Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Sale of Calves, Stirks, OTM and Store Cattle, Friday 30th September 2022.

Calves & Stirks
Lancaster enjoyed a busy day with a bumper entry of 288 stirks, weanlings and calves forward with buyers in the market for all specifications. The trade today for the stirks saw the best bred and fed in big demand and easily sold with leaner types eagerly bid for but meeting realisation.
The stirk trade peaked at £870 for an Aberdeen Angus heifer from K McBride, Astley. Strong bullocks were in big demand with a pen of three Hereford yearling selling to £860 from JR Pye, Stalmine followed by a pen of three yearling bullocks to £850 from G Rawlinson, Astley. Other leading prices saw Aberdeen Angus bullocks from SE&J Gorst, Littledale to £830 with ten month old Hereford bullocks to £800 from R&A Jolleys, Cabus. Continental bullocks saw yearling British Blues sell to £800 and £790 from JR Pye, Stalmine with nine month old British Blue bullocks to £790 from D&J Hay, Cockerham. This was followed by others to £750 from MD Close & Son, Arkholme. Fourteen month old black and white bullocks sold to £730 from K McBride, Astley with nine month old British Blue bulls sold to £650 from FW Rhodes & Son, Ellel.
A large number of weanlings forward today in the calf ring saw well grown quality ones in plenty of demand, peaking at £605 for a pen of three five month old British Blue bulls from J&G Thornley, Roseacre whom sold another pen to £560. Weanling Friesian bull calves sold to £385 from EW&R towers, Hornby with Fleckviehs to £375 and £370 twice.
The calf trade peaked at £360 for a British Blue from Barber Farms, Claughton on Brock. Aberdeen Angus bull calves topped at £350 from Tom Barron Farm, Woodplumpton who sold others to £340. Plenty of strong good quality calves regularly sold around the £300 mark with a busy ring side of buyers in the market today.

Store Cattle
Heavy well fleshed steers continue to sell to a premium today, peaking at £1720 for an Aberdeen Angus x from R Townsend, Freckleton. This was closely followed by Pilling Hall, Pilling selling an Aberdeen Angus and a Limousin to £1650 with others at £1580 from J Prest & Son, Bay Horse and TJ Lloyd, Setting. Other notable prices included Salers at £1560 from M&M Carr, Carnforth, Fleckviehs to £1540 from J Prest & Son, Bay Horse who also sold British Blue x at £1500. Charolais x sold to £1490 from L Goodier & Son, Lea. All steers forward today averaged £1202.
Heifers sold to £1640 for a Limousin x from TJ Lloyd, Settle who sold others at £1620 with British Blue x selling to £1580 from GR&A Foy, Conder Green. The Charollais section topped at £1380 from DR Preston, Caton with Aberdeen Angus’s to £1270 from B&J Preston, Caton. All heifers today averaged £1070.

OTM Cattle
This week saw another increased entry of cull cows with 165 forward, due to the change in weather and many farmers now looking to turn in. Once again, a shortage of heavy and well finished cows with these types today selling to 221.5p/kg for a Limousin x from RG&L Holmes, Warton. Other Limousins sold to 219.5p/kg from JE&AC Clarke, Melling, British Blues also achieving 219.5p/kg from TE JS & SA Curruthers, Underbarrow. Other heavy and well flesh beefs cows regularly sold at 185-205p/kg with feeding types 165-185p/kg. Dairy cows peaked at 194.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from Cote Farm Partnership, Nether Kellet and Fleckviehs to 191.5p/kg from EW&R Towers, Hornby. Other heavy cows were generally 175-190p/kg with medium types 145-170p/kg with the leanest and direct out of parlour types 110-135p/kg, depending on quality and type. Top grossing beef cow today was a Limousin x from JE&AC Clarke & Son, Melling achieving £1546 with diary cows peaking at £1532 for a Holstein Friesian from J Bargh & Son, Morecambe. All cull cows forward today averaged 161p/kg.
24 OTM heifers sold to 217.5p/kg for a Hereford x from AT Burrow & Son, Gressingham with another Hereford x from G Atkinson & Son, Quernmore achieving 207.5p/kg. Dairy heifers sold to 204.5p/kg for a British Friesian from WT Whitaker & Son, Nether Kellet with Holstein Friesian to 194.5p/kg from Lawsons Dairy Ltd, Cockerham. Top grossing beef heifer was a Hereford x achieving £1381 from AT Burrow & Son, Gressingham who also sold the top price dairy heifer at £1293.
14 steers sold to 217.5p/kg for a Hereford x from D Burrow, Arkholme with beef shorthorns also achieving 217.5p/kg from JF&HE Caton, Cowan Bridge, Dairy steers sold to 211.5p/kg for a Friesian from DR Preston, Caton. Top grossing steer being a Hereford x from D Burrow, Arkholme achieving £1679.
A single cull bull forward today being an Aberdeen Angus x from S&J France, Over Wyresdale achieved 174.5p/kg and £1736.
Vendors are encouraged to have cull cows forward by 10am to allow all stock to be lotted and imputed, to allow for a prompt 10.15am sale start.

Top Prices

Heifer Calf:

Angus: £495 Derby Lodge Farm, £355 Holme Head £200 Brown Brook. British Blue: £490 £400 Derby Lodge Farm,£310 Brown Brook, £280 Manor House Farm.

Bull Calf:

British Blue: £605 £560 Derby Lodge Farm, Friesian: £385 £335 £235 Holme Head. Flekvieh: £375 £370(2) £360 Holme Head. Limousin: £230 Rose Farm. Shorthorn: £200 Bolton Bold Farm. Hereford: £105 Sellerly Farm.

