Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, OTM, Store and Dairy Cattle - Friday 17th June 2022.

Lancaster Dairy- Heifers sell to £2420.
The Farmers Guardian Sale of Dairy Cattle at NWA Lancaster saw a quality entry forward with customers in attendance from throughout the Northern Counties.
The sale peaked at £2420 for Wyredale Abba Kris 3, a new calved Pedigree Heifer being 10 days calved from MJ & H Atkinson, Quernmore which after spirited bidding was secured by BF Blezzard Ltd, Ribchester. A trio of heifers were secured by Mr Blezzard including the top priced non-registered heifer from J & JA Burrow, Grayrigg selling at £2380 and a pedigree heifer, Kirkwood Deal Emily exhibited by H & SD Cornthwaite & Son, Garstang.
An entry of new calved cows from B Mallinson & Son, Levens attracted keen bidding interest with 2nd calved cows selling to £1880 and 4th calved cows to £1850. In calf cows from the same vendor sold to £1980.
A special sale of youngstock saw non-registered bulling heifers sell to a top price of £960 on 3 occasions on behalf of B Mallinson & Son, Levens who also sold yearlings to £850 and heifer stirks to £740.
Sale Statistics:
Pedigree New Calved Heifers to £2420.
Non-Registered New Calved Heifers to £2380.
All New Calved Heifers averaged £2245.
New Calved Cows to £1880, averaged £1865.
In calf cows to £1980.
Non-Registered Bulling Heifers to £960, averaged £930.
Non-Registered Yearling Heifers to £850, averaged £775.
Non-Registered Heifer Stirks to £740, averaged £620.

The next sale of dairy will be on Friday 1st July with early entries requested to assist with the advertising and promotion of the sale. The next few sales will feature several ongoing part dispersals, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your dairy requirements.

Calves & Weanlings
The weekly sale of calves saw 54 forward with todays entry comprising of predominantly younger calves being 4-5 weeks old, those older calves continue to sell to a premium. Limousin x bull from B Butterfield & Son, Burton in Kendal sold at £430 with Hereford x at £410 from TE&M Kidd, Ellel. British Blue x bull calves sold to £400 from Lawsons Dairy Ltd, Cockerham and Aberdeen Angus x bull calves to £365 from Tom Barron Farms Ltd, Woodplumpton. Well grown bull calves generally sold at £320-£400, with younger sorts £280-£380 depending on breed and quality. Heifer calves sold to £335 for a British Blue x from AD&R Milner, Claughton on Brock with Hereford x to £330 from TE&M Kidd, Limousin x to £300 from B Butterfield & son, Burton in Kendal, British Blue x to £295 from J Hogarth and Son, Slyne and Aberdeen Angus x to £295 from Tom Barron Farms, Woodplumpton. A consignment of weaned steers from E&J Redmayne, Winmarleigh saw British Blue x steers sell to £295 and Montbeliardes to £345.

Please note the sale of calves next week will follow the monthly sale of stirks, commencing at 10am.

Store Cattle
Once again store cattle at Lancaster sold to the recent high rates, with vendors leaving well suited for prices achieved. The sale topped for a pen of four steers from T Robson & Son, Poulton Le Fylde achieving £1570, with Charolais’s selling at £1560 from EE Thornton & Son, Heaton and Aberdeen Angus’s to £1550 from RG&B Lewis, Kirkby Lonsdale. The stronger end of steers were regularly selling in excess of £1400. Dairy bred steers sold to £1360 for a pen of Friesians from EE Thornton & Son, Heaton with Fleckviehs selling to £1270 from MJ&LC Lund, Quernmore. Steers suitable for summer grazing were keenly bid for, with a pen of 15 month old Aberdeen Angus’s from T&ME Longton & Son, Quernmore selling at £1100 and similar aged Charolais x steers at £1080 from DC Miller, Claughton on Brock. Heifers sold to £1400 for Aberdeen Angus’s from EE Thornton & Sons, Heaton with others at £1390 from EW&CR Clegg & Son, Stalmine and M&E Forshaw & Son, Longridge. Limousin x heifers sold to £1380 from EJ Ward & Son, Nether Kellet with British Blues selling to £1350 from AJ&D Knowles, New Hutton. Younger heifers sold to £1040 for 14 month old Aberdeen Angus’s from R&D Kellet, Cockerham, with Charolais x selling to £960 from DC Miller, Claughton on Brock.

