Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Calves, Stores, OTM & Dairy. Friday 23rd September 2022.

Dairy Cattle

The fortnightly sale of dairy cattle included a special show and sale judged by Mr S Forshaw, Longridge. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our show sponsors Wadland Finance, Yan Farm Health and NWF Agriculture. The championship rosette was awarded to the first prize heifer Pennine Poppy 1640 consigned by Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale which later sold to £2600 to the judge. The reserve champion was awarded to Pennine Peace 896 which later sold for £2620 to W Oldfield, Gisburn. First prize cow was awarded to WH Gardner & Son, Lytham who are dispersing their herd, this fresh 3rd calved cow achieved £2280 and was purchased by AW Park, Ellel. Top price heifer today was a much-admired Tunstall Apple Free Cazz Red shown by JH Towers & Son, Tunstall which achieved a final bid of £2820. An Ayrshire heifer from J Stott & Co, Cartmel achieved £1420, with a large crowd of buyers from throughout the Northern counties keen to secure all classes and types. Other noted prices today included a non-registered heifer from WH Gardner & Son, Lytham achieving £2380 with others from this ongoing dispersal at £2220 and £2150. A 5th calved cow from France Bros, Littledale achieved £1550 with. In calf heifers from JH Towers & Son, Tunstall sold to £1800 with others at £1580.

Sale Statistics
New calved heifers to £2820, averaged £2288
New calved cows to £2280, averaged £1735.
In-calf heifer to £1800, averaged £1600.

Calves & Weanlings

56 calves forward today with a top price of £420 for an Aberdeen Angus x bull from E&J Redmayne, Winmarleigh who sold others at £400. Weaned British Blue x bulls sold to £410 from I Atkinson & Son, Warton. Weaned dairy bred bulls sold to £355 for Fleckviehs from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green with Montbeliardes to £380 from E&J Redmayne, Winmarleigh. Month old bull calves sold to £250 from Barker Farms Ltd, Carnforth who sold others at £245, Aberdeen Angus x bulls sold to £210 from JE&S Seedall, Mellor. A nice entry of heifer calves sold to £295 for a British Blue x from RT Halhead, Cockerham closely followed by Wallbank Farms Ltd with a British Blue at £290 with £280 achieved by HJ Robinson, Milnthorpe and T&E Garth, Bleasedale. Limousin x heifers sold to £270 from I Atkinson & Son, Warton with GJ&G Billington, Garstang also achieving £270 for a Charollais x.
Young Holstein Friesians bulls sold to £85 from Wallbank Farms ltd, Over Wyresdale.

Store Cattle

A more weathered show of store cattle today, with the strongest maintaining the high prices of recent sales. Simmental x steers led the way achieving £1620 for a pair from TJ Llyod, Settle with Hereford x achieving £1560 from the same home. Aberdeen Angus x steers sold to £1480 from A Thornton, Woodplumpton with others at £1420 from H Birkett & Son, Overton. Dairy bred steers sold to £1240 from H Birkett & Son, Morecambe. All steers forward today averaged £1196.
Heifers sold to a top price of £1400 for a pen of five Aberdeen Angus x from A Thornton, Woodplumpton. Limousins sold to £1370 from A&J Knowles, Clitheroe who also sold British Blues at £1340. Beef Shorthorn heifers sold to £1280 from EW&CR Clegg & Sons, Stalmine with Hereford x to £1230 from D Fox & Co, Bay Horse. All heifers today averaged £1084.

