J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: J36 Weekly Sale of Prime Hoggs, Cast Sheep & Sheep with Lambs at Foot. Tuesday 21st March 2023

Sheep with Lambs at Foot

Ewes with lambs in general were slightly a better trade on the week, even with the bad weather. A full ring side of buyers were forward to satisfy all vendors. Winsbury Farm, Leyburn sold an outstanding run with Grade 4 Dutch Spotted ewes with twin Dutch Spotted lambs to £550. Beltex ewes with twin Beltex lambs from the same home sold to £400. First cross Texel ewes with Texel twin lambs from J&R Waller sold to £305. The better end of Continental ewes sold at £280-£295 and the smaller end £240-£250. Strong single Mule ewes with Texel twins sold to £245 from J&R Waller, Killington. Mules were regularly selling between £220 and £230 with singles selling at the £150-£160 mark. A run of broken mouth Cheviot ewes with pure Cheviot lambs sold to £135 for singles from R Airey & Son, Ravestonedale.

Prime Hoggs

A bigger show of prime hoggs on the week with a lot more life in the job, with the whole sale averaging an SQQ of £2.65 per kilo. Commercial export types were a fast trade with plenty of pens selling around £2.70-£2.80 per kilo.
Heavy hoggs got into another gear this week, some being £15 up on the week. 50kg Texel hoggs from SH&LE Birkett, Carnforth sold to £147 with other to £145 from Cornthwaite Moor, Hambleton. Mule hoggs sold well between the £115 and £118 mark, topping at £120 for 45kg hoggs from AW&AM Clarke, Troutbeck. Cheviot sold to £130 from GM&A Jackson, Little Eccleston who sold other pens to £126.
All horned hoggs were well bid for, Scotch Black Face sold to £120 from GM&A Jackson, Little Eccleston. Other full pens of Scotch Black Face hoggs from M&YS Barker, Halton sold to £118.50. Topping of a good day for GM&A Jackson they topped the Swaledale section at £114. Hoggs from J Benson, Ambleside sold to £107.50 for 39kg.

Cast Sheep

Texel ewes led the way, selling to £192 from WS Burrow & Sons, Silverdale with other Texels selling to £180 from GR&A Foy, Conder Green. Continental bred ewes with strength and meat were regularly selling at the £130-£140 mark. Mules sold to a top of £144 from E&A Thompson, New Hutton with Cheviot Mules selling to £140 from WS Burrow & Sons, Silverdale. Rough Fells sold to a top of £111 from JA Law, Carnforth. A leaner show of Swaledale ewes were forward with the best selling to £78 from FW Garside, Ambleside.
Twenty five cast rams were forward, Texels sold to £158 from MW&MR Black, Staveley with the best Texel tup regularly £140 plus. Rough Fells sold to £126 from WJ Dawson, Sedbergh. A pen of Swaledale tups sold to £108 from RA Clegg & LD Bennett, Seathwaite.

Top Prices

In Lamb Shearling Top Prices

Dutch Spotted: £220 Winsbury House.

In Lamb Hogg Top Prices

Dutch Spotted: £150 Winsbury House.

Spare Lamb Top Prices 

Dutch Spotted: £50 Winsbury House

Ewe with Lambs at Foot Top Prices

Dutch Spotted (Twin): £550 Winsbury House. Beltex (Twin): £400 Winsbury House. Texel (Twin): £305 Hallbeck, £295 Hallbeck, £290 Hallbeck, £225 Midtown. Mule (Twins): £245 Hallbeck, £225 Woodside, £220 Woodside, £212 Woodside, £180 Woodside. Continental (Twins): £200 The Borrans. Cheviot (Twin): £172 Low Greenside, £162 Low Greenside, £135 Low Greenside, £132 Low Greenside. Continental (Single): £165 Midtown Farm, £145 Midtown Farm, £130 The Borrans. Mule (Single): £150 Woodside. Texel (Single): £145 Midtown Farm.

Prime Hoggs Top Prices

Texel: £147 Stubb Hall Farm, £145 Stubb Hall Farm, £145 Halton Park Farm, £145 Moors Farm, £140 Stubb Hall Farm, £138 Stubb Hall Farm. Cheviot: £138 Bowers Farm, £130 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £128 Bowers Farm, £126 Stubbins Farm, £125 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £124 Bowers Farm. Beltex: £138 Parkside Farm, £130 Parkside Farm, £124 Parkside Farm. Suffolk: £135 Halton Park Farm, £128 Moors Farm, £125 Halton Park Farm, £123 Halton Park Farm, £121.50 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £121 Halton Park Farm. Continental: £129 Broats Farm, £124 Bowers Farm, £123 Scroggs Farm, £123 Scroggs Farm, £122 Bowers Farm, £121 Myers Farm. Dorset: £128 Hazelslack Tower Farm. Mule: £120 Low Longmire, £119 Moors Farm, £116 Red Scar Farm, £114 Moss Side, £114 Helm Croft, £113 Rydal Farm. Scotch Black Face: £120 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £118.50 Halton Park Farm. Rough Fell: £118.50 Millriggs, £110 Boundary Beck, £100 Borrow Bridge House, £95 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Horned: £118 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Swaledale: £114 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £105.50 Low Longmire, £100.50 Nether House Farm, £98 Harry Place Farm, £98 Tongue House Farm. Leicester: £110 Boundary Beck. Dalesbred: £106 Higher Salter. Herdwick: £107.50 Harry Place Farm, £91 Harry Place Farm, £89 Tongue House Farm, £88.50 Rydal Farm, £88 Underhelm Farm, £84 Harry Place Farm. Hebridean: £76 Tongue House Farm.

Cast Ewes Top Prices

Texel: £192 Gibraltar Farm, £180 Parkside Farm, £178 Stroth End Farm, £166 Low Stangerthwaite, £164 Parkside Farm, £160Gibralter Farm. Beltex: £154 Stubb Farm, £150 Parkside Farm, £150 Parkside Farm, £126 Stubb Farm. Leicester: £144 Lawkland Hall Farm, £106 Lawkland Hall Farm, £92 Tongue House Farm. Mule: £141 High Butterbent, £122 Parkside Farm, £118 Borrans Farm, £118 Helm Croft, £118 Low Woodhouse, £118 Lockbank. Cheviot Mule: £140 Gibraltar Farm, £118 Gibraltar Farm. Cheviot: £118 Gibraltar Farm, £100 Green Lane End Farm, £94 Scroggs Farm. Rough Fell: £111 Marsh House Farm, £94 Rankthorn, £86 Steps Farm, £74 Steps Farm. Gritstone: £82 Lockbank. Kerry Hill: £78 Woodside. Swaledale: £78 Briar Fern, £54 The Coach House, £52 Cragg House Farm. Dorset: £58 Brow Head, £54 High Butterbent. Herdwick: £49 Harry Place Farm, £45 Harry Place Farm.

Cast Rams Top Prices

Texel: £168 Scroggs Farm, £144 Low Longmire, £140 Cantsfield Hall, £132 Cragg House Farm, £125 Matson Farms, £124 Gibraltar Farm. Swaledale: £108 Tongue House Farm, £104 Nether House Farm. Rough Fell: £126 Rash Mill. Herdwick: £100 Harry Place Farm. Charollais: £88 Lawkland Hall Farm.

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