Vendors are encouraged to enter cattle with confidence, with buyers keen to secure all classes and types every week at Lancaster Auction Mart.

OTM Cattle

98 cull cows were forward today selling to an overall market average of 176p/kg, with 80% of todays sale being dairy cows. Dairy cows sold to a top price of 217p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from M&E Forshaw & Son, Longridge with others at 211.5p/kg from DJ Clarke Farming, Barnacre and 209.5p/kg from EE Thornton & Sons, Heaton. Heavy well fleshed dairy cows were regularly selling at 190-205p/kg, parlour type cows were regularly 150-175p/kg depending on quality and type. The beef cows forward today were predominantly cows suitable for future finishing selling to 211.5p/kg for a Limousin x from DC Miller, Claughton on Brock, who also sold Charolais x at 209.5p/kg and British Blue x to 199.5p/kg from WK&R Harrison, Arkholme. Top grossing cow today was a Friesian from EE Thornton & Sons, Heaton achieving £1529, closely followed by M&E Forshaw & Son selling a Friesian at £1508. A further six Holstein Friesian cows sold in excess of £1400. Beef cows sold to £1352 for a British Blue from WI&A Atkinson & Son, Bleasedale.
OTM heifers sold to 251.5p/kg and £1559 for a Limousin from EJ&P Burrow, Storth with dairy heifers selling to 199.5p/kg and £1426 for a Holstein Friesian from Messrs Gibson & Berry, Endmoor.
OTM steers sold to 239.5p/kg and £1631 from JM Capstick Ashton with Stodday with others at 234.5p/kg and £1418. Dairy steers sold to 191.5p/kg and £1139 for a Holstein Friesian from EW&CR Clegg & Sons, Stalmine.
Cull bulls sold to 219.5p/kg and £1633 for a Simmental from E Rossall, Preesall with a British Blue x selling to 189.5p/kg from PG Thornton, Scorton and £1588 for a Limousin from DC Miller, Claughton on Brock. Dairy bulls sold to 184.5p/kg and £1177 for a Holstein Friesian.

Top Prices

OTM and Cast Cattle Top Prices per Kilo:

OTM Cow: Friesian: 217.50 Little Town Farm, 211.50 Kellbrick Farm, 209.50 Downlands Farm, 207.50 Gibraltar Farm, 207.50 Little Town Farm. Limousin: 211.50 Cobble Hey Farm, 209.50 Brookside, 204.50, 194.50, 184.50 Cobble Hey Farm. Charolais: 209.50, 184.50, 159.50 Cobble Hey Farm. British Blue: 199.50 Brookside, 197.50 Holme House Farm, 189.50, 179.50 Brookside, 137.50 Far Lodge. Norwegian Red: 189.50 Docker Hall Farm, 174.50, 159.50 Holme Head, 109.50 Dale Barns. Simmental: 187.50 Sykes Fold Farm. Angus: 179.50, 174.50 Cobble Hey Farm, 171.50, 167.50, 164.50 Cragg Farm. Hereford: 174.50 Cobble Hey Farm. Longhorn: 167.50 Cobble Hey Farm. Fleckvieh: 157.50 Holme Head. Highland: 134.50 Cobble Hey Farm.

OTM Heifer: Limousin: 251.50 Hazelslack Tower Farm. Friesian: 219.50 Low Audlands, 194.50 Whinney Carr Farm, 184.50 Gibstick Hall, 179.50 Low Audlands, 174.50 Cotestone Farm, 139.50 Norbreck Farm.

Cast Steer: Limousin: 239.50, 234.50 Brantbeck Farm. Friesian: 191.50 Yew Tree Farm. Swedish Red: 164.50 Sunderland Brows Farm.

