Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Prime Hoggs, Cast Sheep & Sheep with Lambs at Foot. Monday 20th March 2023

Prime Hogg

Trade and number are on the up at Lancaster Auction Mart with 1115 hoggs forward, averaging an SQQ of 258p/kg with an overall market average of 248p/kg. The sale topped at £158 for a superb Beltex hogg from AG Butler, Hambleton with other Beltex hoggs selling to £148 from JE Parkinson & Son, Quernmore. More interest was shown in heavy weight hoggs, with Suffolks selling to £151 from J France, Pilling and heavy Texels selling to £146 from V&EJ Chadwick & Sons, Sowerby. Plenty of hoggs broke the 300p/kg barrier today, topping at 330p/kg for Texels from A Brown, Littledale with other Texel hoggs selling to 326p/kg from S Ayrton, Thurnham. Heavy Mule hoggs saw a top of £128 from A Brown, Littledale with the best Mule hoggs selling around the £120 mark. A run of well fed Scotch Black Face hoggs from M&YS Barker, Halton saw 44kg sell to £119. 39kg Cheviot hoggs from AR&BJ Thompson, Selside sold at £118 with J Bargh & Son, Heaton selling Cheviot £117.50. Dalesbred hoggs saw a top of £116 from T&D Wright, Roeburndale. Swaledales topped at £113 from JA Simpson, Barnacre. Meated Swaledales regularly selling at the 240p/kg-245p/kg. Lancaster can cater for all types of hoggs, with a ring side of buyers all keen to fulfil their Monday morning orders.
Vendors are reminded to arrive in good time to allow for lambs to be belly clipped prior to the sale, we would like to thank all vendors for their patience and continued support.

Cast Sheep

The ewe trade goes up another gear with Texels selling to £160 from D&K Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe with other Texels at £152 from JE Parkinson & Son, Quernmore. Mule ewes sold to a top of £130 twice from DJ Casson & Son, Slyne and J Burr, Quernmore. Swaledale ewes sold to a top of £91 from WI&A Atkinson & Son, Bleasdale. All ewes forward averaged £96.

Sheep with Lambs at Foot

50 ewes with lambs were forward with the busiest ring side of buyers seen this season, aged Texel ewes with Texel twin lambs from J&A Heap & Son, Barnacre topped twice at £290. The first offerings of shearlings to date were from WG Farms, Cockerham which saw Suffolks with Texels twins selling to £270. Aged Mule ewes with Texel lambs from B&J Preston, Caton saw their best sell to £238. J&A Heap & Son sold aged Texel ewes with single lambs to £230, with others from the same good home selling to £212.

Top Prices

Prime Hogg Top Prices

Beltex: £159 Park Farm Barn, £148 Castle Mill Farm, £145 Stubb Hall Farm, £144 Castle Mill Farm, £142 Deep Clough, £140 Park Farm Barn. Suffolk: £151 Merryfield, £134 Cottage Farm, £132 Higher Fair Snape Farm, £124 Little Crimbles, £122 Halton Park Farm, £121 North Farm. Continental: £146 Sowerby Lodge, £142 Cliftons Farm, £135 Two Stiles, £135 Beaumont Gate, £133 Burrow Heights Farm, £133 Cliftons Farm. Texel: £144 Newhouse Farm, £139 Merryfield, £139 Stubb Hall Farm, £139 Park Farm Barn, £138 Park Farm Barn, £138 Deep Clough. Horned: £131 Merryfield. Mule: £128 Deep Clough, £119 Sowerby Lodge, £118 Higher Fair Snape, £117 North Farm, £117 Yates Farm, £116.50 Higher Fair Snape Farm. Blue Texel: £125 Cross House Farm. Charollais: £120 Merryfield. Scotch Black Face: £119 Halton Park Farm, £110 Halton Park Farm, £109 Halton Park Farm, £103 Halton Park Farm, £101 Halton Park Farm. Cheviot Mule: £119 North Farm, £117.50 North Farm. Masham: £118 Allcocks Farm. Cheviot: £118 Poppy Farm, £117 Weavers Farm, £117 Little Eccleston Hall, £115 Weavers Farm, £114.50 Little Eccleston Hall, £110 Poppy Farm. Dalesbred: £116 Allcocks Farm, £101 Fell End Farm, £99 Holme House Farm. Swaledale: £113 Millstones, £112 Holme House Farm, £111 Millstones, £108 Holme House Farm, £103.50 Appletree Farm, £100 Appletree Farm. Rough Fell: £90 Poppy Farm.

Cast Sheep Top Prices

Texel: £160 Bensons Farm, £152 Castle Mille Farm, £138 Bensons Farm, £138 Castle Mill Farm, £134 Castle Mill Farm, £132 Yates Farm. Mule: £130 Beaumont Gate, £130 Little Fell, £122 Bailey Hey Farm, £118 Bensons Farm, £114 Beaumont Gate, £111 Little Fell. Leicester: £126 Holme House Farm, £118 Holme House Farm. Continental: £122 Beaumont Gate, £114 Helks Farm, £109 Longstripes Farm, £102 Oak Avenue. Teeswater: £120 Allcocks Farm. Zwartble: £102 Cottage Farm. Swaledale: £91 Holme House Farm, £86 Holme House Farm, £76 Holme House Farm. Horned: £90 Longstripes Farm. Rough Fell: £85 Longstripes Farm.

Sheep with Lambs at Foot Top Prices

Texel (Twins): £290 Burns Farm, £290 Burns Farm, £255 Lathwaite Farm, £250 Burns Farm. Suffolk (Twin): £270 Lathwaite Farm. Mule (Twins): £238 Ellers Farm, £235 Ellers Farm, £232 Lathwaite Farm, £212 Lathwaite Farm, £205 Lathwaite Farm, £190 Lathwaite Farm. Texel (Single): £230 Burns, £212 Burns Farm. Continental (Single): £198 Burns Farm, £190 Burns Farm.

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