Cull Cows
A much larger entry of 154 cull cows forward today, all cows forward averaged 155p/kg with 80% of the sale being dairy cows.
Heavy well fleshed beef cows continue to sell to a premium with Stabilisers to 229.5p/kg from A Dixon & Son, Selside, Limousin x to 221.5p/kg from JG&PH Thompson, Selside, Charollais x 219.5p/kg from P Metcalfe, Denny Beck and Herefords to 214.5p/kg from C Pemberton, Kingsley. Well fleshed beef cows were regularly 180-200p/kg with keen interest in cows suitable for finishing.
Dairy cows sold to 194.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesians from S Forshaw & Sons, Longridge with others at 191.5p/kg from D&A Blacoe, Lytham and Wallbank Farms Ltd, Over Wyresdale. Heavy well flesh dairy cows were generally 170-190p/kg, mediums 140-160p/kg with the leanest and parlour types 95-115p/kg depending on quality.
Top grossing cow today was a Charolais from P Metcalfe, Denny Beck achieving £2087 with Limousin to £1780 from A&P Hodgkinson, Stalmine and a Hereford to £1615 from GJT&V Parkinson, Preesall. Dairy cows sold to £1678 for a Holstein Friesians from S Forshaw & Sons who sold others at £1556 followed by £1553 achieved for a Holstein Friesians from JRG Mason, Bentham.
OTM heifers sold to 244.5p/kg from a Simmental from Mason & Gardner, Ingleton with Hereford to 219.5p/kg from GJT&V Parkinson, Preesall with Friesians peaking at 209.5p/kg from WT Whitaker & Son, Nether Kellet and Holstein Friesians to 194.5p/kg from Wallbank Farms Ltd, Over Wyresdale. Top grossing OTM heifer was Hereford achieving £1525 from GJT&V Parkinson. Dairy heifers sold to £1303 from Wallbank Farms Ltd. All OTM heifers averaged 188p/kg.Steers sold to a top price of 227.5p/kg and £1754 for an Aberdeen Angus’s from B&J Preston, Caton with others from this same good run achieving 219.5p/kg or £1573 and £1478. All OTM steers today averaged 222p/kg. Seven cull bulls forward today sold to 239.5p/kg for a Simmental from Barlow Bros, Croston with a Hereford from JRG Mason, Bentham achieving £1580. All cull bulls averaged 170p/kg.

Top Prices

Heifer Calf:

British Blue: £295 Norbreck Farm, £290 Tills Farm, £280 Bailey Hey Farm, £280 Elm Tree Farm, £275 Bailey Hey Farm, £275 Norbreck Farm. Charolais: £270 Myrescough House. Limousin: £270 Boon Town Farm, £265, £255 Myrescough House, £200 New Hall. Simmental: £210 Knowsley Farm. Hereford: £135 New Hall.

Bull Calf:

Angus: £420, £400 Poplar Grove Farm, £210, £165, £140 Bolton Fold Farm, £115 Swillbrook Grange. British Blue: £410 Boon Town Farm, £250, £245, £200, £140 Cotestone Farm. Fleckvieh: £355, £335, £310 Sellerley Farm. Montbeliarde: £340, £320, £250 Poplar Grove Farm, £250 Sellerley Farm. Limousin: £320, £310 Boon Town Farm.

OTM Cow:

Stabiliser: 229.50, 219.50, 207.50, 199.50, 197.50 Kit Cragg. Limousin: 221.50 Poppy Farm, 209.50 Bank Field Farm, 207.50 Low Crompton Farm, 189.50 Poppy Farm, 187.50 Narrow Gate Farm, 177.50 Botton Hall Farm. Charolais: 219.50 Old Parkside Farm. Hereford: 214.50 Willow Tree Cottage, 194.50, 189.50, 184.50 Little Crimbles, 184.50 Moss View, 184.50 Little Crimbles. Angus: 199.50 Greenalls Farm, 144.50 Narrow Gate Farm. British Blue: 199.50 Poppy Farm. Simmental: 197.50, 194.50, 171.50 Low Crompton Farm, 161.50 Stoneybank Philpin Farm. Friesian: 194.50 Bolton Fold Farm, 191.50 Warton Hall Farm, 191.50 Tills Farm, 189.50 Brown Brook, 189.50 Bolton Fold Farm, 189.50 Ridding Lane Farm. Montbeliarde: 189.50 Myrescough House. Fleckvieh: 181.50, 159.50 Holme Head, 159.50 Aughton Hall Farm. Ayrshire: 177.50 Bolton Fold Farm. Meuse Rhine Issel: 174.50, 159.50 Littlewood Hall Farm. Norwegian Red: 161.50 Holme Head. Blonde: 149.50 Little Fell Farm. Shorthorn: 149.50 Narrow Gate Farm, 134.50 Aughton Hall Farm. Dairy Shorthorn: 137.50 Aughton Hall Farm.