Cast Bull: Simmental: 219.50 Sykes Fold Farm. British Blue: 189.50 Cliftons Farm. Friesian: 184.50 Cliftons Farm, 144.50 Priory Farm. Limousin: 169.50 Cobble Hey Farm.

Calf Top Prices:

Heifer Calf: British Blue: £335 Lane Head Farm, £295, £285 Belmont Farm, £240 Ambrose Hall Farm, £190 Belmont Farm, £170 Ambrose Farm. Hereford: £330, £320 Booth Hall. Limousin: £300, £265, £260 Moss House Farm. Angus: £290, £285, £280, £260, £225, £195 Ambrose Hall Farm.

Bull Calf: Limousin: £430, £300, £295 Moss House Farm. Hereford: £410, £400 Booth Hall, £165, £160 Westfield House Farm. British Blue: £400 Bank End Farm, £360 Belmont Farm, £350 Bailey Hey Farm, £285 Ambrose Hall Farm, £280 Bank End Farm, £265 Bailey Hey Farm. Angus: £365, £360, £350, £345, £340 Ambrose Hall Farm. Simmental: £350, £335 Bank End Farm. Montbeliarde: £345 Poplar Grove Farm.

Steer Calf: British Blue: £525, £515, £485, £455 Poplar Grove Farm.

Dairy Cattle Top Prices:

New Calved Cow: £1880, £1850 Ravens Lodge.

New Calved Dairy Heifer: £2420 Westfield House Farm, £2380 Thursgill, £2350 Kirkwood Lodge Farm, £1820 Thursgill.

In Calf Cow: £1980 Ravens Lodge.

Bulling Heifer: £960, £910, £850 Ravens Lodge.

Maiden Heifer: £780, £740, £700, £680 Ravens Lodge.

Heifer Stirk: £650, £430 Ravens Lodge.

Store Cattle Top Prices:

Steer: Angus: £1570 Fairfield, £1550 Bainsbank Farm, £1540 Yew Tree Farm, £1400 Wood Nook Farm, £1380 Kays Farm, £1360 Little Town Farm. Charolais: £1560 Downlands Farm, £1310, £1160 Corney Hill Farm, £1080, £1060, £980 Cobble Hey Farm. Limousin: £1540, £1380 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1300 Gunnerthwaite, £1290 Intack Farm, £1200 Windy Hill Farm. British Blue: £1500 Lower Castle O Trim, £1440 Stubb Hall Farm, £1280 Birch Croft, £1180 Parrox Hall Farm, £1120 Birch Croft. Simmental: £1400 Hazelslack Tower Farm. Hereford: £1390 Steadbank, £1350 Windy Hall Farm, £1130 Corney Hill Farm, £1110 Mill House Farm. Friesian: £1360 Downlands Farm, £1260 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1130 Downlands Farm, £990 Parrox Hall Farm, £900 Mill House Farm. Fleckvieh: £1270 Corney Hill Farm, £1010 Hall Bank, £940 Mill House Farm. Swedish Red: £1000 Sunderland Brows Farm. Norwegian Red: £800 Sunderland Brows Farm.

Heifer: Angus: £1400 Downlands Farm, £1390 Little Town Farm, £1390 Yew Tree Farm, £1320 Wood Nook Farm, £1320 Brow Foot Farm, £1310 Well House Farm. Limousin: £1380 Intack Farm, £1280 Downlands Farrm, £1190 Intack Farm, £1140, £1080 Downlands Farm, £840 Hall Bank. British Blue: £1350 Windy Hill Farm, £1060 Hall Bank. Simmental: £1340 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £1250 Intack Farm. Charolais: £1330 Gunnerthwaite, £1280 Intack Farm, £1250 Downlands Farm, £1160 Cobble Hey Farm, £1140 Downlands Farm, £1090 Cobble Hey Farm. Hereford: £1240 Brow Foot Farm, £1060, £1000 Well House Farm.

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