Mules today, sold to £126 from JA&ME Mawson, Orton with others to £120 from MW&M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell and £118 MA Barnes, Whinfell. Blue Faced Leicester’s sold to £156 from D&A Nicholson, Ulverston.
Cull rams sold to £180 for a Texel from M&YS Barker, Halton with Cheviots to £145 from J Allonby & Son, Grayrigg and Bluefaced Leicesters to £136 from P Whitton & Son, Burneside.
Customers are encouraged to continue to sell cull ewes and take advantage of the current strong trade.

Top Prices


Mule: £190 High Field, £185, £182 Dillicar, £180 High Field, £160, £125 Dillicar.


Continental: £230 Close Farm, £220, £182 Birks Head. Suffolk: £200 Lathwaite Farm. Cheviot: £175 Nibthwaite Grange Farm, £168, £145 Lathwaite Farm. Mule: £140, £110 Yew Tree Close. Zwartble: £135 Black Syke.


Texel: £310, £305, £305 Coat Green Farm, £245 Aisgill Farm, £215, £195 Coat Green Farm. Continental: £300 Coat Green Farm, £280 Close Farm, £248 Aisgill Farm, £225 Coat Green Farm, £210 Lockbank, £170 Close Farm. Charollais: £268 Dugg Hill. Mule: £250, £245, £240 Coat Green Farm, £200 Lockbank, £188 Coat Green Farm, £180 Black Syke. Suffolk: £235 Birks Head, £230 Lockbank, £178 High Woodend. Masham: £195 Birks Head. Zwartble: £195 Coat Green Farm. Ryeland: £175, £160, £142, £138, £130 Low Rutter Farm. Cheviot: £120, £112 Nibthwaite Grange Farm.


Suffolk: £180 Cracalt Farm, £155 Hodgsons Green Farm, £148 Cracalt Farm, £147, £141.50 Hodgsons Green Farm. Charollais: £177, £158 Crosscrake Farm. Texel: £175 Endmoor Farm, £173 Low Brundrigg, £170 Bensons Farm, £168 Low Brundrigg , £166 Bensons Farm, £159 Cantsfield Hall. Continental: £171 Ackenthwaite Farm, £148, £138 High Biggarsbank, £133 Oak Aveune, £119 Hodgson Green Farm. Dorset: £150 High Biggarsbank.


Suffolk: £175 Larkrigg, £169 Head House, £160 Mint Close, £157, £149 Kendal House Farm, £140 Mealriggs Farm. Charollais: £172, £164, £138 Head House, £123 West Lodge, £120 Potts Yeats, £117 West Lodge. Texel: £170 Heights Farm, £166 Larkrigg, £161.50 Oak Aveune, £157 Coat Green Farm, £157 Heights Farm, £156 Mint Close. Cheviot: £157 Brow Head, £154, £136 Outrake Foot, £122.50 Coat Green Farm, £118.50 Halton Park Farm, £114 Outrake Foot. Leicester: £153 Swallowmire. Continental: £151 Hall Farm, £125 Coat Green Farm, £115.50 Hodgsons Green Farm, £114, £111 Hall Farm, £104 Brow Head. Blue Texel: £143, £120 The Crescent. Dutch Spotted: £139, £100 Black Syke. Mule: £139 Benson Hall, £129 Swallowmire, £126, £123 Benson Hall, £119 Ghyll Farm, £119 Whelpside Farm. Beltex: £128.50, £115 Coat Green Farm. Masham: £118 Mealriggs Farm. Scotch Blackface: £112, £107, £103, £96.50 Halton Park Farm. Herdwick: £110 Hall Farm, £94 Wall End Farm, £92 High Birk Howe Farm. Swaledale: £97, £90 Barbon Fell House.


Hampshire: £163 Endmoor Farm, £136 Cantsfield Hall, £108, £88 Endmoor Farm. Texel: £160 St Annes Farm, £158 Hodgsons Green Farm, £148 Mainsrigg Hall, £146 Green Head, £145 Mansrigg Hall. Leicester: £156 Birch Bank, £138 The Cottages. Suffolk: £154 Mint Close, £148, £146 Mansrigg Hall, £138 Oak Avenue, £138 Head House. Cheviot: £152 (2) Mansrigg Hall, £140 Kate Farm, £140 Green Head, £128 Top Thorn Farm. Teeswater: £138 Gowan Bank Farm. Horned: £133, £86 Croft Foot Farm. Charollais: £132 Hodgsons Green Farm, £132 Gaitbarrow Farm, £104 The Crescent. Beltex: £128 Corner Cottage. Mule: £126 Kate Farm, £126 Sproat Ghyll, £120 Swallowmire, £120 The Borrans, £118 Top Thorn Farm. Zwartable: £120 Black Syke. Continental: £116 Sproat Ghyll, £112 Crabtree Farm, £109 Main Street, £106 Low House, £92 Sproat Ghyll. Swaledale: £114 The Borrans, £104 High Birk Howe Farm, £98 Woodside Farm, £87 Castle Syke Farm, £82 Bridge End. Scottish Blackface: £112, £86 Mansrigg Hall. Rough Fell: £106 Sproat Ghyll, £84 High Farm, £76 High Borrowbridge, £70 Sproat Ghyll, £69 High Borrowbridge. Herdwick: £102 High Biggarsbank, £88, £76 High Birk Howe Farm, £68 Woodside Farm. Dutchspotted: £98 Black Syke. Ryeland: £94 Low Rutter Farm.


Texel: £180 Halton Park Farm, £100 Hampsfield Hall. Cheviot: £145 Green Head. Leicester: £136, £112 High Tenement Farm. Suffolk: £134 Swallowmire. Beltex: £130 Main Street. Charollais: £112 Outrake Foot. Herdwick: £107 High Birk Howe Farm.

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