Bull Stirk:

British Blue: £650(3) £600 Barrow Greaves Farm. Hereford: £540 Barrow Greaves Farm. Angus: £430 Cote Farm, £350 Barrow Greaves Farm. Flekvieh: £350 White Lund Farm.

Heifer Stirk:

Angus: £870 £760 Rockway Farm, £690 (2) £600 (2)Cragg Farm. British Blue: £650 (3) £640(3) Boon Town Farm. Charolais: £640 Birch House Cottage. Hereford: £580 £400(3) Marlholes Farm. Longhorn: £535 (4) Millbeck Farm. Limousin: £530 (2) Hare Apple Tree. Shorthorn: £480 (2) Beesleys Farm.

Steer Stirk:

Hereford: £860 (3)Hatters Farm, £800 Marlholes Farm. Angus: £850 (3) Redchalis Farm, £830 Cragg Farm. British Blue: £800 Hatters Farm, £790 (2) Birch House Cottage, £750 (2) Docker Hall Farm. Friesian: £730 (2) Rockway Farm, £540 Docker Hall Farm. Limousin: £690 (4). Flekvieh: £620 (2) Cragg Farm, £570 Docker Hall Farm. Norwegian Red: £480 £450 £350 Docker Hall Farm.

OTM Cow:

Limousin: 221.50 Croftlands, 219.50, 214.50 Cringleber, 209.50, 201.50 Mearsbeck Farm, 194.50 Potts Yeats. British Blue: 219.50 Red Scar Farm, 211.50, 179.50, 169.50 Handlesteads Farm, 161.50 Croftlands. Friesian: 194.50 Cote Farm, 191.50 North Farm, 189.50 Priory Farm, 189.50 North Farm, 189.50 Strickland Hill, 189.50 Sweetings Farm. Fleckvieh: 191.50 Holme Head. Hereford: 187.50, 184.50, 181.50, 169.50, 114.50 Little Crimbles. Angus: 174.50 Cringleber, 149.50 Parkside Farm, 109.50 Millbeck Farm. Montbeliarde: 174.50, 164.50 Holme Head. Norwegian Red: 174.50, 169.50 Dale Barns. Simmental: 174.50 Croftlansd, 134.50, 121.50 Hartrigg. Ayrshire: 159.50 Sunny Bank, 111.50 Knotts Farm. Shorthorn: 131.50, 129.50 Millbeck Farm. Longhorn: 124.50, 119.50 Millbeck Farm.

OTM Heifer:

Hereford: 217.50 High Snab, 207.50, 194.50 Old Hall Farm.Friesian: 204.50 Lane Ends Farm, 194.50 Bank End Farm, 194.50 North Farm, 194.50 High Snab, 189.50 North Farm, 189.50 Gibstick Hall. Longhorn: 174.50, 169.50, 159.50, 154.50, 139.50, 139.50 Millbeck Farm.

Cast Steer:

Hereford: 217.50 Border Rigg, 179.50, 174.50 Spa House. Shorthorn: 217.50 Long Streets Farm. Angus: 211.50, 209.50 Long Streets Farm, 199.50 Holme House Farm, 184.50 Croftlands. Friesian: 211.50, 204.50, 199.50 Ellers Farm. Longhorn: 189.50, 161.50, 149.50 Millbeck Farm.

Cast Bull:

Angus: 174.50 Kays Farm.

Store Bullock:

Angus: £1720 Kirkham Road, £1650 Pilling Hall Farm, £1580 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1400 North Farm, £1380 Grizdale, £1370 Downlands Farm. Limousin: £1650 Pilling Hall Farm, £1580 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1580 Proctors Farm, £1500 Kirkham Road, £1440 Proctors Farm, £1380 Rylstone Barn. Saler: £1560 Alby Wood, £1370 Sykes Farm. Fleckvieh: £1540 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1360 Old Glasson Farm, £1300 Docker Hall, £1260 Old Glasson Farm. British Blue: £1500 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1430 Stubb Place Farm, £1410 North Farm, £1390 Docker Hall, £1370 Stubb Place Farm. Montbeliarde: £1500 Upper Foxholes Farm. Charollais: £1490 Old Hall Farm, £1360 Downlands Farm, £1240 Toulbrick Farm, £1180 Holme House Farm. Hereford: £1400 Proctors Farm, £1360 Old Glasson Farm, £1320 Old Hall Farm, £1160 Holly House Farm, £1140 Holme House Farm, £1050 Holly House Farm. Norwegian Red: £1380 Old Glasson Farm, £1130 Rylstone Barn. Shorthorn: £1300 Yew Tree Farm. Stabiliser: £1270 Old Glasson Farm. Brown Swiss: £1240 Lambrigg Head Farm. Friesian: £1230 Downlands Farm, £1220 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1200 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1180 Downlands Farm, £1170 Scale House Farm, £1140 Old Hall Farm. Continental: £1100 High Lickbarrow Farm. Simmental: £1060 Ingleborough Park.

Store Heifer:

Limousin: £1640, £1620 Proctors Row, £1300 Mearsbeck Farm, £1250 Proctors Row, £1000, £980 Proctors Row. British Blue: £1580 Parkside Farm, £1340 Stubb Place Farm, £1310 Nether Hall Farm, £1300 Ellers Farm, £1290 Stubb Hall Farm, £1270 Carlingwha. Charollais: £1380, £1300 Ellers Farm, £1200 Downlands Farm, £1190, £1180 Toulbrick Farm, £1180 Brown Edge. Angus: £1270 Ellers Farm, £1190 Yew Tree Farm, £1190 Ellers Farm, £1110 Lower House Farm, £1100 Old Hall Farm, £1090 Holme House Farm. Shorthorn: £1240 Parkside Farm. Hereford: £1180, £1140, £1090 Old Hall Farm.

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