OTM Heifer:

Simmental: 244.50 Stoneybank Philpin Farm, 199.50 Littlewood Hall Farm. Hereford: 219.50 Moss View. British Blue: 209.50 Pasture House Farm. Friesian: 209.50 Lane Ends Farm, 194.50 Tills Farm, 191.50 Heaves Farm, 174.50 Cliftons Farm, 169.50 Heaves Farm, 154.50 Gibstick Hall. Limousin: 204.50, 199.50 Ackenthwaite Farm.

Cast Steer:

Angus: 227.50, 224.50, 219.50 Ellers Farm. Hereford: 221.50 Moss House Farm. Friesian: 214.50 Pasture House Farm.

Cast Bull:

Simmental: 239.50 Littlewood Hall Farm, 179.50 Herdman House Farm. Charolais: 191.50 Little Crimbles. Hereford: 189.50 Stubbins Farm, 144.50 Ridding Lane Farm. Angus: 139.50 Herdman House Farm. Friesian: 134.50 Ancliffe Hall Farm.

Store Bullock:

Simmental: £1620, £1450 Proctors Row, £1380 Brown Edge, £1180 Mearsbeck Farm, £1170 Little Crimbles. Hereford: £1560, £1470 Proctors Row, £1220 Carlingwha, £1180, £1160 Holly House Farm, £1140 Old Hall Farm. Angus: £1480 Outerthwaite Farm, £1480, £1460 Adamsons Farm, £1420 North Farm, £1360 Proctors Row, £1340 Parkside Farm. British Blue: £1390 Lower Castle O Trim, £1370 Old Hall Farm, £1360 Intack Farm, £1350 Fellside Farm, £1340 Parkside Farm, £1340 Moss House Farm. Charolais: £1380 Brown Edge, £1350 Holme House Farm, £1340 Gunnerthwaite, £1260 Outerthwaite Farm, £1240 Manor House Farm, £1170 Little Crimbles. Montbeliarde: £1240 North Farm, £1000 Pasture House Farm. Limousin: £1200, £1150 Eddisford Bridge Farm, £1130 Low House Farm, £1110 Eddisford Bridge Farm, £1070 Roadday Lane Farm. Continental: £1180 Mearsbeck Farm. Friesian: £980 Plumpton Hall Farm, £950 Low House Farm, £950 Sandvilla, £940, £870 Old Hall Farm.

Store Heifer:

Angus: £1400, £1290 Adamsons Farm, £1290 Moss View, £1220 Old Hall Farm, £1180 Outerthwaite Farm. Limousin: £1370, £1360, £1310 Edisford Bridge Farm, £1180, £1070 Hatters Farm, £1060 Low House Farm. British Blue: £1340 Edisford Bridge Farm, £1310 Moss House Farm, £1300 Stubb Hall Farm, £1260 Lower Castle O Trim, £1210 Eddisford Bridge Farm, £1150 Pasture House Farm. Shorthorn: £1280 Yew Tree Farm. Hereford: £1230 Holly House Farm, £1140, £1020 Old Hall Farm. Charolais: £1110 Haven Lea Farm.

More Info

NWA Lancaster Dairy Show, Friday 23rd September 2022.

Judge- Stuart Forshaw

Class 1- Newly Calved Cow

1st Lot 1012 from WH Gardner & Son selling for £2280.

2nd Lot 1008 from WH Gardner & Son selling for £2050.

3rd Lot 1019 from JH Towers & Son selling for £1820.

Class 2- Newly Calved Heifer

1st Lot 1021 from Drinkall Bros selling for £2600.

2nd Lot 1029 from Drinkall Bros selling for £2620.

3rd Lot 1028 from Drinkall Bros selling for £2680.

Class 3- Incalf Heifer

1st Lot 1031 from JH Towers & Son selling for £1580.

Champion- Lot 1021 from Drinkall Bros selling for £2600.

Reserve Champion- Lot 1029 from Drinkall Bros selling for £2620.

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