Lancaster Livestock Auction: Weekly Sale of Prime Hoggs, Cast Sheep & Sheep with Lambs at Foot. 7th March 2022

Prime Hoggs
It was great to have more numbers today with 651 forward, meeting more demand and trade with a busy ring of buyers at Lancaster. Handy weighted hoggs were in the highest demand once again averaging 255p/kg, with an overall market averaged of 246p/kg to include 310 heavy weigh lambs, which were a noticeably sharper trade. £140 was the top price achieved today for 57kg Texels from J Bargh & Son, Heaton with Oxcliffe. The next call was £139 achieved by Cardwell Farms, Stalmine with others from the same home to £136 and £134. A run of heavy weight hoggs from WN&D Smith & Sons, Cockerham sold Suffolks to £139 and Beltexs to £138. Andrew Butler’s weekly consignment peaked at £134 twice. The £134 mark was also matched by J Oddie & Son, Blackburn, JE Parkinson & Son, Quernmore and Suffolks twice to this price from P Kaye, Chorley. Plenty more sold around the £130 mark. The Mule trade peaked at £127.50 for a pen of 58kg hoggs from WI&A Atkinson & Son, Bleasdale, with others from the same home achieving £120. Top pence per kilo this week was 320p for Texels from Cardwell Farms, Stalmine. Plenty of pens of nice confirmation handy weighted hoggs sold in the 280’s – 290’s.

Cast Sheep
The cast ewe trade continues to go from strength to strength, in which more easily could be handled on a Monday morning to fulfil buyers requirements. Leading the way today was a consignment from Andrea Gardner, Bay Horse seling pure Suffolk ewes to £180 and the consignment averaging £172. Suffolk x ewes sold to £155 from WD&D Smith & Sons, Cockerham. Texel x ewes sold to £150 from D&K Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe, followed by others to £148 from JW Cornall & Sons, Bleasedale. Plenty more Texel x and Suffolk x ewes sold in the region of £130. Big Mule ewes sold to £134 from WN&D Smith & Son, Cockerham with other big Mules to £131 from RH&C Ayrton, Abbeystead. Plenty of strong Mule ewes sold in the £120’s. Swaledale ewes sold to £101 from JW Cornall & Sons, Bleasedale. Dalesbreds sold to £98 from FK&F Woodhouse, Scorton.
Continental tups sold to £159 from JC Morphet, Hale.

Sheep with Lambs at Foot
There was plenty of demand for the opening sale of sheep with lambs at foot which saw the entry forward predominantly aged Mule ewes with Texel lambs, selling to an overall market average of £81.80 a life. The annual consignment from D&K Swarbirck, Out Rawcliffe led the way selling aged Continental ewes with twins to £272 and £265 with aged Mules with twins from the same home selling to £265 and £240 twice. Aged Mule ewes with single Texel lambs sold to £165 from M&JM Redmayne, Balderstone.

Top Prices

Prime Hogg Top Prices:
Texel: £140 North Farm, £139 Inverbervie, £136 Inverbervie, £135 North Farm, £134 Inverbervie, £134 Park Farm Barn. Suffolk: £139 Cocker House Farm, £134 Breworth Fold Farm, £134 Breworth Fold Farm, £134 Cheetham House Farm, £130 Inverbervie, £123 Maddison Avenue. Beltex: £138 Cocker House Farm, £121 Park Farm, £110 Highgate Farm, £100.50 Breworth Fold Farm. Charollais: £134 Park Farm, £128 Little Fell Farm, £123 Inverbervie, £122 Inverbervie, £122 Park Farm Barn, £121 Park Farm Barn. Continental: £132 Cocker House Farm, £131 Higher Fair Snape Farm, £128 Cocker House Farm, £115.50 Park House Farm, £112 Moss House Farm, £107.50 Oak Avenue. Mule: £127.50 Holme House Farm, £120 Holme House Farm, £115.50 Breworth Fold Farm, £110 Knowsley Farm, £107 Burrow Heights Farm, £105.50 Fell End Farm. Cheviot: £118 Inverbervie, £114 Oak Avenue, £113 Wavers Farm, £111.50 Oak Avenue, £111 Little Fell Farm, £108.50 Waevers Farm. Masham: £113 Moss House Farm, £106 Cobble Hey Farm, £101 Cobble Hey Farm. Horned: £106 Brabiner House Farm, £90 Moss House Farm. Leicester: £105 Ouzelthorn, £100 Yates Farm. Dalesbred: £98 Fell End Farm. Swaledale: £97 Ouzelthorn Farm, £88 Ouzelthourn Farm, £88 Ouzelthorn Farm, £79 Yates Farm. Herdwick: £97 Moss House Farm.

Cast Ewe Top Prices:
Suffolk: £180 Wellington View, £174 Wellington View, £164 Wellington View, £155 Cocker House Farm, £136 Breworth Fold Farm, £131 Burrow Heights Farm. Continental: £159 Field House, £134 Old Glasson Farm, £124 Old Glasson Farm, £116 Cragg Farm, £101 Holme House Farm. Texel: £150 Bensons Farm, £148 Higher Fair Snape Farm, £138 Keepers Cottage, £130 Breworth Fold Farm, £130 Breworth Fold Farm, £120 Ripley St Thomas. Mule: £134 Cocker House Farm, £131 Ouzelthorn Farm, £128 Old Glasson Farm, £126 Cocker House Farm, £122 Holme House Farm, £120 Old Glasson Farm. Charollais: £120 Brabiner House Farm, £115 Burrow Heights Farm, £110 Field House, £100 Burrow Heights Farm. Cheviot: £103 Cragg Farm, £95 Cragg Farm. Swaledale: £101 Higher Fair Snape, £90 Fell End Farm. Horned: £98 Fell End Farm. Blue Texel: £97 Swainshead Hall Farm. Beltex: £80 Scronkey Farm.

Cast Ram Top Prices:
Texel: £130 Breworth Fold Farm.

Sheep with Lambs at Foot
Continental: £272 Bensons Farm, £265 Bensons Farm. Mule: £265 Bensons Farm, £240 Bensons Farm, £240 Bensons Farm, £225 Lower House Farm, £165 Lower House Farm.

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